: You know what archetype I'm still waiting for?
I was thinking about some gal in her 30s from Noxus. With a weapon like Catherine from Vainglory but heavier and cooler.
Rioter Comments
: The new Karma bio
Can't wait for the improvement.
: Champion Concept: Olivia, the Tortured Spirit
This sounds like a Support all the way. More like Draven's support thanks to that passive.
: Could Tahm Kench get a new skin
Take a number, he's not that popular. Look at Urgot man.
: I'd like to see a badass Taric skin
Get ready for Star Guardian Taric. Like 5th Age but Pinkish.
: Riot really needs to stop over-sexualizing fantasy dragons.
I want Aurelion Sol to slap his blinding stars in my face.
: I don't think they'll keep the angel from a different universe appeal, I think they're trying to minimize how many cosmic intruders there are that just keep cropping up in the affairs of Runeterra. I think they'll probably be some form of early humans that are enchanted from their connections to heavy magics that were used during the Rune Wars (which I think is implied to be what attracted the Darkin's attention to Runeterra). Also, I too would despise the Aspect angle. Especially an Aspect of Sin, as sin is a strictly Judeo-Christian-Islamic creation.
Yeah, I noticed that too. They'll end up being people from Runeterra in the wrong place at the wrong time and then bam, got powers. At least they'll still be sisters. Talking about the Rune Wars. Renekton is the only one that has a skin related to it (I love it, that's why I know). We need a whole patch of the rune wars and the world runes and what happened and how it affects the world now. Completely off topic, I know, but the story of Runeterra and the little I know about it drives me insane. Back to the sisters, let's see what happens. Hopefully, nothing to do with darkins. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: And downvoted just for listing off favorite lore they got rid of. 0/10, community confirmed trash.
: As I said, I'm not partial to it either. But as long as Morgana isn't the ACTUAL Darkin, I think I'd be ok with it too. I want her to be the inventive dark sorceress she's always been, and my theory would preserve that. If she must possess a Darkin weapon, I would prefer she possess one she has utterly overpowered to the point of obliterating the Darkin mind inside (like how Rhaast is obliterated if Kayn chooses Shadow Form, but still can channel the power of the weapon).
I know. I would be OK if they turned into what you have in mind, I just don't want them to be related in any way to darkins. They're "angels" from a different universe, they should work with that and stick to it if possible. But I don't think they'll keep it for the update. INB4, Aspect of Justice and Aspect of Sin. Pls, no.
MeilinII (NA)
: You missed the point completely. No one said you can't enjoy eye candy. What has been said is we'd like something OTHER than just eye candy in some of our females, just like our males. Male humanoid characters get to have diverse bodies and outfits. Fat, thin, muscly, skinny, bare chested, armored, clothed, ect. {{champion:32}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:432}} {{champion:201}} {{champion:41}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:26}} Look at the diversity Female humanoids who are more than eye candy and don't fit a stereotypical hourglass shape with extra boobage: {{champion:1}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:142}} children {{champion:164}} old lady but still hourglass {{champion:420}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:498}} See the diff? And almost all of the females are recent champs.
{{champion:164}} old lady but still hourglass DELETE THIS!!!!!! {{sticker:darius-angry}} She's perfect.
: Nobody is talking about Lancer Stratus Wukong
I think it is a great skin. IIRC I saw one post, someone complaining it not being Wukonish enough, whatever that meant.
: While I personally dislike the implication that Morgana may own a Darkin weapon in some distant future, we must consider some other factors as to HOW this can be a possibility. First, if you read Varus' newer story, it discusses the history of the Darkin. They were an invading alien species, from long before anyone can remember, that breached into Runterra on some cosmic bridge from their home dimension. They devastated the land and the people, and were on the brink of victory. Then, the story notes that a queen in golden armor led her armies against the Darkin, using the bow her mages had trapped Varus in, and actually proved victorious, destroying their gateway bridge and blocking their access to and from Runterra. The remaining Darkin trapped in Runterra were either flat out killed by her or trapped in weapons, of which she sealed away around the world... To the naked eye, a fiery queen in golden armor sounds remarkably like Kayle. From what we know of Kayle, she's one track minded - and while not stupid, she's not the type to be using magic that's more involved than smiting enemies. Her sister, Morgana, was the magic user. From what we know of their current lore, Morgana and Kayle were engaged in an ancient fight, and Morgana eventually turned to dark magics used by her enemies in order to turn the tide of war, which caused Kayle to disown her and lump her in with the dark infidels. This can be applied to the Darkin War - especially if we consider the theory that it wasn't Kayle, _but instead Morgana_, who devised the method of sealing the Darkin into weapons. If we roughly apply the old story's general plot, we get this: Kayle and Morgana are ancient beings in Runterra, fighting in an ancient war against the Darkin, which they are slowly losing. On the cusp of defeat, Morgana, being a crafty sorceress, discovers a way to entrap Darkin in weapons or objects, which can then be used to channel the Darkin power for the wielder to use. If Morgana then presents this discovery to Kayle, along with a prototype Darkin weapon that she possesses, along with the proposition of using these weapons in the war against the Darkin, I could see this as being the catalyst of tearing the sisters apart. Especially so if there is the discovery that the Darkin in the weapons can overpower Kayle's troops with weak wills, and cause chaos in her ranks and cost her lives and battles in the process. I think this would be enough to cause Kayle to HATE Morgana and disown her and throw her in with the enemy. Just a theory, but it would still give Kayle and Morgana their intense sibling rivalry while also tying Morgana to the Darkin.
This makes sense. I, personally, don't want Kayle and/or Morgana to be darkins, but I'd be OK with this.
: 1. Probably, just with magic like Lux or Taliyah 2. Muteness exists IRL, probably a birth defect or part of her magic I don’t really know the rest, though.
>_Muteness exists IRL_ No shit. What if there's a different reason? Did you watch the shape of water?
: So about Sona....
There's a lot of questions, is Sona completely human? Why can't she make sounds? Who is Lestara Buvelle? Why did she know about the etwahl? How did she teach Sona to use it? Why is Sona able to manipulate emotions with it? Are there other instruments like this? She's from Ionia, why didn't she get an update on her lore? Because she lives in Demacia? One last thing. How old is she? 26? 28?
: Her Parents are dead, she grew up on a farm, joined the Noxian military, was given an awesome magical blade for being a badass. was sent to the Ionian war where she unknowingly saw and took part in Genocide before being forced to watch as her friends (along with Ionian soldiers) die in a friendly fire chemical bombardment.
Does it still mention when she killed Yasuo's master or whoever it was, framing Yasuo in the process because they both have "Wind" blades?
: Orianna's visuals and lore
I think this: "When a moth emerges from its chrysalis, does it remember its life as a caterpillar?" Is the main reason why her movement and attitude overall looks robotic like she's lost most of her humanity like Camille (Need to re-read, not sure). Also, her story with Fieram breaks my heart every time like this part: _But there was one figure he vowed never to sell: a golden dancer with no winding key, who pirouetted in a dance without end._ {{sticker:zombie-nunu-tears}}
avihaiw221 (EUNE)
: trading champion/skin shards
I don't think it will happen, what we should get back is the champ shards reroll.
: I'm aware a lot of people disagree with her current direction. Doesn't change the fact that I still like Karma's lore and gameplay.
The whole reason why we've all been complaining is that we like Karma or Dahra or whatever and we think she deserves better.
: Add a Title have a Ameriquinn skin?
: What about a Chef champion??????
Not gonna lie, last week I spent hours at work thinking about a chef champ. I even came up with a name and all. But mine is twisted because he's a rotissier and a cannibal.
: Soraka Rework
The only thing I miss from the old Soraka was the Q (spamming it like crazy) and maybe the healing mana part. But not so much. Soraka's abilities are pretty OK right now. The only thing I think should be updated right now is her lore. Jesus Riot, give my goat something good. Also, Celestial and SG.
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: Order of the Lotus Soraka
I completely support this idea. But we need to wait for her update, I don't understand how they didn't update her lore with the Ionia changes. Get her out of the silly grove and go nuts on the noxians during the war.
: yo idk if you mind me asking, but where did you get that icon?
If you mean OP's, it was given to those who participated in the closed beta of the new server, unobtainable now.
Lavenora (EUW)
: I'm sorry, I think I'm gonna kill this project for now. Recent "events" with my other project has made me very self conscious about my skills as an artist. I don't want to release bad projects, art is the only thing in life I feel like I'm good at, now with all the criticism I have gotten over the past few months I feel like I need to start focusing on getting better at it. Most of my criticism is about faces/proportions and foreshortening. I'm a very competitive person and it feels like a stab in the heart when so much is wrong with the work I'm supposed to be proud of. I will post random things if I feel like they "worthy" hoping I might get some actual good criticism, but I'm gonna stop doing projects for now. Hope you understand and I'm really sorry for wasting your time. If/when I happen to revive this project, I have saved your comments because I truly like the ideas you gave me. Sorry again.
{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} I understand. Also, you didn't waste anyone's time. Go get that get right man, we'll be here.
: Non-violent =/= doing nothing. Look at her abilities, you could have her spirits chastise her whenever she uses her Q, give her and earful or go silent for a bit whenever she gets a kill. Enlighten her with some random scripture about immobilizing her enemies instead of killing them when she uses W and tell her to focus on saving her allies when she use her E. The best way to execute my idea might be a rework of Karma but there is still potential with her current kit, to add in the spirit VO. It would take a lot of effort but I think the new lore makes it worth the extra VO lines. Of course, personally I see a future story where her spirits are split, those who decide they should change their ways and act, and those who continue to preach peace and non-violence. Riot could even write a story where one of the spirits turn on all the others and tries take over Karma's body to invoke destruction across the lands, fed up with being neutral. Lot's of potential, we just need to throw out our theories.
Imagine having countless guys chilling inside your head and then, all of a sudden, an all out civil war starts over to kill or not to kill.
: C'mon, Riot, do it! The possibilities are literally endless. Want to become a Noxian soldier and work your way up the ranks? Check. Want to hang out in Zaun and scrap together some gear? Check. Want to help solve a crime in Piltover? Kill a spirit in Ionia? Run a heist in Bilgewater? Check, check, and check. ...so many options. I feel like they might hold out on this until the lore is complete, or if League starts losing popularity (for real, not this "league is dying cuz fortnite" B.S. right now). They probably know that League gets a lot of its appeal from its characters, and having another medium for those characters might screw up their player count on League. Still, it's a nice thought.
I didn't know how bad I wanted this. Now I have to make it thru the rest of my life knowing I will never be a cute Ionian grill trying to learn and protect the magic and spirit world around me.
: Maybe someone from the Blessed isles had left the island in search for adventure and hasn't come back yet?
I was thinking about this, maybe they used to send monks to aid other placed and some of them where out when hell broke loose and now the survivors got together and built a temple somewhere and they teach and try to keep what the blessed isles were alive. Also, they try to go back and collect all the artifacts in the shadow isles.
: Karmas new lore is a mess
Karma is now Avatar Korra 2.0 and if she goes berserk she loses the connection just like Korra did in that episode. Just give me my old Karma back, not this troubled voices in my head woman before I Gaen Na Kyri Vi your butt.
Rioter Comments
Lavenora (EUW)
: I typed at the bottom of my post I'm gonna work a bit on my second project, it should be done later today, then I will hop back on this sorry {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
LOL I completely missed that. It's all good. Just don't forget about this crystal/spirit doe girl.
tieger05 (OCE)
: Sofia - Wife of the Dead [Champion Concept FIXED]
Loving her passive, but like: Does it revive the ally where they died? That would be cool. Have your Vayne come back and clear. Can she do it while dead? Is there a range?
Lavenora (EUW)
: Yea I really like that, perhaps her pure form could be more healing/support focused and her darker would be more offensive/cc focused. This is quite a unique idea that seems like a really fun gameplay mechanic. Gonna work on her dark form next. Really love what you have thought of so far keep it up! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Waiting for that dark version like.. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Hey VoidSpawn Bot, The music for Project: Jhin's first move and ult are based off of the Project: Hunters login theme as well as a track I wrote specifically for Project: Jhin. That track can be found here: https://soundcloud.com/leagueoflegends/project-jhin-neon-cherry-blossoms After completing the music, I "stemmed" both tracks (= submixes of the track, such all drums, ambient synths, bass synths, violin, etc.) and gave those to Riot Jirsan, the sound designer who worked on Project: Jhin for him to create the first move line and ult stuff. Unfortunately, once removed from the game, these have little standalone value which is why we don't release them on SoundCloud, but everything about them comes from the two tracks I mentioned above. Hope this helps, thanks for listening! Ed the Conqueror
I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this. I listen to it like, every day because it's just amazing (Everything about Jhin is). Also the name: Neon Cherry Blossom, <3 Keep these amazing tracks coming.
: Who do you guys think have the worse looks in League?
DELETE THIS {{sticker:darius-angry}} Also, it is obviously Zilean, he looks like a rag doll tied to a watch. I love him but damn.
: [Champion Concept] Denora- The Hidden Dagger
I love Ninjas, we need more. Also when people come up with ninjas and debuffing all I can think about is FFTA. But this is great. Also maybe a little more explaining how her ult works because, I didn't really get it.
Rockified (EUNE)
: Maria, The Voodoo Queen.
There's a lot on the plate. But let's talk about her ult. she has to wait for 110/95/70 to channel for two secs and remove a buff. Then there's nothing. She doesn't steal it, she doesn't do damage based on the buffs removed, she doesn't slow or stuns. The Q, does it deal damage and then spreads or does it affect a lot of enemies at the same time?Does it work like Malzahar's E? Maria Support, starts with E and sits on the bush doing nothing. All this AP. The active fears the enemies away from the goat head and deals damage right? I kinda like it, idk.
: A scaly unfinished idea.
Cass doesn't like this. Also, I know nothing about X. I don't really know what to say based on the abilities you have in mind. Maybe elaborate more and then post again. {{sticker:cass-cry}}
spinxer (NA)
: Champion Concept - Yakar
"Alright, we're done for the day. Let's head inside, Yakar." "Very well, father." *Random guy, for no apparent reason, shows up, pins Yakar to the wall and stabs him several times in the face for the sake of it. *Father stands there feeling useless. *Now, Yakar can't see why these things happen to him.
Lavenora (EUW)
: I actually really like the idea of casting a lot of spells would kind of send her into overdrive, maybe that could be a mechanic where she would transform after casting so many spells. Perhaps it would buff her current spells for a while when in this "overdrive" state or it would activate her ultimate, or maybe change her ult. Don't want it to be a complete change in spells tho like Nid or Jayce. A interesting concept I really like it. Perhaps that dark form I had an idea about could be that overdrive, where she goes into her dark purple crystal form. Love it!
Alright so let's go like this, the same passive, with a marker like Annie's below her mana bar. Once it casts an ability it will gain a stack that will remain for like 7 seconds. At 4 or 5 stacks, casting another ability ill send X into "Overdrive". This will slightly change her appearance to a "darker" form. (Imagine Blight Crystal X or Bloodstone X <3) Now, this form will remain for like 10 seconds and while in it X will spend health instead of mana when casting abilities (maybe also boost her resistance because of the crystal). The abilities (heal/damage) will be boosted and the ultimate will be slightly different in each form. Also using the ultimate will consume any stacks. Also, after going into overdrive or using the ultimate it can't gain stacks for a while. What do you think?
Lavenora (EUW)
: Dryad champion: A new path. Update 2 (Ideas and critique requested)
Glad to see you're back. I'm glad we're moving away from the basic tree dryad into this new spirit/crystal doe girl. I like it. The drawing is amazing and the ideas too. I like the way the crystal is taking over her. So I came up with a couple things. With the first idea, let's say her tribe protects a sacred magic source or spirit forest and after the elder passed she was left in charge and they use this staff to channel their power and to communicate with the spirit world. One thing is that if she overuses the magic of the crystal it goes overdrive and consumes her. So we can make her lore or initial story about how she had to go wild to protect or save her kind and the crystal took her whole left arm. Her passive can be something like: Crystal Leech: After casting several spells in succession, the following spells will consume a portion of her health instead of mana but will also deal more damage or heal more health. Anyway, keep it up!
: Give shaco some love RIOT!!!
Maybe he needs a visual update, nothing more. His kit is unique and annoying as it is. He shows up, you're dead and then he waltzes away into the jungle to plot further murder.
: Dragon Queen Shyvana
Wow, you seriously put some thought into this. This is pretty great. Love everything about it.{{sticker:zombie-nunu-hearts}}
El Nismo (NA)
: High Quality Skins for Supports
Now in all seriousness, "Firewall Braum", with the Project theme.
: Feirya, The Aspect of Justice
Hi! I read the whole thing and while, not very detailed... One thing comes to mind; You say it is the aspect of justice, yet, the only thing related to it is the passive and just the name of it. Like, what is justice? How does she embody it? How are her character and abilities related to her theme overall? The abilities are nice, maybe explain a little how they actually work because the Q is interesting.
grayamir (NA)
: Come with me, and you'll see...
>Bard spins the cane while chiming the Pure Imagination song from the 1971 film in chimney Bard fashion, meanwhile, meeps do Oompa Loompa dance all around. Hold your breath, Make a wish... count to three. I want to believe. {{sticker:cass-cry}}
: Character ability
We need clarification. 1. Control the turret, how? What good is this ability in the middle of Nashor's den? 2. Based on this, I'm guessing you want the champ to possess a neutral and/or enemy unit? Why? Most of those do not have individual abilities. You'll just move and attack.
CJXander (EUNE)
: Deathsworn Katarina and Aviator Irelia Logins [Tutorship results]
Lavenora (EUW)
: Dryad staff heads update 1 (requesting ideas and critique)
Ok, No. 1 is exactly what I was thinking about. But 4 and 17 are amazing too. God, to be honest, I love number 4. It looks cool in its simplicity and it's not overdesigned at all. The vines going around the staff and the crystal are a nice touch too. Also giving the staff a crystal can help a lot with how the kit will work and can help us a lot with the overall theme. Some anon made a really good point in the previous thread comparing her to Hecarim, Ivern, and Zyra. If you haven't go and read it, it's good. So maybe she can still be a dryad but more related to the spirit world than to just magic and plants. This also gave me an idea for one of her abilities. Remember how Soraka used to give mana to allies? Maybe she can deal damage to enemies and then recast the ability on an ally to heal them and give some increased mana regen. All the designs look great. Good job creating this many options. Let's make it happen. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
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