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Lyte (NA)
: New champ select Q&A with the dev team!
My biggest concern with the new draft mode is not getting the role I want. I like how you implemented the secondary role feature, but I feel as if that the secondary role is the role I will always get. I tried the draft mode in PBE and 6/6 times I got the secondary role instead of the primary role. Is there a certain system to when people get their primary role?
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: "Ultra Rapid Fire" Q&A with the Play team. 4/6, 11AM - 1PM PST
1: How did you guys originally come up with the idea of URF? 2: Will there be more featured game modes coming? 3: Will some old featured game modes come back ( The original one for all on SR was my favorite)? 4: Will URF continue to be a game mode every April fools day?
Shurikend (EUW)
: Good analyse, but for the ping i think you dont realy understood my suggestion, it's not about more ping to spam but more different pings: but you have the same spam restriction ^^ but thanks for your feedback :)
This is a very good idea but I don't think Riot will implement this because they want to keep the ping system as clear as possible
: What is this "Dominion" you speak of?

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