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: Crit Item Explorations
Things I agree on : 5k IE, 25% Crit Zeal items, Essence Reaver Broadening, Multi proc Stormrazor. Things I do not agree on : Hexdrinker from stopwatch, defensive pd, Energized Stormrazor, Controversial imo : Last whisper buffs, Maw changes. When I look at this list of new items, the best item I see there is the Multi proc Stormrazor, it doesn't even need to deal that extra 30-80 dmg, most adcs rely on it for kiting and has become a very essential for immobile adcs I main Jhin, and looking at this list, I can already see a full build, perfect for him Option 2 IE, New RFC, Original PD, Multi Proc Stormrazor, Situational Item, Boots Also, buff fleet footwork, :D ty
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: Patch 8.14 notes
Are You Serious
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