Poetic (NA)
: Recruiting Plat+ Players for a Tournament Team
IGN: Little Ringo Age: 23 Main Role: Support League or Gaming Accomplishments: Nothing amazing really, I'm kind of a nobody Experience on Teams: Been on an ibs team, several gold teams, and 2 plat/diamond teams Years played League: Since season 1, so 9 years Availability (EST time): any time after 4 usually, depends on work schedule but that is flexible
Knotz (NA)
: Alarum Lf Support mains G4-G1 (Tryout)
Age: 23 Champ pool: Pyke, Nami, Shen, Thresh, Lulu, Leona, Lux, Braum, Yuumi Role: Support Using discord: Yus!
: Statistics in player profile won't update
I started maining ADC a month ago, played a ton of games since i'm off of college, and it still shows the 7 games I was autofilled before I started playing ADC. Would be really nice to get my stats for my main role...{{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Unforgiven Dragons - Looking for I/B/S players for all starting roles and and most sub roles
Summoner name - Little Ringo Age - 22 Current rank - Silver 2 6 lp Highest Rank Achieved - gold 4 Role Applying For - Support Top 4 Champions you play - Pyke, Leona, Nami, Janna Any experience in a team setting? - I was on a bsg team last season How vocal are you during a match? ( are you a shot-calling type or a just conveying information type, or a quiet type) - I’m very vocal, I like to shotcall and help dictate the pace of the game What is your availability - Afternoons and evenings, every day Any Information you'd like to add about yourself - I tend to dedicate myself to things wholeheartedly, it’s my dream to one day play in the lcs, so I will do whatever it takes to improve Any questions you have (I'll be sure to address them if I contact you) - None at the moment
: LF support to play with (silver adc)
: LF Silver-Gold Mid Laner
Timezone: EST Top 5 Champions: {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:134}} Weakness: Buying control wards (something I'm working on) Strengths: Communication and roaming Availability: All of the time (currently a neet, seeking a job so my availability during the day may change, but my evening availability won't) Why do you want to be part of a Serious/Dedicated Team? I like teamwork and getting to play with a consistent group of people, I have a few friends I play with a lot, but it's not the same as being on an organized team What is your favorite type of comp (I.e. split, catch, protect, teamfight, etc.)? Teamfight, I love making wombo comps and having that satisfying arrangement of ults that just wipes the enemy team How do you want communication and play to go between you and the jungler? I like to keep a constant stream of communication between me and the junger, as I roam and like to follow up on their ganks, as well as going as two into the enemy jungle

Little Ringo

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