: It would be a technical nightmare that would likely require a lot more work under the hood that you expect, and cater to a very small number of players - it would be neat, but dont count on it ever happening.
I don't agree that it would cater to a small number of players. I think they would sell like crazy to a large portion of the playerbase that already buys skins
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: Anyone know why my LP per win isn't raising?
I don't mean to roast or anything, but iron4 to silver4 in 2 months is pretty slow. You had to be losing a lot of matches. Most people can make that jump in rank in 2-3 days due to how you start out gaining 40ish lp right now.
: hes still broken
That's like saying Ryze is broken
: Could you kindly stop filling my normal games with players way outside of the average elo?
No, I love getting higher ranks in my normals. It's the best feeling when they try to talk shit to you about being a lower rank, and then you shit on them.
: Graves
I just made a post that says what should be buffed on him, and explained why it won't make him broken like he was before in the comments. IDK if I'm allowed to link it here, so just check my profile if you want to see it.
Kazekiba (NA)
: An execute on his R would be nice as long as its treated like Jinx R with slightly less maximum output. Tickles anything over 75%, massivelu strong as it gets low
That's exactly how I think it should be, although I think I'd prefer it to just get a bit more damage instead of becoming an execute. Either one would be great though.
: Hey Riot, can you maybe hire Player Support that understand even the most basic fundamentals of LoL?
I got a 25 game chat ban for asking others to report someone who called me the N word and told me to Brazilian necktie myself. After seeing that I got banned and that person didn't get punished I filed a ticket asking why I was banned and he wasn't. After a few replies back and forth, the support person told me that I was banned because asking others to report someone is a form of bullying..... He did end up perma banning the other person, but refused to unban me.
: Oh god no, first off your changes are some way over the top massive buffs. Second of all graves is so obnoxious when he is strong, nearly uncontestable in the JG by most of the jg roster, insane clear speed, the later game ability to delete squishies with auto auto E auto even if he misses Q W and R (BuT HiS aUtOs cAn bE bOdYbLoCkEd/MiNiOnBLoCkEd). And if he actually hits his abilities he can easily 1shot people once hes got some items. And thats without even mentioning his AOE slowing nearsight, which IMO nearsight is one of the more cancerous mechanics in the game, and Graves is the 2nd strongest 2nd only to {{champion:56}} R, and his is on a basic ability. God i hope riot doesnt overbuff this champion, the Q buffs should be fine, at least thats a buff to a skillshot.
Well Graves is in a pretty trash tier state right now. His damage is less than pretty much every other jungler. He's been obnoxious in the past because his clear speed allowed him to outlevel everyone. The jungle xp nerfs ended this. He also doesn't have Dark Harvest to 1 shot you anymore. He pretty much has no place to fill in the game right now. Karthus is a better power farmer (as is a few other junglers, but they suck too), Kindred is a better ranged jungler, and any other assassin, with the exception of maybe Shaco, does more damage. His 1 shotting ability late game really isn't anywhere near as good as other assassins. He struggles to get in range of the backline squishies, and if he does, he typically gets insta killed by the enemy team, or doesn't 1 shot because he had to build bruiser so that he doesn't get 1 shot himself. Explain how any of the changes I recommended are over the top massive buffs?
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