: Can we get a DPS AP jungle, So we can stop playing Amumu
There’s a rumble is this jungle! But seriously Rumble does pretty well in the jungle, although I haven’t tried him this season yet. I would assume he still does well.
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: I complimented a Zed on some fancy footwork he used to outplay me.
All I gotta say to that is, stereotypes exist for a reason.
: Some way to help with mana costs: That sounds doable, but not in the way old Soraka did it (plain restoring mana). Rather, it could be a buff that reduces the mana cost of the next ability? Other ideas: - Rylai's effect as an ability I can't really see most of the current mages working as bot laners, though. The issue is not only with support kits and itemization not supporting that, but also with the fact that mages, as ability-dependent champions, crave XP a whole lot. In essence, to get a mage to go bot lane, he needs to be balanced in a specific way, so that his XP dependency is reduced (for instance, low base damage increases, static cooldowns, low utility scaling) - but on the other hand, said mage cannot be allowed to become too strong in a solo role. One mage I can see go bot lane soon is {{champion:45}} , especially if his PBE changes go through. A flat cooldown on Dark Matter makes the skill a one-point wonder (reducing his XP dependency), especially in light of its high 1.0 AP ratio. Meanwhile, there are two potential champion targets in bot lane for him to gain stacks with.
there are other AP champs that could work. Ziggs comes to mind as he actually was in bot for a while. I think Viktor could do well as he scales great. Azir, Cassiopeia and Ryze could also potentially work well.
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Dextix LT (EUNE)
: Yea, fuck the spirit sword gimmick. Bring back the old shen please.
Yeah I used to play Shen all the time, but just aint the same since the Rework.
: Maybe cause then he'll crush most melee matchups without even trying. Attack range is a very powerful stat.
It is but I'm not trying to suggest that current Xin should be taken and just given more range. Rather that he gets more range and then his base stats and stat growth are changed along with tweaking abilities.
: Character fantasy and character balance are 2 different things, they are trying to get the best of both. Xin having a massive auto attack range would make him very oppressive/frustrating to lane against, by giving him an ability that has a cooldown/mana cost/damage/skillshot you can give a player the fantasy/feeling that he's a spearman with long range without needing to permanently increase his melee range.
But the ability they gave him to make him feel like a spear-man is almost the exact same ability they gave to Sejuani and Rengar with minor differences. Sweep, then thrust.
: But look what happened to {{champion:51}}. She lacks the sniper theme but has large auto range
Yeah but that's because snipers are about one shot one kill. Spear men are about having the longest melee weapon and stabbing people with it. And Xin already kinda just about stabbing stuff really fast.
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: Idea for budding Bot lane Lucian without buffing Mid lane lucian
There were changes on the PBE at one point that had Lucian's ugly scaling with Crit, similar to MF I believe. The changes didn't stay there long and were removed. For whatever reason Riot didn't like the idea. Probably too much Crit-Armor Pen scaling, like the Jinx ZAPPP!!! changes that also never made it through.
: Least you can try to dodge them. Freaking Cho'Gath is like. You literally just have to take it and die while being unable to play the game and helpless to do anything
Can you QSS that crap or is it just literally don't get near him?
Glory97 (EUW)
: Well the total list of nerf is indeed bigger than the list of buffs... Riot nerf: [insert long explanation] ~~Base AD: 62.156~~ --> Base AD: 62.155 Riot buffs: [short and hilarious explanation: "fares pretty well when his cooldowns are up"]: NEW EFFECT: Percent Max Health DMG, NEW EFFECT..., Ultimate Damage increased by 200 per rank, Does Insane extra damage against turrets... coin+ardent censer supports are running around with insane winrate, better buff spellthief items instead Twitch has a 55% winrate for several patches, riot buffs ezreal.
I'm not saying Twitch doesn't deserve nerfs but Ezreal is an early mid-game champ, while Twitch is a late game carry. If Ezreal becomes good he will drive the winrate of Twitch down himself. Nerfs and buffs don't affect champions in a vacuum. What's bad for one champ is good for another and visa versa. This could be the thinking of the balance team. Plus the balance team really only cares about Worlds for the most part right now. And Twitch is not a big Pro-Champ currently.
: Everytime i play against Ornn i get to see what it's like to play against Sion
Tahm Kench when he came out was not a fun champ, heck when he is viable toplane he isn't fun to play against. He just becomes a giant ball of health that will slowly kill you anytime you go anywhere near the minions. As a support who protects teammates he isn't that obnoxious thou.
: remove global gold from towers. and remove minion push. if you revert the changes in patch 5.22 to the gold and minions. the game would be great again
I don't agree with changing minion push back. Do you remember what it was like before the changes. The team that was ahead could simply freeze the minion waves so far away that to even try and break the freeze you just die. The changes make it so that the winning team can't just infinitely story about the losing team until they have such a gold it vantage that the losing team doesn't even stand a chance.
Joseraph (NA)
: Or Tibbers runs past the 7% health enemy at Mach 17 to fight the 70% health full tank Malphite.
He just wants a challenge.
Necrozard (EUW)
: Awesome but Under-used skins lines
What about a Master Arcanist Victor skin where instead of technology all his weapons and ablilties are more magical.
: wat
He is saying tactics is the micro game, the moment to moment gameplay, while strategy is the macro game, the long term decision making/ planning 5 to 10 ahead.
: it stuns people
He is asking for a visual change not a gameplay change.
: One of my biggest issues with slows is how it counters ms-buffs. Most melee's that lack dashes and co rely on ms-buffs to get somewhere, and slows just deny them hard because they are based on total ms which means if some one gets a 30% ms boost and afterwards a 30% ms-slow, he ends with less ms total. Imo slows need to be changed to flat values(with maybe some expetions like wither), so high ms champs don't get punished as hard by them while low ms might get hurt some more(maybe use 400ms as baseline, so 20%slow now = 80 flat, 30% slow =120 flat and so on, so everyone with above 400 ms isn't impacted as much as before). I think slows have rather to much than to little impact given that everyone and his mother has atleast some sort of slow and usually with a rather good uptime, so i prefer immobile people not beeing hit as hard by it opposed to mobile ones getting hit harder.
Okay so thats why slows always seem to overpower MS boosts.
: Wait what ?! why do people love bard ?{{champion:432}}
What other champ allows you to troll teammates so consistently?
: Akali is a "ball of stats" champion that should never be allowed to be good.
Don't forget about the ball of stats/ballistic missile that is Xin Zhao!
: Oh boy, I finally got Liss. Have to lane against Maokai + Rakan.
Got Karma and my brother gets Tryndamere, oh boy we're gonna have fun top! Except not cause the enemies had Lux and Morg. Get him once get perma-snared.
: It makes Sivir fucking broken, can literally spam W and E and machinegun. I mean she kinda needs to get to 3 items, but after that she's impossible to stop.
It's not even that difficult to get to 3 items as sivir. Just spam Q early, machine gun team wide Crit mid and late.
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Roald91 (EUW)
: u forgot Norsca: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbrbDa9EBR0
As cool as Norsca is, a mountain smith is more Dwarf like than the Norse. From what I understand the Norsca worship Choas, so their thing is destruction, raiding, and skulls. Not so much building things. However I do think Olaf would fit pretty well into that Faction.
: Oh boy
I've been playing a lot of Total War: Warhammer recently, and this just really made me think of the Dwarves. Especially the Runesmiths, although I doubt Ornn will be anything like them.
: Is this also, then, a problem for characters like Yi, Olaf, Irelia, Darius, etc who also feature true damage that is not reduced by the active? What about Garen getting a 1500+ true damage ult on a villain during the active? Is that alright, or are we just tossing out arbitrary distinctions here?
Those characters damage do not scale with their own HP, unlike Cho who does. However I would assume if Riot change it so true damage was affected by the damage reduction then those Champions would also be effected.
Rebonack (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ralanr,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EVnqQ72r,comment-id=000a0000,timestamp=2017-07-10T16:02:34.332+0000) > > A portal based tank you say? I am intrigued. I know, right? A champion with gameplay built around portals is something we're still lacking. Being able to warp around one's self/enemies as well as redirect projectiles would all be great skills for a Tank. Though I imagine catching enemy Ults in a portable hole and then dumping them on the enemy ADC's face Mister Game and Watch style would probably result in some rage.
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: {{champion:89}} {{champion:16}} {{champion:223}} {{champion:12}} are all really good picks for a support champion. Especially Leona and Soraka. Also, if you do go an AP support, I would recommend at least grabbing SS item first
Thanks for the recommendations. I have tried Leona a few times but she feels very reliant on an ADC for follow up and if you fall behind it is difficult to create good plays. As for Soraka I guess I just need to devote a few normal games to learning how to play her well. I hate playing against a good Soraka. I unfortunately do not own Tahm. I do like Alistar, he just seems to suffer in low damage team comps because he also lacks damage.
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SatomiKun (EUW)
: I don't really understand the problem with vector cast and why it is considered clunky. Didn't play Taliyah, but I played a fair amount of Viktor and his E is using the vector system as well. And I never really had problems aiming it. Maybe I am overlooking something here, though. Would be great if someone could explain it to me.
I too play a lot of Viktor and I think Vector Casting works well for his E (even if it took me forever to consistently hit anything with it). However Taliyahs W is a totally different ability. With Viktor your drawing a line a on ground, with Taliyah your tossing Champions around. That extra bit of control is probably very important in throwing people in just the right way. Although I never played much Taliyah so I don't really know for sure which is better.
: I think that Gragas needs to have slow removed from his noncharged Q in order to not be so safe and reliable. He is already strong and he doesn't need any buffs.
I would kinda agree, it is annoying to get 60% slowed from such a wide fast ability.
: I hate the stigma against playing meta champions.
I personally see nothing bad about playing meta champs. The meta is typically changing due to either Riot changing it with buffs or nerfs or players figuring out counters. That means that the best players and the people that consistently do well are adaptable and good at a variety of Champions. If people refuse to play meta then they are simply putting themselves at a disadvantage. Especially if they also choose really weak champs. That is a part of the game whether or not people chose to accept it.
: ADCs have too much impact.
The ways in which a jungler carries or a Midlaner carries are not the same as ADC's as least not typically. A jungler carries though ganking and snowballing lanes and themselves. They control the early game typically. A Midlaner that is an assassin yet fails to assassinate a high value target has typically failed, wether they live or die. A high damage mid Mage can often carry a fight just fine after an ADC has died. If your losing games where your top and mid were really fed then they probably messed up later on. Either by dieing too much with little gains or by not playing to your teams win conditions.
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Ralanr (NA)
: You're honestly shouting at a wall. People in general will never consider tanks as requiring any respectable level of skill for one reason. "Why take the hit when you can dodge?" I see this all the time in games and media. The easiest and most common way to showcase how "skilled" someone is, is to have them dodge and evade effectively. Popular culture respects quick reflexes over sacrifice and self inflicted risk. And it's much easier to make someone feel awesome by dodging bullets than by being bullet proof. Sure being bullet proof is cool, but after a while people will get bored. People rarely get bored of dodging because it's an active thing. This isn't a league problem, this is just a game problem because it's pretty much universally seen as "if you're not good, go tanky to compensate" It honestly annoys me a bit in games. We praise offensive play and shame or mock heavy defensive play. Claiming that defense is a lack of skill. This is only in video games or games that don't require physical exertion from my observation though. Because in actual sports, defensive plays can be better praised (but they can still be looked down upon because they'll be less risky). Being tanky will always be seen as braindead by the general populace.
It's really a cultural thing more than anything else. Or at least a Western thing. If somebody makes a mistake trying to do something a common response is, "Well at least they tried". People are encouraged to be proactive and the more proactive they seem the better. It probably also has to do with the fact that when a tank or support does their job right it isn't noticeable. Keeping people from dealing damage or zoning them out is as noticeable as blowing them up.
: The tanks who aren't Sej/Zac/Mao need to be changed too
Honestly I don't really enjoy playing tanks as much as I used to. It feels like an arms race between damage dealers and tanks. If tanks are ahead of the curve they become unkillable raid bosses that will deal a buttload of damage and then walk away from a fight whenever they want. If damage dealers get ahead of the curve then tanks become flys to the swatter.
: Draven was a champ that was 100% skill dependant, the better you were the stronger you were, the worse you were the weaker you were, now you can just buy death dance and play how ever you want, that damage reduction is just broken, you dont need to be good to play draven now, you just need to be able to click BUY when selecting death dance.
There isn't any damage reduction on deaths dance...
Rigaroom (NA)
: "Hi new players in Doom Bots, oh you are new to this game, let's flame the **** out of you"
I haven't tried it this time around. What I remember from last time is play the Teemoing and fail. Or play the normal mode and have allies choose difficulty of 100 and fail. There was no way to reliably play against an opponent that you stood a chance against
: why would you flash mastery after killing opponents when you can flash mastery after opponents killing you
Your right, how stupid of me. I've been thinking about this wrong all along.
Doodlzzz (NA)
: It's YASUO!! not spelled YASOU yas - ou - o: YASUO plssss
Maybe I like spelling it like Yasou
Lugg (NA)
: Yas is still a bad matchup early, even for Malz. Until you have your ult, he can all in you at will and keep you pushed while he roams.
Yes, Yasou will kill Malz without ult. However Malz clears waves very fast with EW.
Kayah (NA)
: Why would i learn a champion just to counter pick another champion, who may not even be in my lane? P.S. It's Yasuo, not Yasou
I don't know maybe you enjoy Malzahar? Also thanks for pointing that out, whoops.
: i played vs him top lane last night... i was maokai he was annoying early but as soon as i had {{item:3025}} he left lane and went else where
I haven't actually played that match up since Maokai got updated. Is that how it typically goes?
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: "being good at the game doesnt give you the right to be a shitty human being"
Does it count as being shitty if you flash your mastery icon after killing opponents?
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