: The only meta remotely enforced is the lane position idea: 1 top, 1 mid, 1 jungle, 2 bottom lane. Everything else is pretty up in the air and allowed as long as it makes a semblance of sense. If you don't want to continue being a "non toxic" player then be prepared to lose your account from punishments. If you aren't enjoying the game, take a break. Don't blame an inanimate object for "making" you toxic.
I am usually fine in the games we are winning and I am usually nice to my team mates but I do feel towards the end of the game when we are especially losing, I become toxic. I don't blame my team mates as much anymore but people in league don't take criticism lightly. Also Toxicity has become more apparent in the community as negative attitude which I gladly report but there is just too much of it. I played in season 3 and 4, and I clearly remember there wasn't as much negative attitude. You are in 5 minutes and everyone decides ff... even when the game is clearly winnable and I see people who just decide to farm side lane hopelessly when their team is losing not to actually accomplish something but to force the game to end knowing that their team can't team fight without them. I have reported all these toxic behaviours but only 1 out of 10 of them ever get punished.
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: Every role in the game is less fun with the new dragon system.
The game been bot focused since the tanks got kicked out of the meta and since riot keeps pushing dragons and avoiding top lane like the plague this will remain the case and also ADCs do a ton of dmg not only for dragon.
: Is Morde rly this strong?
No not really... Morde has to be reverted in some cases to his old dark harvest self...
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: Which 1 champion do you dislike the most?
{{champion:92}} I think it explains a lot...
Eedat (NA)
: The state of top lane
Imagine if you sat 20 minutes under your tower without a gank: That is the state of top lane. Here's an idea if they just move dragon to top side and herald to bot side, the game gets a lot better. In plat elo (Well ik not the best representation) there are games that a single herald is not even captured or contested... In bot you got support to sometimes take care of you and make plays but in top how are you gonna make plays against champs that just walk forward and auto attack or use their brain dead ability... {{champion:86}} {{champion:82}} As much as old morde was interactive and fun to play and play against this one is just a detriment to already declining lane...
: Do you not auto attack on mordekaiser? INNATE: Mordekaiser's basic attacks deal 40% AP bonus magic damage on-hit. Just off of this would mean you would want to auto with morde. 40 more dmg on each auto can mean the difference between killing a target or not especially when we're referring to a target where you stole part of its armor. Gold Value 80 ability power = Gold 1740 40 attack damage = Gold 1400 Total Gold Value = Gold 3140 15% "life steal" = Gold 562.5 15% "spell vamp" = Gold 412.5 Total Gold Value = Gold 4115 This is the gold value of gunblade. Take away the ad and you're looking at 2700 gold without its active. So if you want to argue not a singe ad is worth having on morde you're still looking at 2700 gold of the 3400 in stats without the active as well as a ton of synergy with his build. Afters runes and items this is how you tend to make your statements. >I really prefer having his current passive > It just feels right and adds up to his gameplay Do you see how when you move away from logic and reasoning, theres nothing to argue when you start saying "i prefer" and "it feels right" i cant tell you how to feel or what you should prefer i can bring another morde player to say the opposite and theres no argument to be had against it. >Because he would be super effective at locking out enemy carries from fights so his team can work around dealing with the 4 other members > adds up to his gameplay a lot more and that would be far more balanced and actually opensdoors to a lot of counter play by bruisers that struggle against him. One statement you made about his W the other about his R. Where would be the balance in morde choosing to lock a carry of his choice from a teamfight and the carry has no say in it? How is that balanced to you?
I see your point but for the last part, the carry has no say in getting one shot by a fed {{champion:107}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:245}} so … in this meta you can add one to the list. The other thing is, if {{champion:82}} is okay and is in a good state why is everyone complaining ? There must be something wrong here ? There must be something I am not getting. Old Morde mains say he is just not the Morde they fell in love with and the players who play against him and carries want this champ out of the game.
: Okay for your problems with the W point. You need to understand that the reason the change happened was his old shield was oppressive. To the point where back in season 1 or 2 cant really remember players used to buy 8 or 9 health pots on him when there was no limit and just spam his E and bully the opposing laner. You arent going to get the same level of that oppressive shield with the current morde. Morde also heals based on the dmg he takes not only for the dmg he deals. Now morde's W at rank 1 heals him for 40 percent of the shield, the shield is 30 percent of morde's max health. At level 3 this means the shield will be around 230. Which means morde will heal for 92 hp. If we compare this to darius he heals for 15 percent of his missing hp at level 3 he has 729 health to heal for the same amount that morde has he would need to be at around 30 health left. Thats to get the 90 hp heal. So no i cant say morde doesnt heal as much as darius does. The only difference is the cd but morde still gets a 230 hp shield we're not accounting for. As for the zed R vs Morde R zed's ultimate doesnt steal stats from his target so its not a debuff where as morde's ult does debuff his target. Would you be okay if they didnt let morde take his target's stats and then not allow qss to work? Most morde players would say no to this because then morde cant get those huge dmg numbers or resistances from the target he ults. As for your rune comments I feel like your being really picky. Like garen can go phase rush and predator because we've seen him do it before that doesnt mean its his most optimal. And likewise morde can go predator run it ult a target and kill that target. Phase rush morde can also work well with his ultimate but the most optimal will be conq and grasp on him. Hell you can even make a case for aery on him. As for sustain items, I feel like if id theory craft up a build for him depending on the matchup gunblade, rylais, liandrys, visage, randuins, tabis/treads/ionian would seem completely viable on him to me. This would amplify his healing from conq and ravenous hunter as well give him insane sustain ravenous hunter conq gunblade his W visage amplifying those 4 sources. While getting resistances from visage and randuins as well as health from randuins visage ryalis and liandrys Thats 1.6k healtth on top of his base 2.1k for 3.7k health Sustain through the above 4 sources amplified by visage Grab 10 percent cdr from runes instead of adaptive and 10 percent from blue buff and you have cap cdr. Armor from randuins Magic resist from visage percentt health dmg with liandrys which also adds to gunblade healing and is doubled because rylais On top of that he gunblade active and randuins active to stop kiting And reduced dmg from crit atks because randuins passive How do you find this a bad build?
Simple.The price of the {{item:3146}} is too high, for the stats it gives. We don't need attack damage not anymore on him as we used to back when his kit also included attack damage scaling. So you are basically wasting 40 damage worth of gold. I already take 10 percent cdr from runes as well, I mean my average build usually has items like this at the end of the game if the game takes 40 minutes or something which rarely if never happens. When he first came out I tried what I usually built on the old version, {{item:3151}} {{item:3146}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3165}} let's say this but now it seems much more efficient against a bruiser to go something like this in my experience {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3075}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3065}} . I give you this,he has a diverse build path but not a diverse rune path nothing really matches how good conqueror is on him. I'll just list some of the items I found enormous success with and they are a lot. {{item:3091}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3115}} and some items that average morde player tends to build {{item:3152}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3165}} . About his W, I really prefer having his current passive as his W active and healing rather than what it is now. I think having an offensive sort of sustain is better than putting it as a defensive conditional sustain . It just feels right and adds up to his gameplay a lot more and that would be far more balanced and actually opensdoors to a lot of counter play by bruisers that struggle against him. Also perhaps make his shield like the old shield. Also about the ult, yes I do prefer him not stealing stats and his ult to remain something that cannot be cleansed. Lore wise it makes sense and gameplay wise, {{champion:82}} will probably see more pro play than he saw this season. Because he would be super effective at locking out enemy carries from fights so his team can work around dealing with the 4 other members.
: Lets talk about your logic you're using this post: >I like his Lore and also his gameplay > but the only thing that makes me play him is his lore and his gameplay be damned Then >but Most of my problem is with his **W** and Ultimate > He **doesn't have a real sustain** >**all his sustain comes from** Conq, domination and his **W** Then >What a balancing mess and everyone said it was op, yet it isn't. Hell half the champions can kill morde within his ult if they have some sort of a lead >{{champion:122}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:75}} So you're referring to nasus who with ult is almost unable to be 1v1'd by anyone outside of shojin jax, jax who if you ult him after he ults you win. Same for illaoi if you ult she ults you win because the tentacles dont follow you. Finally the lane bully who again if you ult him after 5stack you win because you take a large portion of his ad and of course you need to dodge his sustain with his Q by pulling him near or away from you with your E. I dont think you're playing the champ correctly and you're putting the blame on the champion instead of yourself. >You can also cleanse it As opposed to what? Getting stuck in there and killed? Not every champ is GP and saying you can wait out 7 seconds with hourglass when it only lasts 2.5 seconds is rather odd. > rather than buy an item and kite him around You mean you just cant ult another target? Maybe remove their frontline from the fight or just delaying their mage from bursting anyone. Peeling off an assassin none of these matter to you? >At least and many others have more to play with and around and makes them fun and interactive. You named 4 out of 141 champions... And you didnt even specify the runes those champions take to show that they take a more diverse runeset. Finally >So now I ask you do you like how {{champion:82}} 's gameplay is ? > I like his Lore and also his gameplay Judging from your initial statement yes but after that you took a complete 180 so idk what you even think.
Gameplay wise, I should have specified more I liked the gameplay of the old {{champion:82}} but there are some aspects of the gameplay of the new {{champion:82}} that I like. The bonk on the Q which is how the original q was with the isolation damage and the much needed cc which is his e. The W is the last source of sustain {{champion:82}} has not nearly as efficient as any other bruiser in the game, you can refer to {{champion:266}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:420}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:83}} ( I think you get the point ) . It is just a cheap attempt at bringing his old W back but it failed and it is just not as effective as his old white bar of armor used to be in clutch situations. So {{champion:82}} ult the portion of stats it gets is not nearly enough dueling power and god forbid you have an ult like {{champion:75}} which gives you extra stats and you use it before {{champion:82}} ults you. Which then it is your fault dying to a {{champion:82}} ult. Do you think it is wise for riot to decide to cleanse a {{champion:238}} ult ? Just think about that and apply it to {{champion:82}} that is a long cool down as well. {{champion:82}} is not nearly as efficient to put that much damage out in such a short amount of time and his ult puts him in many dangerous situations, it could be used supportively but old {{champion:82}} was far better support than the new one in that matter. You remove their frontline but it depends what frontline they have, {{champion:254}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:54}} and so on. Sure it is wise to do but remember your team is in a 4v4 they still have a high chance of losing, specially if they are not competent enough and rely on you a lot. Which happens to top laners a lot. You also delay them bursting your adc at the cost of yourself probably losing a lot of health, remember you don't get as much defensive stats specially now you probably are far better sacrificing your adc if enemy adc doesn't have a {{item:3140}} . I mean look at the top lane meta ? Grasp of the Undying is quite popular on most juggernauts like {{champion:75}} and {{champion:86}} plus {{champion:86}} could go predator , phase rush and so many other choices if you are good enough with him. {{champion:164}} already has given up on conqueror and goes press the attack, you can choose a wide variety of rune paths for her. Hell you could take klepto in a favouring match up but take that on {{champion:82}} and you are definitely trolling. I once took two different rune sets on {{champion:82}} one of the was dark harvest and the other one was grasp. To be fair nowhere close as how he performs with conqueror, I might as well be trolling. I think, the big guy ,{{champion:82}} is in a bad state whether you play him or play against him. There are so many complaints from both sides, he just is a completely different champion that what we fell in love with and for what reasons. He can't even build sustain items anymore other than {{item:3065}} . It's just not cost effective. Old {{champion:82}} could go variety of items, even {{item:3078}} was viable on him and guess what, you'd be trolling if you built it now. You'd be trolling if you built half of the things you could build on his old self.
: Why am I having such a hard time on Riven?
Sometimes it's just the champion, you might just not find it to be your style. I mean riven is not my style of champion, like not everyone could play every champ and it also takes time.{{sticker:sg-janna}}
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