: It’s time for April bundles!
Dear Riot, I love you as much as the next guy, but you must know that most of us who work get paid at the end of the month. Your "monthly bundle" is available for just one week and ends the day before we, mortals, get paid. So, if you really want us to buy these bundles, why not make them available for just a wee bit longer? You know, so we can gladly spend our money buying skin bundles instead of food and stuff. Trust us, we won't mind =)
: Enter August bundles!
Dear Riot, I would like to be able to buy all your bundles, ever. Unfortunately, you make your monthly bundles available for what, one week out of the whole month? At least the timing now is a bit better than before (which was right before the month ended, so those of us who work would've gotten our salaries AFTER the bundles were gone). But it's still a very tiny time-frame. If monthly bundles were available for, you know, the whole month, I'm sure people would buy more of them. Cause it's not like buying a 5 dollar skin, these things can be quite pricey (i.e. one of them is 5098 RP if you don't have the champions). Oh, silly Rito, sometimes you make it so hard for us to give you money.
: April bundles
How monthly bundles should work: a bunch of bundles every month that last for a whole month so that people have enough time to gather all the money required to buy them all. Good for business since people have a bigger chance of buying all bundles. How they actually work: a bunch of bundles every 3 months or so, they last for like 6 days and it's usually in the worst time of the month (i.e. they end just before people get their monthly salaries). Rito pls... It's like you don't even want our money
: That's going to be a while.
Still waiting for you know who ;D
: Who's better Draven{{champion:119}} or vanye{{champion:67}} ?
"That question, drumbunker, has a very simple answer", replied a raspy voice behind him. Drumbunker has already been playing the game for a while, but that voice he just didn't recognize at all. He could feel that person's hot breath on the back of his neck... Who could it be? He turned around, slowly, nervously... "NEITHER!!!" The creature yelled, "Everyone knows that I, Urgot (395 RP), am the greatest marksman to ever walk the rift!!!" Drumbunker was dumbfounded. Who was this "urgot" creature? He had never seen him before. He looked like sh*t. "Uhm... Hi... Urgord you said?" "URGOT!!!" "Yeah... Well, anyway, I just wanted to know who's better, Vay..." "Silence, mortal!" Urgot yelled, "they are not on sale at the moment, this is not the time to talk about them." "Uhmm Ok?" said Drum, confused. He didn't want to anger the creature so he just played along. "Mayhaps you'd like to buy Kennen! He's only 440 RP! You can play him as a marksman if you want. But I'm better." "Ok, I'll think about it." "Or maybe my old friend Nautilus for 487 RP," Urgot rasped, "he's not picked often, like me, but if you can play him, you'll be unstoppable!!!" "Unless the enemy has flash, you mean." "SILENCE!" Urgot cried and began coughing uncontrollably. "Are you ok?" "Yeah... *cough* this just happens sometimes. I haven't been out in a while so I'm rusty..." "Maybe you'd like to see a doct..." "But not as rusty as Full Metal Pantheon!!!" Urgot interrupted, "for a mere 487 RP you can get a skin that has an amazing splash art and looks like crap in game. You know, to confuse your foes." "Well, I'm not very good with Pantheon... I've played him twice and lost so... I'll pass." Urgot sighed. "Fine... What about Rengar? Don't you want his headhunter skin for the same price?" "Never played him." "Hmmm... What league are you in?" "Silver, I think..." "GREAT! Then you should buy Shaco! I'll throw in his royal skin for 260 RP! He'll raise your ELO like crazy, you'll be Challenger in NO TIME AT ALL!!!!" "Sure, whatever," said drum. He gave him RP and brought Shaco home. When he left, Urgot was left alone. Maybe in 3 months when he's in the sale rotation again, someone will finally buy him.
: Don't blame me. Blame Rito.
I just hope that, when you decide to do Poppy, you give me a nod =P
: LORD MORIUZ! <3 also, I'm not quite sure if Nunu is male or female, because it says on Nunu's Q description that Nunu is a girl.
WOAH! Really? Next time I play Nunu I'll check that out. Thanks General!
: Champion and skin sale: 11.14. - 11.17.
The remnants of the Harrowing... Remained in the air. Cookie Monster Nunu (375 RP) could smell them, yes... Perhaps they were a hint of something to come? Still, everything looked different. There were still three lanes per side, but they weren't the same. Nunu's thoughts were suddenly interrupted by his teammate, Leprechaun Veigar (260 RP). "We're gonna go get Dragon now, let's go!" He said. The all-yordle team was doing pretty well. Nunu just hoped they didn't realize that he wasn't a yordle, but a small human child riding a yeti for some reason. Mayhaps the lore team would retcon his lore like they did with Amumu? It wasn't the moment to wonder about those things though. He had to go help Veigar with the Dragon. And so, they both went. The jungle monsters looked different than before, what was going on with the rift? "Not so fast!" They heard behind them, as Debonair Jayce blasted a Shock Blast at them. The impact hurt them quite a bit, but Veigar managed to stun him right after it. Both began running after that, but they didn't run too far. Apparently, the enemy team was doing a double jungler sort of thing, perhaps as a joke, perhaps they thought it was viable. Either way, the rift became covered by a black mist. Nunu couldn't see his teammate anymore. This was a little bit of an issue. Of course, he couldn't say that, lest Veigar got offended by the "little" word. Surrounded by the shadows, Nunu got pincered by two attacks. Vi's (487 RP) assault and battery and Nocturne's (440 RP) paranoia. Nunu cried in pain, and so did the yeti he rode. Two enemies would be too much just for him... But maybe he could take at least one of them down before his impending defeat. "Absolute Zero!" He yelled to his yeti, and the temperature around them began dropping at a fast rate. "Damn!" Said Vi, "let's get out!" They both ran away from Nunu, hoping to get away from his ult. Nunu needed just a couple more seconds, but they were still too far. Suddenly, a magical cage was formed around them, stunning Vi and Nocturne. Then, a rainbow of dark matter fell from the skies. Veigar was back. Nunu's ult was now at max power, and so he unleashed his fury. The attacks of both Veigar and Nunu combined managed to kill both foes. "Good," said Veigar, "let's go back to base before trying to get the Dragon". They both started recalling back to base, when at the distance they saw a big ball of fire running towards them. "Oh, it's Sion (292 RP)," said Veigar, "we just need to side-step him and..." The side-step wasn't enough. It seemed Sion was using hacks and his turns were absolutely perfect. He smashed into Nunu and Veigar. Nunu tossed a snowball at Sion, trying to stop him. "Save yourself!" he yelled at Veigar. Veigar looked at the injured Nunu as Sion raised his axe. "I won't forget you, fellow yordle." "I'm not a yordle..." said Nunu with a sad voice, "I'm..." "No," interrupted Veigar, "today... You are one of us."
: ***
I like Viktor a lot. Before and after his rework. He was pretty much the king of late game, now they've buffed his late game too. Then again, I'm a Poppy main so... Maybe you should take advantage and get Yorick too.
: Champion and skin sale: 09.26. - 09.29.
"Why wasn't this story continued on Monday?" Asked Zac (487 RP). "Moriuz can only write on Thursdays now, since he teaches a new semester of Programming students on Monday," replied Cassiopeia (440 RP). "Oh! Fresh meat! That makes sense," said Janna (292 RP) waiting impatiently to hear the rest of the story "Anyway, back to the story. We had been having a lot of lag that day, not sure why. But eventually, we all reconnected. The giant Xerath had been taken by our team once, so at least we were a bit ahead. But it didn't mean anything. The enemy team could steal the Xerath at any moment and we'd lose our last chance to get the icon. After all, we were just minutes away from the end of the event. I reached the centre of the map. "Sorry Fiora," I said, "my connection had some hiccups." She had ascended, she looked quite scary I must say. Surely would win... Right? Well, as I thought that, a pair of hands grabbed me and tossed me into a pool of venomous gas. Mad Scientist Singed (375 RP) had connected. As Fiora went to help me, she was trapped into a rune prison. "Not so fast," said Dark Crystal Ryze (487 RP), as she proceeded to burst Fiora down with his spells. The screen showed a message in big, red letters: The ascended has fallen. I tried slithering away from my opponents, but Singed was much faster and caught up to me again, tossing me against Ryze. I was dead. I would respawn soon, sure, but so would the central Xerath. Our other teammate, Sewn Chaos Orianna (260 RP) was running around, trying to live. The enemies didn't seem to bother with her and preferred capturing shrines in the meantime. As soon as Fiora and I respawned I yelled. "I want that icon... I NEED that icon!!!" Fiora nodded and got surrounded by a golden light, as she teleported back into the battlefield. I followed her. Soon enough, Xerath respawned. "Attack!" I ordered, and my teammates did. Orianna tossed her ball, Fiora cast her ult, so did I, freezing the enemies into blocks of stone. Afterwards I put as many poison noxious blasts and miasmas as I possibly could. But they survived. What surprised me was... They didn't attack us back. They were focusing on Xerath. They didn't care about winning the game anymore, they just wanted us to lose our chance of getting the icon. "NO!!!!" I cried in anger as Xerath's health got lower and lower. And that's when Fiora and Cassiopeia did the unimaginable. They both flashed in front of Xerath, blocking the incoming barrage of enemy attacks. I could see their faces, their armour, their flesh... All being ripped apart by the combination of magical and physical attacks they received. I fired a pair of twin fangs at Xerath, and it dealt just enough damage for him to die and for me to ascend. It was too late for my teammates though. I saw them dying painfully just as Xerath's power began running through my veins. I ascended and killed the nearby enemies with ease. That earned us enough points to win the match. I had already won exactly 5 matches of this mode, I expected all of us to be teleported to the centre and do a victory dance in front of our defeated opponents. But Orianna and Fiora weren't there. Their bodies were still on the floor, lifeless and sad. I was taken out of the arena. My defeated enemies respawned. Some congratulated me on my victory, some called me a noob and left. But Orianna and Fiora still weren't there." "That's really strange," commented Janna, "what happened to them?" "I don't know. I went to Karthus after the match and he supposes they are stuck between life and death, but that he can't really do much to help me." "So... What will you do?" "The only fair thing to do: I shall go to the lands of the death and bring them back... Or get stuck there for eternity trying"
: Champion and skin sale: 09.19. - 09.22.
"Great! They didn't ban her!" Said one of the summoners while smiling, "don't they know Fiora is really OP in this mode? Either way, I'll finally get to try out my [Royal Guard skin (260 RP)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YncW0OVwUPY)" It wasn't his first time playing ascension, but it seemed it was his teammates'. Their picks were less than stellar, no matter what he had told them earlier. All he could do now is hope that his Fiora pick would turn the tides of battle. The match began, and two members of each team immediately disconnected (cause, you know, plot-no-jutsu). It would be a 3v3, that was fine by him. "You two go up, I'll go down." Each one used their trinkets to teleport to their respective portal thingy. "How do I use this?" asked Karthus (395 RP). "Just press 4!!!" Yelled Fiora as she ran as fast as she could to capture the first shrine. The enemy Renekton, however, was already there. Wearing his full [pool party outfit (487 RP)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZzKaWs09d1E). Fiora lunged at him, slashing as quickly as she could. Renekton didn't rely on auto-attacks, so her riposte wouldn't really help her out. After a while, though, Renekton just ran away. Fiora was injured, but now she was able to capture the shrine. She then headed north, wondering how her teammates were doing. It seemed that Karthus had managed to figure out how the trinket works, since now him and Syndra (487 RP) were capturing one of the shrines. She could only hope that the enemies' picks were as bad as these. That's when she saw a sapling falling on top of them. "Oh no..." She said, "RUN!" They didn't listen on time, however, since the sapling exploded on both of them, interrupting their channel. And that's when Maokai came out of the bushes in his cloud form and crashed into Syndra. Fiora lunged at him, and that's when she saw a pillar of red energy appearing on top of her and her teammates. "Another Karthus?" She thought, "is he on free week or something?" Yes, he is. The Requiem struck the three of them (and the two afks), Syndra died, Karthus and Fiora fell on the ground, injured. Maokai then ghosted away from them. Fiora could see the three enemies fighting the giant Xerath in the middle. The enemy Karthus was actually [Pentakill Karthus (375 RP)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqre2Ga3UdQ), no wonder his Requiem had been so well timed. She then understood what they were doing, why they had let them live. If one of them ascended, they could one shot them and get two points for each kill instead of one. "I have... to stop them..." She said, standing up. If she couldn't stop them, then at least she would die trying. Fiora lifted her sword. "EN GUARDE!!!" The enemies didn't notice it until it was too late, flashes of light went off all around them, as Fiora danced her deadly blade waltz on the three of them. But it wasn't enough. The three of them lived. And now they were all ready to attack her. That is, until a pillar of red light appeared on top of them. "TRIPLE KILL!" Said the announcer. Xerath was already quite injured, so Fiora finished him off in a couple of attacks. She felt a river of pure energy overflowing her. She felt stronger, much stronger. Maybe this match wouldn't be that bad after all. As Fiora grew larger, however, she heard the announcer's voice: "A summoner has reconnected!" "A summoner has reconnected!" "A summoner has reconnected!" "A summoner has reconnected!" (to be continued...)
: **!!Rito if your listening!!** Look at how many *creative* minds we have here that have to do with literature! It's awesome that your doing all these art contests and stuff but wouldn't a literature contest make for something? Sure it would take longer to decide but maybe have a word limit, short and sweet. I think that all these creative people that can't necessarily do art should definitely have a competition suited for them so they aren't always looking at competitions from afar wishing they were good at art. **PLEASE RITO MAKE IT HAPPEN**
There was a story contest last Harrowing for the Latin American servers, if I recall correctly
: Champion and skin sale: 09.05. - 09.08.
The wind howled and the sunlight reflected on the icy floor. Tundra Fizz (375 RP) stood there, facing his opponent. Another tiny creature, perhaps they were related? "We could be allies, you know?" Asked Rocket Girl Tristana (487 RP), she had already been injured by one of Fizz's attacks. She had to be careful, the only way to beat him would be to burst him down and hope he didn't troll pole on time. "No thank you," replied Fizz. Tristana jumped at him, hoping to catch him off guard, but the quasi-yordle jumped away from her attack, tossing a small seal towards her. "Oh sh..." Tristana managed to whisper right before a giant killer whale chomped her down. "Next two!" Yelled Twisted Fate (292 RP) from afar. The fact that Vayne (440 RP) had never managed to connect in this ARAM match meant they had to do this small tournament to entertain themselves before the team could surrender at 20. Sejuani (487 RP) stood forward, swinging her flail, ready to fight her next opponent. "You belong in a museum!" she was able to hear, followed by flashes of light that hit her in the face. She couldn't see her opponent, or the map in general. "Dammit," she yelled, as she felt more of those mystic shots hitting her. She had to trust her pig now, it was her only way to win. "Bristle," she whispered, "aim at him" The boar moved left and right, but their opponent kept jumping and flashing around, it was difficult to point his nose at him for more than half a second. Sejuani could feel blood coming down her forehead, her armour pieces falling to the ground. "Bristle..." Bristle got an idea. He would aim where he'd think the enemy would appear next. Hopefully he'd get it right. He turned to his right and roared, Sejuani sent her flail flying directly in front of her. Ezreal was hit. He screamed in pain as he fell backwards. The magical flail had hit him right in the head, and his hair started turning white (260 RP). "This... reminds me... of a movie..." He said, as his life force escaped his body. "Now, the two finalists, step forward!" Fizz and Sejuani walked towards the center of the map. They both looked at each other. "Ready? Fi..." Twisted Fate was unable to finish his phrase, as the announcer's voice was heard throghout the map. "A summoner has reconnected!" They all stopped in their tracks. Could this mean... They couldn't see anything yet, but suddenly, Fizz was hit with a bolt that stuck him against the wall. He was then hit by a blade of the ruined king active and two more shots. Fizz was no more. Sejuani charged at the newcomer, but she tumbled away and struck Sejuani quickly with several silver bolts. The enemy was too fast for Sejuani's attacks, and she was already too injured from her battle with Ezreal. She succumbed after three more shots. Vayne looked at Twisted Fate, who just laughed at her. a circle of cards appeared around him, and suddenly he wasn't there anymore. Vayne looked all over, but he couldn't see him. "Over here, noob!" Yelled TF. She looked down the bridge and was able to see him, standing on an iceberg, moving slowly away with the water current. TF sat on his icy vehicle and looked at the sky. Where would the water take him? Only time would tell. Right now, all he could do was wait.
Tamat (NA)
: awwww yiss
Quick question. How will his "Disc of the sun" work in Dominion?
: Champion and skin sale: 08.12. - 08.15.
It rained heavily on the rift. Drops of water splashed on every leaf in the jungle and created puddles on the muddy ground. Skarner (440 RP) sat under a tree, waiting for the storm to pass. The heavy thunder muted the approaching steps, until she stood in front of him. "What's that?" Sorceress Lux (260 RP) asked herself, looking at the strange scorpion thingy. "Skar skar!" he replied. "It's a pokemon!" Lux yelled, excited. She didn't have a pokeball, so she tossed a light binding at him. Skarner groaned. Lux got closer and closer to him. As soon as the rooting wore off, Skarner ran away. "Wait!" Lux said, raising her hand, "I just wanted to catch you!" She ran after him. The scorpion was quick, but he was quite large, so following his tracks wouldn't be hard at all. Lux's legs were now completely covered in mud. Every step she took was another splash of water. But she wouldn't let it slow her down. She eventually reached a clearing. She could hear some noises in the distance. There were 3 champions and a bunch of people with cameras, lamps and microphones. It seemed they were filming something, a music video perhaps? Then she saw they were battling. The coreography was ok. Then she saw how one of them cast a powerful blue spell. "CUT!" Yelled Justicar Aatrox (487 RP), the director, "Ahri, you're not supposed to do anything at all until the end of the cinematic, ok? And... Why are you wearing your Foxfire (487 RP) costume? Don't forget we only use default skins in the cinematics! Go and change, gosh!" Rengar (487 RP) and Jax (292 RP), the other two champions, scratched their heads at the director's anger. Lux then remembered what she was here for. She was looking for Skarner. She kept running towards Skarner's tracks, away from the filming. She was finally able to see him. Skarner stood there, facing a deep canyon, with nowhere else to run. "Hey," said Lux, approaching slowly, "don't you do anything crazy." Skarner moved towards the edge of the canyon, snapping his pincers. He gazed ferociously at her. "Look," she said, stopping, "I won't hurt you. I just want you to be my pet, ok?" Skarner snapped his pincers angrily. "Ok, fine, not a pet. A companion." Skarner listened. "We can travel the world. First Valoran, then the rest of Runeterra. What do you think?" "Skar." "I can feed you and walk you. Would you like that?" "Skar!" "Great! Let's go then!" Skarner ran towards Lux. She knelt and began petting him. Suddenly, the rain and the mud didn't seem so bad after all. Stay tuned for the new webcomic "The adventures of Lux and Skarner!"
Chestø (NA)
: The first time i played anivia, my team mates told me to play passive. I played as Eggnivia for half the game.
I recently learned you can teleport as anivia, get killed, and finish teleporting as an egg.
: I like avocados. goobye
: I like avocados. goobye
: Champion and skin sale: 07.25. - 07.28.
Ahri (487 RP) ran and ran and ran. She was either out of mana or her cooldowns were huge. Anyway, she ran away for most of the cinematic. After about 5 minutes of just running, she thought she'd be safe. Nocturne (440 RP) probably gave up on chasing her and went back to kill some jungle creeps. "That was close," she said. Even her own voice sounded foreign to her. After all, no one says a word in the cinematics. She sat down on the floor, took a deep breathe and began to recall back home. However, she heard a tiny rustling sound behind her. She stopped her recall and began running again, but it was too late. "IT'S ME!!!! HAHAHA!!!" yelled Twitch as he fired at her. Ahri felt poisonous bolts piercing her soft, pale skin. She gasped for air one last time and fell to the ground. Dead. "Sneaky, sneaky!" whispered Twitch to himself, smiling. His celebration didn't last for long, as a creature engulfed in flames fell upon him. "What?! What are you?" He asked to the girl with the metallic armour standing now in front of him. "I'm Ironscale Shyvana (375 RP) you noob." "Huh? You look nothing like your splash art." "Quiet!" "And wasn't samurai yi (260 RP) supposed to be the jungler?" Shyvana laughed and said. "No one really uses Yi right now dude. And I'm not a jungler anymore, I'm a top." Twitch had stalled her long enough for his ambush to be ready again. He stealthed. "Damn!" yelled Shyvana, as she fired fireballs all around her, hoping to hit the little rat. All of a sudden, a giant fiery cow (487 RP) came rushing upon them and smashed the ground, sending both of them flying up in the air. The three of them looked at each other. This would be a free for all. "Everyone's expecting some sort of epic fight," mooed Alistar. "Yes, they are," replied Shyvana, her hands covered in fla
Haelfire (NA)
: this is NA server unless skin sales are global
I have accounts on multiple servers. Skin sales are global except for the servers in Asia, which have different sales. But NA, LAN, LAS, BR, EUW, EUNE, TR, OCE and CIS have the same sales. The best server for skins is Turkey: RP is cheaper there and they often get extra skin sales that are just for that server.
: You'd think Pantheon's armor would actually match his splash art, not be school bus yellow.
The model's colours not matching the splash art? I guess Sion is not alone here XD
: Champion and skin sale: 07.04 - 07.07
Elise (487 RP) was clearing the jungle. "This is so easy," she said to her little spiderlings as the blue golem went down with ease, giving her the buff. She was quite happy that she hadn't been nerfed yet, so she was still pretty useful. "Speaking of nerfs..." She thought, "I should go help Irelia (440 RP) on top lane." The enemy [Myrmidon Pantheon (260 RP)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcHXWGB2E8g) had been giving her teammate quite a bit of trouble, but now she was buffed and ready to gank. Elise hid in the bush, which Pantheon hadn't warded cause, you know, noob. She waited patiently a couple of seconds to get the perfect shot. She raised her hand in front of her, put her fingers like spiderman, and fired a web. It landed perfectly on Pantheon, who was frozen in place. She tossed an exploding spiderling and a blast of neurotoxin, then she went into spider form. Irelia began firing her blades at the now helpless Pantheon. As he saw the spider coming down on her to finish him off with her venomous bite, a single manly tear ran down his cheek. If he had only been a baker... This wouldn't have happened. Elise looked down on the corpse of her enemy. She smiled. It was time to gank bot lane now. [Bandit Sivir (375 RP)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tx3OPx7a2E4) was pushing the turret, so it should be quite easy to catch her unaware. She walked towards the bottom lane, ignoring the nearby jungle camps just to get there faster. Suddenly, she saw how the enemy team's midlaner, [Dynasty Ahri (487 RP)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWDPpoiNB74), went down to help Sivir bring down the turret. "Good," whispered Elise as she ran towards her enemies, "2 birds with one sto..." She stopped in her tracks. She was frozen, she couldn't move. "What the... Did I disconnect?" But no, a normal disconnect wouldn't have brought down her health so much. "Who is your summoner?" Asked a voice behind her, "and what does he do?" She didn't recognize this voice. As soon as she was able to move, she turned around to face her attacker. There stood a blue dude with an axe (292 RP), facing her. "Uhmmm... Who are you? Your model and textures look so outdated, are you sure you shouldn't be in DOTA2?" The blue guy sighed. "I'm Sion! The Undead Champion!" "Oh!" Exclaimed Elise, "shouldn't you be green?" "Huh?" "Your icon is green, your splash art is green..." Sion had never noticed that before, and this made him quite pissed. A red orb surrounded him as he charged onto Elise. Having never faced him before, Elise had no idea what his spells were. She charged at him anyway. Sion's shield exploded and Elise died.
: I upvoted as soon as "Banner of Command."
Hell yeah, I always buy that item when I get Zyra or donger in ARAM. I think it's quite underrated!
: Well you do have to remember that there are champions in desperate need of complete reworks **cough** {{champion:14}}
Can't wait for the Summoner's rift update. It'll be hilarious to see blocky, pizza feet Sion strolling across the beautiful new jungle.
Bayuka (NA)
: That skin may be legendary price but it's animations are far from legendary
That's true. I got it as a mystery gift and I got to try it out. I don't understand why it has such a high price tag. I still prefer Haunting Nocturne.
TM06 (NA)
: Get a life.
Hmm, TM06 is "Toxic" in Pokemon. That makes sense. I have a life. It took me like 15 minutes of my 24 hour day to write this story. I assume you dropped out of middle school since you can't do such a simple mathematical calculation.
RhIjOfT (NA)
: "Not so fast." A stony white hand came out of the ground and clasped her leg. "What the..?!" The ground around her started to shake, each time harder. A giant white monster emerged from under her legs and towered over her. Marble Malphite (260 RP) looked down on the wounded Shyvana. "You!" She yelled, "impossible! I just killed you!" The marble giant laughed. ~~The last thing Shyvana saw was ~~ Shyvana watched as Malphite's monstrous(*) rocky fist came down from the skies, and right before contact, everything changed, she was put in a familiar place, one that just a second ago she had longed to be at: the fountain. She then bought her sixth pair of boots and started running down top lane, giggling like a retard, and it was k.
If Shyvana could sell her trinket and replace it with yet another pair of boots, she'd be happy.
: Champion and skin sale: 06.24 - 06.27
Malphite (292 RP) fought bravely, but in the end he was no match for [Ice Drake Shyvana (487 RP)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=09B8KtMexUc). She shred through his armour like it was paper, and it didn't take long for the rock giant to be reduced into a mountain of lifeless rubble. Shyvana went back into her human form. She had beaten her lane opponent, so she thought it was a great opportunity to help out the middle lane. She ran through the empty jungle. The corpses of the golems, the wight and the wolves weren't very fresh, so at least that meant the enemy jungler hadn't been here for a while. That was a good sign. The battle in the midlane was fierce, [Tyrant Swain (675 RP)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnH-8B4SUoY) was dominating the enemy Zyra (487 RP). Perhaps he didn't need her help after all. As Shyvana realized that Swain was probably going to be ok, she started heading back to her lane. But suddenly, she heard a beastly yell. "Welcome to HAVOC!!!" "Jungle Renekton (440 RP)?!" thought Shyvana as she saw how the crocodile jumped out of the bushes and started slashing Swain. He turned into his giant bird form, and began fighting back. He managed to root Renekton in place, as well as bursting him with his other two spells. However, he had forgotten about Zyra. A circle of roots appeared under the giant bird, and tossed him high up in the air just as Renekton freed himself from the bird talons that were clutching him. He activated his ultimate and got surrounded by a cloud of dark energy. Swain started retreating, but now Zyra rooted him. Shyvana knew she had to act now, so she jumped into the battle. She threw some ice bolts at them. She had used her dragon form recently, she was about half way through the recovery to use it again. Her human form would have to do for now. Zyra tossed some seeds around Shyvana and cast her spell. The seeds transformed into some plants which began attacking her. Shyvana was used to Zyra's plants, but this ones hurt more than usual, why could that be? That's when she noticed that Zyra had recently bought a banner of command. "Damn it!" Cursed Shyvana, as she activated her burnout. She punched the plants in the face, recovering slightly faster. Renekton was busy fighting against Swain. Shyvana ran towards Zyra and began punching her over and over. Her recovery bar was almost full, just a couple of hits... Two more punches later, she immediately activated her Dragon's Descent. She jumped as a powerful ice dragon, pushing both Renekton and Zyra closer to the turret, and began attacking them with all her spells. The two enemies managed to attack back a couple of times, but then they realized it would be better to retreat. Both Swain and Shyvana went back into their human form. "Good, we managed to fend them off. Let's go back to base and heal," suggested Swain. "I'll meet you later, I think red buff is about to respawn, I should get it while he's away." Swain went back to the base, and Shyvana went into the jungle. She was quite injured after the fight, but she would be able to take the red lizard quickly enough and go back to base right after that. As she went into the red buff camp, she saw the monsters respawn. Her timing had been impeccable. She killed the red camp quite easily, and as soon as she had that sweet red aura around her, she began teleporting back to base. Suddenly, she heard a voice. "Not so fast." A stony white hand came out of the ground and clasped her leg. "What the..?!" The ground around her started to shake, each time harder. A giant white monster emerged from under her legs and towered over her. [Marble Malphite (260 RP)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RocGT8rgSHQ&feature=kp) looked down on the wounded Shyvana. "You!" She yelled, "impossible! I just killed you!" The marble giant laughed. The last thing Shyvana saw was Malphite's monstruous rocky fist coming down from the skies.
: Have they announced plans for dragon master yet? It looks awesome but idk if they're going to make it.
They said they'll make the skin, but from what I read in a red post, they haven't even started doing concepts for it. It's in their very low list of priorities apparently =(
: You forgot almost prom king amumu (260rp)
: Urgot going on sale after the 4.10 patch with Essence Reaver, rito is hinting at something *cough*{{champion:6}}
The champion sale schedule works on a tri-monthly rotation, more or less. So, the chances of Urgot being on sale were pretty high.
: I summon you, Moriuz!
I just got a new job (yay!) so I'm a bit busy today, but I'll write a short one. [Sinful Succulence Morgana (487 RP)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l4ftDWBMjBw) was baking some mysterious cookies. She went to her new laptop, which she had recently bought from Orianna (440 RP) to look at the recipe and saw [Ezreal using internet explorer (375 RP)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WlRx6rNgp4&feature=kp) to surf the web. "Ewww, why do you use that web browser? Anyway, what are you searching for?" "There's a new bundle! With all the new world cup skins!" Morgana was surprised. She didn't care much about the world cup but she liked some of those skins. "That's great! What's their discount?" "Guess," smiled Ezreal. "Hmmm, 25% off?" "Nope" "50% off?" "Nope" Morgana was surprised, maybe the bundle had an amazing, never seen before discount! "80% off?!?" She asked, yelling. "Nope," replied the explorer, "they are at full price!" Morgana was confused. Why would they make a bundle at full price? Bundles are supposed to be for saving when buying everything at the same time, this didn't make any sense at all! "Are you sure it's not a bug (487 RP)?" "No. If you buy the bundle you get the summoner icon and ward skin!" "So... The summoner icon that you can just buy with IP and a ward skin that isn't as cool as the Halloween one I already own?" "Yup!" Morgana felt anger rising through her body. This was just ridiculous. It was time to kick this clown out of her bakery. "URGOT! (395 RP)" She yelled. A huge, disgusting creature came out of the back room. Ezreal jumped off his chair with a gasp. "What the hell is that?!" He asked, pointing at it with a shaky finger, "in all my years I've never seen that thing. Is he related to Yorick?" Urgot roared, and Ezreal didn't get to hear the answer to his question as he sprinted quickly to the streets outside.
: Just saying, you can't call Yasuo a samurai, since he no longer has a master.
I called him a ronin first. I said "samurai" later to avoid using the same word. A ronin is a masterless samurai, so w/e
: Sad WW{{champion:19}} died, everyone hates him.
Darien doesn't hate Warwick =)
fluppy11 (NA)
: R.i.p {{champion:82}} {{item:3070}}
Huh? He didn't die, he's watching the world cup
: Welp we're not seeing URF again until 2048
So, around the time the replay system is out then?
: Dragon {{champion:69}} skin confirmed.
I can't wait for the Dragonmaster {{champion:50}} skin!!! Rito pls
: Champion and skin sale: 06.13 - 06.16:
The wind was blowing through the branches of the sakura tree, pink petals flew gently with each passing gust. Under the tree sat a lonely and quiet ronin (487 RP). His sword sheathed into its saya, his eyes closed as his ears listened to the wind and his nose smelled the flowers that surrounded him, his mouth quiet as he hummed Metallica's "The Unforgiven". Far away, he managed to hear an animal howling. Yasuo opened his eyes and stood up. He heard the sound again, so he began running towards the source. As he approached his destination, he saw three people sitting on the ground, having a picnic while watching TV. "Hey Yasuo, wanna watch the world cup with us?" asked Cassiopeia (440 RP), "look, I'm even wearing green and yellow like the Brazilian flag!" "Huehuehue" replied Numero Uno (395 RP). "No, thanks," Yasuo politely declined, "I'm on a mission." "You know why I like football/soccer?" replied [Count Vladimir (260 RP)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzZV41P-bMA), "because it sucks!" Yasuo ignored the joke, as Vladimir smiled proudly, he had to be positive that this pun was the funniest he'd said. Yasuo kept running. The howling sound was closer and closer. Eventually, he saw it. [Hyena Warwick (487 RP)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkdnwUctUk4&feature=kp) stood there, facing a wounded [Dragonslayer Jarvan (375 RP)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AywiSpaTa-I). "Yasuo..." whispered Jarvan when he saw the samurai running towards them, Yasuo was surrounded by flying metallic debris which had been cast by Mordekaiser just as he left their picnic area "help... Me..." Warwick sent out a roary laughter and began slashing at Jarvan. Yasuo was still a bit far away, Warwick had enough time to kill his prey and then run away. Jarvan knew he had to do something or it would be too late by the time Yasuo arrived. He was almost out of mana, but maybe he could still cast a couple of spells? There was no time to make the calculations, he had to trust his luck now. Jarvan tossed his Demacian Standard, but he tossed it too far away, so it landed behind Warwick. "You idiot!" Laughed the hyena as he slashed Jarvan over and over again, "you couldn't even hit me! HA!" Jarvan then raised his lance with both of his hands and extended it as much as he could. It hit the flag. Jarvan was immediately pulled towards it, sending his attacker flying up in the air. And then Yasuo struck. He teleported at the airborne Warwick and began slashing him once, twice, thrice... The hyena cried in pain as he felt each strike cutting through his fur, skin, muscle and eventually bones. He could also feel the shards from Mordehuehue's creeping death cutting into his already opened wounds. It only lasted for a second or two, but Warwick felt it was an eternity. Eventually, both landed on the ground. Yasuo on his feet, Warwick on his back. His wounds began oozing blood, as he knew his time was up. "I'll get you... You'll see... This isn't... Over... Yet" Yasuo struck one last time, as Warwick let out one last, gurgling breath. Yasuo performed chiburi to remove the blood from his blade and, at the same time, cleanse his soul from the act he had just committed. He afterwards performed noto, sheathing his blade back into its home. "Thanks Yasuo," whispered Jarvan, as he stood up, "I owe you one." "Just doing what's right..." replied Yasuo, as he walked back to his cherry tree, Mordekaiser's shield fading away.
: I would love to play just one game of league with you haha :P {{champion:157}}
Add me and let's play an all for one mirror mode "all Yasuo". I don't even want to play that mode anymore cause everyone chooses Blitzcrank, Nidalee and Lux EVERY SINGLE GAME. But if we play an all Yasuo, I'm up for it.
: -Ahem.- Lovely, story, but I noticed one error.... "Lulu (487 RP) used **his** ult " Lulu is a he now. That is all. *rolls away*
Aw dammit >_< It was a typo. Too bad I can't edit anymore, otherwise I'd fix it =(
: Yes, this is correct. If Blue Buff currently spawns at 1:55 on SR, and if our spawn animation is 2 seconds long, then we will spawn Blue Sentinel at 1:53 min, so that you can attack it at 1:55. It's parity with what is on live. We hope that spawn animations will help better time your initiation while maintaining parity with the gameplay on our current SR. This includes visibility (so, you can't see dragon if you don't have a ward in the dragon pit, even if he's running around on the rim of the pit). There's a white flash that will tell the players when you can attack a creature, too. As with all things regarding the updated Summoner's Rift we'd love to hear your feedback!
Capn, after summoner's rift gets its upgrade, will you guys be doing seasonal skins for the map?
: It took me four weeks playing 10 hours a day to save enough for Yi. Give the man a break if he wants to buy him.
One of my ex-coworkers was new to the game and bought Ashe with RP
Adiuva (NA)
: As much as I would like one as well, the reason they are not doing it this month is because they have to collect and compile the data from last months chart. Sales, RP Purchases, etc. Assuming they went as well as expected, there will definitely be one next month.
Before people start asking you for "source please", I'll just say I also read their official reply: [Here](https://twitter.com/stevemz/status/469586437915299841) and [Here](https://twitter.com/stevemz/status/469586612259930112) Basically, let's stop bugging them for the June schedule and let's just wait and hope that they will start doing it permanently from July onwards =)
: your stories are too op!
You can't spell Lord Moriuz without OP! Oh, nvm, you can D:
: Champion and skin sale: 06.06 - 06.09
Brand walked through the post-apocalyptic wasteland [375 RP], his mask protecting him from the toxic fumes that emanated from the dead soil below his feet. He hadn't seen another living creature in years, apart from the huge cockroaches which infested the ruined buildings of the forgotten cities. They reminded him him of a fully stacked Cho'Gath after Lulu (487 RP) used his ult on him. As he remembered this, he suddenly saw a strange, floating circle in the distance. He approached it with caution, one fireball on each hand. If he had learnt something after surviving in this hell for so many years was that he could never be "too careful". The circle levitated, slowly and gently bobbing up and down, as the radioactive sand whirled around it. "I know you," said Brand, his voice muffled behind his mask, "I haven't seen you since season 2... Zilean". Shurima Desert Zilean (487 RP) turned around. He looked as old as always. "Brand," he said in a slow, boring voice, "it's been so many years." "You can travel through time... Why didn't you stop all this from happening?" Zilean twisted his old, dusty lips into a smile. "My dear Brand... You can't change the past." Brand suddenly felt lost. He finally met another human after so many years of wandering alone... And not just a human, but a person who could travel through time... Only to be told that their situation was hopeless. "Can you at least send me back? To a better place... And a better time?" Zilean shook his head. "No. But I can send you somewhere else. You see, there's one tree left in this world... Two people are trying to plant it, but they haven't succeeded yet. If you help them out, then maybe... Just maybe... You can save the world." Zilean put Brand into some sort of magical bubble, and everything around him faded away. Suddenly, Brand was standing in the middle of an empty sand field. A different one from where he had been. All these years had taught him to identify even the slightest difference in ground and sand colour. Then he saw someone who had been feared as being "too OP" back in the day. "Ka... Kassadin?" He whispered to Deep One Kassadin (260 RP), who stood in front of him. "What the... Where did you come from?" "It's ok, I'm here to help. You need to plant a tree, right?" "Yes. Morgana (292 RP) has been trying to root him for a while, but he keeps dodging her Q." Brand began wondering many things in that moment. What was wrong with Kassadin? Did all these years make him crazy? None of what he had just said made any sense at all. But then it all did. Maokai (440 RP) was running around, zig zagging, as Morgana kept trying to bind him with her spell. "Ugh, you've gotta be kidding me," said Brand as he rolled his eyes, and really quickly comboed Maokai and stunned him. "NOW!" Yelled Kassadin, and Morgana cast her Dark Binding. "NOOO!!! You idiots!!! Leave me alone!" Yelled Maokai, as his feet clasped the ground, roots coming out of them and deep into the soil. Kassadin tossed a bucket of water at him, to extinguish Brand's flames (it would've been pretty funny if Brand had burnt the last tree on earth). Maokai fought for a while, but he eventually gave up and stood there, motionless as a tree. "What now?" Asked Brand. "Now... We wait."
: Rito give us One for All so we can play with everyone being{{champion:78}}
If anyone has a working version of lolreplay, please add me, I wanna play an all Poopy game and put it on youtube.
: May bundles out now
Dear Riot, I know I say this in every bundle sale pretty much, but anyway, I'm hoping you'll get to read this suggestion one day. I think it would be great if monthly bundles were available for, you know, the whole month. In this case it isn't a big deal since there are only 2 bundles, but when there are 4 or 5, it's a bit difficult for some of us to spend all that money on RP in just the week or so that the sale lasts. When you do monthly bundles where there are many bundles, please think about it. Making the bundle available for the whole month would allow us to buy more of them (and would earn you more money). We love supporting this company through RP purchases, but man, sometimes it feels you don't want our money that much! Please make it easier for us to give you more money by making future monthly bundles last a month (and more than 2 bundles, please!)
: {{champion:91}} You take my hood, you put me on sale, and now you report me. What next?
: Champion and skin sale: 05.30 - 06.02
I looked down at the street, the puddles from the earlier storm still covered the pavement in their watery mantle. The air smelled like moist dust and I could hear the remaining water falling from the roofs and onto the streets, the last breathes of the dying rain. I saw her taking cover under an old roof. Her skin a light ochre, her hair pulled together into a hybrid of a braid and a pony tail. Such an exotic beauty, I thought as I saw her. [Headhunter Nidalee (487 RP)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q0euvbqQ_dE) they called her. A name which always caused confusion in me... Shouldn't it be Headhuntress Nidalee? I tried not to delve too much into those details, lest I figure out some bizarre implications. [Midnight Ahri (375 RP)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysrTfCeT9eE) approached and greeted her. The infamous fox-lady, I wonder what she said. She was feared and loathed, but Nidalee didn't seem bothered by her presence. No wonder, both of them were half woman and half animal. The difference, though, was that one of them hid it better than the other one. Not long after that, Ahri left. My target was alone again. I had no personal vendetta against her, but the Noxian High Command's orders were mine to follow, whether I liked them or not. I removed those notions of doubt from my head, clearing it completely. My mind became a blank canvas as my mental brush drew Nidalee's name in blood. I threw my knives around me as I stealthed. Nidalee noticed, but it would be too late by then. She tried fighting back against an invisible enemy, but I appeared behind her. My hand covered her mouth, softly yet firmly. I whispered one single word into her ear just as my knives flew from the sky and into her stomach. I sliced her throat with my blade, some would say it was overkill, but I just wanted to be sure I had finished by job. I wiped away the blood from my weapon as I looked at her lifeless body. I don't know if my last word to her had brought her some comfort in her final moments, but I did know that my job was finally done. I walked a block or two, until I finally saw my contact's face hiding in the shadows. I didn't understand why Noxus wanted to deal with this creature, but their wishes weren't mine to dispute. [Void Nocturne (260 RP)](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqQpANqfOSg) asked me one question. "Is it done, Talon? (440 RP)" I nodded and replied with a question of my own. "What now?" He looked at me and whispered. "Darkness." It happened so fast, I didn't even notice it. It was like, if in the blink of an eye, I was suddenly laying down on the floor, bleeding profusely, unable to move. My first thought was of anger, that I had let my guard down and I was now dying in the stupidest way possible. But then I realized, maybe this is what I wanted? Maybe I had grown so tired of everything that, subconsciously, I had asked for this? My vision began going blurry. I felt some drops of water kiss my face, a last good bye from this world. Was it starting to rain again? Before the light went out of my eyes forever, I thought I saw a shape flying high above the ground. Anivia (395 RP) flew gracefully, as I realized those hadn't been raindrops, but Anivia's tears as my soul slowly left the human world. But wait... Was that... Lucian (487 RP) riding Anivia? Mayhaps it was just my imagination playing a trick on me. But my lips formed one last smile as I laughed at the absurdity of it, closing my eyes forever.
Flewb (NA)
: Rumor is the new 3250 RP skin will be for Khazix
Rumor based on what? I haven't seen a single Rioter give a hint that it's for Kha'Zix. The closest thing to a rumor is that people think "welp, Kha'Zix needs an evolving model anyway, so that should be the next ultimate skin!"
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