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Loljk25 (NA)
: Reporting system
why percent sign u may be asking, well it got blurred but the 3 "%" letters are, the "F" the "G" and the "T"
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: how opening multiple chests at once works
Wassup my dude, i had opened the 2 chests as well and i got cyber pop zoe{{champion:142}} pretty lit, then i opened a few individually and they were ass skins
: Store button disappeared after patch 7.23???
Same that happened to me too but idk how to solve it either Feels bad man, i wanted to pop people like a balloon, but i guess i have to wait{{champion:61}}
: Matchmaking is BS!!!
i lost to games because my team had to surrender since they were being so toxic, uncooperative, and newb status, y play pvp when u can practice at co-op vs ai, SO TRIGGERED, it happended 4 time in a row, wtf{{champion:61}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}


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