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: How do reports and warnings work
> [{quoted}](name=Pastramka,realm=EUNE,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=bHWxvz9n,comment-id=,timestamp=2014-11-11T21:23:45.887+0000) > > Hi all! > > I want to know how do reports and warnings work; > I haven't played for 3 days and today i played one classic and one ARAM. After the ARAM received a warning that i was reported for negative attitude. > So i want to know if that warning was just from a single report of the last 2 games i played today, or the warning was sent after more of reports summed up during a longer period. > > And also are warnings sent/approved by staff? > Are reports reviewed by staff? > (If staff is reviewing reports) For which categories of reports Is chat reviewed by staff? > > The reason Im asking this is because i was confused; in the both games i wrote only "shut up" in the first one to an enemy (he/she was spamming). So I want to know if it is a sum form my previous behavior(don't remember much of that) or was some one trolling. I also would like to know why I get warnings... i have received 2 in the past 2 days and i think its because I may have made people mad by beating them in game after they talked crap to me, then I proceeded to whip their butts.. after the game I got a warning.. wtf is up with that.. I never said any swear words nor was i toxic at all.. I just gave them back "rekt" everytime my team killed them as they did to me when they camped me top(mid, and jung) which costed them the game because my team won mid and bot.... anyway I do not like the warnigns i am gettign for something I am not doing.. I have never had a warning or a restriction in the past 4 years of playing.... I think this new system is being abused by litle punks who get butt hurt after they talk crap and get pushed back into it.. can someone with a real clue let me know whats the deal here? thanks
: Ranked Restrictions
I have a suggestion, not that this affects the quality of the queue because it doesn't or fixes anything, I have played several games in ranked and normal and I see equal jackasses in both queues. The one problem I have found with the chat restriction is that when we have teammates who are restricted do not communicate with the team because they cant chat at all or forget to tell us with heir limited chat they can't talk. There should be a negative label placed on punished players so everyone else can see they are on parole as well as if we have a player muted we cannot tell if we muted them until we are in game and see the chat bubble selected. So what i am saying is in champ select there should be a way to determine if the person is limited/muted/on probation during the champ select screen. Kind of like how sex offenders are obligated to identify themselves when they move into a neighborhood so every one can see they are an offender. I think the people who were found guilty of being bad in LoL should have some sort of negative label identifying them as an offender that way their prior behavior was less than acceptable to everyone. When they reform it gets removed. Similarly to the banners we get for good behavior their should be a negative tag placed on them.... I am not sure of a good way to do this except maybe have their summoner icon be grayed out while on probation and that would indicate they were a bad boy/girl and are to be watched. Anyway I like the fact toxic people are being weeded out because I for one cant stand that type of person in a game I am supposed to be having fun playing. Its like, I am sorry I am not a gold caliber player but at times I am placed with them and i don't do as well as if I was vs a silver player. Anyway thanks for trying to keep the LoL community as pleasant as possible. Lord X

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