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: "hey morte, why don't you play mordekaiser anymore?"
: Where most disappointment with the Mordekaiser rework comes from (@Riot)
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avarisce (NA)
: i dont want him to get buffed or nerfed i want them to rework some of his abilities. i hate the fact that morde is so dependant on allies now.
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: its been awhile since the morde rework, this is how I feel it SHOULD have gone down
: Nah. I'll pass. You're hours are too awkward. . . . I assume.
: Oh my bad I didn't realize you offered both teams. XD I thought only your own team.
: I wanna know who got skins and win. Plz so tease. wtf is wrong with u
: This is an awesome idea that I should try.
I have this idea copyrighted! Mwahahahaha- er I mean Hueueueueue! J/k. Feel free. But I do hop you'll toss the stream a follow if you intend to use my idea <3
: Really? You give away 2 skins? Come on now...we all know that "There can only be one."
yes but by revealing the 'HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDEEEEEEN QUEST' - PEOPLE ARE ARE LIKE...whaaaaaaaaaaaat? and get all the more into the game.
: I would say "Zero deaths, but with more kills than me." So they can't play too safe.
º LB º (NA)
: i love this guy xD wish i were in that match i wouldve honored him and gifted him a skin ^_^
the yasuo or me? xD Were you the guy that follow me on stream man? If so thanks!
: what egotistical asshole uses a facecam
Erm. Streamers? But maybe you're referring to the TYPE of webcam I got? I used to work on a military base. When you shop on one- you do not have to pay taxes for electronics. So I bought the best cam they had. It just happened to be a 'face cam' Trust me. It was definitely better than what I had before :( thng was fuzzy as fck Now it would appear you're sitting at 0 upvotes. I'mma toss you one- to show there's no ill will for that cruel and somewhat ignorant comment.
Carnage (NA)
: so what skin did he get ?
He said he got cottontail teemo on thereddit thread- but I think he's confused- cuz I definitely remember him getting Panda Teemo
Kas127 (NA)
: It's not about who lost. It's about what people are ready to do if you reward them appropriately. Imagine every single game turning noobs into pro players like that. Great juke by Yas!
: How do you post this and not end up telling us who died first... Yasuo or Sion?
: what if someone was a dc and ended with no deaths
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: "Riot's Breaking my Hueart. Again." - Mordekaiser
: I feel like a Wrestler in a two on two match, once my Mordekaiser thread's filled and everything's been said you jump in and take over.^w^ On the topic though; I've been playing Mordekaiser non-stop ever since I started league some time in season three and I've been playing a lot with the reworked Mordekaiser to try and get him to work in solo lanes as well as duo. It doesn't work since his entire balance's dictated by his gimped W, the bloody passive and the dragon clone. So I knew from the moment I saw the bp notes that Mordekaiser would once again become utter trash; As you've mentioned he relied on pushing brutally, building up shield and shrugging off poke, accumulating a massive experience lead. ->This isn't possible anymore due to the nerfed heal and especially the overlapping damage being removed. Riot basically shot themselves in the foot by effectively eliminating what made him good in the first place. His shield gain is weaker, his sustain doesn't help him at all in some scenarios and he can't do his job properly anymore. He relies on having disgustingly high base numbers and on the unfair and tbh really unhealthy W mechanic to do well in Bot lane. Now I feel like I'm handicapping my team whenever I go bot with him since he requires SOOOOO much effort to pull of, making me question ever playing Morde again, which I thought wouldn't happen before armageddon. And yet here we are, Riot having effectively proven that they can't balance Mordekaiser with his current kit and condemning him to a state of limbo. Hovering around OP and UP and not having any chance at becoming a healthy champion. Heck, the common consensus is that old Morde had his flaws but he had more counterplay and was less Unhealthy, which completely invalidates their reasoning behind making him a duo laner when in fact he manages to make the game a living hell for TWO people instead of one in solo lanes. And what adds insult to injury is him having been able to duo before, with better results to boot, in a world where he was able to do things on his OWN. The More I think about it the more I start to think that the rework was a poor excuse to band-aid fix him and what seemed to be one massive failure. Morde needs A LOT of tweaks, heck maybe even a second REWORK/RELAUNCH in order to truly live up to the Mantle of Master of Metal and become a healthy, balanced, interesting champion with unique themes and identity. league's very own version of Sauron! Thank you for laying this out for all of us to see, we Mordekaiser Mains should not let our voices be unheard and our call to arms be unanswered. HE WILL NOT BE LEFT IN THE DUST. We shall not allow this! ~M.M
Well greetings from the great USA fellow Morde main. Do me a sweet sweet favor and share this thread around would you?
Tortunga (EUW)
: I got one word for your reply: Pathetic. I posted why Mordekaiser is perma-banned; because his current kit is toxic to play against. It has several 0 counterplay mechanic. I don't care if he is garbage, to me, and to a lot of other non Mordekaiser fan boys if you would read any of the nerf mordekaiser threats, his kit is just unfun to play against, and so he is banned. You didn't had to attack me personal for giving my opinion, but whatever.... Have fun with your fan base "discussion" and get more replies telling how awesome you are to boost your ego. Or even beter let me help you OMG YOUR POST IS AWESOME UPVOTE.... OMG OMG OMG OMG BEST POST EVER. I GO 1/12/1 NOT BECAUSE I SUCK BUT BECAUSE MORDE IS TRASH TIER. OMG OMG OMG OMG. One word; Pathetic
Oi Peasant. Refer above. Read it. Analyze it. Apply it. ?????. Repeat. PS. I'm attacking you because your opinion is the product of ignorance. You have not taken the time to inform yourself or learn from any of your mistakes versus Morde. _You made that much apparent when you opened your mouth._ You have the nerve to claim that a melee champ who can't even heal himself UNLESS YOUR dumb enough to stay in his VERY small W aura, and has burst that ONLY matters if you let him smack you with the third AA is a TOXIC kit to play AGAINST. While we Morde mains are still crying foul at the fact we're expected to to depend on completely random supports who half the time don't understand what they're doing while at the same time trying to out trade ranged duos bot lane. Now leave Peasant. This is a gathering of Morde blowhards that give a sh*t about the facts. Not the difficulties of bronze players who refuse to learn anything new.
Tortunga (EUW)
: > SIDE NOTE: Stop banning Morde. You drive me crazy. Yes you. He is banned for a reason; Even if he isnt that strong as some people say, his whole kit is just toxic with elements that has 0 counterplay in a duo lane. He is a viable Yorick really (and Yorick is according to Riot themselves, one of the most unfun champions to play against), with his bonus XP, extremely beefiness from level 1, and his stupid pet drake. His passive + heal of Harvester of Sorrow + duo relic shield makes it almost impossible to force a Mordekaiser, a melee champion, out of lane even with the most damaging harassers. Yes Mordekaiser needs some extra defences if he wants to be viable in bot lane, but its just to much now. His xp passive is just broken; he 'wins' lane just by being there; he gets ahead level wise. Just to show how broken it is I made a small calculation: 2400 xp needed for level 6; a normal duo lane gets 65.2% of the minion xp, Mordekaiser gets full. This means if both enemy bot lanes got the same amount of xp Mordekiaser can be level 6, while the rest is still level 4 (2400*0.652=1564, 1700 xp needed for level 5). And this has 0 counterplay at all; its a broken passive and should have never implanted His stupid pet drake; ow great our team already lost the drake, but while otherwise all their team members get a small extra buff, with a mordekaiser you have to fight a freaking large beefy drake too. It might be fun to play with your ghost drake, but playing against it is just frustrating (pet drake tanking the turret while your getting dived for example) and has 0 counterplay. This combined with his high damage just makes him, in my opinion, toxic to play against; you cant harass him out of lane because of his beefiness and sustain, you will always be lower level if not far ahead, and if you lose control of Bot you have to fight a dragon... This combined with the inability to really fight an hard engage sup+ Morde duo lane (his high damage will destroy you), and the only thing you can hope for is a passive farm lane. So much fun... So yeah I don't really care if Morde isn't that strong as people say, his kit is just toxic to play against and that's to me (and to a lot of others) enough reason to keep him perma banned.
Oi. You. Yeah you. Shut up and read my post and check the numbers. People like you piss me off- signing on here, downvoting my thread and speaking their ignorant minds before they even take a look at the numbers. Maybe if you knew a damn thing about Morde you could counter him properly. I could counter a Morde in my sleep. Morde is TRASH tier right now. Don't get pissed just cuz you can't run whatever the fck you want and not get punished for it. I even went as far as to list several different counters to Morde bot. PS- maybe if you f*cking read Morde's kit you'd know Morde only gets full exp for cs he last hits. No one is perfect and being a melee champ whose harassed over and over again makes it fcking hard to last hit perfectly. Now pick up what's left of your dignity and get the f*ck off my thread. Peasant.
: 3rd link of gyazo has an extra underscore at the end, you may want to trim that off. Also, I played morde a bunch pre-rework, found it fun considering I was taking half the map and killed any person who went for me (I got lucky in a 1v4 and got the TF[who was going AD top, for some reason] as the clone, killed all 4) Post rework... He's fine, I suppose, but compared to the old mordekaiser I would kind of toss him aside if it were a one on one. Not sure why they are so stubborn and won't just put back the DoT of the W.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dr Poro,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iuqAk9lI,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2015-09-18T18:01:17.102+0000) > > What? His winrate is now barely higher than the second highest ADC winrate? Unacceptable! He must have 60+% winrate to be viable! > > - Mordemains "You are dumb" - Morde mains
> [{quoted}](name=Mordepool,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iuqAk9lI,comment-id=00040001,timestamp=2015-09-18T18:54:25.867+0000) > > "You are dumb" - Morde mains bless you
: >Back up your claim your a nobody with obscure views
Damn son. Looks like you got rekt. You can come out of your corner of shame when you're ready to interact with others like an adult.
: >I'm willing to say that other than the Dragon pet- Old Morde was stronger bottom than our present Hue master. This bias is so strong and incorrect i think u need a shrink
Oh yeah? Cuz I'm the one who suggested Bot Morde to Riot in the first place kiddo. And I'm the one who tried it out first. I'm the one who carried with it first too. As the screenshot I associated in the early part of this thread will prove- I knew how to play Morde bot long before the rework. Morde didn't need an exp buff or a 3 hit Q for burst and his E certainly used to pack a punch. Back up your claim that I seem biased when I obviously know what I'm talking about and have already ran the numbers.
Ralanr (NA)
: Pantheon's one second stun is enough to consider him hard CC?
Sorry I needto edit that- been up all night. I meant to describe those three as super aggro lanes
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