: Targeted by Riot Support / Admin for Exploiting their BlackMarket Account schemes
Current status , have not yet been able to talk to a developer , the more i investigate this the more i see how certain Riot Admin / intern / staffs somewhere along those lines allow people who use third party tools , Usernames with profanity or just numbers on em , Inside scripts that also time clients out at the end of the game so no one can make a report against them , i have tons of print screen and sent it thru riot support and still no response , i see that Endorsements & oversea favors for publicity comes at the cost of actual gameplay " fair game " for users .
: I never said that individuals within Riot were not corrupt and doing things for their own gain. I have no evidence supporting or denying that so I will remain silent. However, you are trying to paint a picture that the entire company is doing this for financial gain when this would actually negatively impact them. Duo queueing with another player is not against the rules whether they are a smurf or not. There is nothing wrong with doing that. I highly doubt there are 3rd party tools that help you get marched with specific people. First off, why not just queue woth them? Can you provide any kind of evidence that this tool exists? A video of someone using it? Like, anything at all. I have been experiencing signifigantly less people denying the ready check than average of late, if that is what you are talking about. However I will admit I haven't been playing much lately, been playing monster hunter and blazblue, so I have a low sample size. Again, even if Riot was ignoring reports of specific people they have no reason to make your game disconnect you from the client at the end of the game. Thia sounds like a bug you may be encountering that is limited to you and a few others.
Well incase you didnt know various twitch streamers who were diamond and high ranks have stopped playing league because they themselves were caught by the same sabotoging tactics that are being conducted within League Ques' that comes with profanity usernames and usernames that are just made up of numbers who actually get to log in client and when reported nothing happens to those accounts , which then they were traced to certain Riot / intern / admin staffers who conduct blackmarket accounts overseas for $$ and endorsment favors , i came across this also because i was exposed to this and i noticed how they target certain players from even climbing ranks by having those same accounts que up with actual players for " all chat" baiting and throwing games , such as afk and feeding on purpose while trolling you in all chat , and at the end of the game they have your client disconect right at the moment when the game ends so you wont be able to make ingame reports , i have lots of proof of that but this forum does not let you upload " Jpegs " or " videos " i wonder why , but anyways , this has been going on for a long time even before i joined league which was a year an a half ago the more i got exposed to this kind of sabotoging the more i noticed how it works if you want evidence you can google it , some streamers content exposing sabotoging within riot admin / staffers is there some were taken down , but i myself have evidence with tons of print screens of usernames that are not even suppose to get past login screen and video of how i get disconnected right after game , and no it was not a bug because it only happens when i am que targeted by those same accounts . and you know whats even worse , i came here to let developers know about this situation and what they do is create distraction you know why ? because there is $$ Behind their BlackMarket account schemes , there is endorsments and publicity of creating " Ringer " teams .
: If by queue manipulating you mean the system attempts to match people with similar mmr's together and some people try to manipulate that in some way then yes, it does. I question the success of it but people do try it. As for the others yes they also exist but we consistantly see those accounts banned. They aren't banned on detection because that would make it easier to determine what got them caught. They are banned in waves instead. As for Riot protecting, starting, or profiting from these things, no we don't see that. I will go over each of these and why they would not be financially advantageous for Riot, because I assume that is why you think they are doing it. If that is not why you think they are doing it feel free to correct me. Scripting is not financially advantageous for Riot because it undermines the competitive nature of the game and causes customers to leave. We consistantly see accounts permanently suspended for this on first offense. Botting is not financially advantageous for Riot because it causes grief for new players and lowers new player retention. If Riot wanted to sell level 30 accounts then they would just do that. It wouldn't be hard for them to generate an account at level 30 instead of 1 for some money if they wanted to make that an option. We consistantly see botted accounts being banned. Boosting is not financially advantageous for Riot because it both undermines the competitive nature of the game and encourages multiple people playing on the same account. Multiple people playing on the same account is bad because it puts people in the wrong mmr which causes stressful games where someone ian't performing nearly as well as expected and also because if two people use the same account they only have to purchase things like skins once for both to use it. Again these accounts are banned first offense.
Btw Twitch admins & Esports Eastcoast are currently investigating riot admin / staffers who do conduct Blackmarket accounts overseas for Endorsments and favors , i myself have tons of jpeg print screen of usernames just made up of numbers for sabotoging reasons that compared to other platform notes were traced back to certain riot admin / staffers , this is a thing , and its been going on for a long time even before i joined in league i had no idea that this was going on until i kept catching it lil by lil with que manipulation where they used third party tools to que manipulate those strange dodges you get lately your que gets dodged like 5 times for a certain group of people to team up does exist many people speak about this even in twitch , and there are tons of other stuff like accounts with profanity names just used to boost other players to get quick rank ups and are never caught in the system automated report que's even if you try to report these accounts your client starts logging u out of game during end game lobby transition , many people have been exposed to that too , so while you trying to paint this perfect picture of " League is not Manipulated by inside staffers " not only are you completely wrong but many many people have experienced this and many twitch streamers have recently stopped streaming league because of this problem , so i suggest you open your eyes or stop distracting the truth from being read , " league is laughed at by many nowadays in all kinds of socialmedia platforms because of this kind of sabotoging thats going on "
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: If Riot was completely ignoring reports on these accounts then why would they bother making you load into post game slower or not at all? Your conspiracy theory doesn't make any sense.
Que manipulating , Scripting , Botting , Boosting , all do exist in the league community
: You're posing in a community driven board. You're going to get primarily responses from the community. You've given zero proof to back up any of your theories, and even with zero proof you're making huge leaps of logic from one assumption to the next. Your statements and assumptions are so ridiculously conspiracy theory nonsense that it's almost impossible to not want to make ridiculous comments. Because why try to have a serious conversation when you're just going to claim any counter-point is a conspiracy?
Zero proof ? i have lots of uploaded proof in the tickets i opened thats what got me targeted in the first place , & btw i am currently in process with admins from twitch and Esports here in the eastcoast that are overlooking my " proof " and they all have said the same thing they have seen this over and over and they pointed out there are tons of websites that sell blackmarket account for oversea people who wanna troll in NA servers and all those hosts lead back to certain riot admin / staffers who are currently under investigation for Sabotaging games in exchange for " Favors " and $$ Endorsements , this kind of behavior within the league administration has been going on for a long time already , dont act like you never seen people use scripts , que manipulate , log in client with a profanity username and wonder why they were allowed to log in with such a name in the first place , there are tons of stuff that " Certain ACcounts " get away with especially creating " all Chat " bait situations to get rank climbers out of the game to keep certain people unaffected by new competitors , the fact that you even oppose to these topics just leads me to believe you either know about this and are trying to cover it up by being a board sniffer or you just started playing league yesterday , Que manipulating , Scripting , Botting , Boosting , all do exist in the league community
: Targeted by Riot Support / Admin for Exploiting their BlackMarket Account schemes
BTW i came to get help from a Dev not to get trolled by Board sniffers who spam for distraction , this is a real incident and i see lots of players exposed to this kind of behavior from riot staffers for stumbling into their blackmarket schemes , sabotaging does exist in League , they do it for boosting , que manipulating and afk'ing in other peoples games , even countless twitch streamers have stopped streaming league because of it , im trying to get across thru the devs .
: Your assumptions and insults are nothing against my almighty tinfoil bunker!
Your Tinfoil must be made out of scripts , cause yeah cheaters use scripts in League keep pretending like people dont sabotage games in league you mad suspect you prolly deal with blackmarket accounts , smurfin , boosting , que manipulating in league
: or just a returning player ? Remeber when riot removed the lvl cap ,, lots of players were lvl 30 :P
i noticed a lot of " EUNE " accounts in my topic , gee i wonder
: > [{quoted}](name=Logan X nYc,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=YYJoPhFB,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-05-25T10:33:23.239+0000) > > Names with profanity going afk , names with just numbers , que manipulating using discord 10 que at the same time some go one one team others go on another team , act like you never gotten the same players 2 to 3 games in a row in different ques A 10 que... AHHA YOU ADMIT IT. YOUR ALSO A LIZARD PERSON. Alright everyone were done here pack it up. OP is just a riot schill trying to distract us from real problems.
you made no sense with this lizard thing , im stating facts , why you act like you never seen sabotaging in league , top twitch streamers in league stop streaming league because of the overabundance of que manipulating and cheating , i came here to get dev help not to get trolled by smurf account users who are sniffing the boards to see if they are getting oust .
: Look, I'm not saying Riot is run by reptilians, I'm just saying that there have been reports of a lizard being seen near their headquarters **multiple times**. When I asked them about it they dismissed it, but in the next game I played there was a toxic Renekton. They're trying to get rid of me.
Theres a reason why there is 1 snowden in a team of 4 Koreans when it comes to their " in house" champions in Esports , u should examine that closely
: Names with profanity were created before you were even born when there was an exploit where you could edit language files or something
Names with profanity going afk , names with just numbers , que manipulating using discord 10 que at the same time some go one one team others go on another team , act like you never gotten the same players 2 to 3 games in a row in different ques
: So you came to Riot boards to post this? Go back to tumble with your conspiracy theories please.
i was told to post in riot boards by a riot support in one of my tickets never even knew of this place till today , besides you act like you never seen suspicious accounts throwing games and going afk , league is overflooded with these accounts lately you never even bothered to think why ?
: I'm going to need a lot more tinfoil for my hat before I believe any of this without any proof.
i dont see where i can post a jpeg here , all of my uploads of print screens are in the tickets i created , besides you seem like a smurf only lvl 42 trolling player behavior boards ?? thats pretty suspicious you might be one of those insiders sabotaging que's
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