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: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Galvatron,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=2vVlzZ7E,comment-id=000f,timestamp=2018-12-11T05:02:08.126+0000) > > Aside from the aforementioned concept and creations/art & sound boards, the boards have been pretty garbage since late 2015. Memes and Games was actually pretty great back then with L-Fish and the like. I hardly visit this place anymore since it’s now oversaturated with people given random ranks for no reason and mostly inhabited by kids too scared to use the league subbreddit or the /vg/ league general. yeah, but I have hope, hope is nice
> [{quoted}](name=Khabith,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=2vVlzZ7E,comment-id=000f0000,timestamp=2018-12-11T05:17:46.162+0000) > > yeah, but I have hope, hope is nice Hold on to it as hard as you can, I lost mine for this site years ago.
Khabith (NA)
: The Boards
Aside from the aforementioned concept and creations/art & sound boards, the boards have been pretty garbage since late 2015. Memes and Games was actually pretty great back then with L-Fish and the like. I hardly visit this place anymore since it’s now oversaturated with people given random ranks for no reason and mostly inhabited by kids too scared to use the league subbreddit or the /vg/ league general.
: I feel like Boards is very supportive of "new playstyles"....until one actually appears.
I was looking for anyone talking about Inting Sion but this seems to be another major concern currently so i'll address this instead. This Victor build was found to directly counter the current Aatrox and Urgot top lane meta by using a incredibly effective kiting ranged champion early that doesn't fall off of the face of the earth early. This is why people hate it: 1. Its effective against Urgot/Aatrox not because it counter their kits but its simply good vs melee top lane champions. The only way to counter Victor top is to pick another mid champion like Ekko, Ahri etc. This obviously mifs top laners because they want to play top lane champions their familiar with. The proper build for Victor in the top lane does not get countered by any of the melee champions including Irelia and Wukong. Both of then require to be on top of you to do any dmg and your kit used properly makes that incredibly hard to do. 2. It abuseses the age old issue people have had with ranged champs and Iceborn gauntlet. We had it with Jayce, Ez. and many others because its far often used for its great damage and slow rather then its intended use on armor stackers. 3. This is another example of champions/unhealthy metas being neglected so much that it randomly places champions where they do not belong. It's one thing if they make the role ambitious for X champion (Like Yasuo, Tahm, etc.) but It different where the champ is so lackluster mid that you have to go top with an incredibly janky build to attempt to take the top laner by surprise. There are other Top laners that counter Urgot and Aatrox but since Victor naturally counters melee tops your job is much easier. Coming from a Top main since season 4 I don't think Victor top is OP. It's annoying as hell especially if you play someone like Yorick or Urgot but if that happens and you sandbag and get ganks its rly not going to make a difference after laneing phase. If they pick Vic top first and you know how to play any mid laner the lane is a free win he cant abuse his gauntlet as much and since he's so bad as a mid laner its a joke (see why Karthus is randomly a popular top pick). I think if they finally make gauntlet melee only and give Victor some buffs he needs (I'm not joking) this issue would go away. The issues literally is just people getting mad that they cant play their favorite top laners with out getting poked out of lane into oblivion and actually needing to strategize for once. Sorry for the massive soapbox but it seems like no one was understanding the opposite side at all and I wanted to provide some much needed clarification.
: Baarkin?
Raoul (EUW)
: Does Swains Ult really need a 2 minute cooldown?
Yea he completely got Olafed from the PBE. I'm not sure what patch the LCS is playing on (if that even matters) so it might be that. Hopefully he'll end up like Bard or Tahm and be continually buffed until he's in a nice place.
: Lets not forget shyvanna, VI and the very rare tahm kench jungle who are constantly ganking while your jg is behind on farm and already gave up 2 kills. I sometimes prepare myself for a loss by looking at my team vs theirs in champ select. We all know low elo players cant play xerath well and that no tanks vs 3 tanks and a vayne is a disaster in itself
>The very rare Tahm Kench Jungle who is constantly ganking.... Sorry guys, that ones my bad.
Entei (EUNE)
: Tahm Kench top
I actually play Tahm Jungle, Top, and Support. He's pretty flexible atm. Cinderhulk into Warmogs is still a crazy strat Jungle and your R quick cast CD with ultimate hat.
: Bronze is horrible tonight.
In all seriousness it's because it's 90% little kids whose parents are watching the Super Bowl. That and since everyone is using the internet that causes everyones ping to go up. Might as well play an offline game or watch the Super Bowl tonight. Even as a non Football person the game is pretty hype.
: Gonna take you back to one on this.... taking someone into the negatives because you disagree with something something a troll does to validify his own beliefs.
> [{quoted}](name=TeemoInbound,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ohg9PVeb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-04T22:03:59.462+0000) > > Gonna take you back to one on this.... taking someone into the negatives because you disagree with something something a troll does to validify his own beliefs. Yea this thread already got to -2 with 0 contradictory comments. If that isn't an indication of how much the boards nosedived after season 7 I'm not sure what is.
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: Laning against Zoe
>Laning against Zoe Looks like you're goin' to the shadow realm Jimbo.
: why
> [{quoted}](name=Fairyfleur,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=RRWWEoV7,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-02-03T05:06:24.291+0000) > > why The better question you have to ask yourself is, "why not?".
: His full lore will probably be released on Universe when he goes live. His full in client lore should show up on PBE very soon if it's not on there already.
You're probably right. I forgot that he wasn't released on the live servers yet. Is it common for random people to downvote posts on this board?
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CLG ear (NA)
: Please do not make a champion like Zoe ever again
Do you think anyone questions CertaintyT's idea's when it comes to champion development? Riot Employee #1: Hey Mark! What's the design for the new champion we are making? Riot Employee #2: The development team wants to make a Space Loli that puts champions to sleep then utterly obliterates them. Riot Employee #1: *stunned silence* Riot Employee #1: ........CertainlyT? Riot Employee #2: CertainlyT.
: Add the tip ''15 cs equals the gold of a kill''
Just a reminder that dead lane opponents can't prevent you from getting CS or getting tower danmage in. Too many people are just like "I'll just farm and ignore my laner". Yes CS is important but kills are far more advantageous then CS.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Galvatron,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=2FBGcJFg,comment-id=000500000000,timestamp=2018-01-28T22:46:15.430+0000) > > Huehuehuehue >:D I always knew Galvatron was a pervert. NOW I HAVE PROOF FOR THE AUTOBOTS!!!!
Optimus knew that from the get go. He knew something was up when I sent Starscream to set up my fiber optic.
Skelenth (EUW)
: When they say "She's an 'ancient being' so it's fine"
As if that arguement would stop Shadman, regardless of which side won.
Proxy345 (NA)
: This tide pod article is hilarious lol
No, we should instead make them easier to obtain. Let Darwinian fitness sort them out.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
Arakadia (NA)
: | Regarding Reav3's Post on Reddit about changing new Swain's art |
>Using strawmen to justify unpopular decisions and not changing it due to ego. Since when did the Art division start using pages from Gameplays playbook? Arts & Sound are usually more open minded then this. You know what company also used cannon and lore to attempt to justify decisions that were unpopular? Hmmmm....
Xcion (NA)
: Zoe and Vayne have a 50%+ ban rate
To be fair it's not like we really have a choice. I feel super bad for the enemy team when they don't ban Vayne or Zoe and they get instagrabed by my team. It's super unfun watching one person on your team snowball into oblivion and you and the rest of your team is kinda doing what they feel like.
Häxel (EUW)
: I mean: I see people compare him with 2 characters: Lucious Malfoy for his haircut and Count Doku for the q deaths hand. But with the old look even fi he would no longer be Malfoy he would be even more Doku who also had short hair and nto that much diffrent as you made it. he would be literaly Dokus older brother probably. So maybe a mix of 2 characters is better as beeing a full copy of one character? Idk
I think the short hair gives him a more Moff Tarkin feel more fitting for Swain.
: Also loved the Draven comment. Hillarious stuff.
This, him mentioning old ties with Darius and Draven is going to be sooooooo good.
: Through surveys they conducted Riot found a majority of players did not find Swain an interesting character. Yeah it sucks that a character some people liked is gone but in the grand scheme of things that character was bringing very little to the game. Given some time to adjust I think people will come to like this version of Swain a lot more.
> [{quoted}](name=Quality Content,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=rHmAsG4E,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2018-01-24T02:21:39.139+0000) > > Through surveys they conducted Riot found a majority of players did not find Swain an interesting character. Yeah it sucks that a character some people liked is gone but in the grand scheme of things that character was bringing very little to the game. Given some time to adjust I think people will come to like this version of Swain a lot more. Well no, they thought he was uninteresting character IN GAME. I'm willing to bet money that only a fourth of league players even care about more lore then a brief character bio. The same can be said about dozens of other champions (Malphite anyone?) but they picked Swain. Literally the only thing I didn't like about Swain is that he looks way too much like Vladimir (both abilities and appearance). The rest was freaking amazing (okay there was a teeny tiny concern about Swain having to rely too much on Ult but that's another story).
: Okay but why...?
Basically he looks like Vladimirs body double. I literally thought they were reworking Vlad again until I saw Swain in the video title.
: #Give Swain a Haircut
Although both sides have compelling arguments. One cannot argue against the fact that his new kit and abilities are similar in appearance to Vladimirs. Having a more visual distinction in appearance (since Vladimir already has the long billowing white hair) would be a nice touch. Also being a military leader of Noxus, a similar haircut to that of Darius (short) would be more fitting. Need I remind everyone that Swain is the leader of Noxus first, and a sorcerer second. In my personal opinion I feel like we have way too many characters with long hair atm and it feels like a Pegasus lookalike contest when I see all these male champions with long flowing hair. Edit: to the person who keeps spam downvoting the comments in agreement with MM, your actions will not get you a job as a moderator by mindlessly defending Riot for their decisions.
: Except the damage reflect makes it auto win vs Jax, Irelia, Kled, Riven, and Aatrox. Irelia and Riven didn't need tanks to gain counters to them in items because tanks already countered them.
It doesn't counter them. It only mitigates the early game damage advantage so they can't chase you off your farm before the end of laning phase. With the exception of Malphite and Ornn, tanks for the most part are very vulnerable early game and require scaling to fill out their full potential.
: If everything is broken nothing is broken. If you remove all of the slow and boring parts from the game, then it will be full of nothing but excitement right?
Yes and no. You risk soft deleting more the half of the champions in league unless you get a literal overhaul on everything which then might result in creating a DOTA 2 2.0
: I won't lie, the {{champion:6}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:67}} were surprisingly fun to watch, yet seriously depressing as their 100% loserate just shows how self-centered & narrow the LCS champion pools are, mostly due to Riot refusing to nerf them. I mean, where's the long demanded {{champion:29}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:96}} nerfs we asked ever since Worlds ended??
100% lose rate as in they they always lost when picked or vice versa? I can't imagine Vayne literally losing every game when picked.
: Laughing Fish, your name is unusually... Not blue.
Inb4 locked thread. He was kinda "unprofessional" when it came to responding to people asking why he moved certain posts. His popularity kinda went to his head but he knew he fucked up. Just go through his comment history if you want to see for yourself. I was here since 2015 and LFish has always had a bit of an issue with not responding *ahem* elegantly, with others on this board. He's still a nice guy but not cut out for soullessness and extreme politeness you need with moderation duties.
: Can we make the Dragons more interactive?
I think how the dragons are interactivity-wise is fine considering how (as our resident Rito employee has stated) the game is starting to really put pressure on older machines. Not to completely sidebar the argument, but I think there should be a little more balance to the dragons themselves. It's kind of puzzling when Ocean or Wind dragon pops up and both teams pass it up like cold turkey and spinach, but If Earth or Fire strolls into the rift, the game turns into a masive clownfieata dogpile to take the dragon. I feel like wind or water drake should either be looked at, or the RNG of triple Earth or Fire should be augmented so it's not a complete death sentence in the hands of a lucky team comp. (I've played Yorick with triple Earth with a Trist ADC and the game turned into the Legolas and Gimli competition where the hapless orcs were top and bot towers).
: Mundo is already garbage. Swain doesn't have to auto attack. ADCs with lifesteal ARE NOT AN ISSUE nor ever were.
Valors arguement is particularly correct. Bramble is meant to counter Cheese high dmg early like Irelia, Riven, and adc top laners. Grevious is a separate matter entirely from Bramble. Idk why he mentioned Grevious being used on Mundo and Swain when talking about bramble. I also have no clue why Neo said Bruisers should outsustain Tanks.
: Thats like Phreak level punny...
Don't you mean it was, "puns of damage"? :)
: MRW my friend (assassin main) starts playing ADCs to climb in ranked.
But as soon as he gets to silver promos they gut the ADC's and Morde becomes the meta ADC again.
Bequiss (NA)
: Constant high ping in League ever since yesterday?
Meanwhile where I live you are basically forced to have Frontier as an internet provider and my internet will randomly cut out once or twice per day because their servers need to be constantly repaired and fixed.
: you know that brand would easily ignore you and E-W-Q the adc right taking away 80% of his HP and when the passive trigger among with ignite its an easy kill or force the adc to blow all their SS? Taric would just sit there trying to shield and heal the adc but it would be useless... We are in a damage meta and taric dosent have strong shield or heal to negate the damage...and when brand hit 6 you just lost but yeah keep thinking you can do shit with taric lol taric is only good against other tank supports because the damage is low so taric can actually do something but against mage supprots he cant do shit...
To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand the Taric vs Brand match up......
: "you can't just spam the boards with prequel memes!"
Elfezen (NA)
: When your entire Team ganks the enemy Jungler but it was acctualy Mordekaiser
TFW you walk into the brush and it's Morde with elder drake.
: Gameplay boards
And I'm just sitting here quietly observing the gameplay threads.
: What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little Wardens?
Quality shitposting on the League boards? What is this, 2016?
: If you could sleep with any male champ, who would it be???
mfw no one mentions Yorick.
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: 400 Mastery Score : Reached a Milestone I dreamed of ever since I started playing
Stated League in Season 4 because my friend bribed me with Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon if I installed league. Became instantly hooked, built Tiamat on Graves. Then became obsessed with Jungle and Kha'Zix/Rengar. Season 5 I migrated to top, got to Silver 1 in my first promos ever in League. Played Tanks/Bruisers, still do. Pocket picked Darius after juggernaut update, pocket picked Sion after his rework, pocket picked Tahm after his release and fell in love with Yorick after he was reworked. Almost exclusively played normals since season 5 and I'm still Silver/gold since I like having fun even though all my friends are Plat-Masters and I'm just as skilled as they are. Yes, the initial season 4 magic I had is gone, but I still like the game and it's always managed to pull itself out of being a bad game.
: Why people are stuck in bronze.
I'll just drop this here in case anyone wants to git gud in ranked **(no bullshit edition):** - Learn to play Meta Champs and current meta techniques (warding in X brush) - pick 2-3 lanes and pick 3 champs each lane that you can play well. - **Learn from your mistakes.** - Observe and take note of what good (Dyrus etc.) players do (warding, farming, minion wave management) (watch full gameplay, NO HIGHLIGHTS) - If you cant get a min. of 50 FPS and a max of 90 ping don't even bother playing ranked (you can prob have a bit more leeway with your ping). - make sure you have a somewhat comfortable area free from major distractions when you play. - makes sure you won't get interrupted while plying (that frequently). - If you metaphorically shit the bed in game don't sperg out and just roll with it. - Accept that you will sometimes get autists in your games that literally should not be allowed to play video games. Ignore them and focus on what **you** could have done better in those games (but don't beat yourself up over it). - Be nice to people, even if they are *mentioned above* they can still help you out and people will generally listen to you if you are kind and courteous to them and are less inclined to rage (gl hf, nice job, thanks, just remember to ward the brush for _____ etc.). - *****USE THE PRACTICE TOOL***** If you keep failing at flashing over a certain wall then practice it until you got it down cold. I basically did this in season 5 when I first started ranked and I got Silver 1 in promos. TL;DR: There is none, read what I typed if you want to git gud you lazy git.
: Did Memes & Games recently became the shelter for people who want to vent about Gameplay issues but are afraid it would be considered circlejerk in Gameplay, so they smack something that can be labelled "meme" onto it and get a free pass? What a strange times we live in. Next, memers will post memes disguised as legit gameplay suggestions into Gameplay, an orange will be elected president and Ghandi will gain prize for peace despite all his nuke history from Civ games and we will know the end has come.
Meme's & Games went to shit 1-2 years ago when almost all the funny persona's/regular memers (myself included) left the boards before they were updated. There were like 10ish regulars constantly on the board posting and sharing memes. LFish, Ralnr, Glory In Death, Malicious Metal, Me, Tides, Villian etc. Now gameplay has leaked into literally every board and has become Reddit 2.0.
: I challenge thee to trigger the gameplay boards in ten words or less.
: Or I could just ban that piece of shit.
And then they pick something actually ban worthy like Renekton or Jayce and instead of having a 50/50 chance of winning vs the Yorick depending on the counterpick, you auto-lose lane instead and then proceed to complain about that champion on this board instead of pulling your head out your ass and actually learning something.
: More like Yorick season 8: Cancer champion for cancer individuals.
As someone who has mained Yorick since his rework, I believe the correct response is "buy a thornmail you git".
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