What is Bard ult's interaction with cast and channel animations?
: Hey there! 1. Nexus and Inhibitors aren't hit by it - I debated it a bunch, but I like the symmetry of the spell, and there's never a reason to make the enemy Nexus or Inhibitor invulnerable (aside from pure trolling), so I left it out. 1. a. This means that turrets behind the first turret aren't hit by it either. You can tower-dive, but not double-tower-dive. 2. It only hits things that are targetable, so no, it doesn't hit the fountain laser (and the fountain healing is just a Mysterious Area of Effect anyway. 3. Nope, nothing to hit there, but as you (and Inept Maverick) pointed out his E portal can totally go through the base walls, including enemy gates. 4. This was a tricky case - I ended up going with having Unstoppable units (Malphite Ult, Sion Ult, others) be unaffected by it. It's a disable after all, and they're "immune to disables". Stopping and starting was super janky. 5. It stops dashes in their tracks, similar to Viktor's W. The alternative has people sliding all over the place, outside the area that was hit, and looks really weird :X
What is Bard ult's interaction with cast animations?
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Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
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: Well I personally find that the exclamation point kinda defeats the purpose of the stealth, not to mention that I also find that the 15% movement speed boost isn't quite adequate enough to catch up to your prey when they see the exclamation point while you're still a mile away. I also just think it would fit better thematically. Is Rengar such a bad hunter that people just know when he's coming? As for gameplay, I think that this is just a better fit. I get that old Rengar had low counterplay, but I think with this new indicator he has a bit too much counterplay for what he's designed for. With the indicator as it is it's way too easy for the support or whoever to go "Oh look. An indicator. Better go hug my adc and drop a pink ward and lol at this Rengar." If the ultimate was tweaked to where it just gave a global sound notification, then there would still be some element of surprise in the ult but there'd still be enough counterplay for the target to prepare themselves for a potential knifecat attack. Also, this would allow the Rengar to play some mind games on the enemy team by letting them all know that at any second they could get jumped on. It would introduce a new depth of gameplay where after hearing this global sound, opponents would have to play more passively before Rengar shows himself. I would really love to see this implemented and I personally think that this would make for a healthier Rengar. (though obviously I'm a bit biased)
If people hear a global SFX, they'd probably back off even earlier than they do now. Wouldn't this make Rengar's ganks even harder to pull off?
: Rengar Ultimate Idea
1. What's wrong with the exclamation point? 2. How would a global activation effect fix this?
: Major Purple Side Weakness in Preseason!
: At least this means Trick's stream isn't going to be the same shit all the time. It might actually be worth watching once or twice.
Try watching his Spectates or Sub Wars. I think he explains things in far more detail there than when he's in SoloQ/DuoQ with SirhcEz.
: Are invading and counterjungling fun?
Let me turn the question around: What exactly is an example of fun? Do you find aiming a skillshot at an enemy champion fun? I feel that most things that are 'fun' don't seem fun anymore when viewed objectively. Even if counterjungling/invading isn't 'fun', there are still reasons it should exist. For the same reasons that getting killed is unfun yet is still a necessary feature of the game, jungler-jungler interaction should also exist; invade and counterjungle are two examples. If someone is naturally a better duelist than you, then why shouldn't they be able to leverage their advantage? If Syndra can abuse Fizz in midlane, why shouldn't Lee be able to abuse Sejuani in the jungle? If it's because Lee is able to do everything Sejuani can but better, then that's because Lee is broken - not because counterjungling is broken. The vision counterplay to invades is also now more robust. First of all, Crab and Wolf grant areas of vision control: Crab controls a river chokepoint, and Wolf is capable of scouting an entire quadrant of the jungle. This means that, if you're afraid of the enemy jungler, you have the power to pick the proper jungle rewards to stop them. You can also use green trinket defensively for where the Crab and Wolf don't cover. If anything, you have more options than before against invades.
LeeDark (NA)
: Considering how many Yasuo's used to take E first, before the nerf, and many who still do put a point in E first, you obviously do not need Q at level 1.
Good counterpoint. Could it be that taking Yasuo's E at 1 forces him to all-in? Since E's nerf, his early all-ins aren't as threatening anymore, so I think he'll have to rely on his Q and shield to survive. Also, even E-first Yasuo had his shield at 1. Can Yasuo survive with only one out of shield, Q, and E at 1?
darkdill (NA)
: Lucian's E should always cost him mana, even at level 5
I think that Lucian's E is balanceable around a 0 manacost, as long as it's gated by other means. Right now, if Lucian wants to E more than once per fight, he needs to reduce its cooldown through Lightslinger procs. And to use Lightslinger, Lucian needs to 1). Consume mana through other spells, and 2). Stay in autoattack range. 1) applies an indirect mana gate, and 2) gates E behind Lucian's crummy auto range. Right now, is Lucian's E gated properly through these 2 factors? I'm not sure, but I do think that Lucian can be balanced around a 0 manacost on E.
: Oh i thought this was a thread about the nerfs not being enough... that's why i thought it was a good idea
uh. actually i never checked what the thread was about. oops. If you want to nerf Yasuo, sure, that'd weaken his early lane.
inDJ (NA)
: Yasuo shield passive - Move to W?
Probably not: Yasuo desperately both a shield and his Q to survive lane. Having to pick only one at lvl 1 will probably result in a net nerf compared to 4.18 Yasuo, even if W-Shield Yasuo has 50 more health.
Oxie (NA)
: Dear Rito,
http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/riot-official/0YOGUwHG-stability-upgrade-and-planned-migration-for-na-servers It's on Riot's agenda.
: Think of Backstab like Riven's Q. There's a timer on it; after you press the skill chain once, the rest of the chain is available for a limited time. While Backstab is active, it doesn't stop Talon from autoattacking or moving or anything. Also, resetting the AA timer doesn't necessarily mean it becomes an autoattack. Think of it like Kha'zix's Q as well. He can auto immediately after, even if he already did it before he Q's, but his Q is not considered an auto attack. Sheen and whatnot won't work on it, just like Backstab. In the same vein, once KZ is able to Q, nothing is able to stop it. Same thing with Backstab. If you press E while it is available, while the enemy has their back turned to you, it is going to hit regardless of anything. How Backstab is played with/against is dynamic and it depends on the situation. Its best and most reliable use case is against a target that has its movement impaired, regardless of whether they are healthy or weakened. Your examples also aren't really well thought out. >Target is low and tries to run from Talon. If they are smart, they do *not* take the entire brunt of Backstab's damage because they will turn around just as Talon gets into range and then Flash or use other escapes, or just skip trying to time the turn and just Flash immediately upon being jumped on by an assassin when you have no health. >Target is healthy and decides to fight Talon. Backstab's damage is *not* entirely nullified because he can double E and Backstab ends up dealing damage anyway. >You should run if you want to avoid Talon's damage, but Backstab invalidates this option: Either you face him and take basic attacks, or you run and take a Backstab. Play a Tryndamere or Aatrox against him then. I'm sure they'd love the basic attack fight indeed
Tryndamere and Aatrox can stand and fight, but do the vast majority of League's champions have a means of counterplay to Backstab?
: Silence is gone, and the new slow is gone as well. Instead of any form of defense or CC, Backstab makes Cutthroat have additional offensive power (which most people would prefer) and a utility in the speed boost as well. Backstab is also rather easy to miss/juke if you don't aim on a CC'd target, which would also end up benefiting from the new passive. There's no silence, there's no slow, there's no channel interrupt. This version of Cutthroat is complete offense. Backstab also has a mana cost, which would be higher than Cutthroat but lower than Rake. As a mana gated assassin, Talon's full combo should be very powerful but costly to use. This adds not only another avenue of damage, but an additional mana cost to manage as well. On a target that is rooted by a teammate, Talon's combo would go something like this: E -> Autoattack -> E2 (Backstab) W - > Q -> Ult
I'm hearing 1. Pure Offensive orientation and 2. Mana gating as your goals. Backstab's mechanical components are: 1. haste 2. AA reset 3. manacost 4. Gated by enemy facing. I'll agree that the mechanical components do lead to your goal of more offense and mana management; but, I don't think the AA reset and enemy facing gate are proper mechanics. First, what happens if someone isn't facing away from Talon? Is Talon blocked from attacking until they face away? If so, that probably feels really weird for both parties. What if someone is facing away from Talon when he begins, but turns around when he 'hits?' I just feel that a strict back-facing is awkward to use and implement. Second, I think that Backstab's potential damage disparity is too high. Here's how I imagine it'll end up being used, as it is: 1. Target is low and tries to run from Talon. They take the entire brunt of Backstab's damage. 2. Target is healthy and decides to fight Talon. Backstab's damage is entirely nullified. In my opinion, this seems to make Talon too strong against low targets and too weak against healthy targets. I don't think even the most execute-ish of champions has such a disparity between low and healthy targets. And last, I think that a back-facing mechanic is too low-counterplay. You *should* run if you want to avoid Talon's damage, but Backstab invalidates this option: Either you face him and take basic attacks, or you run and take a Backstab.
: ~★☆★~How to fix Talon~★☆★~
What's the point of Backstab?
: ~★☆★~Positive changes to Zed~★☆★~
If you take away Zed's waveclear, then what does he do when behind?
: When are we going to remove Ryze's obvious dominance over the top lane?
Would you rather have Renekton instead? How about the return of Lulu?
: Let's talk about Infinity Edge
IE's burst is kept in check by the fact that it's RNG based and not reliable. Crit bursts are arguably bad enough on a sustained DPS class; controllable burst would be even worse.
Stacona (NA)
: Minions and Pets/Pet-likes last longer under turrets (and champion autos and physical damage spells) Mages and Supports - will support in a dive - even though they do not dive themselves
When you dive, the number of minions you have are pretty irrelevant since the divers will take tower aggro - or, in Ohmwrecker's case, no-one will take aggro at all. Could Ohmwrecker be a better item for those who dive themselves, such as tanks or bruisers?
: Part of the decision making in teamfights is also "how much reward am I getting for my efforts?". If killing Soraka is very easy because she's squishy and must position herself in harm's way, then it's always a good idea to go for Soraka. It's more than just "stopping her healing," but also "I can easily delete this champion from the teamfight, get gold for it, and turn it into a 4v5." Right now, smart players are turning Soraka's situation into the opposite: the moment a teamfight breaks out, she get focused and dies before she can get a single heal out, or they make her waste her ult to save herself (which is still a net win). Soraka's cc is extremely finicky and hard to land, so her main contribution to the team is healing. She doesn't have the pick potential that a Morgana, Thresh, Blitz, Leona, Nami or Sona (with flash+crescendo) have, she can't tank a crapload of damage like Braum (who also has pick potential with Q and ult), she doesn't have Janna's unparalleled disengage or Zyra's oppressive poke (and again, both of those can make picks with clever uses of their ults). Those types of supports can make good plays and turn the tide of a teamfight, so it's fine if they die afterwards, they've done their job (and likely traded their lives for that of a more valuable member of the enemy team). Soraka cannot afford to die at all. When I play Soraka, I play her like she's the most valuable team member, even more valuable than the ADC, and if we don't have initiators, I allow my teammates to get caught so that I can then save them and turn the teamfight around. This is why it's imperative that Soraka has a way to do her job even if she dies. If Soraka dies, the team might as well be dead in the water. I think people still haven't realised that Soraka is a completely different support from everybody else, and requires a completely different playstyle. Right now, she is almost perfect, all she needs is some way to be useful even if she gets focused and dies (which is what this suggestion is aiming for).
Well, if I ignore numbers, there's three ways I see the passive turning out: 1. The passive is strong enough to let Soraka contribute as much as if she had been alive. 2. The passive is weak enough to still punish Soraka for dying while at the same time feeling powerful. 3. The passive is practically nonexistent. Previously, I'd been focusing on the numbers and assuming you were going for 1, but I guess what you're aiming for is 2. But where is the line between 1 and 2? Can Soraka leave meaningful choice while still having a powerful heal? I guess in the end, I have no idea how to answer that. Probably worth a test.
Stacona (NA)
: Physical damage defense for mages and supports - and Ohmwrecker's goal is essentially tower diving by disabling the turret --- there is a PBE testing going on with Ohmwrecker can possibly buff an ally turret as well as disable an enemy one- but the turret buff portion is just testing and nothing official yet--- health, armour, and ap i just think can go well with a mage and support for that physical defense since turrets deal physical damage, plus more options for seekers,
What does 25% physical DR for non-champions do for this niche? Is AP/Armor a good complement for tower diving? Mages don't dive, tower or no tower.
LightBae (NA)
: > The counterplay to Soraka is to force her out of healing range through damage, CC, or death. So if you give her range, then you can't stop her from healing anymore. > Is there another form of counterplay to Soraka that I'm missing out on? Soraka's 10% true damage buff to enemy champions that scales with cooldown reduction.
Being low won't stop Soraka from healing, because she has her Q to recover. You need to kill her to stop her healing; but if you give her longer range, you won't be able to kill her even if she's low.
: The key thing you're forgetting is that people still get gold for killing Soraka. This is extremely important. Soraka is specifically designed to be squishy, and she is punished for going tank. Her healing range puts her right in harm's way. This means that she is literally free gold for any assassin/ADC/APC who wants to delete her. Her self-defense capacities are severely limited (she only has Equinox, and she needs to choose whether to use it to defend herself or to defend her ADC if someone dives them) and her self-heal is designed to mitigate poke and skirmishes, rather than to help her survive burst. Furthermore, if Soraka kills herself with the W, she still gives the kill to someone who damaged her recently, just as if she died by a tower, minion or neutral monster. Given how close she has to be to the thick of the action in teamfights, it's practically guaranteed that she'll get hit by some random AoE, which means that if she suicides by Astral Infusion, she's still giving gold to someone (or even many, depending on how many assists the enemy gets on her death). Soraka right now has no counterplay for people who are smart enough to kill her first. Any smart player will realise that damaging Soraka is ten times more effective than damaging anybody else on her team, since her self-heal cannot sustain anything other than "mild poke" (which is really good for laning phase, but rather bad for teamfights). This new passive IS counterplay for the enemy team that just goes "If Soraka gets within healing range, we immediately switch targets and kill her. If she doesn't get within healing range, she can't heal anybody and we just kill her team." As for the other death passives: If you're melee, you can't actually stop Karthus from dealing damage to you, since he turns on his W automatically and you are right in the centre of it. You may get away before he kills you, sure, but you will take free damage whether you want it or not. Kog'maw's Icathian Surprise is actually impossible to outrun without flash or some dashing shenanigans, and it's designed to be that way. It may not kill you, but it's almost guaranteed you'll be eating a ton of true damage for free. Sion's new passive also gives him a movespeed burst designed to help him catch up with people and get free damage on them. He IS possible to outrun if you dash or are super fast, but they might also tweak this before he comes live. Zyra's is really the only death passive you can really dodge, and it's the most poorly-designed out of them all.
In a teamfight, someone's gold worth shouldn't be part of the decision-making procedure - everyone is worth the same gold anyways (ignoring kill/death sprees). In a teamfight, the question is: "Who do we focus first?" Right now, the choice is to kill her first to remove her healing. But if she gets a significant healing-upon-death, then no matter what you do she'll heal her team. This negates the effective choice the enemy has because she'll heal her allies no matter what.
Stacona (NA)
: The stars would probably be like: +350 Health +50 Armour +50 Ability Power +10% Cooldown Reduction +Ohmwrecker UNIQUE Active Possibly: +UNIQUE Passive: Friendly non-champion units within range [1000 units] take 25% less physical damage. (aka works with ally minions, plus champion pets like voidlings, heimer turrets, tibbers, etc.) This passive does not affect a mages' waveclear, but could make champions not getting played like malz and heimer to get played with tankier voidlings and pets against turrets and physical damage dealers. Cost will be around 2000g-2500g - but no greater than 2500g to keep it affordable
...I think I asked the wrong question. oops. Stats are important, but I should first get to know Ohmwrecker's intended role before judging. So what I actually want to know is: What's new-Ohmwrecker's niche? You mention AP and Armor choices for mages. Why is this niche what's best for Ohmwrecker?
LightBae (NA)
: > If Riot raises her heal range, then they'll likely reduce her passive MS, survivability, or even healing to compensate. > Right now, Soraka is balanced around the fact that she needs to be in the thick of the fight and risk herself in order to heal like mad. Allowing her to heal from range means that opponents have no way of killing her. Her base stats are pretty low already. Not sure how she's balanced for being in the thick of a fight. In fact, she's oozing counterplay. I personally love Soraka, so I'll be playing her anyway, but let's not pretend.
The counterplay to Soraka is to force her out of healing range through damage, CC, or death. So if you give her range, then you can't stop her from healing anymore. Is there another form of counterplay to Soraka that I'm missing out on?
: There's a reason people ban Yasuo in most games, because he's given a ridiculous amount of grace time on his windwall and ultimate. Seriously, there have been times I've played Ahri and throw a charm at him, but he deletes it right as it's on top of his face with his windwall. I don't understand it, and it's aggravating, because it rewards someone for late reaction time.
If he casts before it hits him, why shouldn't he block it? If he reacts before it hit him, is it really late?
: Yes. Order is as follows: a) Orb b) Hits Yasuo (orb is behind him now) c) Windwall d) Secondary shot blocked by windwall despite windwall being placed in front of Yasuo.
: Soraka's Heal[W]
If Riot raises her heal range, then they'll likely reduce her passive MS, survivability, or even healing to compensate. Right now, Soraka is balanced around the fact that she needs to be in the thick of the fight and risk herself in order to heal like mad. Allowing her to heal from range means that opponents have no way of killing her.
: [Slight Tweak] Rewarding Soraka for Martyrdom
I don't like this idea because it punishes foes for killing Soraka. Right now, it's a possibility to consider killing Soraka first to get her healing out of the system, then focus the other carries. But if you give Soraka a healing wave upon death, then enemies are left with a poor choice of options: 1. Focus not-Soraka; Soraka heals her team and you lose. 2. Focus Soraka; Soraka dies but heals her team anyways. While thematically this makes sense, giving Soraka healing-upon-death is a low-counterplay way to add power to her kit. Soraka, despite staying low, should never actually want to die. Also, it'll be really sad if someone accidentally kills themselves with a miscalculated infusion :x \>> If Soraka's healing-upon-death effect a bad idea, then what about other upon-death effects, like Kog'maw, Karthus, Zyra, and new Sion? I think that the other three upon-death effects are fine because they each have counterplay: you can escape or dodge their damage. On the other hand, you can't stop Soraka's upon-death from healing her allies.
Stacona (NA)
: Ohmwrecker [Idea]
How much of each stat were you thinking? Is the emphasis on offense or defense?
: Ahri vs Yasuo, A bug thats apparently not a bug
Yasuo's ult gives him a bit of grace period on activation so that players with high ping can still use it effectively. Removing it might cause more harm than good.
Tavish (NA)
: A shield that can be mitigated with a single long ranged auto-attack. This argument is like the same as the old nidalee argument for why she didnt need nerfs, it just takes one thing out of context and completely simplifies it "just dodge the spear"
50 hp can be mitigated with a single auto-attack too...
: I'll take the hp please. Yasuo's flow passive has always felt like a shit version of mordekaisers, and feels out of place in his kit.
Yasuo's shield is probably a crutch in his kit to assist his trading. On the other hand, it also rewards his enemies for popping it before trading - so it produces a bit of gameplay too. It might not fit with the rest of his kit, but he needs it all the same.
Tavish (NA)
: @Riot I think Yasuo nerfs are too far
I'm convinced that if any melee champion can survive these nerfs, it'll be Yasuo. Not saying that these aren't painful, but Yasuo's kit gives him ways to work around it. Consider: Yasuo might now have the lowest health among all melees, but Yasuo also has his passive shield. With it, he gains artificial hp to be back on par with other melees. In addition, Yasuo's attack range is 175, as opposed to the 125 of other melees. Steel Tempest can also let him farm from 475 range. Is Yasuo dead? I don't think so. Yasuo's shield, Wind Wall, and extended ranges can still let him survive and farm up. That Yasuo is confined to midlane isn't anything negative, in my opinion. Yasuo lacks escapes and lacks the tankiness expected from current toplaners, so it's no surprise that he's stuck mid. Plenty of champions are confined to certain lanes; it's nothing bad in my opinion. If I had to guess why Riot chose those two nerfs specifically, I would guess it's to force Yasuo to take advantage of the unique aspects of his kit. Yasuo is now forced to use his shield if he wants to trade, and must also now rely on his E for mobility. If I turn out to be completely, utterly wrong, then ... oops. I guess it's a learning experience on balance for me either way.
Avious (EUNE)
: Quinn QoL Buffs please!
As for your point 2, Riot likes to keep a small buffer window before you can recast Skystrike in case the player accidentally double-presses the R key in a frenzy and ends up canceling Tag Team too soon. Other cancel-able abilities, like Lucian ult, have those buffer zones too - so this isn't without precedent. For point 3, Quinn is supposed to Tag Team for roaming assassinations - that's why it lasts for 20 seconds. She's definitely not meant to teamfight with it, and cleaning up stragglers is sub-optimal. I don't have much else to say on the other changes you suggest. Though, I do have to ask - which marksmen stand a chance against a lategame Quinn who lands her blind? Unless they're a hypercarry, I don't see them winning duels against an equally fed/farmed Quinn. As for itemization, the BoRK/Ghostblade combo gives you great assassination potential. I would imagine that someone who's trying to maximize the power of Quinn's roaming ult would go for this. I've personally only done it on ARAM, but Trinity seems to synergize with Quinn's "passive>E>passive" really well. So I would imagine that Trinity emphasizes Quinn's ranged aspect because it demands frequent trades.
: I think the big change that would help itemization is adding a faerie charm or two to Essance Reavers buildpath. I like the item already, but it would be a huge help for the champs i build it on because you wouldnt necessarily have to rush it to benefit from the mana regen. As to Sivir, she is great right now. She has good aoe and a great ult if your team is working together.
I actually think that the verdict of ER is similar to the verdict of Runaan's: They're good item concepts, but the current reality of LoL's itemization and meta stop them from being viable. My memory might be off, but I think a Red mentioned once that they wanted new Sivir to be a caster-based AD carry who would build CDR (and, I'm guessing, rely on W for AS). What I think is happening, though, is that the power of 'standard' AD itemization is so strong that alternative builds will completely gimp your damage. Thing is, if Essence Reaver actually became strong enough to compete with the Standard . . . well, then existing AD casters might go through the roof. Basically, I think that ER and Runaan's just need to wait until proper support for their niche is created that doesn't disrupt the balance of other classes.
Dawnesha (NA)
: Does anyone know how to get Riots attention?
Getting upvotes and a legitimate discussion, I guess. You've got my upvote. btw, I wouldn't be too worried if no Rioter responds - they sometimes read feedback without responding.
: I kinda gotta disagree on the "Burst" portion of tanks. Yes, there >are< burst tanks out there (Galio, Malph), but there are also sustained tanks who wade into the thick of it and dish out CC and damage. Not as much as brusiers, but there are ones who do some damage. Guys like Nautilus or Blitzcrank thrive in fights where they can constantly CC and cause problems on relatively low CDs, which I wouldn't consider "Bursts of CC" but instead constant nuisances. And yes, for these champs they do need tenacity. Personally, I think you could stick tenacity on an item that doesn't really get purchased much for tanks and call it a day. Tenacity on something like {{item:3075}} would be nice. (Mostly because Thornmail's effectiveness has kinda fallen off with the high level of %on-hit and ability casters around) Still, I do see your reasoning on it being a bruiser stat but I have to disagree on it being something tanks don't care about.
I'll think about exactly where the line between "burst" and "sustained" is, but I feel for now that even a CC on a 3-second CD (Blitz) is more "burst" than it is "sustained." It's a blurry line; I see how tenacity could definitely help low-CD tanks more than it could help other tanks. Tenacity on an armor item feels kinda misplaced, IMO. Most physical damage champions don't have much CC compared to, say, mages (generally speaking, I think). So tenacityMail just feels really schizophrenic: Thornmail wants to go against a full-AD comp, while Tenacity wants to run into an AP-heavy comp. I guess you could say that converting Thornmail into a more versatile item is positive . . . not sure. Thornmail, I feel, *must* be a niche item because its damage return punishes auto-attackers so hard that it shouldn't be good at much else. What other items, new or existing, could use some Tenacity?
: Why do rework patches leave out info or straight-up lie?
I think you're jumping to conclusions here about why Riot's omitting info from patch notes. There are other potential alternative reasons: the Rework and Patch Note teams miscommunicated about whose job it was to post numbers, someone forgot, etc. Moreover, why would Riot purposefully make a shitty rework? There's no reason to con us - so I would chalk it up to a mistake. Cassiopeia is the only single-target DPS mage in the game (i think), and it makes sense that it's difficult to balance her numbers on the first shot.
12tales (NA)
: The ADC is the highest priority target in teamfights for most comps. Thus, the champions that your team wants CCed are generally those approaching or next to your ADC. If the ADC has red buff, then the champs you want slowed are necessarily in range of the person doing the slowing - if Leona has red buff and EQs the enemy's backline, the tanks running down your Tristana will be unmolested. Which is bad. Also, because ADCs have much higher attack speed than other roles, the 'cast time' of the slow is much lower for them than it is for other roles. Janna is gonna have to park her ass for a solid quarter second if she wants to apply red buff, while Tristana barely has to stop moving. This allows ADCs to gain more ground relative to the person they're kiting, and thus output consistent damage for a longer period of time before they have to bail. Also, even tho some champions like Orianna might theoretically benefit from auto attacking, the risk of standing within 550 units of the enemy doesn't necessarily justify the very marginal increase in damage from standing 800 units away and Q-Wing fools.
Range and 'cast' time influencing how early the slow gets out ... that sounds like a compelling reason for AD carries to hold Red over other roles, good catch. Do you think putting Red on a non-ADC is simply weaker or entirely useless?
: Future of Red Buff?
I think red buff can actually be enjoyed fairly well by all champions - even the most dedicated of casters should end up weaving autoattacks. Also, the speed of your autoattacks has very little impact on the effectiveness of Red: the burn ticks independent of AS, and even the slowest of autoattackers can hit often enough to keep red buff permanently applied. Red buff's slow can also be enjoyed by all champions, even supports. Ranged supports like Janna can use it for peel or just plain harrass, while melees like Leona really can't refuse an extra permaslow + burn during all-ins. So why do AD carries end up getting Red most of the time, then, if its performance isn't skewed towards them? I would phrase the question like this: If you could give the power to permaslow to any one *player* on your team, then who would you give it to? Even though the AD benefits the most for kiting, Janna could apply it just as well - so why give it to the AD? I think it's a matter of the *belief* that the ADC knows best who should be slowed, not that it's actually that much better in their hands. There's also the misconception that, since Red is an on-hit, it's best on auto-attackers - but everyone should be autoattacking often enough to keep it permanently applied! There's also the fact that the bonus gold and exp from clearing Red goes best on carries such as the AD anyways. Basically, I think Red buff's power and balance right now is better than what you're suggesting. Adding AS will only skew it further in ADC's favor, and gold gen isn't a very appreciable or unique source of power.
: We need a new tenacity item already.
My stance on Tenacity is that Tenacity is a bruiser's stat, as opposed to a tank or glass carry's stat - which is why you don't really need many options for it. (I define a tank as primarily CC-oriented, so as far as I'm concerned Champions like Shyvana and Mundo are bruisers - they offer sustained damage, not CC). As a tank, your contribution to a teamfight tends to come in *bursts* of utility based on your cooldowns, on top of simply being *tanky*. Your job is to blow cooldowns to either initiate or peel, so you don't have much sustained contribution - you don't do much without your cooldowns anyways, so you don't lose much by being CC'd. Generally I'd even say that, as a tank, you shouldn't expect much CC - if they CC you instead of your carries or bruisers, you've already done your job. Because tanks have burst contribution and are too tanky to be focused, Tenacity (or any CC reduction) probably won't help much - this is why I agree with Riot's decision to remove the tenacity from Golem. Bruisers tend to contribute *sustained* damage and *tankiness*. That means that if they get CC'd, they'll always lose out on their damage contribution, so it's valuable to reduce the time of CC on them. They prefer Tenacity over cleansing actives because their defensive itemization means that they'll get hit by, and survive, multiple waves of CC. AP carries (Mages and AP Assassins) tend to contribute *bursts* of damage based on cooldowns, but they're also *fragile*: you're a liability when your skills are on cooldown. Generally, if you get CC'd as an AP carry, you're dead even with Tenacity - the difference between a 2-second stun and a 1.33-second stun is minimal when you're bursted out in 1 second. Because they contribute based on cooldown rotations and are so fragile, AP Carries will choose the stasis of Zhonya's over Tenacity any day. You're useless without cooldowns anyways - might as well spend that time being under an untargetable self-CC rather than getting caught by an actual CC. AD carries have *sustained* contribution, but are also *fragile*. Fragility means that Tenacity won't help them much, but AD carries' sustained damage means that they desire CC reduction. This means that they prefer cleansing actives: it reduces the duration of a single CC to practically zero if used perfectly, and they get to keep their constant damage. Mercurial Scimitar and Mikael's tend to do this job well, but the reaction-based actives mean that you don't see them much outside of competitive. AD assassins seem to have a wonky spot: they're fragile and contribute in burst (like AP carries), but don't have Zhonya's. Same story for sustained AP carries like Kayle and Cass - they're fragile and sustained, but don't have cleanses. I'm going to presume that these champions; individual kits have ways to counter this deficit, though. In any case, their fragility means that Tenacity isn't the answer. ***TL;DR*** CC reduction is preferred mainly by Sustained champions who have the Tankiness to survive multiple waves of CC - which is why only Bruisers really need it. Sustained-Fragile champions are usually AD carries who prefer the one-time save of cleanses; Burst-Fragile champions are usually mages or AP assassins, who don't have anything to do while their skills are on cooldown (and so prefer the stasis of Zhonya's); and Burst-Tanky champions are usually tanks who have nothing to lose to CC anyways. Exceptions tend this rule tend to be rare, and rely more on their kits to work than itemization. If Riot introduces any new Tenacity itemization, I believe it should be directed exclusively towards bruisers over any other class. Exactly what Tenacity items should look like in terms of stats, cost, and trade-offs is an entirely different question.
: Riot, please explain to me how Tryndamere is good for this game.
Well, you can't exactly make him un-exist. So there's that.
: I'm pretty sure they changed that; it's described as passing over the wall http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Yasuo/Projectiles
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeG6kPPHwq8#t=420 Yasuo's interaction with Ziggs begins at 7:00. Notice that both times, Ziggs ult is on-screen when it gets blocked.
: Change build path of Rylai's Crystal Scepter
What's wrong with expensive components?
Aamano (NA)
: Why do certain champions have 100% AD/AP scaling on abilities
My guesses: 1. Nunu is an older champion, from an era where many skills had 1.0 AP ratios (hello AP Yi). 2. Only full AP builds can really benefit from this scaling, and AP Nunu isn't exactly being played - so it's not yet a problem. Other champions with arbitrary 1.0 AP scalings probably have similar reasons.
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