: Can we for the love of god nerf conqueror.
First of all assassins like Zed won't take Conqueror because its against what he wants to do which do as much damage as possible while Conqueror can give you damage but believe or not Electrocute is still the better option for him because it does more damage to squishes and its easier for him to proc. Akali is an interesting champion who has all the damage in the world so she can get away with taking Conqueror thanks to her shroud and high damage she can just proc it and kill her opponents mind you fleet is still the better option for her because she doesn't need a damage keystone and can just sustain. Conqueror has been nerfed a lot and pretty hard in terms of adaptive damage so a lot of Mages and ADC's dropped Conqueror for far better options for them, Draven one of the ADC who always used Conqueror even before Conqueror rework dropped that keystone for other options like PTA now, so no I don't think ADC's or Mages really like Conqueror now. Conqueror full potential now goes to the Bruiser class since they have enough base damage to use that true damage Conqueror gives and the healing part is for sustain 1v1 fights that what Bruisers are best at. Tanks shouldn't win vs a Bruiser 1v1 or even early in the laning phase because Tanks are suppose to outscale Bruisers in teamfights and better more useful utility while also more forgiving than Bruisers if they fall behind. Before Conqueror was introduced, Tanks was out of line, they beat Bruiser 1v1, have better laning than Bruisers while also infinitely outscaled Bruisers in teamfights not to mention they are also the easiest class in the game. So we need Conqueror to keep Tanks in check and give them a real weakness which is 1v1's and early laning phase.
: Because literally everyone hates the idea of laning against Darius.
and hate the idea of people like you who is a hard stuck silver thinks he knows how to balance the game instead of playing the actual game and climb over his shitty ass rank. gold and below should not ever have an opinion on how to balance the game
Daimao (NA)
: Dark Harvest is a strong top lane bruiser/juggernaut mastery in general. It's doubly good on Darius due to his ultimate. As it becomes sustained damage when you chain ults and pick up a series of souls. It also becomes a pseudo demolish when pushing lanes, as you often get two boosted attacks from both siege units. Dark Harvest has an increased skill floor, which makes it unattractive compared to passive fire and forget masteries. The na.op.gg listing for Ivern is also using poor mastery choices as well. Not a single one is using Aerys. I shouldn't even need to explain that. You should take your own advice and "fuck outta here".
Low elo trying to tell people how to build Darius like an idiot. Dark harvest works in ur sad shitty elo gtfo
Suitaro (NA)
: Lol I did, still runs the same. Dark essence is fun to run on him. Sometimes the movement boots that give ad.
Sure its fun in normals but in Ranked everything is different. Everyone tries to win, everyone is abusing op stuff. and yes I tried those and it doesn't work in a real game.
Suitaro (NA)
: Too soon to judge, when people find a loophole in the rune system to make Darius strong. You wish they nerf him.
Then we shouldn't buff Ivern and Nunu by that logic. And also you never played Darius and honestly you don't know what your talking about. Its been five days and his win rate is only dropping. Maybe play more ranked so you know.. so I wont have to waste my time explaining how the game works to casual.
Suitaro (NA)
: You sure that's bad? Because Galio is sitting at 44% at least Darius is at 47% on Champion.gg
Its totally bad and Galio needs buffs too. Any champ that is below 49% WR is totally garbage and nonviable. Also Darius has 45% WR on op.gg today, yeasterday was 47% and then lost 2%.
Daimao (NA)
: The mastery choices on that page are atrocious. I didn't see a single Dark Harvest or Phase Rush. Weaksauce Mastery choices, weaksauce performance. Nothing to see here.
Who the hell takes dark harvest on darius?? Phase rush? sure but still not good enough. I guess people building ivern and nunu wrong by that logic rofl get the fuck outta here
Suitaro (NA)
: I mean, he is still viable, you just flat out build tank and get the rune gathering storms. Longer games make Darius stronger than that stack early game. Also, the rune Dark Harvest is busted.
Yeah hes totally viable with the 45% WR. Totally.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 10
Hello Meddler, Any thoughts of helping Darius out too? he took a huge hit with the runes changes costing him to drop to 46% win rate http://na.op.gg/champion/darius/statistics/top Can you guys please give Darius some love?
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Kuma,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=ui8N0Jsr,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-11-02T18:47:34.259+0000) > > At level 6 Darius has 84 base damage > > At level 6 Darius does 15 damage on 1 stack per tick, with 5 stacks he does 26 damage per tick thats like 130 damage before armor > > At level 6 Darius does 201 damage on his Q > > At level 6 Darius does 117 damage on his W > > At level 6 Darius have 5% armor pen > > At level 6 Darius does 100 damage true damage, with 5 stack he does 253 true damage on his ULT > > all this could work on an AFK target who does not fight back > > Im not sure why are you randomly higher up his damage across the board without actually testing him in PBE 84 Base, Add A dorans blade, a phage, 2 long swords, any kind of additional AD, not even counting if you were to have Grasp on the PBE, you would be doing well over 100 Damage on Auto attacks. 15 Base +30% of your AD 100 Base + 120% of your AD, which again, at this point is most likely higher than 100. Even at 87 Base damage only, Darius W does 121 Damage, not including the additional AD which will be in his build. His ultimate does not do True damage until 5 stacks, I grant you, but at 5 stacks, it gives 20% additional damage per stack, meaning it does, at minimum, 100 + 75% Bonus AD, multiplied by 2 because of 5 stacks. Assuming 13 bonus AD ONLY, that would still be 226 True damage. This does not include potential Rune Bonus', such as- Press the Attack, Coup de Grace, Last Stand, Electrocute, Predator, Cheap Shot, Scorch, or Grasp of the Undying. If your issue is with his damage, try taking a different Keystone, Press the attack seems rather good, as you should already stack his passive. If your issue is with his playstyle, I recommend another champion.
do you even play this champion or are you just being retarded? also they changed press the attack its not like fervor anymore, also maybe you shouldn't be commenting here if you dont even play top lane and acting like a true dumbass gold 5 low elo player
Ahris (NA)
: Many champs are also getting nerfed, Ahri lost her w interqction with thunderlords and her q + ludens + tld as well. These runes imo is pretty garbage for many champs.
The Runes are fine but how Riot compensate champions are out of this world unfair
: The Highest level 6 health of any champion is Alistar, with just over 1100. This mean Darius ult will do 1/4 of a health bar to any other level 6 champion all else unconsidered. Considering that Darius is a high auto attack based champion, take a look at the damage he can do at level 6 items excluded. His Passive alone, at 1 stack, deals roughly 45 damage (considering a 100 AD level 6 Darius), so at 5 stacks, this becomes 225 damage. His Q does 100 flat, plus an additional 120% of his Ad, so in this case, 220 damage. His W will do 40% addtional AD, so that is a 140 damage Auto which can cancel another auto His E has armor pen, so in this case, lets assume a 60 armor opponent, which would get lowered to say 54 armor, which is 35% reduction. 4 Autos, 1 W, 1 Q, 1 ult. Consider 400 + 140+220+ 225 + 253 true damage ult. This equates to 1218 damage, which reduced becomes roughly 880 damage. This is a single combo mind you
At level 6 Darius has 84 base damage At level 6 Darius does 15 damage on 1 stack per tick, with 5 stacks he does 26 damage per tick thats like 130 damage before armor At level 6 Darius does 201 damage on his Q At level 6 Darius does 117 damage on his W At level 6 Darius have 5% armor pen At level 6 Darius does 100 damage true damage, with 5 stack he does 253 true damage on his ULT all this could work on an AFK target who does not fight back Im not sure why are you randomly higher up his damage across the board without actually testing him in PBE
Ralanr (NA)
: Is this without his stacks?
With the 5 stacks... which is sad how unfair Riot leaving Darius uncompensated..
Rioter Comments
: Trinity Force Or Black Clever On Darius?
Tri force good vs squishes and useful in split pushes, bad vs tanks Cleaver good vs Tanks and useful in teamfights, bad split pushing power
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Draven gets 80% damage from Q AND gets to crit with it.
Draven was fine before the stupid idiotic death dance buffs and riot refuses to nerf death dance instead of draven
Rioter Comments
: season 8 stormraider's
your stupid if you think juggernauts will benefit more than Riven,Riven, RIVEN, Irelia, Renek, Fiora, Camilie..ect this only promotes hit and run bitchmade playstyle
: Why everytime fiora gets nerfed she get a buff immediately
How can some people still defend fiora? do you guys forgot pre fiora nerfs already? is it fun to get chased down and cant do shit against her even if ur a MOBILE champion? and the lame ass excuse about her not functioning after the nerf ROFL.
Kàyle (NA)
: She got overnerfed and needs compensation buffs. Thorns strong against her, and her MS loss was outrageous. I agree that i don't like her, but i can't say that she deserves to be "in the gutter."
she is not in the gutter the fuck ur talking about?
: she's pretty hard to play and not a faceroll champion like darius so not everyone can play her perfectly
she is a pretty much a faceroll champion in my elo
: she is getting buffed because she is literally absolute garbage. She relied on that MS to get on to anyone and now she is a duelist centric champion that is unable to duel anyone. How are you surprised she is getting buffed? she currently cannot function on her intended role!
Since fiora got her full rework shes been getting changes non stop, whenever they nerfed her they buffed her back, whenever shes not picked as much they buffed her back. What about morde? they nerf the shit out of him, didnt even fix most of his annoying bugs and left him beyond nonfunctional. many more champions experienced it.. i really dont like the idea of shoving fiora down our throats whenever shes not picked as much.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Kuma,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=q6EYAgW4,comment-id=0002000000000001,timestamp=2017-07-25T21:46:10.433+0000) > > Yeah a tank counter you say? lol Um yeah. What do you think the %maxhealth True damage is for? > bad teamfighting? jesus christ some people I know, it's weird how some people think her teamfighting is actually good.
so shes only good vs tanks? not like she can just win 1v1 against any fighter who tries to stop her split pushing?? yes her "bad teamfighting" is a myth and its not entirely true
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Kuma,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=q6EYAgW4,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-07-25T21:04:18.663+0000) > > Shes a late game split pusher who beats any fighter/assassin 1v1(not sure about darkin kayn) shes suppose to have a weak early game thats the trade off The trade off is shit teamfighting ability. Not lane. Maybe they buffed her because she never needed nerfs? Anyway, to answer your question of why it happened so fast, it's probably since Fiora is a pretty popular champion. Plus, I don't think anyone will complain about having a tank counter be good.
Yeah a tank counter you say? lol bad teamfighting? jesus christ some people
: A lot of people agree she was hit too hard last nerf.
Shes a late game split pusher who beats any fighter/assassin 1v1(not sure about darkin kayn) shes suppose to have a weak early game thats the trade off
: Because she couldn't function? Fiora is a champ that needs to be quick and nimble, the nerfs made her slow and clunky. Honestly without her ult ms, she'll still be in a pretty shitty place.
Top laners been SCREAMING at riot to nerf her W and remove her unnecessary AS slow or even nerf her overall damage but riot decently nerfed fiora to not be stupidly oppressive at the early game where shes not suppose to and you actually can run away as an immobile melee fighter dont tell me shes not functioning she still has her low Q cooldowns and still beats anyone 1v1 late game
Rioter Comments
: I am glad that BotrK doesn't get split between melee and ranged. If there are cases when it is op (like Kennen or Lucian), then they can just nerf these champions in particular. But I don't want them to make an item, which they **recently changed to be an attractive purchase for marksmen**, less effective on marksmen. That would just contradict the intent.
I mean adc having a one item power spike is never a good idea, if you want adc's to be late game gods then why do you want them to be a huge threat early game? honestly the game is decided on who has the fed lucian or draven or any BOTRK user while other range tops abusing on-hit build
: Even with BotrK nerfed, Kennen will still be an abomination to face as any melee in Lane, that's the nature of melee vs ranged in this game, especially if the ranged has good selfpeel. He'll just fall back to either double dorans into ap or mabye some ap-onhit with guinsoo's, permastunning folks 1v1.
well atleast he needs to AA 6 times to get the full power of guinsoo all they need to do is either nerf BOTRK for range or rework/remove FM from the game
: the whole point of buffing BotRK in the first place was to give adcs an early game item to opt into at the expense of late game crit power spikes, or putting those off at least. it does that pretty well so it shouldn't be surprising that they don't want to make the item suck again... of course champions like kennen are pretty annoying but they can always nerf him individually.
BOTRK is overtuned and needs a real nerf and kennen is not the only one whos going on hit, teemo also goes on hit and its as aids to deal with and removes immobile champs from the game with the FM combo or maybe its just me
: This is the result of nerfing his ult damage.
no one is having fun playing vs ap or ad kenenn like ever, they nerfed his ult because he was one shotting adc's now he kills anyone who dare to stop his split push kennen needs slight rework to be a mid laner again or he will just receive non stop nerfs
Rioter Comments
archerno1 (EUNE)
: Isnt she overnerfed already and awaiting buffs?
FooDang (NA)
: {{champion:36}} Buffs = Kreygasm Damnit, now I have to change my pants...
yeah the mundo and sion buffs are cool, finally they got some love
Rioter Comments
: Can we in the very least TALK about Darius?
Darius received 5 nerfs and indirect nerfs in the past few months.. they nerfed his AD passive, Q handle damage, Black cleaver shred and 2 undocumented nerfs which are E range(was 550 now 535, check darius lolwiki) and Ult cast time I mean its pretty ridiculous that you want Riot to act on darius while other melee champs{{champion:114}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:58}}{{champion:92}} also {{champion:17}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:85}} are more oppressive than darius he has clear weakness and easily played around and focused in TF's than the other listed above
: calling me a coward to keep things clean what a guy lol i wont apologize to a random hard stuck low elo and yes i wont delete this comment
thats a cute insult so anyone higher than ur depressing elo is a no lifeR ok then lol
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Kuma,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YKYqwA0b,comment-id=000200000001000000020001000000000000,timestamp=2017-05-02T22:11:08.462+0000) > > Darius already received nerfs thanks to you the negative WR people who refuses to learn the game and actually climb Darius received nerfs because he was OPPRESSIVE and strong. They take into account all elos and Darius main winrates. Please stop flaming low elo players because you're just making yourself seem like a boosted ape with a good use of mouth for daddy's money.
he is a lot less oppressive and offers more counter play than riven ever will there are 5 riven mains in challenger so her actual wr hides how oppressive and op she is
Rexxiee (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lord Kuma,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YKYqwA0b,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2017-05-02T22:07:20.122+0000) > > maybe read the patch notes? They fixed some bugs, none of his cancels were removed. Maybe you should read them, and getting an AA at the same time of his Q is not a cancel, its a bug.
: Darius' ult shouldn't deal true damage. Darius' ult shouldn't reset at rank 3. Darius' ult shouldn't have a recast window if it kills. Darius' E shouldn't give % armour pen. Darius' W shouldn't refund mana when it kills. They're part of his kit right? So is Riven's q cooldown starting at first cast. Consider all other champions too please.
Darius already received nerfs thanks to you the negative WR people who refuses to learn the game and actually climb
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} ~~Ok, then I believe there might be an apology in order on the parent comment.~~ ~~Although the OP was a dick to you, so maybe not.~~ EDIT: I take it back, OP does not deserve your apology in the least bit. The coward deleted his comment rather than apologize for it. You seem like a solid person, thanks for discussing this! EDIT 2: People editing stuff to hide from consequences is why I usually quote them when they seem like that sort of person and I'm addressing them. You might like to try the same thing to prevent that.
calling me a coward to keep things clean what a guy lol i wont apologize to a random hard stuck low elo and yes i wont delete this comment
Rexxiee (NA)
: Except they didnt remove his animation cancels?
: She has long cooldowns early on, without proper runes. Her q is on around a 14 second cooldown with ~6% CDR at rank 1
and the cd shouldnt start at her first q cast
: As you said there, mechanic. Mechanic means it's a part of the champion in this case. Please research how Riven works before bashing a champion.
its still a bug so riot should act on it like how they did with the others
Joxcab (NA)
: Doesn't matter anyways though. Renekton and Graves' animation cancels were just additional power to already fairly strong champions. Riven's animation cancel is the entire reason she isn't complete garbage. It's the whole reason she's actually playable. Her entire kit is balanced and woven around it, unlike others.
if you want to keep riven bug to make her viable then she should face the consequences by nerfing her CD so hard so she can be balanced
: Jayce has animation cancels, so does Fiora, and probably many more champions that you havent even listed here. Darius even has an auto cancel and i don't see you complaining about how that wasn't removed. Just because you can't play against a good Riven in your own elo doesn't mean she's broken, it means she's better than you and knows the matchup more than you.
I will gladly love if riot to remove Darius aa animation cancel for riven can be finally balanced by removing her absurd mechanic
: Arguing that one champion should lose a mechanic just because another champion lost it is poor arguing. It could preface an argument, but it shouldn't be the main point. You could say, "Since AA animation canceling has been removed for another top laner, let's look at Riven. She abuses the mechanic to deal a significantly higher amount of damage than she could otherwise. I think removing this would give her kit more readability, counterplay, or remove some unfair power etc..."
Riot are removing so many AA animation cancels and they did remove 2 of them in this patch(renekton and graves) so Riven should not be an exception since shes the most who abuses this mechanic
: it is hard to do especially in high risk situations without it she would be garbage. why is a diamond complaining about something like that?
Well its going to reduce Renekton WR by a lot and he would be a lot less viable when BC also getting nerfed the top picks in diamond+ are Jayce, Fiora, Kennen and Riven so yes i am complaining about this absurd champion that wont be ever addressed
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