: What do you guys miss most from league?
Devourer Wolf Pup following you around.
: Here is the problem, you are basically wanting straight nerfs to him, no compensation or anything straight nerfing his ult and gutting his passive. Not only would that shit on his lane phase but if he didnt somehow find a way to snowball lane phase he would quickly become irrelevant in every other part of the game. The reason they gave him so much gold on his ult is because they destroyed his wave clear. I've said it before and i'll say it again reverting everything giving his wave clear back while changing the way his passive works. Solo lane pyke was not really an issue he had plenty of counters so it's not like he was this broken uncounterable champion. If they had to change numbers to make him a little more balanced sure maybe 60% damage to minions with e or something would keep him from perma pushing and nonstop roaming. i dunno these seem like you just want him gutted and i don't agree with it.
No, the man is right. As a man who has been doing nothing but playing Pyke, I love him, and I have loved him since I transitioned to bot lane as a support. I play with my girlfriend a lot, who while lovely isn't the best at ADC, which is her best role, so having Pyke, a champion that I can help carry with even if she doesn't do well is great, I adore him. That being said, the buffs to his ultimate were a bit too much, I love Pyke and even I felt it was too much. The gray health itself also feels like it comes back a bit too easily, and I wouldn't mind if it perhaps took a bit longer for Pyke to regain health, would make me second guess some of my more brainheaded decisions I tend to go towards. Honestly Pyke doesn't need massive nerfs, some people are not fine with an assassin support, and they are entitled to their opinions. I don't fault them any more than I fault the people who like Zoe, even if I personally do believe such people should suffer a horrible fate somwhere between Teemo's left and right buttcheeks. But the ult was fine pre-buff, and I think Pyke can have his slippery nature, but being able to come back so quickly from a bad engage is a bit too much for even him. My recommendation is to revert the buff he got to his ultimate and increase how long Pyke must wait before he can start to benefit from his health regeneration passive.
Ayanleh (EUW)
: A way to return mordekaiser's ghosts in a balanced way, from a 2 mil mastery morde onetrick
I feel more like the issue with him is that his old Iron Man passive made him feel better to play, in that it rewarded aggressiveness but forced you to maintain that aggression or else you'd lose your Iron Man shield that you just built up, which is how enemy laners knew when to go onto him. Now you just hold onto your shield or use it to heal, but the amount often feels insignificant and the cooldown is so long even at max rank that you have to wait 10 seconds to hope to use it again. And you'd max it last because you need your Q as your bread and butter spell and your E's magic penetration passive is so useful the longer the game goes that you have to max is second. Honestly, I think a lot of it has to do with the passive that deals aoe damage, and how it's so easy to proc and then maintain, that it eats up a good amount of his power budget. I'd be willing to have Morde trade off a bit more of that easy of access and maintenance, perhaps by making it rely only on ability casts to proc on enemy champions (large monsters is fine for jungle morde) and/or make it require four or five ability casts/basic attacks to proc (I'd make his Q slam count as two if it lands on one enemy champion.) This would not only make it possible to actually outplay Mordekaiser and not automatically trigger his passive aoe (and allow for more skill expression for the Mordes in turn), but it'd open up his power budget just a bit more. Hell, at the very least give the maximum shield a scaling bonus from bonus HP so that it encourages some Mordes to invest a little in a bit of bulk. Juggernauts are designed to build HP over resistances anyways, and I found that the shield interaction with HP on Morde made it where I never felt bad for not going full AP.
: Glacial seems way too strong when stacked
[MOVEMENT IS NOT POSSIBLE](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xMvW3yIduQI)
Hotarµ (NA)
: Nexus Blitz was the most fun I ever had playing League.
I could never get behind URF. It's too much of a broken mess for me in particular, just my opinion. Nexus was the perfect blend of insanity and stability, and aside from that fucking sled the game was my preferred game for the longest time.
: Here's Morde's theme
> [{quoted}](name=Malicious Metal,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=v4EE9sMb,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-05-31T17:09:19.716+0000) > > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-ru3nPuSn8 Hey Malicious, been a long time since I said hi. Anyways, what are your thoughts on the reimagined skins of Morde? I personally enjoy the work put into them, but is it wrong I felt if they were going to go all out, to give some of the skins a bit more with the particle colors? I know Riot is iffy about the idea of bumping up a rework's skin price, but if it means leaving something this great as incomplete, and for something as big as Morde, it sort of just... rubs me the wrong way.
: Mordekaiser looks amazing but wheres the Metal references?!
Realm of Death could be a reference to the Judas Priest song "Beyond the Realms of Death." Obliterate is the name of a Slovakian grindcore (think heavy metal plus hardcore punk) band. Darkness Rise is a metal song by a guy named Daniel Robinson, you can find it on Google search. It's actually pretty good. Death's Grasp... hm, perhaps a Pentakill reference? They ARE a metal band, or have we forgotten? {{summoner:31}}
Rioter Comments
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: What we can all learn from Zoe
I'm glad that something so simple and genuine was able to keep you cool and happy! ######...even if Zoe and those who main her are a cancer beyond what powercouple Riven-Yasuo could ever hope to be.
: i've been out of the loop. what has he abused now?
> [{quoted}](name=Pendergast891,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=c8TMRWPF,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-05-07T05:05:56.124+0000) > > i've been out of the loop. what has he abused now? This. Just THIS. How has a champion become such a problem that their breaking the game is just accepted as a fact of life?
: What's actually up with Morde's code? We got 2 new bugs this patch
At this point, Morde deserves a fucking Program skin, or some antithesis to it, like Virus Mordekaiser or something.
: so you believe people should be forced to play a video game while being harassed because of your own personal opinions. got it
> [{quoted}](name=T I L T B O I,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=0xnZo3UR,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-21T08:29:01.093+0000) > > so you believe people should be forced to play a video game while being harassed because of your own personal opinions. > > got it No, but these same people are forced to play a game where they are likely to lose because one of their teammates is actively sabotaging their efforts. That person doing so is _quite_ scummy, and deserving of reprisal in the form of action by higher ups.
: Who do you hope's gonna be featured in this April's Roadmap?
I agree with the need for a Fiddle update, he's a champion who is either an absolute joke or a complete and utter monster (the latter of which I only ever encounter on ARAM where his crow is the single most impossible mechanic to attempt to mitigate). He's a relic of a bygone era, and he deserves to be brought up to a level where he can function up to the same expectations of other AP champions who goes into the jungle or GASP! ...mid.
Jikker (NA)
: Road kill usually = squirrel, deer, possum, rabbit, or armadillo if you live down south
> [{quoted}](name=Jikker,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=Qigyun61,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2018-03-12T05:01:29.522+0000) > > Road kill usually = squirrel, deer, possum, rabbit, or armadillo if you live down south http://i.imgur.com/2COrhwR.gif
: > [{quoted}](name=Nayzumi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lyRMpnva,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-12-17T20:32:26.142+0000) > > You forgot {{champion:111}} Q. He's the worst culprit. So many times I've Q'd someone, missed and went "darn" to have the hook go into the FOG OF WAR and bring some random helpless animal to be anchored
: Yu-Gi-Oh Cards based on LoL-Night of the Harrowing Booster Pack
{{champion:82}} You took him and made him an awesome card, and a synchro monster (my favorite type of extra deck monster) to boot? GIVE THIS GUY A MEDAL!
: Where did he get the pansu though?
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Ralanr (NA)
: The juggernaut patch was only fun if you played a juggernaut imo. It was hell for everyone else.
Actually, when juggernauts are meta I think things are fine. The Juggernaut patch was a problem because the juggernauts were overtuned and worlds was right after, so that was a disaster more to the lack of balancing done prior to worlds. Juggernauts as a whole are probably the healthiest class in theory: they can soak hits and hit you really hard, but they're immobile as all hell and kiting them is not only possible but the best method to deal with them. They're really good at laning but have trouble transitioning to the teamfight phase if they don't have a team that enables them to get onto the enemy team on decent terms. Not a lot of classes are designed that their biggest weakness is that you can literally just choose to not engage and they can't do much about it, or have your marksmen build Frozen Mallet and laugh at them. Compare that to the other classes: * When assassins are overtuned, basically anything that isn't building straight tank is basically a walking coin purse to be mugged if you dare to step outside your base. * When mages are overtuned, you (and likely your friends at the same time) get blasted into oblivion from one rotation by someone attacking you 'all the way from Mordor,' as my best friend likes to put it. * When tanks are overtuned, you're likely dealing with a tank masquerading as a juggernaut with better engage and more reliable cc on top of that. * When divers are overtuned, you're basically dealing with the assassin analogy, but the assassins are masquerading as tanks. * When marksmen are overtuned, you see marksmen in every lane and armordillos and walking mountains are then subsequently nerfed because meta counterpicking is good... except if it affects people who right click to deal their damage. * When skirmishers are overtuned, it's likely something involving jungle changes and/or on-hit effects getting out of hand, a bizarre time when walking eggplants become meta. * When supports are overtuned, you enter Season 7 as we have it now.
: Can we have an honest talk about all forms of point and click CC
I'm of the opinion that point and click CC is fine in and of itself, but depending on the champion using it that ability may be inherently toxic. People complain about Lux and Morgana's roots, but their complaint is towards the length of the cc and not it's application, because while long ranged it's also a skillshot and you can side-step it. A champion with a medium to long-range point and click cc is inherently toxic according to the current design of League by Riot's standards (hence their movement way from point and click abilities as a whole), because the only means of avoiding it is to either not be in range, or to predict it's application and either spell-shield it or make yourself untargetable. I think point-blank to short-range point and click cc is perfect fine because to apply it, a champion is putting themselves at risk which balances out the reliability of that cc. On the other hand, this reliable form of cc application is not okay on anything that allows the cc applicant to remain safe, as that affords too much power and is why champions like Malzahar and Annie can just zone out an entire team unless they carry a Quicksilver Sash. Why do you think Ryze is so hard to balance? They made a champion who can do ridiculous ability combos and put a decently ranged point and click snare to let him be able to do it reliably. As for dealing with mobility, things like grounding and certain abilities like Azir's wall and Poppy's W are alternatives to stopping mobility, we don't need to preserve something that has outlived it's purpose with existing alternatives.
Eedat (NA)
: Is it time to break "Marksmen" into subclasses?
Considering the range of ADC playstyles, there should be four types of ADC classes. 1. The Gunslinger; those who are not afraid of getting close and personal with an enemy, having the means by which to dance and tumble around their foes, and for whom the risk and reward of getting in close is the name of the game. Example: {{champion:203}} Kindred. Her kit focuses on pursuing and hopping around enemies with the intent of making them face their demise, and she has the tools to avoid and even answer her own potential end. 2. The Sniper; those who emphasize keeping a distance at all times and whose primary method of attack is to opportunistically poke at enemies from a far, and at no point should they try to engage, for their defensive options are extremely limited if nonexistent. Example: {{champion:81}} Ezreal. Before I get complaints, while he might fit other roles well, overall his design is to poke enemies from afar and to use his blink defensively, although it can be used offensively but at the cost of leaving him without any means of protecting himself outside of summoners spells. 3. The Mercenary; those who have no personal investment in starting fights unless there is opportunity present, their focus is on responding to situations and making the most of them with tools unique to themselves, they prefer an unfair fight. Example: {{champion:429}} Kalista. She has no earthly business trying to start fights, dependent as she is on her support to create favorable situations for her to capitalize on, and due to the limited nature of her kit without someone to cover her, Kalista won't commit herself to a fight unless she knows without a doubt she can win. 4. The Siegemaster; those who care little for the intricacy of battle, preying upon the weak with their offensive capabilities at the cost of proving themselves vulnerable should their foe fight back, they seek to overwhelm opponents to cover for their own weakness. Example: {{champion:119}} Draven. As much as he would have you believe he is all about show and awe, in reality he's just a massive brute like his brother, and his playstyle is complete aggression with some pizzazz mixed in to cover for how vulnerable he is if he can't bully his opponent.
Rioter Comments
: Unmasked Mordekaiser would be really weird, considering the fact that he's nothing but an armor possessed by a darkened soul with crimson eyes.
Well it would be nice to see what Morde looked like in the past when it was just an armor he wore, you know sort of like Pre-Void Kassadin.
: If Tahm Kench had unique dialogue for Champions devoured...
: League changes every 2 weeks
: Mf and sona...
zero356 (NA)
: The key to winning is simple Just don't lose
: I still can't get over how that art has old Poppy's _head_ in the box.
Getting "End of Evangelion" vibes from it.
: Comment with a champion, and see if someone will respond with how to deal with them!
: {{champion:114}}_ confused french accent_
: one has better hentai the other doesn't even have a cigar
Kindred fills the 'dat Ashe' role very well. ...inb4 cries of Ashe buffs to her rear.
: > [{quoted}](name=Cloud273,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=nOjIF63n,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-03-18T01:19:41.798+0000) > > Didn't even bother to read the OP. Downvoted and moving on. Easy there rebel
What a day when people can't be bothered to read, what is our world coming to?
: Riot changed Garens entire image with just 1 interaction from Gatekeeper Galio
Well who knows how bad it was growing up with Lux as a sister, she could have made his life hell and that was his way of 'justice.' Then we could rename her, Lux the b****.
: Near-Completely Dark Window in Champ Select
This just happened to me, I was queueing with friends and we kept returning to the role selection after players failed to accept invites. Then when I was brought into the champ select, I received a black screen and fiddling with the options (which showed up like normal) did nothing. The game was canceled as I couldn't select a champion to ban (I heard the sounds well enough to know what was happening) and then I was put into the champ select screen. I didn't bother but I already knew I was going to have a time penalty. I'm not really bothered by the penalty, I just hope I don't suffer from this later down the line at some point because of a bug like this. Edit: I'd like to add this bug didn't affect my party members, only me.
Bârd (NA)
: New Galio be like
http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/yugioh/images/5/59/TheWingedDragonofRa-TF06-JP-VG.png/revision/latest?cb=20140324130130 {{champion:268}} SHURIMA!
Shahamut (NA)
: The Precedent has been set...
I am of the utter opinion that people should not be banned for playing Teemo regularly. They already have a special place in Hell waiting for them involving mushrooms exploding in unmentionable places as it is.
Shadòw (EUW)
: > I BET THIS IS VEL'KOZ AGAIN http://i.imgur.com/b4iSgLO.jpg?noredirect i remember laughing my ass off back then xD
{{summoner:31}} : ... {{champion:161}} : ... {{summoner:31}} : ...Vel'Koz, I think you need help. {{champion:161}} : (covers where his ears would be if he had them) BLAH BLAH BLAH I CAN'T HEAR YOU!
: I got the best news of my life
{{champion:157}} No cancer, eh?
: my stance doesn't change
(tinfoil hat) You're a bard main not to win, but to sabotage Bard!
: Syndra should be rewarded for landing abilities instead of spamming abilities
I'd honestly like to see changes to reward more technical and methodical play and shift her from complete focus on her ultimate. -Force of Will's Transcendent Effect changed to cut it's own remaining cooldown by half if it kills an enemy. -Unleashed Power: At 650 - 700 / 725 / 750 range, Unleashed Power hurls all the Dark Spheres in an area around a targeted enemy. Under 650 range, Syndra utilizes all the spheres around herself in an area and hurls them at a targeted enemy. Unleashed Power's Transcendent Effect becomes the reduction of the ultimate's cooldown by 2 seconds every time an ability is used. These numbers are just toss-ups, but the ultimate change combined with the Force of Will's Transcendent Effect change would encourage better Syndra's players to be more methodical with their dark sphere placement and ultimates in order to make the most out of it, depending on their preference of safety over damage, and at the same time it would give enemies some form of counterplay: at max range Syndra would have to keep a lot of balls around an enemy to utilize the ultimate to its max at the longest range and thus would give enemies an obvious tell for a way to avoid taking a shit-load of damage from her ult, and if Syndra were gathering a large number of spheres closer to herself, it likely meant she was looking for an opportunity to ult once you dared to get close enough. This would emphasize the amount of skill needed to utilize her at her max because of the necessity to account sphere proximity to herself or her enemy when contemplating the usage of her ult, and even the more common access to her ultimate throughout the game would be tempered again by the requirement to manage the location of her spheres and proximity to herself or their target.
: "That's what you get for only having three monsters in your deck!" (If you don't get the reference this'll just be awkward)
Pretty sure she had four monsters, three chicks and a dragon. Still pretty fucking bad lel.
: Wolf Camp Lost Their Identity
New Feature: When you clear the wolf camp, you are followed by a ghost wolf.
garren9 (NA)
: Manliest botlane has {{champion:44}} support
: "Also, here is another {{champion:13}} rework."
They should give Ryze a new passive: +2% damage every time he is reworked.
: i thought skins should fit the champion's identity .
Nah, he met a Tank Nurse {{champion:84}} with a {{item:3068}} that melted his heart.
: > [{quoted}](name=RAMP Schmidtty,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=09Zn5VB3,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-01-04T14:25:00.039+0000) > > He will never free his wife from Thresh. No one escapes the lantern. All he can do...is join her...in the lantern...and be with her the way he was always meant to. > > {{champion:412}} Relax, just let go... Well that's a romantic thought {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-rainbows}}
I think Thresh would free his wife if Lucian revealed what he would do with his wife INSIDE the lantern. I don't think Thresh would be able to stand them if they kept it up for hours on end, being purposely noisy and all that.
: Except for {{champion:113}} , she was in the spotlight for too long. {{champion:64}} ? And {{champion:82}} , cuz he invalidated marksmen. {{champion:64}} ? And {{champion:28}} , cuz she was doing too good at her job and noone liked playing against it. {{champion:64}} ? And {{champion:268}} , cuz he was crowding out other mages and was doing it way too safely. {{champion:64}} ? _[Note: to be fair he did adapt his own version of the Insec, renamed the "Shurima Shuffle", and absolutely noone is allowed to do Lee's moves better than him he had it coming)_ What I'm trying to say here is gut {{champion:157}}
I looked over your entire post, and all I could see in it is gut {{champion:20}} , that snowball-throwing yeti-riding mother-f****r.
Saianna (EUNE)
: So anyone with heavy CC, NO SKILLSHOTS, TANKINESS and overall "in your face". Yep, sounds like your generic midlaner, right?
Yasuo is an anti-projectile fighter that thrives when used in the mid lane against mages who use projectiles? Who would have guessed? I apologize if I seem derisive, but there are such things as counters, some soft, some very hard. Taking Nasus into Darius? You're not going to have a good time no matter what you do in lane, and you're certainly not going to enjoy it. People who play ADC's have always hated every single type of assassin for the longest time because assassins are a class designed to punish an ADC for simply having their design. Should assassins be made invalid simply because when they work, they can counter an entire other class? Yasuo is a slayer, fighters who are - without the use of their abilities - fragile, but have defense or utility to ensure they can get onto the targets they want to fight and kill. Yi and Fiora are two other examples who exemplify a similar style where they want to get onto you, and the challenge isn't in _killing_ you, but instead _getting_ to you. Your options are a: don't let them get onto you even if it means you will be behind, or b: have it where you are on a champion that it doesn't matter or you WANT them to get in your face. Seriously, champion diversity is a two-way street, there are Galios and there are Lucians, and there will champions that your main and/or preferred playstyle will struggle against. For every champion you can face for whom the outcome is entirely based on skill, there will be a champion who can mechanically shut you down, just as there are champions who YOUR champion can just shut down with equally little response. Hell, the issue isn't that Yasuo is a slayer who can shut down projectile users in the mid lane, its that he's a **popular** slayer who can shut down projectile users in the mid lane. I imagine there wouldn't be a quarter of these many threads about Yasuo if he was popular as say... Rammus was. Nobody complains about Rammus until marksmen become popular in more than the bot lane and then the Rammus and Malphites appear, and people wonder why they appear like it's some fucking mystery, and then all of a sudden the forums flood with people complaining about the high winrate Rammuses (Ramussi?) and Malphites. Yasuo hovers under 50%, which is where a popular high-skillcap (Riven, Lee Sin) champion should usually stay under, if he gets to or above 50% then obviously he should be looked at, but for the most part Yasuo is where he should be. Can work be done to make his gameplay less frustrating? Yes. As they should do with every champion who breeds an excess amount of frustration within the league community. But there is only so much you can do with someone with a kit like Yasuo's, where by nature he is designed to punish ranged champions, where you can't get around the fact that he's a flashy samurai who can nullify and kill your magic user and look good doing it. If the game can't exist in a state where range can't have means of being punished without becoming frustrating, I think what people should be more concerned about is the issue of ranged as a defensive means in league rather than just a few one-off champions. After all, champions like Irelia and Xin Zhao were brought into the game specifically to counter the issues of ranged champions. But that's just my two cents.
Flaherty (NA)
: Okay? That goes without saying for literally every champion
Tell that to the people who first time pick an unplayed champion into a ranked game, or worse: the dreaded new release/rework champion straight into ranked, on the assumption they are 'OP' and therefore 'freelo.'
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