Rainfall (EUNE)
: its not about whether a report is legit or not,if you askfor a report once 10 seconds before the end of the game theres no harm if you start calling people trolls and spamming asking for reports its harasment
: No, you can't. It only takes one report to flag the game; multiple reports does nothing, and calling for reports is toxic behavior.
Multiple reports actually does do something. Since it's a new system if so many people in a game report you it can auto ban you right then. I know that because it happened to a friend literally less then 1 min after his game and the email said it was only for that one game.
verysalt (EUW)
: Can RIOT clearly state that calling for False reports is Harassment ?
The only time I have personally "called for a report" was really just to remind people the feature is there for people who already agree someone is being OBVIOUSLY toxic. I honestly have had games where I mute people and if a teammate doesn't remind us at the end or in the endgame chat I would have been too focused on the game to remember. Only downside to the mute button. xD On the other hand, when it's coming from the enemy team, I will admit when people do it in /all I watch and see weather the person calling for it is really the toxic one and most of the time I end up reporting them. :\
: > [{quoted}](name=Llama Lady,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=RLAqG56O,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-06-18T09:25:48.716+0000) > > We all just need to keep reporting them and eventually they will get some kind of repercussions. I feel you though, about 90% of my losses are from toxic people who think it makes them cool to throw temper tantrums. :\ You can't really report someone for playing poorly though... Sure, if they troll, report them. But if they just suck, do nothing but farm, and act as if they have zero map awareness...? Can you really report that...
What was described wasn't bad players. In the original post they were describing trolls, whom you report to help make the community better. By your response though, maybe you should check your approach so that your experience may be better. You shouldn't feel the need to report someone who as you put it "just suck." Maybe they're new or on tilt from a previous game. Instead of having the attitude you have displayed you should try giving nice advice and being supportive instead to get their mind back on track and make them want to do better.
Aptest (EUW)
: Lets Talk ADCs
I honestly thought they were getting better. xD I refused to solo que the last few seasons because I had to deal with the brunt of it being a support main, but this season it has been drastically different where the jungles have been the most salty and the tops rage quit. O_O I really think it just depends on the players you get.
FNC Jinx (NA)
: Players Holding a Game Hostage
We all just need to keep reporting them and eventually they will get some kind of repercussions. I feel you though, about 90% of my losses are from toxic people who think it makes them cool to throw temper tantrums. :\
: 1 FPS in game only in new client?
: Mastery Token System
Considering a lot of people I see can only get an S by cheating the system doing weird out of meta things, this could help make it where people don't feel the need to do that and could make it so that it gets rid of that problem entirely.
Pacchiro (NA)
: **If you can't queue with a tier of players willingly, then they shouldn't end up in your match and they shouldn't be a point of comparison on how you perform.** Really that simple. (Ranked of course. I already play with platinums in normals of my own free will....)
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Pacchiro (NA)
: How does the system match up players in Normals [DRAFT], and WHY DOES IT HATE ME?
I keep getting games in normals where we loose really hard only to find out afterwards that we had a team of bronze and silvers vs diamonds and plats.... Not just taking people's word for it either, actually going through the recently played tab and looking at their profiles.
: Can't Get Back Into My Own Club
They sent me a message back from the support ticket saying they know about the issue with quite a few people and to rest assured we are still apart of the clubs. You can check the status of the problem here..... http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/miscellaneous/nMisJPK8-clubs-outage-oct-2016
: Can't Get Back Into My Own Club
I am having the same problem. My friends have told me it says I am still the leader in the club just that I remain offline at all times in the club when I am really online.
SikhRS (NA)
: Clubs Have Been Disabled For Awhile
Was wondering the same thing. :(
Sharjo (EUW)
: So it looks like Victorious Maokai is our Ranked Skin of the year
Honestly I am going to be surprised if it is Mao. Yes there are leaves in the picture but the face is all wrong. It is too thin and long and the nose is wrong. Not to mention the eyes being off... honestly it could just be a wood mask like kindred's who is supposed to be hiding in the jungle, or Jhin with a random background to hide his identity till it is official. But seriously the face is to wrong to be Mao when zoomed in and the picture as a whole seems more like an assassin in hiding.
: *Zombiemaster* is correct. We've had to send these gifts out in waves due to just how many we're sending out. Let me know if you don't have anything by the 23rd please.
I still haven't gotten them either and I've been playing for the past several months. 0_e
: They will. It's frustrating, but it's called beta for a reason.
It's not really a "Beta" anymore. They already had it in the PBE.
: A Long Way from Alpha: Letter from the Co-Founders
You know....I think you guys should really put more work into something this big before you release it. This isn't like a new skin or splash art, it's more complicated and has already been known for having bugs still. Please fix the problems next time before completely releasing it. I know several people who can't even play it on the lowest graphics settings and the ping has been awful for everyone I've talked to. Not only are you losing players for your past negligence with other glitches but now because they literally cannot play it at all. You have the PBE for a reason. Stop rushing things and being lazy to release bad products and put quality into your work again. The better the actual quality will determine your followers and business not how quickly you get it out.

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