GodCarry (NA)
: Riot Support's Response to my Permaban Ticket
You had multiple chances to reform, but instead you continued to chat knowing that words can be misinterpreted and be seen as toxic by people. Especially right after a two week ban, you should have realized the beauty of /mute all
: Why is smurfing not punishable?
Sometimes high elo players don’t want to wait long timers for their game or made a new account to reset their mmr and climb faster.
: I actually enjoy the current state of the game...
The game is feeling both very refreshing with the new runes and slightly annoying with the snowball. But overall still a very enjoyable season so far.
Mazin2090 (EUNE)
: I am deleting league of legends
I’m so tired of these posts and then they always end up playing the game again.
Tsunday (NA)
: Having a massive amount of runes is optional. You can easily go with just 1 set of seals (armor) and then 2-3 sets of marks, glyphs, and quints and then use 3 pages ADC, APC, and tank and it would suit you in most situations. I currently have 10+ sets of each type which is a lot more than what is needed. People who spent 100k+ IP on runes/pages were doing optional unnecessary stuff that you should only do if you own all of the champions you want. People who spent the bare minimum shouldn't miss the IP they did spend on runes that much.
Idk why people downvoted you, you speak the truth
: I've played multiple games virtually every day for years, and I have 2 gemstones. Haven't gotten one in WELL over a year. Bought 10 of the chests that gave an increased chance at a gemstone and didn't get a single one
The increased chance is prob like 0.0001% instead of 0.00001%
: What has been your experience with Riot Support?
They were pretty chill and helped me resolve a problem with my account.
: Can we disable Kayn from ranked for next Patch?
Cough 10 bans cough(just ban him?)
: how would it be abused? It would utilize the current system in when it allowed remakes. It would just make it so your team can't keep you in a 4v5 game you dont want to play.
Duo ques, one would leave in an unfavourable matchup. Other one would then remake.
: Make remake only take one yes vote
Great idea, definitely won't be abused
: How to apply for 6 RP on riot support ?
Send their support email a picture that you drew and they will help you.
: Name one off-meta combo botlane that works surprisingly well
Lolyicon (EUW)
: If you are a supporter and don't buy a sighstone...
Then get reported and eventually banned for trolling and intentionally feeding.
Started with nasus and Warwick. God I was so stupid with how I built them
: Can anyone tell me what exactly made Thresh OP?
The sustain from coin allows him to stay in lane longer I believe.
: going from 4.4% to 7.2% is actually huge change tho
That still leaves another 92.8% of the champions
: Three Reasons 10 Bans is very important to me
Everyone is worried about 10 bans but in reality it's only really 4 more bans. Not all that much.
SkeletalBow (EUNE)
: Pick Champions in Ranked!
A)This would enforce the meta which people don't like, B) what if you were picking a champ for a different role since you were first pick and they were last?
: Fix your death recap
They will start working on it now that the new client is the only one.
: I really wish they would have made the new client more familiar and made changes slowly to give time to adjust... Instead I went from the nice simple familiar client to "OH GOD... What am I even looking at here?" that or making a legacy view for the new client that switches it to be more like the old one...
You have been able to download it for the past 5 months I think? You have had plenty of time to get used to its layout.
Rhuxiie (EUW)
: =) another assertion without explanation
Easy answer to why people get perm banned over perm muted. Riot has seen when people get perm muted they find another way to be toxic(trolling,ping spamming, etc) so they get banned.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sukishoo,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=7y8EMuv1,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-04-23T01:09:22.709+0000) > > Do you know that ONE game doesn't result in someone being punished? Even in the case of that incident it doesn't mean they would be punished unless they've actually done that several times. That first game, a big fat punishment, and I guarantee they behave for the remainder of thier LoL career. Thats like saying "oh its his first murder, is k". Its not K. And I bet that a person willing to do something like I outlined in my OP, has done it before.
I'm sorry but murdering someone is not the same as being a troll. It is more like when you're a kid and you steal a candy bar from the corner store. You get a warning.
: for many players it is a priority riot says many thing tribunal ill leave it at that
Yeah but the difference is tribunal was not as good as the new system and riot understands that a lot of people use item sets. On multiple different threads they have said item sets are good and will come back.
: I know,but If we keep up asking maybe they will bring back item sets!{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
They have already said they will, it's just not a priority over other things in the new client. For example custom games with the rotating game modes is a priority over that same with client bugs etc. Item sets will come just be patient
: Wait wait wait, Rakan...
"Alistar q w combo knocks people up to for around a second! Must be a malphite ult"
: What are Riot's policies about giving away free RP?
Riot used to give out rp in online tournaments but then people abused it so they stopped the tournaments. :( I miss them
: lolz if you want dont need to understand
"If you want don't need to understand" What???
Sraeg2013 (EUNE)
: >I'm sad dbza was taken off YouTube What, again?
khorney (NA)
: to bad trick2g is literally carrying a huge amount of the playerbase and riot knows he is toxic.....really dancing in front of people taunting nonstop and thats not toxic ?
Also hasn't he been banned before? Most of his streams are just watching games
: 11 downvotes on a clear joke way to miss the boat again boards...
If he was actually trying to be funny and appeal to the funny audience he would of put in in memes and games.
khorney (NA)
: skarner
"Scared to ban players like trick2g" they banned dunkey so that kinda makes your point invalid.
Jøkèr (NA)
: Can anyone think of any good skin concepts for Illaoi?
deathgod5 (EUW)
: If anybody on your team has smite you can't buy it. I said so in the passive
What's from stopping other lanes from picking smite before the jungled fucking them over?
Anraton (EUW)
: Funny ... everyone complained about the long queue times ... then forced fill was introduced to reduce queue time .. now everyone complains about being auto.filled ...
Most of the gameplay community just bitch about everything riot does and doesn't do. "Do a galio rework!" "Do something about these long q times!" "Wtf riot new galio is shit compared to the god he used to be", "get rid of auto fill!!"
: Go make a new account, enjoy playing to 30 with all those smurf accounts from pre-made friends. Less 30% of the actual players you are going against are first time players. Sure, that means they have gained some, but then you also take in the fact that that whole number of 60 million without the extra 40m or higher already had a TON of smurf and alternate accounts, THEN! If you would so kindly as make that new account you would see at least 4 accounts per AI Game(which are counted as player accounts as well) are 3rd party bot users that arent actually there. Combine that with the fact that both of these ruin games for new players coming into the game by constantly seeing a Defeat screen and Riot has shown no interest in: Balancing the game. Removing those bots(It's substantially worse now than with their previous system which they "supposedly" upgraded to this new and sleek and 100% full proof system of removing them lel) Proper reporting after in game lobbys, me and my friend tested it, there was an intentional feeder in one of our games 0/26/2. It took this guy exactly 2 weeks, 4 days to get a ban or to just quit the game entirely, he ended up ruining and provoking more toxicity in the game for a near 67 more games. And he fed in all of them. I don't know what game you guys are playing. But let me tell you, if you can't see or even own up to this games amazingly apparent flaws then that's on you. The game is alive, I'll give you that but it is dying. Winning doesn't feel like winning anymore and uninstalling the game actually makes you feel really good when it honestly shouldn't.
Even if 39million of the 100 players are smurfs that still means the game grew by at least a million which is still growth lol.
: whiny, toxic, child? you seem kinda mad bro, and sounds like a shit excuse for being bad man lol Building Negatron first item vs Viktor though, yeh i can see why your stuck in silver
Toxicity only builds off of toxicity I suggest you either learn to manage your anger or just mute everyone, or you could just stop playing the game and relieve everyone here of your toxic attitude.
: i will pay anyone to play galio botlane with my kog'maw
: Why permanently banning players is unsportsmanlike
Yeah but in say football let's say the QB just started shouting at the enemy team telling them to Kill themselves and that they do not deserve to live I am sure that that QB would be fired from his team and probably banned from the professional football in general.
Samimusha (EUW)
: @Riot any buffs for yorick anytime soon?
I think there is not much that they could do that would buff him without making him overpowered. His 1v1 potential/split pushing is already insane and if they made it so he was more useful in teamfights he would probably dominate top for a bit.
Revali (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bob Chelson,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=pZr9dNzW,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2017-02-28T19:58:37.121+0000) > > I'm all for people going off meta but if I was an adc and my support said "going to go nunu support with smite I will constantly be roaming" which would end up leaving you to 1v2 the enemy bot lane I would get mad too. {{champion:432}}
To everyone who is saying bard does exactly the same thing no he does not. A) He drops healing shrines so his adc can heal, B)When he collects shrines he gets a movement speed buff which allows him to roam faster and his e helps that even further. C)Anyone who plays bard will tell you that you only ever roam if your lane is pushed up to the enemy turret or if the enemy lane has backed and you have time to go collect the shrines. Bards kit is built around being able to support all lanes including his own but if his ever does bad it is on Bard. What I am trying to say is that yes like nunu support he roams but he does not actively steal jungle camps or leaves his adc for too long making his adc lose lane. Ask any bard mains and they will probably agree with me.
: The Hidden Reason Why These Smite Supps Are Getting The Shaft
I'm all for people going off meta but if I was an adc and my support said "going to go nunu support with smite I will constantly be roaming" which would end up leaving you to 1v2 the enemy bot lane I would get mad too.
Theiax (NA)
: Low priority queue is flawed
I honestly don't see the problem waiting for a bit just catch up on homework or watch a vid or something
: When Gameplay decides its Circlejerk of the month
I always feel so bad for the rioter because they are always just doing their job.
Trick2G69 (EUNE)
: Supports With Smite.
You don't need to have smite to have fun as support.
: The support contact didnt exist 2 years ago to my knowledge, what is the URL?
Just search up league of legends support or go to the support page on the site. And here is the URL if you can't find it https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us
Bultz (NA)
: Remove the remake system
> [{quoted}](name=Bultz,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=mXVi4TFw,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-02-28T13:47:30.318+0000) > > I do not care if I am missing a team member, I do not care if they are. You are wasting my fuckign time with this shit, not everyone can be in queue for 20 minutes set up and shit and then remake and have time for another. You're in silver why does it take 20min to get into a game?
Shadòw (EUW)
: it was released long ago: https://media.giphy.com/media/l0MYSyxBQ9GIWsLRK/giphy.gif
> [{quoted}](name=Shadòw,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=luhbXosX,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-02-28T16:35:48.803+0000) > > it was released long ago: > > https://media.giphy.com/media/l0MYSyxBQ9GIWsLRK/giphy.gif This Galio is my favourite ;)
ryona (NA)
: Who is crappier, Janna or Soraka?
Bultz (NA)
: Summary Of Patch 7.4
Try not to get too salty m8 it doesn't help anybody
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