: Gold 4 top laner having trouble winning with Jax (my favorite champion). Seeking advice!
I’m gold 2 so not dramatically better but the key for mid is late is split unless they don’t have a lot cc/you think you can teamfight. Farming well or surviving land phase is key to having enough gold to do stuff. I haven’t learned how to play Jax well into stuff like panth but you need to play safe buy ninja tabis and phage then timat shove untill you get 3 items then kill people ez. In non hard matchups get phage sheen then start flexing. Max w then e because of the q buffs unless you need to Jump like crazy
: Looking for team members for clash
I'm looking for anyone mid jg top add me plz
: Silver Support looking for clash team
Yoooo I have a team kind of setup but i need players bad add me. Only thing it that is golds and slivers
: Yo i'm a gold 3 top lane main but decent at all the roles
: Recruiting for Clash team Need Top, Jungle, ADC, Support (Gold+)
Yo i'm a gold 3 top lane main but decent at all the roles
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