: Smurfs are ruining league of legends and are forcing players to quit. (VERY DETAILED)
Let me know your thoughts, your opinion might not matter to other people but it matters to me
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: @RiotRepertoir, 2 out of 4 Reworked Assassins have been reverted
Leblanc got reworked because she was uncounterable and absolutely boring and unfun to play against. Now that she is reverted she is back to her pick or ban self. It wasnt a good change. Not saying the rework was good, but this revert is worse.
Rainfall (EUNE)
: RIot Your Testing Team Is Clueless.....
League is spiraling down a terrible shithole. Who is on the balance team anymore? Tyler1 said it perfectly when he addressed the janna nerfs. "Janna is too strong overall" Riots quote on the patch. Hmmm whats strong about her? Oh yeah her dumb ass shield that gets 4x stronger with one 2300 gold item (Ardent censor) and a free keystone to buff that same shield even more (Summon aery) and then this shield has an AD buff on it? AND it can be used on turrets? Wow thats strong. Ok dear league community we GOTCHU Janna w damage nerfed by 5 Janna movespeed nerfed by 5 Bullshit. Just. Bullshit.
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Willioss (EUW)
: Stop Buffing Zed
Hes at a 49% win rate... Not saying hes not annoying or broken, but there are champions much worse than him right now that HAVNT been buffed, and that's an issue. Zed is also still easily countered. While I hate him a lot, His buffs werent too out of control
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CLG ear (NA)
: Like other countries have mandatory military service, I think America should have mandatory customer
did someone tell you this because i remember talking about this exact thing in game one day and here i see a post about it! The reality of it is far off, but im glad this post can shed some light. Some people out there have the luxery of never having to work food service, so they dont know what goes on behind the scenes. They give attitude and act the way they act, if only they knew what the poor food service workers go through on the daily basis.
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koshkyra (NA)
: When you say "ggez", you're are legitimately being an A-hole.
Im copying this link and posting it post chat whenever some smart ass says ggez.
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: His winrate spiked 5% this patch. Seems balanced.
Right? and this post got downvoted... best believe if I was gold + this post would be on front page. smh at these people
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: Dat {{item:3151}} tho.
I didn't even take LT into account. Oh dear...
: I've talked about this on the other posts but if anyone actually bothered to do the math it's actually not a buff in damage until like 100 MR lol
With the base damage flat out increased, and the new passive adding on top of that increased base damage, this is a direct and complete buff in damage to Amumu.
: Patch 7.7 Notes
What other people come here for: Patch notes, balance changes, and aesthetic releases What I come here for: Who Do I ban this week...
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: Rakan's voice is... not what I expected.
Wait is this a late april fools joke
: Has anybody else just, ceased getting excited for new champions?
Funny that there's a post about uniqueness when 2 new Quinns are coming out
Bultz (NA)
: When you complain about a broken champion in the gameplay forums
: The "great success" you have seen, is coming from confirmation bias from your own experiences. There are no statistics that exist that can possibly back up that claim. Therefor, you have suggested nothing more than a ideology based off of a single biased opinion. An opinion that has a STRONG likely hood of being false due to the vast amount of complaints about, "toxicity" on the Overwatch forums. "no voice comms is a result of cancer". Well, no actually. Having no voice communication does not cause cancer to our knowledge at this time. There are a lot of League of Legends players who still haven't gotten cancer. "trust me when I say overwatch Is just slightly less cancerous thanks to voice comms". Even if you had some statistics to back up this claim, you would then need to do further data collection and research to determine whether or not your theory is true. If we assume Overwatch is indeed less toxic, that doesn't mean voice communications are responsible for making it less toxic. It is only one variable. If other variables exist to make Overwatch less toxic, then your narrative is just a coincidence. Coincidences are commonly found through the eyes of confirmation bias. "because the biggest typing shit talkers are usually the most insecure shy and small people." Again this is you finding one variable and then typing without thinking it through. I do think it is a valid variable but there are others to consider. Recent studies in science have found another very intriguing variable to this symptom. Some studies have found that people who tend to be more quiet and have fewer friends are also more intelligent. That said, another reason people MAY not get into voice chat with you is that they MAY not want to hear a bunch of screaming monkeys who are yelling at each other, laughing hysterically loud, talking in "up-speak", or talking about the latest in pop culture. There may be more people out there like me who play just for an escape. /mute all, mute all of the in-game volumes, and listen to peaceful music or an intellectual podcast for a temporary escape from the monotony of life. I also do this because I don't want to waste time arguing in-game. If someone gets me going, I will not stop until they stop or the game ends. All of that said, I prefer voice chat to stay out of the game but don't care that much either way. I will just end up muting the voice chat too but I fear the possibility of players playing differently when they are able to yell at each other.
If you're looking for statistics you're in the wrong place. You approached this reply to a thread as if it is some research paper worth 90% of my class, HAH. Look dude, I appreciate over bloated response, but I hate when people say "Do you have any statistics?" "Where's your proof?" "You're just being biased" When the party making this claim themselves provide 1.) No statistics for themselves, 2.) No proof, and 3.) Guess what, no proof? no statistics? "I prefer voice chat to stay out of the game" You're being biased! Isnt that a shocker. Fact of the matter is you're super right, you can DISABLE the voice chat. It would be better to have the option of voice chat, than no option at all. Will there be dickheads in voice chat? Best believe it. That's when you get off your lazy ass and press a few buttons to disable voice chat, OR people can just grow up and stop being afraid of interacting with people positively or negatively in a fucking. Video game. Thanks <3
: People who think Voice Coms will improve League
Look, overwatch has it and it has seen great success because of it. yes they are 2 different games, but cancer wont be a result of voice comms, no voice comms is a result of cancer. trust me when I say overwatch Is just slightly less cancerous thanks to voice comms, because the biggest typing shit talkers are usually the most insecure shy and small people.
Avios1 (NA)
: *Waits for Rito's April Fools*
have you seen pbe patch notes? x'D
SSJTribe (NA)
: An idea for a possible Jax Gameplay Update
If anyone else posted this it wouldve gotten downvoted to the next dimension
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MagÊ (EUW)
: Lissandra new passive HOLY SHIT
Aw this kinda changes her playstyle, i wish her kit was still revolving around abilities rather than basic attacks. Lich bane lissandra here I come
9 X (NA)
: Yeah I think it'd be nice too. But there are a couple negatives to consider. It would mandate the implementation of a "dodge match" button, the inclusion of which would likely increase dodge frequency. Additionally, it could prove to be more wasted time if people don't specifically dodge match before exiting the client. I do think the positives outweigh the negatives in this case, but my guess is Rito doesn't think so if they want us to go through the trouble of rebooting the client after dodging a match.
To be fair the game already registers you as in the champ select even after you crash. Itll just say (player) has disconnected from lobby and then the champ select goes on untill its that players time to pick or ban, and then the game dodges. Its almost as if the game already is waiting for the player to rejoin but he/she has no option to do so.
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: Congrats! You just hit 30, and you're ready to play ranked! Here's some helpful tips.
YES DO NOT go into ranked once you hit 30, get good. Because placements are EVERYTHING. Climbing is next to impossible in this game. If you're placed in bronze, be prepared to stay there forever. Invest the time into normals, you wont regret it.
HerbieVG (NA)
: League Saved My Life
It is a surprise that you found sanctuary in this toxic hell whole called league of legends. With that said though, I couldn't be happier for you <3. Keep on keepin on.
: If you're basically going to require smite to jungle, can you just auto assign it?
The only only only problem with forcing smite is if the player swaps roles with someone else. Automatically placing smite as one of the summoners would be good, because then the person can change it up and stuff. It's a really good idea and i've been thinking about it for a while
: Riot should make Hide and Seek a featured game mode.
Meep Man (NA)
: Galio- Should Grow in Size with Magic Resist
If it wouldnt effect the hitbox Im down
: You might get a great Mastery Grade by ignoring your team and just farming and playing greedily. That isn't the objective of the game, which is why your score has no effect on your LP/MMR. It could've been that if you had focused your efforts elsewhere and received a lower score it would've been how you won the match.
Then maybe how mastery grade is determined it what needs changing. Believe me that match I was only assisting my team and doing what a xerath does. As bronzeplayerlike as this sounds, that reksai was the only thing that cost us that match. I just thought demoting when I just reached 0lp, and since ive been demoted to b3 so many times, all paired with the fact I did manage a s+ was a little harsh is all.
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: riot if you're going to match silver 1s against plat5's why have the rating difference?
I am SO surprised that a post like this wasnt downvoted to the next dimension. Not because it was a bad post, quite the contrary actually, but mostly because I have seen (and made) dozens of posts JUST like this one that just get hated and obliterated. Props for getting one up there, No matter what methods ;).
: Ryze must have a million IP
I make a post about runes price and I get dunked Someone else makes a post about runes price and they're upvoted Feelsbadman {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: All lvl 2 runes cost 1 ip lol stop complaining it's your fault you spent ip on champions.
I have all champions t1 and t2 runes are useless t3 runes still cost too much Stop antagonizing every boards post (I see you).
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Raoul (EUW)
: Ok, I understand galio needed a rework....
The only mistake riot made was not clarify that this was a FULL REWORK. Aka like sion/poppy. Yes he will feel like a new champion, that's what full reworks do.
: > [{quoted}](name=ShehanC,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NrvNXslE,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-12-27T00:56:43.491+0000) > > And what the heck is ranked flex? > So you add this horrible system that is only having a negative impact on your game, and then remove my ability to play with friends in ranked, for the same reason? Que times? ranked flex is exactly that "ranked" where you boost your friends or are boosted by your friends, thankfully they returned the real solo/duo ranked ranked is supposed to be solo, unless you play in a full 5 team, make one with your friends, or play normals with them or play flex
> [{quoted}](name=bad arcade kitty,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NrvNXslE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-12-27T00:58:50.946+0000) > > ranked flex is exactly that &quot;ranked&quot; where you boost your friends or are boosted by your friends, thankfully they returned the real solo/duo ranked > > ranked is supposed to be solo, unless you play in a full 5 team, make one with your friends, or play normals with them or play flex I get that, but I dislike how they split up ranked ques, when they added autofill because of que timers after they added flex, pretty sure they promised to remove flex if que timers were too long, but added auto fill instead
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