: > [{quoted}](name=Ragnaveil,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vzsFWqLG,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2020-02-17T02:34:50.321+0000) > > He's useless because all of his power is slam packed into waveclear and mines (shrooms, whatever) 6 onward. He just needs changes that make him more unique and focus less on the shroom waveclear barrage he can inflict on waves. Also the age of having a passive as a spell is just not good anymore, any champ with one needs a rework to incorporate an active to it. TF E, Teemo E, Vayne W, Udyr's kit (its just auto attack enhancements and nothing more, which is why he suffers in this meta), Vi W are the current remaining spells (minus Udyr whos spells have actives) that have no active part. The thing is if you're using shrooms to clear waves you're destroying the only thing that makes your champ unique and worth literally anything. You can't trap stuff up if you're waveclearing with r until much later. In my mind the shrooms are what make teemo unique but it doesn't seem like they'll ever be allowed to be good. Especially since sweep is free and can be gotten at level 1 now. I don't know what can be done about teemo to keep his identity
Shroom Wave clear is Teemo's only safe CS option, there's a reason his winrate only becomes 50% after 40+ minutes, because that's when he can actually get the CDR to shroom other places along with the lane, if you waste your shrooms trapping bushes just for them to get pinked you're getting pushed in because your single target damage wont do shit to the enemy minions, that is considering if the enemy laner will even let you farm.
: Like, I main top, I dont like Teemo, but im not gonna defend a guy like that. lol And the worst part is, I dont like him because the counter to him doesn't exist outside of picks (Anti-poke's a joke). Thats about it.
The counter to Teemo is just running at him? Pick literally any champion and they can just waltz up to him and autopilot him to death. {{champion:75}} Just presses W and R and he can wait for the 1 second of blind to wear off while Teemo's crippled ass can't run or auto back {{champion:86}} Press Q, W the blind and then just E the Teemo down until half HP so he can R {{champion:266}} Press Q, that's it, teemo can't outrun an Aatrox unless he maxes W, and if he maxes W he'll deal 0 damage so the Aatrox can just sustain everything {{champion:875}} use your better speed boost to run up, CC Teemo then use the balanced 500 true damage 50% HP value shield ability to nuke Teemo {{champion:39}} fish for E stuns then just all in with ult, Teemo can't out damage the sustain from the follow-up Q spam {{champion:24}} Anytime blinded just Press E and jump on Teemo, stun him and nuke Teemo the second the blind wears off and he gets stunned. etc etc etc Teemo is hotgarbage that only true hotter garbage players can lose to, there's a reason nobody past plat even bothers with Teemo because he's so outclassed by literally any other toplaner or bully for that matter.
: Q: Doesnt need to be a skillshot, not everything needs to be a skillshot, Also, fuck nearsight, its one of the most cancer effects ive ever seen, and should only be (in my opinion) on Nocturnes ult, plus, how many actual blinds do we have in the game? Its a good counter to champs that auto a lot, like rammus and his niche of being a walking thornmail. its annoying, but its fine how it is currently. W: Hell no, he would be impossible to catch up to, when his weakness is "once you get to him he can only rely on movespeed", you don't need him cleansing out of cc like that seeing as how hes already slippery, especially if they were to max his w 1st or 2nd E: I actually do like that, they tried that swapping that with his current passive, but it didn't work out. Why not if this idea is scrapped, "If the target is hit by all 3 poisons at the same time, they are affected by neurotoxin" or something, that makes it so either the poisons do more dmg, or a 4th DoT is applied that adds the "extra poison dmg" but doesn't actually do dmg itself, kinda like how {{champion:105}} ult used to amp dmg when it poped for like 2-3 seconds. The only thing he really needs changed imo is his passive and w, maybe not the whole bush invis thing, but atleast make something more interesting than the attack speed, and the w needs to be something else, id be fine with passive movespeed, but having the active just double it is lame.
Q, the blind already does nothing, 99% of toplaners grab legend tenacity by default already making it bad, grabbing mercs along with that make's it useless. And for ADCs by the time you're close enough to actually launch a Q they'll have {{item:3094}} {{item:3095}}ed your ass for 50% or more of your HP. W, not CC cleanse, slow cleanse, please read, and W max Teemo does 0 damage with his autos/Q because you have to leave one low to max W.
Legion990 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sister meow,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vzsFWqLG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-02-16T19:42:53.292+0000) > > in before a lot of angry garen or darius players who want to keep abusing their branless champs Ah yes, because teemo is such high-skill champ. Those point and click abilities that render AA champions useless for 2 seconds are really hard to pull off.
You make it sound like he becomes immune to all damage and ability effects from whoever he blinds. There isn't a champion in the game anymore aside from Udyr that doesnt have some way to still fight him while blinded. That's one of the many reasons why he's so rarely picked up anymore. Plus wouldnt the proposed Q change take care of that issue entirely?
: Lol it's actually really good depending on the matchup and a ton of champs take the 10 percent like vlad most supports and most tanks too. It's more useful to have extra health in a matchup that could be a swap as well like say if the enemy picks a rene and a ryze and swap lanes. Well armor wouldnt be good vs ryze and mr wouldnt be good vr rene
How does 10 HP help? At all? You realize you need to be LEVEL 18, maxed out to get 90?
: Can Riot focus on balancing and less on adding champs that break the game?
Wish they would spend more time on rune balance, some trees(Resolve) are filled with mediocre options that need work or straight up replacing. Plus the "scaling" HP stat you can pick which requires 18 whole levels to give you a whopping 90 health. That needs to be much higher.
Kai Guy (NA)
: Free Tenacity is never bad. Then you have a solid support option and a mediocre Tank option.
It's not free though, it requires Your summoners to be on cooldown.
Kai Guy (NA)
: All 3 keystones are solid. Every bracket has at least 2 good options. I politely but firmly disagree with you. I will not downvote you for this disagreement.
Aftershock and Guardian are alright, Grasp is pretty meh and usually is passed up for Conqueror. Demolish Bone plating Second Wind Revitalize These minors are decent and can have impact, the rest are mediocre and are usually only taken on select few champs that can push their effects to the extreme or if they have no other options.
: its picked a good amount on tanky cc junglers so when they gank a lane the laner can get lifesteal from their cc in the fight but it will never out weigh taking plates/turrets
What junglers take it? Seems like Demolish would be better to cheese plates after ganking.
: demolished is better cuz turrets = gold and map control/pressure
Exactly, so why would anyone ever bother grabbing Font of Life as it is now? They're on the same row so you can only get one of them.
Kendren1 (NA)
: If only they added like... a rant section for stuff like this...
If only they fixed the game so there wouldn't be shit to rant about.
: When will Riot nerf AP mages?
What "Mages" are you struggling with? Because it sounds like you're describing Assassins which are an entirely different class.
: Literally everything you say has to jab at someone huh?
Kendren1 (NA)
: Ya... but it literally does tell you... youre in ur placements... Why should it matter anyways? Ur ranks not going to stabalize with ur mmr until youve played more games? U can easily deduce where ur mmrs at by who is in ur games, outside of that wtf r u worrying about? Just play?
The whole reason to play ranked is to demonstrate your skills, and so if my skills are matching me with people of a certain level Riot damn well better be displaying that. If I'm getting matched against gold players then my rank should show that I'm at a Gold level, it shouldn't show that I'm a whole 2 divisions below these people.
: Once again, as I slowly come to ways to be able to condense my reasoning for this, I will repeat why this is a bad idea. Most AP users are Burst, outside supports for the most part. Most AD/Tanks are less burst, or at least in the early game, require more time and effort to be able to kill things than AP folk. Requiring that time to be longer, they need GV earlier in the game, because Healing beats DPS, but Burst beats Healing. If you kill them in one go, they can't heal from it. DPS needs to whiddle down the constantly healing champions like Mundo or Olaf, which is their items are cheaper. GV should be locked behind an expensive item because the ability to massively burst people shouldn't also mean that you're also able to stop them from trading with you at all. If you can't kill them with your combo, they should have the opening to replenish their health and continue to trade early game. This doesn't apply later in the game, where healing is far more than just base numbers. You shouldn't get both of best worlds early for GW and Burst. You shouldn't get a higher ability-to-kill percentage of their health, but also get to negate any way of them being able to deal with that. It becomes considerably one sided. AD/Tanks get that because most can't kill you from 80 to 0 at level 6 in a second or two.
There are more AP champions than assassins, which 99% of the time grab ignite anyway so they already got easy access to GW. AP champions which have no way to deal with heavy healers effortlessly ignoring their damage with a single button like the above mentioned problem champions do all the time.
: > [{quoted}](name=LoLsucksTFTisOK,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=1EtHfWvV,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2020-02-13T23:02:14.392+0000) > > Then what's the point of ranks? You'd have to ask Riot for a definitive answer, but I can give my theory. I think Riot believes (and I'm not saying such a belief would be right or wrong) people would rather view themselves and compare themselves to others using ranks rather than numbers. That is to say even if it's known that 1750 corresponds to platinum 3, it's a better feeling to be platinum 3 than 1750 and going to platinum 2 would give a better feeling of progression than getting to 1800.
Couldn't they just set MMR milestones then? A big issue I see brought up by lots of people is how miserable and useless promo series are. So wouldnt having your rank change based on MMR make things go so much smoother?
: People are placed into matches based on their MMRs, not ranks.
Kendren1 (NA)
: Uhhh... ur in placements. That means you're not actually placed... so bronze isn't reflective of your mmr at all. Just look at the average rank of the people in your games and you'll see your mmr's silver, which is the starting mmr of an unranked account. There's plenty of real complaints about the ranked systems matchmaking but this ones... oof. It's rly not that complicated.
If that's the case I'd expect Riot's own client to show that Right now though when I hover over my Rank and it shows my current placement it says: #4 wins, Bronze 3, 3 LP
: > [{quoted}](name=LoLsucksTFTisOK,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EOMUgMwM,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2020-02-12T23:46:57.413+0000) > > So nerf Ornn? An entire class worth of items shouldn't be shit for 99% of the roster just because the 1% has abuse cases. I actually like the changes to Bami's. If you really don't want to buff tanks, you could at least improve the items they build. Im sure they could buff other items like Wit's end or rework Maw
Yeah nothing like adding more damage to the game, because of course that's what TANKS need, they need to deal more damage. I want to see tanks 1v1ing squishies.
: Yeah, here's an idea. Let's not scam a large portion of competitive players until the client is fixed and loads 100% of the time, thanks.
More people get scammed by the AFKs coming back at 2:59 and being stomped by their enemy laner who is a level and a half up anyway? Especially when it's botlane missing the ADC/Support
: buffing tank items just means more {{champion:67}} and {{champion:516}} and ornn doesn't need to be any stronger
So nerf Ornn? An entire class worth of items shouldn't be shit for 99% of the roster just because the 1% has abuse cases.
Ehhhh (EUW)
: A lot of people go to toilet or get a drink during loading. Sometimes the game loads quick some times it doesn't. Ending a game when minions meet is stupid early some times
Why the fuck would you not have done any of that BEFORE? It's not hard to get this kind of shit done THEN queue up.
: You aren’t allowed to have a bad game in league of legends
Interesting, cause all I have are bad games. Haven't had a good time in league in years, it's just a timekiller.
: > [{quoted}](name=Meredith Stout,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Epu2HT2B,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2020-02-06T13:14:52.753+0000) > > Fair but how you explain so many active players don't play more than game a week or even don't play anymore? They don't feel like playing anymore, or as often, or all at the same time. The game gets new players occasionally.
> [{quoted}](name=KFCeytron,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Epu2HT2B,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2020-02-06T13:22:20.973+0000) > > They don't feel like playing anymore, or as often, or all at the same time. The game gets new players occasionally. There are far more XP bots and smurfs than legit new players, League's early game is a miserable experience for anyone truly new.
: Yup. Still. Nothing was ever done about it, so it continues. Hopefully when Riot nukes this place and launches a new forum they will solve the problem
> [{quoted}](name=Laughing Fish,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=JJjdAFra,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-02-05T21:14:05.901+0000) > > Yup. Still. > > Nothing was ever done about it, so it continues. Hopefully when Riot nukes this place and launches a new forum they will solve the problem Good luck with that, their track record with releasing anything remotely acceptable is more laughable than your memes.
: What about the classic ball in the corner so the assassin can't jump on the backline?
That brutally fucks you against mages? Clumping yourself up is just begging to watch a {{champion:134}} nuke you with a double cast. Same with {{champion:63}} the less distance between targets the faster the bounces, the faster you die.
: because its a board game with chess pieces..?? do u think the tft is animation canceling? LMFAO
They made it so the effect of statik only goes off when the units go through the full auto-attack animation. Blademaster swings don't proc it, and effects like Yasuo's ult don't proc it either, that's the problem that should be fixed.
: it's not stupid, it's strategy! gotta position the braum in the right place, make it so it will shield, there's a lot of things you can control in the game, abuse those things, and accept that you can't win them all
Yeah just position the tank BEHIND your carries, gotta make sure he shields against the enemy after they've killed your whole team right?
: AI in every game is incompetent, tbh. It's bad in TFT, but that's mostly because we see it be bad more because the AI are on our team as well.
Coop V AI bots are more intelligent than this lazy shit Riot created for TFT. Those bots aren't great, but at least they're smart enough to use the abilities they have to work halfway effectively. There is no excuse for the AI in TFT, which require MUCH less thinking power due to only having a single ability to worry about, to be so bumfuck stupid that they're unable to make SIMPLE FUCKING DECISIONS to use their abilities in the most efficient way.
: Braum shields in the direction of the farthest target, I bet he aimed at Warwick because Warwick ulted one of your backliners. Rip
And that's stupid, it should be in the direction the highest damage is coming from. Can't expect brains from riot though do they go with the -200 IQ "solution" of making every ability target the furthest unit even when it makes 0 fucking sense.
: I'm baffled by how much 3 star units people manage to get.
I'm amazed when people can get 2 stars ffs, I'll save up and roll down over and over again and STILL get units that just sit at tier 1 for an eternity even when nobody else is trying to grab them. Meanwhile some jackass is getting 3 stars back to back on contested units 3 other people have on their bench like its nobody's business.
: You can position against it, and there are team comps that can outright dismember the parts of the team that matter. For example, A team with a Draven/Kayle/Kindred generally can ALWAYS guarantee the Akali dies IF they are placed correctly. The build is also HEAVILY reliant on Carousel picking of Gloves/BF swords, so you should be trying to take them. I've also had a team build early proccing Aurelian Sol, which nukes half the team. Glacial has a high ruin potential of said build. Trust me. It's not NEAR as reliable as Noble used to be. It'll get you to the top 3. But after that, sometimes there's just a better comp.
"Beating it" is entirely too reliant on RNG to the point of nausea, and "positioning" against these cancer comps just buttfucks you against the other 6 people in the match. That's the problem everyone has with assassin comps in the 1st place, sure you can beat it if you focus the entirety of your rolls+positioning+ item-selection against beating it, it's just too bad you guarantee death for yourself for the rest of the match whenever you find yourself up against a non-assassin with your melees stuck in the corners with your carries are stuck in the dead center.
: ***
Hmm, you keep saying "proper" but you're not explaining what that means... Maybe you're not one that should be talking about pulling things out of asses right now huh?
: Fine, ya want a reason. You're not playing League proper, so no League proper experience for you.
: This would just lead all the people who sell level 30 league accounts to put all their bots on TFT, a game mode much easier to make a bot for, and probably much harder to detect a bot on.
How exactly do you program a drag and drop bot? From what I've seen the only things these bots are capable of doing is clicking and pressing keys. They wouldn't be able to drag and drop units for positioning, that would be a dead giveaway for them, though that's considering a bot for this mode could even be made.
: Remember kids, 20% = 20%. Unless you're AS Ashe. in which case, 20% = 90%. ;p
When you attack 12 times a second it's kind of hard not to proc a 20% chance effect.
: fought one person twice and another 3 times
The amount of times I end up fighting the same people back to back one after the other pisses me off to know end. I usually end up fighting someone twice then fighting the next guy twice and the next one twice and so on. It's so stupid.
Rod2g (NA)
: Glacial is absolutely ridiculous
I wish they would just make it an anti attack speed comp, glacial already has enough hard cc in its ults without adding their rng stun to the equation.
: Pretty tired of seeing Shapeshifters winning almost every game I'm in.
The only way I've ever beaten them is getting full Bruiser and praying I have the items to drop a {{item:3165}} on {{champion:31}} but even then it just becomes a coinflip where you hope and pray he lands an ult on multiple people instead of aiming for and missing a single solitary target. Shapeshifter is a disgusting comp on its own but if you're unfortunate enough to get enemies with crap like {{item:3083}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3026}} on a {{champion:50}} then you're just fucked beyond belief.


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