: The damage changes to Kha's w is not right, there are 6 numbers and some of them have a stat increase while others are same as current numbers.
khazix can evolve his abilities with his ult remember, therefore they technically each has 6/6/6/4 points for leveling. and they dont need to adjust every single number, just certain ones at certain levels to compensate.
King Zed (NA)
: What are you going to do for people that own every champion? Getting champion shards is annoying to us...
the champ shards are going to be your way of getting blue essence now, aka the new ip. you dont get it for winning games anymore
SlownD (NA)
: [Skin Concept] Arcade Twitch
Hey, I think you've done some fantastic work here! However, in my opinion it doesn't fit a coherent enough theme as the other arcade skins do (IE. classic shmup corki, RPG ezreal, button mashing sona). I can see elements of you trying to make him look kind of like a pokemon trainer but A. as someone else mentioned that would be very hard to accomplish without nintendo being all over it with copyright, and B. the theme of a pokemon trainer doesn't really fit twitch's character or gameplay (if anything a giant rat with a gun would probably BE the pokemon, not the trainer). I personally think something like a Battle Boss/Final Boss skin would work better for twitch's dastardly personality. But don't take my criticism too harshly, I definitely think you've got a lot of talent and could do great things with a concept like this :) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: Thanks for the reply! I agree that sounds pretty cool, anything that plays well with his minions seems like it'd go over well :)
How about farmer yorick {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/hZnfzdxq-champion-skin-concept-farmer-yorick?show=nested
: I would find it fun seeing angry carrots/potatoes/tomatoes or whatever you want his ghouls to be run around :D (in my own opinion it would be awesome if they were different kinds of vegetables, not just one). I like this idea :p maybe make it 975 rp skin. What about his walls being farm fences?
The farm fences is a fantastic idea
: I'm a simple man, I see love for my boy Yorick I up vote. Better make the walkers pigs though, I think it makes more sense than evil carrots. Snowdown and Pool Party Yorick need to happen too.
I think vegetables makes more sense since they come from the ground. unless you mean zombie pigs. but idk if that would fit the goofy theme
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