: Revert the Kled q buff and address his real issues
Holy shit he has a 20% damage debuf off his mount!? I've played him for years and didn't know this!
: Please let us chose our Language for Voice actors
Look I'm not saying I wouldn't love to hear twisted Fate in Japanese considering he's the same voice actor for Dio of JoJo's bizarre adventure BUT... ..No yeah, seriously make this a thing . I need to hear twisted Fate shout muda!
: Can we buff knights passive?
The knights should have a second ability included in their set bonus, perhaps they charge into battle, reducing the amount of time they need to get into The fray with the opponent? I certainly wouldn't give them any form of damage though, just a little extra utility.
: > [{quoted}](name=LordMordeMain,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=7P6494zR,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-18T18:14:10.992+0000) > > There, now he's balanced. No need to worry about him as an "Anti-Play" support, no need to worry about him Terrorizing Top. > > You can finally *stop touching my boy now please.* NERF TT LITTLE LEGEND HE'S TOO BIG
Rioter Comments
: Fix tahm kench by reverting him to when he was previously balanced as a solo laner...
The dude's more neutered than a spayed Warwick. They've effectively Evelynn'd Kench until whatever patch they feel like bringing him back.
Kuponya (NA)
: Only someone who frequently "loses" (5th-8th) would claim this. To try to "do badly" and throw early matches for a draft pick advantage makes a significant negative impact as opposed to trying to do well. Having an advantage in 1-2 drafts won't matter if you do not have the HP left to risk holding onto a better economy. Trying to do well on the other hand keeps you healthy enough that you aren't forced to make choices earlier on and let's not forget that each pvp win grants you 1g.
I disagree, I actually play with the intention of getting a losing streak, as I find it more reliable than attempting the win streak. I use pirates in the early rounds to start a mass collection of gold, then around 30-40 health or Krugs round, I'll cash in and go for Yordles or Glacial as they're too hard to come by early on. I instead use those early rounds to focus not on champions, but on what items I get from the champion carousel, combining for a spear of shojin/phantom dancer (lulu), or Guinsoo's Rageblade for Sejuani/Spatula to make Graves glacial for that AOE stun% It works more often than not, I'll say that much.
: > [{quoted}](name=LordMordeMain,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=fxKGoiVl,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-07-06T13:43:41.253+0000) > > If stuns werent already so prevalent I'd love for him to get his passive, a 1 time Stun per unit, Who are you talking about?
Braum, right now it just feels bad. I mean, look at shen. He gets to just shield damage for him AND his allies, not reduction, straight up no AAs. Braum feels hella weak.
CurS1VE (NA)
: Riot plz Change item max from 3 to 2
I would prefer to see Item Stacking removed first, then see the state of 3 items per champ after.
: Fiora should be her (moving skill like Lucian), right now she feels dead and boring Braum should change to hispassive or ultimate the shield bad and sometimes is on wrong direction ,braum feels boring too. Pyke too could be his hook for dmg in close area.
If stuns werent already so prevalent I'd love for him to get his passive, a 1 time Stun per unit,
: Some abilities should be changed
I'd love to see morde get better base stats, rework phantom and give them spellvamp or something instead of the insta-kill thing they got going atm
asamu (NA)
: Honestly, pyke is fine now after the fix to Shojin and the nerf to his stun duration. He's pretty annoying if they 2-star him early, but good positioning can make him useless. He doesn't have great synergies, and pretty much always gets sold late game to put the items on a real carry like ASol or Ashe. I do like the idea of items being unique though; it would also be useful as a second way to bounce an item off of someone you don't want it on, like bouncing a second BF sword or something off of someone that already has a BT. (The only other way is to turn the item into a type item that's already on the character, like making Blade of the Ruined King on a blademaster or Ghostblade on an assassin).
While yes, I think Pyke is in a better place now. I do think items should not stack, it's a matter of future-proofing the game for champions to come.
: When Is It OK To Just Surrender?!
While I hope such reasoning will be lessened come the next patch in, if you see a 6 nobles set you can kiss your sweet rear goodbye, unless you're 60% Dodge yordles.
MrNoisey (EUW)
: 3-lvl-3-vs-0
...how the hell do you have a 50 gold bonus, but you're at 0 gold.
Kelg (NA)
: Why is Morde so bad?
Mordekaiser is too reliant on his set bonuses to succeed. Frankly I'd like to see his new passive instead of the boring slam he has.
: What's the most evil thing you've done to win a game?
In team fight tactics, I made the declaration that I was going for 6 nobles. Got in a heated (fake) argument with someone over how nobles were the only way to win the game. Then proceeded to build pirates and the win the game. Everyone went and rushed for nobles, so no one could even complete their 3 stars!
BigFBear (EUW)
: Build Lulu with 1x Rageblade 2x Spear of Shojin and you will win every game
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: Rapidfire cannon should increase range of abilities.
I made the mistake of putting it on Ahri once.
beeWAtoN (NA)
: Infinite Item Duplication Glitch
Jesus christ superstar. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: Some TFT feedback after spamming it over the last few days: #**Tech:** - Melee units often stand around doing nothing cause they can't be bothered to move 1-2 tiles to find something in range - Melees after reviveing with GA do nothing if they don't have anything in range, they just won't move to seek targets - Zephyr + assasins causes issues with the AI cause assasins complete their jump while also getting into stasis - Sometimes two units occupy the same tile - Targeting for line-skillshots needs work, especially on ahrie and varus, they should try to hit as many targets as possible. I often see them going for a single target then another angle would have hit 2+ targets, sometimes they even aim for out of range targets. - Heal/shield stuff should target the lowest %hp ally, not the lowest total hp ally. Lulu and nida often use their skills on a squishy in the backline that isn't attacked at all beacuse it still has less Max hp than the 50% Chogath, it get's worse if elise and her spiderlings are involved, as they will always waste your heals and stuff, makeing elise even worse than she already is. - We need more information to the units, show ALL stats, not just HP and the basevalues of the abillity. Especially knowing what exactly AP does for each unit would be important so you can judge if giving them an AP item makes any sense. - I'd love to have a toggle for showing the grid mid fight, would help alot to actually see what happens and eventually adjust your formation. ----------- # Lore (or how well mechanics/iconics were transitioned from LoL into TFT) - Why use arbitrary classes and origins instead of useing the LoL lore and class systems? There are enough regions/groups in lol lore to give a proper framework, and maybe exept for marksmen, the class/subclass system would give enough to work with in this kind of game. Just feels like a missed opportunity. - Why use wiered items instead of those that exist on the rift and are iconic to most players? Some examples would be redbuff instead of sunfire as armor/hp, or cursed blade instead of wit's end as AS+MR item - Why are the damagetyps and scaleings of many champs fucked up? I get giveing AP ratios to all to make use of the random item drops, but why does garen spin for magic damage while getting immune to magic? Why doesn't he have ad ratios or crit on it makeing ad items usless on him? Feels more like you reskinned juggernaut from dota rather than actually turning garen into a atochess piece. At the same time, for some reason Volibear's Ult does physical damage, procs on-hit and scales of AD for no reason at all. Why not keeping them as close as possible to the actuall LoL version? And those two are just few of the examples... ------------------------ #Gameplay - to much RNG** -** Item balance is off, some items are just to strong and off-items overall are just to impactfull while tank-items feel lackluster - base AS of most pieces feels to bad, which is why AS items are dominant - Managain beeing dps based makes dps(especially AS) items rather strong and even better than actuall mana items for getting mana. _i'd love to see some simply mp/5 here_ - Managain overall seems to low, on many pieces you **need** mana items just so they have a chance of useing theri skill befor dieing, and if they don't get to lvl 2 there is no chance at all. Katarina for example is usless if you don put alot effor into her cause it takes years for her to get the mana. _I think managain really needs to be looked at given how crucial the abillities are_ - The field is to small, running melee heavy comps(without assasins) just ends up with your setup spreading damage and/or blocking each other while ranged setups focus down one target. Also, high ranged units in the corner are impossible to deal with without rnage your self you just can't reach them and the field is to small to lure them out. - Tankiness gets outscaled rather hard, both cause most of the fitting pieces are low tier and the trait boni are flat and fall of later. Probably doesn't help that tank items are shit either, with belt giving 25-35% hp on a lvl 1 piece while BF grants 40-50% more damage. - I really love the idea of shared drafts, but items beeing so impactfull twists the purpose of the shared draft imo, everyone just looks for the item he needs and sells the piece. It hardly ever gets used to get a certain champ for your setup. _ I think there should ether be differnt drafts for items and champions, or atleast seperate the item from the champ after it's picked so you don't have to sell it. Takeing items away without selling pieces would be awsome anyway._ - The neutrall dragons beeing immune to magic feels unfair for caster setups - some units are really underpowered(elise and the guardians) while some others are absurdly strong(hello Draven) - Looses cost a bit much HP, especially on early loosing streaks. You take damage for every enemie piece left at the end, which is the same as in DAC, so far so good, but in addition you get another 2-3 damage no matter what, just why? it basically doubles the damage you take from earily losses and feels uneccesarily punishing. - XP costs at higher lvls are to big. 70g to get from 8 to 9 is insane and even the 46 from 7 to 8 is rather harsh. This makes lvls rather snowbally as really need a solid winningstreak to ever get lvl 9. and even lvl 8 often feels out of reach in a bad run. To comparision, in dota you need 48xp(60g) TOTAL to reach lvl 8, 100g total for lvl 9 and 150g for lvl 10, in TFT you need 114 total for lvl 8 and 184 ttoal for 9, so you need more gold to reach lvl 8 than you need in DAC to reach lvl 9. This heavily favours RNG over strategie, cause you can't reliable reach the needed level to finish your composition(the least rng impacted part). In DAC, i often just survive till lvl 9 and then can turn it around with many synergies in a good setup. in TFT, i just never get to that point cause without an already strong setup, you don't get enough gold for the levels. I really wish levles were a bit less expensive later on, 40 and 60 would be more than enough for lvl 8/9 - I love the spatula and i wish it had a better droprate or everyone starting with one. The class/origin giving items are by far the most interesting thing in comapred to DAC and i want more of that. I'm also fine with max-lvl beeing 9 rather than ten for that. I just dislike hurricane, i'd prefer more class/origin items instead and it also feels very random to have it built from negatron. We still lack items for brawler, gunslinger, ranger, noble, imperial(maybe to strong i guess), pirat, guardian, dragon, wild, elementalist and yordel - **Far to much RNG:** - The setup you draft is alot RNG, which is fine as that's the core concept of that mode. However, unlike autochess, there are no mechanics in place to mitigate that. Maybe i'm wrong, but it doesn't feel like TFT uses a shared pool, cause i frequently face multiple people haveing the same pieces on lvl3 while i struggle getting a piece that only i use to lvl 2. Ther are no 'joker' units like [Io](https://dotaautochess.gamepedia.com/Io) in TFT, Neeko or a poro would be fitting imo In DAC, if you reroll pieces they can't appear in the directly following draft, which helps a bit at mitigateing RNG on rerolls. - Item drops beeing a per minion RNG is horrible _Imo DOTA Underlords does this the best, you can choose one out of 3 items on a win and get 1 random on a loss. This could be modified to allow for more than 1 if it's to few items overall. You still have RNG in what items you get, but atleast you always have the same amount and can slightly mitigate the RNG by picking 1 of 3(with the current 8 coponents, still only 37.5% chance for a specific drop, so certainly not to reliable)_ - Crit chance(seriously, WHY?!?). don't mind a small varity in AA damage like DotA has, but crit goes way to far. I think up to 10% more damage would be fine and not to impactfull. - Assasins(and IE aswell as PD) amping the impact of crit RNG into infinity. _Why not just give Assasins (hybrid)flat pen? No need for RNG, works for the more abillity focused ones aswell and fits by makein them beeing stronger vs squishys than tanks. _ - Bladmasters haveing a 35% chance,_ why not simply proc ever 3ed hit instead? (Nearly)same average but independent of luck_ - Gunslingers haveing a 50% chance, _why not just trigger every other hit for basically the same effect with no RNG?_ - Rangers haveing a 35%/65% chance to double their AS for some time, _why not give them simply a %AS increase, or every X-sec, they gain double AS for Y-sec rather than haveing vayne going godmode one fight and beeing a ranged minion the next_ - Yordles haveing dodge chance. _Either let them dodge every X hits or similar to rangers get 100% dodge chances every X-sec for Y-sec_ - Demons mana burn beeing chance based, _why not a small flat amount like kassa? Though i'd prefer a different mechanic anyway, manaburn feels very punishing given how crucial abillities are at the current tuneing of the game. Especially most frontline pieces are totally usless if they face manaburn cause nearly all of theit power is in the abillity. It's bad enough how devastateing a single kassadin can be if not focused down quickly, not need for more of that._ - Worst of it all, Glacial stun chance. If RNGsus loves those guys, it doesn't matter what you do, your setup is stunlocked and GG. no tactic or anything involved(elementals in DAC atleast only work vs melees) RNG based CC is terrible, and i can't think of a way to make that CC reliable without also beeing broken. CC is such a powerfull tool for a trait..._maybe change it into a movment+as slow._ - items like sush, SotD or cursed blade also are RNG based with piotentially huge impact - Targeting and movment also is somewhat random, which is fine, but it's worth noteing cause there is enough variance in the base mechanics so you don't need to slap RNG onto every perk in sight. Two fights with the same setups wouldn't play out the same even if you didn't have all that RNG
Rexaria (EUW)
: Are you sure it's not because of red buff? Red Buff Attacks deal 2.5% Maximum Health burn damage. Burned units **cannot heal**. Chain Vest + Giant's Belt
... Okay I had to confirm that in game, **IT DOES NOT SAY THAT.** Thanks, mystery solved and changing this thread.
Rexaria (EUW)
: Are you sure it's not because of red buff? Red Buff Attacks deal 2.5% Maximum Health burn damage. Burned units **cannot heal**. Chain Vest + Giant's Belt
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
Moody P (NA)
: tanks are obsolete because all they offer is CC
Is it bad I now have to doublecheck whether he's talking about team fight tactics or summoner's rift?
Rioter Comments
iPrawn (NA)
: Warwick's howl's DMG reduction should last for an additional 0.1 seconds if he pops it early.
... Know what yeah, this sounds good to me. While I can't think of many situations where this applies, best to cover fringe cases.
: In all my years of frusteration and enduring aids in the top lane, NOTHING compares to Tahm Kench.
Kelg (NA)
: As a 1.2 million mastery Morde main, there is only one thing the rework needs to be perfect
I would be completely down for a traditional morde skin as well, take my money riot.
: Opinion: "fun to play against" is the most bullshit term to ever exist
Nonsense, it IS possible to have an enjoyable matchup and still lose. My personal favorite was a Warwick with me as Trundle, we were smacking each other for a good 2 minutes and our teams didn't interrupt the duel. Eventually though Ult his came off cooldown before mine. Shit was fun though.
Sir Gusi (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=LordMordeMain,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=FEvTJJ9O,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2019-06-11T20:42:41.256+0000) > > They're really mean spirited, even to her own team-mates. I get enough of that from game-chat, frankly. > > Why reinforce toxicity in the community with a solo-carry assasin with such a disposition? Pompous royalty? Sure. But to have a champion in the game that looks down on HER OWN TEAM? You just got yuumi's over friendly personality just calm down I love the spoiled brat arrogant attitude it's unique even Vs {{champion:119}} she thinks everyone is her servant where draven just thinks he's better than everyone kinda the same but still uniquely different I'm sad she and draven don't have a interaction fight over who the world revolves around that would be funny
I definitely agree, wasted opportunity for Draven interactions. I just feel her "First movement" lines are too much.
: Qiyana - Special Interactions!
They're really mean spirited, even to her own team-mates. I get enough of that from game-chat, frankly. Why reinforce toxicity in the community with a solo-carry assasin with such a disposition? Pompous royalty? Sure. But to have a champion in the game that looks down on HER OWN TEAM?
: [OFF TOPIC] Sony announced the Gaymer system is going on the open market next year...
This was for a god damn charity from like 2014. It was to HELP said community. This is not "Legit". They aren't selling it. I want to smack every single person upside the head who want to demonize legitimately GOOD things because it fits with their ideals and desires.
: They've set Qiyana up to grow.
So 3 years from now she'll be likeable. ... Joking aside I can't imagine any changes in her personality from lore will be reflected in her in-game character.
Haziv (EUW)
: I want to make a petition : Give Shaco a mini-rework like you did for Wukong!
Nope. Nuh-uh. Nada. Nooooo. To be frank I don't trust anyone to do Shaco justice. It would be like taking a hammer to a porcelain vase.
: Please, for the love of Nagakabouros, give TB Skyen a fat female champion
: This was all made by 1 guy Riot is making him do slave work almost
Give me the name of the man so that I may put him upon a pedestal
Haziv (EUW)
: Blood Moon Gangplank skin fan concept
Okay I dig the one with the hat,
: To all Volibear and Fiddlesticks Enthusiasts
I'd love for fiddlesticks to keep his bouncing Crows in some fashion.
: An age where a full AD team has nothing to fear from a team building Armor on everyone
Cadkaw (NA)
: In my opinion, they messed up morde for me since the last rework... I loved playing the old mordekaiser... like usual, riot just ruins everything I like.. makes no sense to make a champ, have people enjoy it, then reiterate it until unrecognizable... It’s hard for me to play morde when they changed him soo much... I use to main morde until they did that first rework... whoever is in charge of reworks screws everything up every time... why let that person touch any more champs? :/
> [{quoted}](name=Cadkaw,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=MBThAAsf,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-06-01T14:33:10.704+0000) > > In my opinion, they messed up morde for me since the last rework... I loved playing the old mordekaiser... like usual, riot just ruins everything I like.. makes no sense to make a champ, have people enjoy it, then reiterate it until unrecognizable... It’s hard for me to play morde when they changed him soo much... I use to main morde until they did that first rework... whoever is in charge of reworks screws everything up every time... why let that person touch any more champs? :/ ...Look, I've been there. I was there for Plague Trundle, Critplank, point-and-click Shen, my old AP Bubble-Pop Sion. Losing your favorite feels like shit. But... And pardon my bluntness. **IT'S A THREAD ABOUT PARTICLE EFFECTS FOR SKINS.**
: Do you know about how if you flush a goldfish they sometimes end up in lakes and ruin the ecosystem?
RèngS (EUNE)
: Riot, please recolor particles to purple for Lord Morde.
Lord Morde Main LordMordeMain here! Daddy needs his purple glow!
: It's a 750 RP skin, and they don't get extensive particle updates. So no. Plus, Riot ignored and outright refused to update a large bulk of Kayle and Morgana's 975 RP skins with new particles, when they're SUPPOSED to get that at minimum, so there's not a chance in hell they'd do it for a 750 RP skin.
At minimum I don't feel it's asking for much to have a change in hue to the effects >.>
Rioter Comments
: play only skarner and change your name to something relevant. start posting daily threads on skarner, if you do that constantly, in probably 3-4 seasons they'll maybe think about it
He's... not wrong. >.>;
: I am not so sure. This ultimate seems like it could be literal hell to deal with.
I kinda HOPE so. I remember at one point a Rioter saying "When an Ultimate is used, SOMEONE should die." I feel like this is just that statement in essence.
Axxuka (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=SpecterVonBaren,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=7kBuKkB7,comment-id=000200000002,timestamp=2019-05-28T02:38:55.192+0000) > > Would we rather be ruled by the Void and be devoured or ruled by the lord of ~~heavy metal~~ the undead and live forever in undeath? Yes I'm not the only one to see the potential plot reveal there o/ RITO PLEASE Morde VS Void, what's worse
The only thing that comes to mind: https://youtu.be/8bCDdWSdMDM
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