: This Whole "Never Surrender" (a.k.a "Holding A Game Hostage") Thing Is Getting Out Of Hand
Some of this hostage situation garbage would be solved if Riot would just implement a proper Majority Vote... A 3 to 2 vote for Surrender IS A MAJORITY VOTE. I do get tired of the 4 to 1 requirement to end a game via surrender. It has never made any sense to me since I began playing. (And I've been playing for 7 years...) Some people just think they can solo carry a game, even when the enemy has had 3 Barons, our base is in shambles, there's been 2 surrender votes already, we all lost lanes, and we've missed every dragon. But no, please continue this lost game and make us all have to suffer so we can report you. I mean come on... I have had a FEW games where the above scenario was true, and we still (by some fucking miracle) turned it around. But the stress level to get to that point is just beyond worthwhile. Sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet and admit when a game is over. Yeah, there's a chance you could turn the tides, but the odds aren't great. Just take the loss. It's Normal Draft or Blind Pick. Not a huge loss if you surrender in either one of those queues... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Jackom1 (EUW)
: "What's your elo? I bet you're silver"
When you get those players who throw their rank in your face and call you bronze, I just respond with "I'm Wood League". I'm actually Silver 5, but ranked means so little to me that I could really care less about being in the rank I should be in. I never really understood why people think being highly ranked matters at all. If you aren't in like the top 100 players, nobody cares about your rank. Are you headed to the professional level ? No ? Then your shit-talking means nothing to me and you can kindly shut the fuck up about your rank now. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Razyelx (EUNE)
: The Most Favorite Champion of All Time [Voting Elimination] - QUARTERFINALS, Jhin vs Kled
{{champion:240}} After we're done killin' these folks, what do ya think ? Tacos ? Yeah... Tacos... {{champion:240}} I AM DEEP FRIED COURAGE, AND AN APPLE PIE OF ANGRY ! {{champion:240}} Holy shit, where are we !? {{champion:240}} I might have to jump off this lizard and put my boot in your watoosie ! {{champion:240}} to {{champion:202}} Bye bye, fancy pants ! Hey, fancy pants! Got your cloak dirty ! I don't know what he was. I just needed him to shut up. I can respect crazy, but what kind of fool reloads in the middle of a fight ? You can't deny Kled his right to victory here.
sad þoy (NA)
: If anyone should get a "better" star related skin it should be Soraka, not Ahri nor Syndra -__________-.
> [{quoted}](name=Epicly Infamous,realm=NA,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=I9Yczvsc,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-09-06T23:04:47.711+0000) > > If anyone should get a "better" star related skin it should be Urgot, not Ahri nor Syndra -__________-. Fixed that for you. ;P {{champion:6}} - Make way for a REAL Star Guardian.
: Why do people think it's cute to say gg ez at the very end?
It's considered poor sportsmanship to say "ggez". It's basically the league equivalent of someone calling the entire other team "trash" and saying it took little effort to beat you and your team. Imagine if this happened in regular sports, where even if the game was actually "easy", they still are at least respectful of their opponents. The same should apply to league, regardless of being an online game. People play it semi-seriously, and when your opponents type "ggez", it's straight up insulting to you and your team. I don't understand what's so hard to understand about this. Riot even outright states that it's against their terms and conditions, and that it's unsportsmanlike conduct. Honestly, I just report every single player who types it in all chat, whether they're on my team or not. It shouldn't be tolerated, period.
Mhihnj (EUW)
: the thing is.... Urgot is too beautiful as a star guardian. The world is not ready.
I think we can handle it. We're League of Legends players. If we can survive the meta shifting, OP champions, balance changes, and Champion reworks, I think we've proven that we can handle Urgot finally reaching his truest potential as league's newest Star Guardian. Do not doubt League players. We're resilient. We are READY. Riot, it's time to release Star Guardian Urgot. Do not make us wait ! We can handle it !
NekiBuraz (EUW)
: Why is Kled on Kleds rival list?????
Kled has some... Problems.... He's a murderous psychopath who hates everyone else, and thinks all lands are his. He's not right in the head to begin with, and as the saying goes, we are our own worst enemy. I think in Kleds' case, he's taking it to an extreme however...
: Skin Idea: The Urgodfather
This would be pretty cool for him.
: The true backstory and cause of the star guardian alien invasion.
As much as I love Vel'Koz (he's my main champion), I'm still waiting for the day Riot finally realizes the error of their ways, and grants a Star Guardian skin to the champ more deserving of Star Guardian status than every current (and soon to be released) Star Guardian skin combined... You know who I'm talking about don't you ? Riot, please. You know you can't deny him his birthright. The ultimate Star Guardian skin must be recognized and released ! #Star Guardian Urgot !
: > [{quoted}](name=Grimspeake,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MGi4Fj1j,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-08-20T21:55:59.561+0000) > > Seriously tho i remember u guys saying u were testing creep block stuff a while ago. Can u just stop it. Honestly the least they can do is add two things to the game. Allied minions don't have unt collision. Enemy minions are pushed aside by opposing champions.
This. I see no reason for why you should get screwed over by your own Minions. I've noticed this happen almost every time I've played {{champion:6}} especially. Last time I played him, I even got stuck against a piece of the map solely because the goddamn minions were blocking me. Now, Enemy minions blocking you is fine, but your own minions should absolutely not block your own movement. They currently fuck you over insanely hard and it's so dumb...
: Ashe is the only actual choice here. Kayn is trying to hard to be edgey, karthas has no popularity, donger is a meme, Draven is.... well... we all know how much people hate Draven, Urgot and Sej both just had reworks that their camps hated. Brand and corki are ok. FRELJORD 2017!
"Urgot and Sej both just had reworks that their camps hated." Wat. Urgot is infinitely cooler now. Yes, Old Urgot was interesting (that's why I bought him back then), but his new kit is loads more fun imo, though it's still not quite up to par just yet. It feels very weak against just way too many things right now, but I have every intention of getting really good with him no matter what. {{champion:6}} "Come back when you are stronger."
Razyelx (EUNE)
: The Most Favorite Champion of All Time [Voting Elimination] - Group F
{{champion:6}} Ya know 'im, ya love 'im. It's Urgot, baby !
: When after over 20 ARURF games you finally get to play your main
{{champion:161}} At least you got to play him... He's my main too, and I've yet to see him on my team. (Seen him twice out of like 30+ matches I've played of ARURF, both times on the enemy team.) Feels bad man...
: quick cast with indicators? normal quick cast is thrash anyway.
Doesn't help. I still end up flinging spells around wildly, since it's based on where my mouse cursor is (which is really weird for me personally, aside from on certain champs who have it applied to them from the start). Quick cast is trash. Normal cast lets me thrash. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: When someone prefers normal cast over smart cast
I greatly prefer Normal Cast over Quick Cast. I feel like I have infinitely more control over everything that I'm doing, and I've played this way since season 2. Quick cast to me just feels bizarre... With it, I'd end up missing every skillshot because I cannot choose where to aim. Being able to see exactly what the ranges are on my abilities, and select exactly where and when I want to use them just gives me so much greater control over what I'm doing rather than wildly firing off abilities simply by pressing a key. It'd prove impossible to play my main champ {{champion:161}} with Quick cast on. And that is a big fat "NO THANK YOU" for me.
Dextix LT (EUNE)
: You are responding, to a post, that is about ranked play and bans....... What other gamemode has LP? If you are talking about normals then specify because this thread is about RANKED.
I'm talking about normals, because it still happens there too. It may not seem as serious to some, but for people who don't like ranked (because of toxic players, trolls, tryhard mode opponents), I feel it needs to be mentioned as part of the general discussion, which is talking about champ select and the people in it who ban their allies' champions just to be dicks. Doesn't really matter what format you're playing, the point is not to be a dick in champ select. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Bârd (NA)
: Even if it's not on Urgot anymore, I think Hyper Kinetic Position Reverser should be reused.
Keep the name "Hyper Kinetic Position Reverser". That's all I want. Whatever they decide to do with it after that is fine with me. I just love the long name of it, and how convoluted it is. Adds to its' charm for being such a simple ability.
Lùmen (EUNE)
: I personally think Mordekaiser deserves to be the next VGU the most.
Definitely wouldn't be opposed to this, except I'd like to see a visual update for {{champion:9}} first. He's still one of the worst looking champions who has his old model still. Plus there's some seriously kickass concepts out there: http://imgur.com/iVPHFaV https://cdn0.artstation.com/p/assets/images/images/000/666/100/large/shawn-brack-gmfiddlesticks.jpg?1443930318
Dextix LT (EUNE)
: Winrate IS relevant. When i play ranked i play to WIN. Having for example, a top yasuo with 30% winrate against a fiora, goes against my winning. It means that the person CAN'T win games with his strategy. League ranked is ONLY about winning. Nothing else matters in ranked. Either you win or you don't. That's it. And having a 30% winrate over a high ammount of games shows a lack of understanding of a champion, it is that simple, games CAN go bad, but not over such a long period of time. Winrate makes a difference because to me it is an indication of whether or not you can play a champion. Every time i see yasuo i champ pick, i always look them up, why? Because most of the time they suck and feed the enemy, so i want to make sure that they are the good yasuos. And im sorry, if you have a 30% winrate on a champion, i WILL ban it. Because i WANT to win and you fucking up my chances with your 30% winrate champion is NOT in the plan to win.
I'm not even talking about ranked to begin with. Way to miss the entire point.
Dextix LT (EUNE)
: I dont call a 30% winrate being good at something.
Winrate is irrelevant when: A. I don't exclusively play Mid every single game. B. There are more champions that I play besides Vel'Koz. C. My scores as Vel'Koz are typically all positive, with a solid KDA most games. D. There's more to a game of League than winning, even though that's the end goal. And it's not so black and white where every game can go smoothly, and end at 20 minutes. E. What difference does it make what my winrate is when this isn't the point of the discussion ? {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
YambrinZ (NA)
: The reason why the boards and in game players defend this type of behavior is because they lack life experience. Its almost guaranteed the only people who do this and/or agree with it are under the age of 25. Everyone older than that has some perspective in life and plays the game for fun and not to show the world they are the next Faker.
This is a pretty asinine comment. Part of the "Fun" of League is playing champs you're actually fucking good at, and do well with. Trolls in champ select deliberately banning your champion solely as a "fuck you" is anything but fun, and is a great example of the toxicity in League's community. Also, since when do "Life Experiences" translate into playing a game for fun ? You couldn't have landed farther off in left field if your life depended on it... We play games to STOP thinking about life stuff, what are you even on about ? Also, by this logic, you must be under the age of 25 if you believe anything you said above is what you consider having perspective in life. Lol. (And I'm sure you'll assume I'm under 25, so I'll just point out that I'm 27 before you type that in your response.) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Sinlaire (NA)
: way to not read like, ANYTHING he said. He said he could have "sucked it up" and been a "big boy" if it wasn't for the fact that some random monkey decided "there's no such thing as bronze mains." That's like a straight white male having his new SJW female boss telling him he's going to take a 30% pay cut with no reduction in the amount or quality of work he's going to be doing because she believes that as a straight, white male he has "too many privileges." Not because the company is downsizing and he needs the pay cut or he loses his job or something. it's simply that she holds power over him and wanted to abuse it. He probably could have understood vel being banned for reason like "doesn't fit the team comp" or something else weak but acceptable. Instead it was simply a middle finger for the singular purpose of presenting the finger. oh, and for a moron like you, you _select the champ you want to play_, and then _ban the champ you dont want to play against_. Which means his team mate looked through his teams desired picks, and nuked the Vel'koz for fuck you points. Why would he not select the champ he wants to play in the phase specifically for the purpose of doing that when it's supposed it make so your team mates **won't** ban your pick. It's **not** the phase where everyone does nothing for 20 seconds for fear some random team mate is gonna nuke your pocket pick out of angry nerd spite. So please learn to read and atleast try to understand the issue at hand before posting something as completely ignorant as you just did.
Thank you. Glad to see I'm not the only one here who gets it. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
YambrinZ (NA)
: Wrong. Your champ got banned, suck it up and be a big boy. Not only that, Vel Koz never gets banned, so why even hover it lol.
I did suck it up. I dodged even though I shouldn't have had to.
: Getting your champ banned is not a get out of jail free card.
I would agree with you here if it weren't for the fact that I had someone ban my champion for an entirely bullshit reason. I picked my boy, {{champion:161}} who is for all intents and purposes my "main", and the champion I consistently do well with, regardless of victory or defeat. One of my teammates decided that he gets to dictate who's skilled or not at a champion, and bans Vel'Koz. I was understandably frustrated by this, since again, he's my main, and I was going mid that game. I ask the guy why he banned my champion, and he tells me "You're Bronze" (I'm not. I'm technically unranked, and was Silver 4 this past season, and one season prior.) I asked him what difference that makes, and explained that Vel is my main, to which he tells me, "You're Bronze. Bronzes don't have mains." Needless to say, this guy is what is wrong with the League community. It's no wonder people get pissed off when assholes like this exist, and are allowed to keep doing shit like this. I took the que dodge penalty, even though I shouldn't have had to, all because some dipstick believed he gets to dictate a player's skill level solely by looking at their statistics. Statistics do not determine skill level, especially when you've never played with that person. So while I agree it's wrong to troll in-game just because some asshat banned your champion, it's still not cool for these types of players to be allowed to troll in champ select, and be douchebags to their team, while receiving zero penalties or punishments for toxic behavior. I'd like to see a report feature added in champ select for this very reason, as trolling and such can and does take place outside of the actual game in progress, just as much as it does during a game.
: Yasuo will most likely still be perma banned after his rework either way.
Until his Wind Wall is no longer allowed to completely negate {{champion:161}}'s entire kit (aside from his Ult), I will continue to ban him. Not only this, but his constant dashing and minimal counterplay (if you're a mage) makes him absolutely infuriating to deal with. He's just straight up not fun to lane against because of the amount of nonsense in his kit. - Multiple dashes - Resourceless champ - Free shield just for moving around - Wall that completely blocks any and all "Projectiles", which for some reason includes things that should not be classified as such (ie: Vel'Koz's E) - Crits for days He's one of the most annoying champs to play against, so his permaban status isn't surprising. Riot will actually have to fix him if they don't want to see him be 100% permabanned.
Oelyk (NA)
: If your main got another weapon, what would you make it be?
{{champion:161}} This: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duIpA38kFXM {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Favorite quote of your main
{{champion:240}} "Holy S#!t, where are we !?" "My blood is piss and vinegar !" "I'm from all over. It's next to nowhere and SHUT THE HELL UP !" "Well, my foot wanted to meet yer ass, and I'm about to give them a shotgun weddin' !" "After we finish murderin' these folks, what do you think ? Tacos ? Yeah, tacos." "This desert sky's gonna open up with a heavenly rain of bloodshed and GLORIOUS violence !" "Yes, a sane man would run. BUT I AIN'T THE RUNNIN' KIND !" {{champion:161}} "Thank you for your... Contribution." "My presence causes them... distress." "It seems your chances of survival are... Less than zero." "I find their elbows obscene."
: What do you mean "so"? I explained why it is bad. What are you not satisfied with?
You explained why you think it's bad. That's your opinion. And my opinion is still exactly the opposite. I'm perfectly satisfied. You've just kept responding and making the same exact point every comment, so I did the same.
ReDesign (NA)
: :^) fixed, I think for some reason I thought it had to be 5 in the moment
Lol. Wasn't trying to be a jerk. Just found it funny was all, hence the namecalling.
ReDesign (NA)
: But...that's a happy story! {{champion:119}} (braum getting deleted) for my sad story though: "I'll make you lose" ( a teammate saying that)
That's five words, dingus. Sorry, had to point that out. Lol.
: Write the saddest League story you can in 4 words. [WARNING, CONTAINS SAD CONTENT]
Tank Ekko still exists. Yasuo is still cancer. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: Some think it's a good idea because it's obvious. It is based on reversion - on the fact that SG are cute young girls and Urgot is an ugly abomination. As I said before it's bad because it will make SG theme a joke. I cannot explain simpler.
Again, so ? As I said before, it would make one ill-fitting character in the skin lineup and would be a golden opportunity for another humorous skin, which is always a plus. The Star Guardian theme is pretty mediocre already. Urgot would make it better honestly.
: Surrendering needs to be changed....fuck this game
Absolutely agree. Can't tell you how many times I've been in a losing game, and even though the majority votes Yes to surrender, it won't end the game unless at least 4/5 players vote yes. It's fucking stupid. I've honestly been bitching about this shitty surrender requirement for ages, but sadly common sense hasn't kicked in and Riot still hasn't fixed this problem. I never understood what possible reason they had for not making surrenders be a traditional majority vote, especially with all the toxic players and trolls that play this game. I can't stand those people who refuse to surrender just so they can keep their team in a game that should have been done and over with 20 minutes ago. Fucking infuriating, honestly. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: Kinda nice try. I hope Riot not as dumb to ruin SG theme by introducing sarcastic element to it.
Ruin it ? Please, if anything it would make it the best skin line ever. Some people have no taste I guess.
: You do understand that SG theme is schoolgirls and is heavily inspired by Sailor Moon. The setting is based on young schoolgirls fighting "forces of evil". On contrast between young/pure/fragile and dark/sinister/powerful. He may fit this thematic by being a one special boy (Tuxedo Mask) but it will ruin whole SG idea totally because will introduce funny/sarcastic element that will change overall mood. Introducing more boys will ruin "only young schoolgirls" theme. P.S.: Hmm. Truly I cannot imagine a male champion that could fill this position of a special boy without ruining overall theme. Every champion has a character associated with him. Like Urgon being an ugly abomination that doesn't fit anywhere (is he a midlaner? is he a botlane marksman? which group of champions does he belongs to? what is his surroundings? etc.).
Yes. Would still be hilarious, and an insta-buy for me personally. Besides, Urgot is the prettiest schoolgirl, so I have no idea what you're talking about when you say he's a poor fit for this skin line. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Urgot is a boy.
So ? What difference does that make ? People have been wanting Star Guardian Urgot ever since Lux's was released.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Star Guardians 2016: Janna, Poppy, Lulu, Jinx
WHAT !? ARE YOU KIDDING ME !? No Star Guardian Urgot !? -10/10 Worst Skins in League of Legends History ! {{item:3070}} {{champion:6}}{{item:3070}} "I cry every time..." - Urgot
: counter Illaoi?
{{champion:157}} This cancer is a gigantic counter to her. Dash, dash, dash dash, dash, Wind Wall, Ult, dash, dash, dash, rinse and repeat. Also, {{champion:245}}
Ralanr (NA)
: Wouldn't Jhin be more of a drama teacher?
Knoyle (NA)
: If Champions had mundane occupations in today's society.
{{champion:161}} - Math teacher {{champion:223}} - Used Car Salesman {{champion:122}} - Dunkin' Donuts Store Manager {{champion:202}} - Drama Teacher {{champion:89}} - Botanist {{champion:83}} - Groundskeeper {{champion:6}} - Anti-Drug Advocate
: PSA for supports. (even for you people who bring mages botlane and call yourself a support)
Well, to be fair, I play {{champion:161}} as a support. He's basically a giant floating ward already, so what would I need wards for ? Jokes aside, I do actually buy the Sightstone/Frostfang item, and then build my damage. Vel'Koz is too strong not to be building damage on, and the other reason I do it is because if another member of my team isn't doing well, we're losing out on a damage source. That's why I build damage. It may not be nearly as much as if I had gone mid, but at least my damage will help secure kills or at least help my team in some way. The other reason I take Vel'Koz support is honestly to avoid the literal cancer that is {{champion:157}} in mid-lane. Plus Vel'Koz is my favorite champion, and probably the one I'm the best at currently.
: Pick two champions, they produce a baby, how does the baby turn out? [Prize]
{{champion:161}} & {{champion:420}} Name: Vel'Aoi, The Priestess of Deconstruction Role: Mid, Top (AP Juggernaut) Gender: Female Passive - Prophet of Deconstruction - Vel'Aoi Passively spawns void tentacles that apply up to 3 stacks of "Deconstruction" on a target enemy champion. Auto Attacks extend the duration of "Deconstruction" on the targeted champion. All Vel'Aoi's abilities will apply "Deconstruction" if they hit an enemy unit or champion. Q - Plasma Tentacle - Vel'Aoi fires a ranged skillshot that splits in two at a 90 degree angle, and spawns two void tentacles that converge on the nearest enemy champion. Vel'Aoi is healed by 5% of her missing health if the tentacles hit their target. If Plasma Tentacles kills a unit, 50% of its' mana cost is refunded. Champions hit by this ability are slowed by 70% which decays over a shot period of time. W - Lesson From the Void - Vel'Aoi dashes a short distance forward and creates a rift from the void that applies two stacks of "Deconstruction" if it hits an enemy champion. Any nearby Void Tentacles will also attack the target hit by the rift. E - Spirit Disruption - Vel'Aoi sends out a skillshot that pulls the spirit of an enemy champion towards her, and knocks them into the air briefly. The spirit can be damaged by Vel'Aoi and her allies and lasts for 10 seconds. If the enemy champion severs the tether, they are slowed by 80% for 1.5 seconds. The enemy champion becomes a "Vessel of The Void" and will spawn Void Tentacles near them every 5/4/3 seconds for the next 12 seconds and will attack the "Vessel of The Void" during the duration. R - Faith In The Void - Passive: "Deconstructed" targets become "Vessels of The Void" once 3 stacks are applied, being targeted by all nearby Void Tentacles for 7 seconds. Auto attacks and abilities extend the duration. Active: Vel'Aoi channels a ray of Deconstruction that follows the cursor for 2.5 seconds and applies stacks of "Deconstruction". Abilities will deal True Damage to any target that is currently a "Vessel of The Void". Enemies who remain inside the beam will also be slowed by 20%.
: > [{quoted}](name=Risky Biscuit,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WnTsynJX,comment-id=00580000,timestamp=2016-06-04T23:29:49.645+0000) > > DQ isn't really that bad. Granted, it's certainly got some flaws still and isn't perfect, but most of the time I find myself getting the role I wanted, which is something that Solo Que failed to do consistently. Now, I don't play ranked anymore, but that's mainly because I find the game more enjoyable without having to worry about my overall rank. I know where I stand (Silver 4-ish), and I'm content with that for the time being. > > Alot of people do seem to be leaving, but I don't think that removing Solo Que is the only reason. There's some questionable stuff Riot has done as far as balance patches, skin prices, etc... But we need to remember that Riot is made up of people just like us, who are not without flaws, just like us. > > DQ is sticking around for awhile it seems, so your options are to tough it out and see what Riot does to make it better, or bitch and moan about it and ultimately quit the game that you've probably spent insurmountable amounts of time and money into already. > > {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} > /End My 2 Cents Learn the difference between champion select and DQ/SQ. It's also not just about your experience, it's about the integrity of the ranked system - mixing every queue configuration on the same ladder and as a unified ranking compromises that.
I'm fully aware of the difference, thanks. It all ties in together though. And my point still stands. I typically am able to get the role I was hoping for with this system. I could say the same in response: It's not just about your experience either. While I don't play ranked, I think the community's reaction to solo que going away is pretty ridiculous. You guys are acting like children honestly. And I said it in my first post, that I realize that DQ isn't perfect, but all this complaining about it won't bring back solo que, as proven by Riot's statements on the subject. It absolutely needs some adjustments, but I think that the overwhelming backlash is pretty ridiculous overall. Either play the game or don't. It's entirely up to you. Love it or hate it, plenty of people have either left the game already, or are choosing to stick it out and enjoy the game regardless. Take your pick.
Zoeeee (NA)
: I think the bigger issue is that no one finds DQ fun or fair, and people are leaving because of that.
DQ isn't really that bad. Granted, it's certainly got some flaws still and isn't perfect, but most of the time I find myself getting the role I wanted, which is something that Solo Que failed to do consistently. Now, I don't play ranked anymore, but that's mainly because I find the game more enjoyable without having to worry about my overall rank. I know where I stand (Silver 4-ish), and I'm content with that for the time being. Alot of people do seem to be leaving, but I don't think that removing Solo Que is the only reason. There's some questionable stuff Riot has done as far as balance patches, skin prices, etc... But we need to remember that Riot is made up of people just like us, who are not without flaws, just like us. DQ is sticking around for awhile it seems, so your options are to tough it out and see what Riot does to make it better, or bitch and moan about it and ultimately quit the game that you've probably spent insurmountable amounts of time and money into already. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} /End My 2 Cents
: {{champion:161}} I'm a simple scientist. I see a pattern, I upvote.
I see Vel'Koz. I upvote.
: Sorry, I typed that wrong. As you can see, I was stating that he was wrong about the ray not going through the wall. Accidentally added the n't. And as I've stated in this thread and on my own, Riot's official definition for a projectile is an ability with a travel time, whether or not it creates an AoE behind it. It's not my definition or the English definition, but it's the one they're using.
Right. I kinda figured that was just an error. Lol. Yeah, doesn't mean that they shouldn't change it though. It causes quite a few issues, like this one, resulting in a champion that people hate. Or at the very least an ability that people hate.
: You're implying that the wind wall isn't a super-concentrated mass of air. It's like you think air doesn't have mass. Your outrage at Blitz's and Ashe's doesn't fit with your reasoning. A 3 foot nothing Yordle who is very obviously underneath the arrow can still be hit by it. Why would a magical wall of condensed, high-speed air not stop it? Vel'koz' RAY is the only ability of his that doesn't get blocked by the wall. And considering his design is based off of the god of wind AND STORMS, the god responsible for tsunamis, blocking the mock tsunami is to be expected.
Wait what ? Vel'Koz's ray is the only ability that doesn't go through the Wind Wall ? I main Vel'Koz. His Ray goes through Wind Wall. It's all his other abilities that don't. I absolutely fucking despise Yasuo and everything he does. He makes mages useless in Mid Lane which is bullshit. And one of my biggest issues with Yasuo is some of the bullshit that his Wind Wall can block. Seriously, Wind wall should **not** be able to block the following: - Auto Attacks (This is just stupid when every champion needs to auto attack to get farm and Yasuo can prevent that.) - Any Ranged Ults (It's a basic ability. If Wind Wall were his ult, blocking ults would be reasonable.) - Melee Attacks - {{champion:161}}'s W, and E (W is not a projectile. E is an AOE spell. Wind Wall makes Vel'Koz completely useless for no reason) - {{champion:163}}'s Ultimate (It's a wall that should not be classified as a projectile. It's terrain like {{champion:34}} 's wall. - {{champion:267}}'s Ultimate - *Insert any and every champion with abilities and Ultimates that SHOULD go through Yasuo's stupid wall but for some reason don't, here.* Riot needs to rework this ability, badly. It's bad enough Yasuo is difficult to fight against as any mage ever. Wind Wall blocking nearly every ranged ability in the game is absolutely stupid. Projectiles should be considered "Any ability that is airborn and flies in the direction chosen, such as most Skillshot-based abilities. (Minus Ultimates.) Wind Wall should only be blocking abilities classified as exactly that, excluding ultimates. I'm fine with a skilled Yasuo timing wind wall to block a single ability (like spellshields do), but to have a wall that blocks like 70% of all projectiles, including ranged auto attacks, ultimates, etc... Is downright broken and in need of serious reworking/removal. I hate Yasuo as a whole, but since the discussion is on Wind Wall, I'm staying on topic. That said, I would love to see Yasuo dumpstered for a whole season. If for no other reason than being able to win games with {{champion:161}}. (Best champ.) I have a suggestion beyond my anger-filled proposal of reworking/removing Wind Wall. I think if it only absorbed a single ability, it would be a bit more reasonable. And didn't block ranged Autos of course.
: I just saw the Tristana splash updates
They all look awesome, but I have one nitpick. It's not exclusive to the Tristana splash updates either. It's something that has really been bugging me ALOT for quite awhile now. I've noticed with many of the newer or updated Splash Arts for champions, Riot has a very bad habit of slapping nail polish onto some of their female champions as of late. (And a few male champions too.) While it's alright for some splashes, I can't help but notice that they've been doing this really often lately and it's kind of obnoxious now. Many of these champions either didn't have it before, or it simply didn't suit them, and now all of a sudden it's on many of the new splashes. It's a personal gripe, yes, but one I feel kind of ruins the character and the fantasy behind them most of the time. There's a few in particular that bug me: Ahri - While It does make sense for her, what with her fantasy element making it fitting, it wasn't in the original splash art. Caitlyn - Honestly, I feel her entire outfit is unfitting for her fantasy element but that's not the main point here. She's supposed to be an officer of the law right ? Not that she can't wear nail polish, but it's impractical for her line of work honestly. Jhin - Ok, yes. He's the artsy type. But I noticed that his in-game model has his thumb with a black nail. What's up with that ? His splash art doesn't convey this at all. It's just really strange to have this sort of thing. I mean, I can kinda understand it if he's going for the artsy angle, but still... Swain - Don't get me wrong, I love the new splash art for our favorite master tactician, but yet again there's the obsession with sharp nails and nail polish being thrown into the mix. The only saving grace about Swain is that he is a bird demon, and the "nail" that's shown could be a talon. Swain's is much lower on my list honestly, because of this reason, but I felt it was still worth mentioning. Tristana - So in her original artwork, she wore proper footwear but now she's barefoot ? That doesn't seem very safe for times during combat. Just saying. And again I notice the trend with Tristana's new splash art. Of course this aspect could be related to being a Yordle, but that doesn't explain the rest of the Yordle champions not following through with this philosophy. (Except Kennen now, which is also strange to me.) While I'm on Tristana, her new Riot Girl splash art gives her nail polish too. I just don't understand what possible reason there could be for this. It seems superfluous to me. Again, these are just minor nitpicks on my part. I've never liked nail polish on women, as I think it's ugly, personally. I am genuinely curious as to the reasoning behind some of these random aspects though. Perhaps if a Rioter sees this, they could shed some light on the subject ?
GlockHammer (EUNE)
: Buy resistances and hp has never felt as unsatisfying.
I feel like the problem is less with Tank champions, and more with Armor and Magic Resist feeling like a complete waste of time to build. I swear, no matter how much I build resistances, it's completely irrelevant. I drop from full HP to 1/4 of my HP in a matter of seconds. Building resistances feels completely underwhelming to me, and has felt this way for a few seasons now. I mean, If I'm playing a tanky champion, I should be outliving their AD Carry and AP Mid-laner, shouldn't I ? Yet I get eviscerated in seconds no matter how much I build into either defense. And this isn't even in teamfights either, which is a whole different matter... Same case there though. The tank should be able to eat up alot of damage, but how can I do that when I go from 100 to 0 so damn fast that I have to run away as the damn tank !? It makes no sense how pathetic armor and magic resist items are. I never feel durable no matter how much health, armor, and magic resist I build.
: Your most recently played champ is now your roommate for a month
{{champion:14}} I don't even make it a full month. Because I'm probably dead.
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