: The History of CC and Why I Believe it's a Problem
Tenacity resistance stacking via a rune maybe? Also, I've noticed that Riot is trying to hard push Crucible {{item:3222}} on Supports via nerfing the healing/shield buff on other {{item:3114}} items a lot. Does anyone see any relation here? I'm not that great, so I don't really know.
Malza (NA)
: Ranged top laners are problematic
Hmm.. have the standard start item for top lane be something that protects vs ranged more than melee?
Kazo Kurosu (EUNE)
: The only thing you actually need to learn to climb
First, just because they currently have a higher MMR than you, it doesn't mean they're going to play better. It could be their last game of the day where they're kinda getting burnt and not playing their best. It's just a number... a statistic. If you are better than them, then your MMR will rise over time above theirs (if the system developed to calculate MMR is accurately depicting the better players - not saying it is or isn't). It sounds like you're trying to learn a lesson in humility; I can't beat my opponent so ... you ask for help from your team. You're not going to win without them anyway, nor are they going to win without you, so it benefits both of you for them to give you good advice. In low elo, especially accounts where their elo / level is not earned, you will run into lots of people who would rather yell and complain about their team mates instead of winning. In those games, it really is a 4v5, and good luck (reality is you suffer because your whole team gets punished for their behavior). I made a mistake in the not too distant past where I wasn't getting beat on top lane and didn't ask for help fast enough, so I couldn't only chat "conceding turret" and walk away.. I should have asked for help earlier, but was in that state of not having time to chat because I was constantly being engaged. Also, I would argue that they didn't make a mistake if they could "power through it" using their gold advantage. Being ahead means you can do things that you wouldn't be able to do if you were behind. It's why snowballing happens. And long games don't always make for a 50/50. Longer games benefit some champs and punish others (Nasus with 2k stacks is rough to get, but in a long enough game is inevitable). You're obviously upset about a match, and, until you can let go of the emotion, you really shouldn't go on to another match (in an identical next matchup, you'll just make more mistakes there trying to prove that your mistakes weren't mistakes). Once you've reached a point where you can watch the replay of the match where you got upset, see what happened, and understand why you failed (your team lost -> your team failed + your part of the team -> you failed). Then you actually get better. BTW, if you're really playing to Lucifer, shouldn't you capitalize his name?
: This the true "HOW TO CLIMB POST". 8/10 Would be 10/10 if you had added. "/mute all" Im a firm believer that rank is directly tied to toxicity and chat participation.
And quantity of games played.. You can be positive, play perfectly, when every match in your first 10 of the season, but if you never play another match, you won't end in Challenger.
Guzergus (EUW)
: That's exactly why I said you have to learn the limits. But you can't learn them if you play passively after the first death, can you?
I'd argue that you've learned the most important lesson after the first death, and neither play passively nor aggressively.. ever. Play correctly, where you have to die in order to figure out what correct is (most of the time).
: Not if you're wet from oil.
Are you saying she was trying to be slick?
: "Split" means the pusher splits from the rest. You can split push when everyone else is grouped. That's normally how split pushing works.
… So, if the team is all 5 going on one turret w/out minions or enemies present, it wouldn't be split pushing?
: Slow on Quinn's Vault is a bit too much
The point of the slow is to give her time to get in 1 aa after it as far as I can tell playing her. It's not supposed to last forever and I don't think it does (just the duration of her landing + time to get the aa started).
: Oh please, alternate builds on Trynd were black cleaver/titanic bruiser builds as opposed to standard glass cannon crit. for something to be an alternate build would mean that prior to changes people utilized it. it was only after they changed crit and buffed his E that he built ap. honestly ap trynd is much more potent than straight ad/crit trynd because he's doing magic damage on hit with rageblade/lichbane, healing at vlad rate, AND doing true damage with conqueror.
Last I remember playing Trynd, they nerfed his q and that was the only thing that scales with ap as far as I can remember? I actually used ap Trynd as a good tank (excluding his r) until that nerf. Then I got upset and pretty much quit playing him. There are a few aa champs that work with ap still though. Tbh, I've not tried a crit and ap build on him though. Does he get magic damage crits? Just checked.. He was still doing physical damage to everything but the inhibs?? strange.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lohrr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mOXkWkfR,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2018-07-26T21:17:10.386+0000) > > Ok, it was the map where you had items that made siege engines? no i don't know what map you're refering to. it was the old dominion game mode map , a 4th map and game mode.
Ok, dominion was the one where you had to run around and take objectives and it had minions?
: That's LITERALLY just freaking split pushing all game long. Who cares about the details? You're still being as non-interactive as possible while split pushing. Adding details doesn't change the sentiment.
Umm doesn't the "split" in split pushing mean the group is split up? But, yeah, your options have always been kill the opposing team then take their nexus or work around them and take their nexus or lose. There have been times where I could get tanky enough to ignore enemy team and just kill their nexus.
Your leaving out misdirecting the opponents team then doing a turret quickly while they're far away (Can still be done with 5 ppl including a good tank w/out minions present).
: about 6ish weeks. I don't expect to be high up there, but not having a single checkpoint makes me feel like somethings up
It took me a long time too, so don't get too discouraged.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lohrr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Kqe4mIPP,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-07-26T20:03:44.751+0000) > > You could complain, or you could try to write the code to make pathing work better. That's not his fucking job. A big company (sorry, small indie company) like Riotgames should be able to fix this.
My point wasn't to write it for free, but to encourage understanding of the problem rather than just complain about it's existence.
: It's literally as easy as changing one number (actually a few, since each minion collision box is unique). Basically you take this: minionCollisionRadius = 100; And make it this: minionCollisionRadius = 75; Hard job I know. The real reason this hasn't changed is because they don't want it to.
That doesn't fix the problem, only reduce it slightly.
: Just seems like i'm not making any process, while others are already 4+
How many games do you play per week? And how many weeks have you been playing this season? One thing I noticed was there are 3 checkpoints, but it's actually divided into four sections per level (since you start at 0). That aside, the amount of honors it took me seemed to be around 1k or more rather than the few hundred I expected.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lohrr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mOXkWkfR,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-07-26T19:59:00.323+0000) > > Sounds interesting, so this was played with the sandstorm? Seems like {{champion:27}} would be a good pick? What about {{item:3083}} ? no , there was no sandstorm on the old dominion map. i don't know how long you've played but the ascension map your referring to was a smaller version of the dominion map , it had an outer ring with 4 little sub sections to hide in.
Ok, it was the map where you had items that made siege engines?
: Stuck at level 2 honor with no checkpoints
It seems to take a long time, and I have my suspicions that it's diminishing returns per day (so something like 20 honors in a day = 5 honors on one day + 5 honors on another day).
Senpanda (NA)
: I should never be forced to lose fights because of minion block
You could complain, or you could try to write the code to make pathing work better.
: can we get an official hide and seek game mode?
Sounds interesting, so this was played with the sandstorm? Seems like {{champion:27}} would be a good pick? What about {{item:3083}} ?
: i'm not enjoying the game anymore
Right now, we're in a strange period where you get kills if you go for them. Shields got nerfed, heals are weaker than they used to be. It's rough time for marksmen right now. Have you tried playing {{champion:236}} yet? The only reasonable counter play to {{champion:238}} is {{item:3047}} for marksmen as far as I know. They help against {{champion:11}} somewhat too. You can get {{item:3111}} if they have a mage assassin. As a marksman, you kinda rely on your support to stop {{champion:11}} from getting to you (giving you a small window to get to safety which you have to make it through). This doesn't mean you have to abandon your support if he shows up, but they should have some sort of cc to briefly stop his gank (slows don't work against his ult). Those were two of the champions I was most annoyed with when I started out too. Have you tried playing them so you better understand their mechanics?
: You may not like it but Immobile mages are the only perfect balanced class in this game
Why a {{champion:8}} sticker when he has w whenever he messes up?
Apollo99 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lohrr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2rxWxMe7,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-07-26T19:18:24.335+0000) > > So NRAM? Not Random All Mid? {{champion:37}} pick or draft? Personally I think draft works the best but blind would be OK too. But draft would provide bans for those op champs.
So, how do you propose settling who's doing what (ie who's going to tank or poke or whatnot)? It seems like it would make a lot of people unhappy if there were no roles at all.
: Not to be a know it all, sorry I'm a huge Janna enthusiast, but she was given her name by sailors, long before she saved all those people from drowning. From what I can tell, it's safe to assume she has been around for centuries.
Yeah, I love Janna too, and just finished reading the lore I linked. It corrects what I said.
: Ryze, MF, Nasus, Sona and Trundle walk into a Bar
I hate it when dragons walk into my bar.
Lohrr (NA)
: I don't know specifics, but, from what I understand, Janna saved a bunch of people from some large water source (I assume some sort of wind wall to redirect), which is how she got her name. I'd wager (if I was a betting man) that the Sea was named before her time.
Here you go: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Janna/Background That gives Janna's background, but not the Sea. The sea wasn't always named the Guardian Sea though, so it's possible.
: Is The Guardian's Sea Named After Janna?
I don't know specifics, but, from what I understand, Janna saved a bunch of people from some large water source (I assume some sort of wind wall to redirect), which is how she got her name. I'd wager (if I was a betting man) that the Sea was named before her time.
Apollo99 (NA)
So NRAM? Not Random All Mid? {{champion:37}} pick or draft?
IceAYon (NA)
: Earth needs to be special and unique since it is currently the only planet we live in. The people before us named Earth to be "Earth" I would call it "This Rock We Are On". TRWAO TR-WOAH LIGMA BALLS
> LIGMA BALLS When someone ingame says ligma, then has nothing to show for it.
: technically earth is also named after a roman deity Terra (known as Gaia in Greek) was a primordial goddess primordial deities weren't just gods and goddesses, they also where what they where the gods and goddesses of so Terra was not only the goddess of the earth, she was the earth too, so technically we just translated Terra from Latin to English which means..... earth {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
> {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} Should be {{champion:99}} ? Nice history though.
ZedMeister (EUNE)
: 2500 and 700 euros sucked by a black hole.
I found a great webpage last night.. now if only I could find it.... {{champion:74}} … https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752884
Rioter Comments
Murford (NA)
: Disable Snowball?
Dear Riot, Here's the real issue: The champ dashes in the wrong direction (away from target). Fix by (un)negating the direction vector, or (un)swapping start and finish?
Bern (NA)
: Just delete stopwatch from the game already. At the least, delete perfect timing.
The price complaint I can understand, and not having it as a keystone rune I can understand, but removing it seems excessive. Also, it only takes a second to tab and look at the enemy's items before you gank to see if they have it.
The Woah (NA)
: Overloaded Abilities
I've noticed the trend since WW update.
Lohrr (NA)
: ARAM Teams
I made a decision to test this, and I'm up above 1w:1l ratio again by not joining anyone's team. I'm starting to think the only people that invite me are trolls.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lohrr,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=27j70EiE,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-07-17T06:44:51.500+0000) > > Isn't the water on the moon really hard to get to / distill? Some of it likely exists as plain old water ice, but yeah, I'd have to assume there's some level of processing required to get water out of its bound form to weird hydrates. Those can hold a lot of water too though-- some common ones I've seen in chem labs were hexa- and heptahydrated.
It was my understanding that it wasn't clumped together like a frozen pond, but more like tiny particles mixed in with the dirt.
: Nothing changed this patch to his item build. The fact that he struggles to adapt to meta changes is an effect of previous patches - AP item overhaul and changes his kit that make him depend more heavily on AP so he can't buy defensive items anymore. Kassadin is his biggest counter and got buffed. It was only AP ratios so it didn't change the lane matchup significantly. What it really changed was that people started playing Kassadin almost twice as often as they did in 8.12. A lot of his other counters also got more popular in this patch for whatever reasons. btw the 32%/67% for roles you're looking at isn't the winrate for those roles. It's the percentage of games he's in those roles. 67% of the time he's picked, it's support. the other ~32% of the time it's mid.
So you think that he's just being countered by Kassadin more often now? That seems feasible. Is there a way to see the % of Vel'koz matches that are against Kassasin before the patch and after the patch?
mærk (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Chermorg,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=uLAfhwNv,comment-id=00010000000000000001,timestamp=2018-07-17T06:01:31.948+0000) > > Those players will not be playing in a low MMR. A true Smurf of a high MMR player will have the same MMR as their main. This is even if their rank is much lower. Again, rank does not equal MMR. A smurf doesn't particularly have to be the same MMR as the high elo player. They can have a smurf in Bronze, Silver, Gold, etc. Ghost to Lane has several smurfs in different elos, same as some other high elo players. Some people sit their smurfs in a MMR so they can "duo" boost people for either money or just for the thrill of playing in low elo aside from playing in high elo all day. Hence the reason they smurf. For reference: https://www.internetslang.com/SMURF-meaning-definition.asp But I do have your affirmation that you are saying it's okay to ask players of higher elo/mmr to smurf (duo) with a lower elo/mmr player? (Since we don't know if they're getting boosted and or carried to a specific rank/mmr we won't conclude this) If yes, I will be able to reference you saying so?
He said, you can play with whomever you want (even in ranked), as long as money doesn't change hands. Or, at least, that's how I read it. What good would it do you to have say Silver skills and be carried to Platinum? You're just going to be overwhelmed when you don't play with your superior-player friend.
: > [{quoted}](name=Best Fiddle,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9Fe5tEbV,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-07-17T05:23:09.890+0000) > Seriously, next you'll be hearing about how you'll be able to disable towers with cc. {{champion:432}} Yes... it happened already.
: Well regardless i still play her mid and i generally have had success in the past at least during the laning phase. Her level 6 is great for mind games simply with her passive. was just curious. Late game is weird. She works well on poke heavy comps. She isn't necessarily bad i'd say.. but thats just me, Ive got alot of experience mid over the years so i can basically mid with anything reasonable.
If you can do well with Eve, you can do better with stronger midlaners.
: Which champ do you hate the most?
It depends on which champion I'm playing.
Blaene (NA)
: Penalties for rage quit, AFK, inting, trolling, etc
I think this is what they mean when they say "Bronze Hell." If you can do III, you can do II.. glhf.
: I know the Mars hype is real
Isn't the water on the moon really hard to get to / distill?
: Can't win a 7/1/26 game 'cuz I suck (or Illaoi broken)
Yeah, avoid the ult, don't sit in it. And get something that applies grevious wounds too.. that helps.
skelo0 (NA)
: Hahahahahahahaha How Is Akali Stealth Op Hahahaha Just Walk Away From The Ring
: Vel'koz 8.13 post mortem. Why did his winrate drop from 50% to 46% in one patch?
I'm curious.. what changed in the patch or item build of his counters? Also, game developers know that it's impossible to have anything completely "balanced." The term really loses meaning when you have a situation like A beats B beats C beats A. You can't balance A and B, because A is supposed to beat B, and so on. So, in a game like LoL where you don't have 3 champions, but over 100 (140-ish?) it's impossible to wrap your hands around it directly. So, instead, what they do is see if item or skill 1 creates a situation where B beats A (which you don't want if you have an A->B->C->A situation). I think, they're trying to just balance champions such that they all have a near 50% win rate. Of course, things like free rotation vastly upset the numbers; a bunch of players unfamiliar with the champion try it, lowering its win rate and raising its pick rate. Another example would be if a really popular pro match was dominated by one champion (for whatever reason). Then everyone thinks, "That champion is the best. I'm going to learn it." Of course, it could have an extremely high skill cap or just been in a really favorable matchup, so you have a lot of people getting upset that they can't duplicate the pro play. Since Vel'koz's pick rate didn't spike, it leads me to believe something environmental (not directly related to the champ) changed. A 4% drop in win rate along with a 3% increase in counter pick rate tells me it wasn't just that people learned which champs counter him. The number that would stand out most to me, would be the differential in win rate for champions against Vel'koz. Who's winning more against him? Then, ask why? Was it their kit that changed or their abilities. My guess, although I didn't do the actual research, would be Stormrazor. Also, the buff to Domination rune tree might be a factor, and perhaps the shorter death timers. www.leagueofgraphs.com shows him at -.1% win rate change for the last patch, so you might question where you got your info too. op.gg only shows info for Korea if I'm reading right, so there might be an entirely different meta. He has an abysmal 30-something mid rate, and 60-something supp win rat.
Akaash (NA)
: Is Bronzie a slur?
If you think it might be a slur, then you're using it as a slur. Thus, it is a slur in the case(s) where you're using it.{{item:3460}}
: @Riot I need some clarification on Akali W a minute here.
Since it's "stealth," not invulnerability, I'd say yeah, she takes damage from anything that splashes her.. I believe Fiddle crows will hit her too. You definitely can not hide from Karthus's ult with stealth. Can ask any Teemo. What you may be able to do, is hide the fact that you used Zhonya's during Karthus's ult while stealthed. Not sure if that works. What they mean by "can't be targeted" is that you can't cast point-and-click spells on her. Can still hit her with Lux q and e.
: Busted riot games tracking my account
His solution is, "Don't use the same email," as opposed to change your behavior. Followed by telling a Riot employee to "s\*\*\* his f\*\*\*ing d\*\*\*." That's a sure fire way to get your account back.
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