: Because it splits the queues, which makes long queue times for team builder players, and longer queue times for the new champ select (which we both know would be longer)
> Because it splits the queues, which makes long queue times for team builder players, and longer queue times for the new champ select (which we both know would be longer) Draft and Blind remain but Teambuilder would be the straw that breaks the camel on queue times? Doesn't add up. If anything should be removed to alleviate queue times it should be draft, since champ select is clearly meant as the replacement for that.
: oh my god so much whining over this gamemode, trust me and all the others who helped to test it. It's not as bad as you all think it is and you can still have fun with it
The problem is not whether this mode will be good or not, it's that they're removing Team Builder for it despite the fact that people prefer to play TB because of its unique merits.
: This does however solve a lot of the pitfalls where teambuilder doesn't translate well to a ranked setting, while still keeping with the core idea of giving a leg up to players who want to specialize on just one or maybe two roles. And they can't reasonably do both, because it further fracture to pool of players. Maybe they could leave team builder for normals, and do this for ranked, but you can't really have them side by side for the same player pool.
Not everyone plays ranked. Not everyone _wants_ to play ranked. Trying to develop normals so that they "translate to ranked" is a poor way to get people to stick with the game if they just want fun and not hyper-competitive gameplay.
: So much salt over removing a playlist that had numbers comparative to dominion.
That cannot possibly be true otherwise, wait times would be in the tens of minutes every queue.
: The new champion select is better than team builder in all the ways you've described. Listen to the Riot podcast where they talked about the new champion select. TB was heavily flawed, this is a much better system. You can still play the champ you want and the wait times will be much shorter.
Bans mean you can't still play the champ you want. Also, you aren't guaranteed the role you want because you **have** to select two and then you get assigned one. I don't want to be assigned a role, i want to play a specific role and a specific champ in that role. This system means i won't necessarily get the role I want and that means i can't necessarily play the champ i want. TB may have had flaws but i was ok with them because it gave me choice. Shouldn't that be what this is about?
Lectus (NA)
: ***
I play team builder to so i can decide what role _and_ champ I want to play. I don't get that option in this because my champ can be banned. Also, this doesn't allow for easier assembly of team comps. This does nothing to improve the example they even made in the post, because people can still just say, "no i don't want to pick into your yasuo comp".
Tocks (NA)
: While I do not care for Team Builder, I am greatly looking forward to the New Champ Select. I think you guys nailed it and I'm very excited to play ranked this season SPECIFICALLY because of this addition. However, while the inspiration for the new champ select may have come from team builder, I think it is unwise to replace one with the other. I do understand the need to do so, but I think there are better ways to go about this. "Long queue times made **turning down champions** that didn’t fit while waiting for your team’s missing piece feel even worse." This is the ONLY thing wrong with team builder as a blind pick experience. One "captain" or the "builder" in this case flipping through several junglers till he found the Lee Song cause he thinks he's op ruins the "quick game" feel that blind pick offers. Instead of removing the mode, remove the captain! You pick a lane, you pick a champ, then you queue, while in queue you arrange your masteries, runes and summoner spells. The game is now the "captain", it builds the team for the players and puts a Top, JG, Mid, Adc and Support together against another team. After a few clicks you're in game, no dodging, no flaming, just league. Let's call this mode "Instalock". Now what's wrong with the current blind pick? My main issue with it is that I'm already fighting with my team before the game even starts. The role I wanted had already been called, now I have to go with my next pick, oh but wait that was called too. Or maybe I managed to call my lane before everyone else, "yay I got JG!", then suddenly that Master Yi with smite is locked in. Sure I can just pick my JG and ignore him, then there's bad juju between us the entire experience. Not to mention the rest of my team flaming me for selecting a role that had already been selected. Thanks to Riot's fancy Team Builder, this issue has been solved, "Instalock" would be the dream child of TB and BP. Faster, less crying, and only one smite! I know what you're thinking, Instalock doesn't allow you to see your teammates before the game starts, and I say "that's what I call blind pick!". Instalock is all about adapting and making due with what you have. TLDR - Combine Team Builder and Blind Pick to create a simple "quick queue" game mode and name it "Instalock".
unfortunately that would be rife with trolls picking things like nunu adc and nami jungle
: New champ select replaces Team Builder
I don't understand why this is either/or. Why does team builder have to be removed to implement this game mode?
: I didn't write that. You didn't ask a question. You made a whiny statement, and you're acting all butt-hurt that you got shut down. Either act with the maturity of someone old enough to be on the internet, or get off the internet. Geez.
I did ask a question, you just don't like how I asked it because you're easily offended.
: That's not what a Q&A is for. It's the wrong forum for that. If you want to whine about a champion, go ahead and make a thread for it. Nobody wants to listen to you, and downvotes are pretty effective at hiding your comments. That's all!
> champion Q&As are not for asking questions Do you realize how ridiculous that statement is?
Solash (EUW)
: So i'm gonna take a wild guess and assume you're chat restricted?
Nope, not unless it's been put in place because of this thread.
: > [{quoted}](name=LostMarble,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=FXAooE3r,comment-id=0019000100000000,timestamp=2015-11-24T20:21:42.827+0000) > > So you're adamantly refusing to address what is a blatant problem because you don't like my tone? Awesome. Glad to know riot's employees don't give a shit about the problems they introduce that lead to bad player experiences. Look, I get that you have concerns. But Meddler and Beat Punchbeef have both been addressing gameplay related concerns in this very thread. We're not refusing to address things. Real talk - the way you phrased your initial post is not a question, nor an identification of a problem. It's an assertion of your opinion, and quite frankly, it was really, really snarky. From what I can tell, you aren't looking for a discussion, you're just trying to rile people up. I'm not really interested in going there, and I think the downvotes speak to the fact that your fellow players don't appreciate that approach either.
Ooh, condescension and appeal to majority. Nice. You do a great job representing your company to your customers. Here's a tip, leave your memespeak outside the office and act like a professional when you're at work. As far as meddler goes, all he addressed was that he was perfectly OK with requiring players to search for information outside the game to understand interactions with this new champion, in direct opposition to riot's stated design principles.
Meddler (NA)
: Having one lengthy tooltip on a champion is reasonable to me, multiple, 3+ especially, suggests things are probably getting too complex though. In Illaoi's case we felt we could go with a fair bit of complexity on the E because her other tooltips are relatively straightforward (Passive, Q and W especially).
Except the people who can't see that tooltip don't know that the skill has a false choice implented into it until they leave the area of the ability and pretty much end their game in the process. That's an extremely antifun interaction. So you're OK with going against not just one but three tenets of riot's design philosophy on just one ability?
: > [{quoted}](name=kile147,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=FXAooE3r,comment-id=00190001,timestamp=2015-11-24T19:59:37.527+0000) > > instead of just phrasing his personal opinions in the way of questions. This x1000
So you're adamantly refusing to address what is a blatant problem because you don't like my tone? Awesome. Glad to know riot's employees don't give a shit about the problems they introduce that lead to bad player experiences.
Flaherty (NA)
: Just have to position yourself so that she can't hit both you and the spirit
Which is impossible mid lane since she can place tentacles at the four corners and will never be out of range unless you just give up farming completely. And if you're melee you have to take damage to destroy the tentacles because your abilities don't damage them.
kile147 (NA)
: You're being down voted for a bad discussion starter, not for asking about balance. Look to the guy who asked about why she has such high base AD as a good example. He asked a balance related question in a way that could actually be answered, instead of just phrasing his personal opinions in the way of questions.
My question can be answered. She's obviously overpowered and her kit goes directly against riot's design principles of clarity and avoidance of anti-fun interactions. Just because I'm not falling to my knees in adoration of for this new shiny doesn't mean I don't deserve an answer.
: Why is she so ridiculously broken and unfun to play against? Is it that her damage is too high and melee champs can't even get close to attack her or is it that her e presents a false choice wherein you die if you try to fight and you're punished for running away? Maybe both?
Downvotes. Awesome. Yeah, let's completely ignore issues of balance, and design that go directly against riot's stated policies. Definitely need a few more tentacle jokes and answers to questions about food.
: We choose the word spirit of soul for a number of reasons. here's a couple. Illaoi is taking only one of your many reincarnations. Soul implies a true unchanging self-- which Illaoi believes is changeable and growing. "Taking your soul" or "testing your soul" sounds evil and while Illaoi ain't exactly nice-- she's definitely not evil.
No matter how much verbal massaging you do, ripping out a person's spirit is evil shit.
: Champion Q&A: Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess
Why is she so ridiculously broken and unfun to play against? Is it that her damage is too high and melee champs can't even get close to attack her or is it that her e presents a false choice wherein you die if you try to fight and you're punished for running away? Maybe both?
: No. NOT fighting Illaoi is like fighting a boss. Test of Spirit doesn't help her unless you're trying to not smack her in the face.
Bullshit. You can't get anywhere near her without taking tons of damage, which is even higher if she hits you and the spirit.
Flaherty (NA)
: You either dodge it or once she pulls the spirit out you fight her. Attacking her shortens the duration of the spirit being out and either she attacks you back directly (which means the spirit won't get killed) or she keeps attacking the spirit as you attack her and your trade should be favorable to you since you only take a portion of the spirit's damage). In team fights it's harder, but in laning this seems to be a good approach to dealing with her E.
Except she can hit both you and the spirit for even more damage. I tried to fight while the spirit was out and I just died faster.
: Silence is no longer available on champions capable of 100-0 you before it ended, and since Quinn was mostly played as an assassin, the same logic could be applied to her blind
Today I learned that Garen doesn't exist.
: NA LCS Scene needs to get bigger...
LCS should just die. It forces the devs to cater to the .001% of players when making balance decisions, instead of being able to focus on the overall health of the game.
: Blind is bad. It completely screws over a relatively small group of champs, while being almost completely useless against another group that is substantially larger, while for it to be effective against the remaining champs its duration would need to be excessively long against the first group. This makes it frequently 'unfun' as well as being a nightmare to balance.
So blind is bad because it screws over marksmen and we can't have anything that hinders our latest pet project from being completely dominant at all stages of the game. That would just be unfair. Meanwhile, silences persist to completely fuck mages or anyone relying on a dash to escape the attack range of marksmen and the ridiculously overpowered juggernauts. This is "balance", everyone.
: If that's the case, is this why my ADC is constantly getting hooked because of Pix? I need a better fairy.
I got you covered *HEY!* Oh there she is now *LISTEN!* She's quite helpful, once you get used to her *HELLO!* *LISTEN!* *HEY!* *HEY!* *HEY!* *LISTEN!*
: You're not thinking very straight. 1. If Garen is fighting Leblanc, they are both mid. 2. If Leblanc is the villain, that either means she's roaming a lot or killed Garen a lot, which would both be Garen's fault. 3. If they're against each other, a good Garen would be in range for his passive anyway, if it were switched to a certain range. Another thing, teleport can't be stopped without vision of the person, proximity to the person, or a sweeper to disable the trinket they're teleporting to. All you need to stop Garen's passive is to stop stealing all the kills from your allies, which as LeBlanc or Shaco usually means your team will lose the moment you die.
The villain debuff goes to the last person to score a kill, not the last person to kill garen. It doesn't matter what lane he's in- if you had the last kill you have the villain debuff. And it's sort of expected that a mid lane ap carry and a jungle carry are going to be scoring kills. What you're saying is: if you don't want a quarter of your kit to be useless, then you need to be useless.
: learn how to farm without abilities problem solved
Meanwhile, the manaless/energy based champs get to spam their abilities all game with zero consequence.
: Patch 5.10 notes
"We want to promote diversity in the jungle. BTW, ranged champs are not allowed to jungle." -Rito
: i believe janna nasus and thresh can all hit people with 99% slows as well ill have to check tho EDIT: nasus has a 95% slow on a fairly low cd and thresh has a 99% slow on each wall of the ult, still unsure about janna tho
And wither lasts 5 seconds standard.
Keonyn (NA)
: Oh please, everyone knows Riot is in CA, this isn't rare or unusual news. Plus, the official announcements clearly spelled out the times, but you decide to nitpick a casual forum post instead and get all bent out of shape about it? First world problems I guess.
I think until Riot makes actual changes to be more inclusive to the players who don't live in California, it should be pointed out as often as possible that they only consider California when they make decisions.
: You can't really ult yourself after the mark detonates can you?
Her ult can be cast either on herself (providing a zhonya's effect) or on an enemy which stuns them. If an enemy zed has qss it does nothing if she ults herself instead of him.
avari26 (NA)
: Sorry for the confusion - this will be live with the patch going out. For NA, the patch deploy is at 3AM: http://status.leagueoflegends.com/#na
You should clarify this with PST so that us non-west coasters are reminded that only California matters to riot.
: there was another forum post similar to this. I took away a couple ideas I really liked (one change ties into the other with this) the first being that zileans q would have two charges (similar to velkoz w). also lower the detonation times a little bit (i feel like they take way to long to detonate) scrap the w altogether along with the q change. it provides no purpose now since it doesnt even lower the cd of your ult anymore. even currently it serves no purpose other than to reset your q and may be get the stun which is almost never, or let you run away really fast or may be save a teammate. may be give him another form of damage for his w, some kind of damage **over time** (lol clever I know) lower the cd on the e or at least increase the duration. may be both
Lowering the detonation time on his bombs is a further Nerf since it gives an even smaller window to land the stun.
: Hi lissandras {{item:3140}}
Doesn't help if she ults herself before the mark detonates.
OhOkYea (NA)
: IT negates damage, not effects > The damage reduction is increased to 100% for the first source of champion damage that would be reduced, though this does not negate any other effects of the attack
Hmm. Could have sworn I read that it destroys the first projectile. Maybe that was just bad info.
Rioter Comments
: Is this really what you wanted riot?
It hasn't even been a week yet. You need to allow time for people to get used to the new required play styles of these champions. Kass' new ult range means you can't play him the same way. You have to take more things into consideration before engaging when your out isn't as reliable. Veigar now has a skill shot that people need to adjust to and the event horizon change means you need to take your opponent's mobility into account instead of just dropping it on top of them. Personally, I think the new event horizon is probably a crippling nerf in League of Mobility and riftwalk's range was decreased too much, especially when you have Ahri, LeBlanc, Zed etc go completely untouched. However, there hasn't been enough time since the changes to use winrates as evidence. Give it another week or two and revisit those numbers
: ITT we got so many people butthurt over not being able to play Zilean mid anymore. Riot wants him to become a utility support, just like Bard will be. He's always been about his utility since he only has ONE damaging spell anyway. Making Time Bomb a skill-shot was the best thing they could've done for him, because old TB was targeted and not fun to go up against because you simply had to be in range of it for him to tag you with unavoidable damage. Now you can check bushes with it, you can lay double-bomb traps as you flee from enemies, it's a lot better now. You still want to buy AP so that TB has some kick to it, and to revive people with really high amounts of health, but his kit screams utility first and damage second.
Then why is Orianna (who is also supposed to be a "utility mage") allowed to have huge amounts of damage, as well?
: As would WW. The whole point of suppression is that it's really powerful... unless someone else on the other team can break it. (Or they buy QSS. I'm pretty sure they're trying to rework everyone with suppression to not have it anymore, because it's a nightmare to balance properly.)
But they are also long CD ults, which you said being able to interrupt would be obnoxious.
ChrisB5 (NA)
: And how is Zed OP right now? Does he /assassinate/? He's an assassin. But he does it too well! He can one shot mages. Or any mage could buy Zhonas and counter. Oh but he shouldn't be able to wave clear so fast. Like Yi, Kat, Akali? Well, he forces mages into buying a Zhonas. So? First off, mage diversity is laughable since the removal of DFG and Athenes nerf. However, Zhonas is an item counter to survive Zed's burst. It's an essential against many plays, and this argument is horrendous! There's still five other item slots. Zed is so easy to counter though! Especially if defending, zhonas is incredible. He's a highly mobile assassin, I get that. He's very strong and if played right, very very powerful. Yet... why aren't you whining about Leblanc? This mage assassin has twice the mobility with half the risk and quite a fair amount of burst. Zed is higher risk higher reward. I used to bitch about Zed until I realized all I had to do was study him and learn how to play against him. Don't bitch about the current bandwagon champions. Instead, learn to play against them and you will thrive! Consider it a blessing that Zed is so commonly picked after learning his weaknesses, rather than bitch and cry about them. OR you can play Zed if he's so OP. Problem solved.
First of all, the item is Zhonya's. And not every midlaner is an ap champ. "The ADs should buy qss" which is a magic resist item, so half it's usefulness is gone when playing against Zed. Besides that, the biggest issue with Zed is not his wave clear or his ability to destroy squishies, it's the fact that he never puts himself at risk to do these things. If he ults an AP in the middle of their team and they Zhonya's he can just port back to his shadow and try again later. If he's split pushing and the whole enemy team come to stop him, he can just shadow away and come back later, meanwhile the other 4 people on his team are doing whatever they want uncontested. If they send one, that person is most likely dead because he can just tower dive. If they send two, then the other three team members are outnumbered. Zed has so many strengths, and riot chose to address something that wasn't one of them.
: Because letting you negate someone's long-cooldown ult with any stun, silence, knockback, etc. would be really obnoxious.
{{champion:90}} would like a word.
terkmc (NA)
: Soooo, Zilean mid? I've ran it a couple time before and its pretty hilarious to see the bomb chunk people, only now it have a stun atached
A stun you can't make any use of solo, because your only damage ability is now on CD and your AAs are useless because he's- wait for it- a mage.
: Arclight Vel'Koz
occasionally i've been seeing him sort of flail his left and right tentacles out to the sides during the homeguard run animation, sort of like it's in between the normal movement and the fast movement animations. His rear tentacles still drags behind like it should, though.
Mongoose (NA)
: Let Karthus Ult bypass shields
Why not go for broke and ask them to make it an automatic insta-ace?
Fiorinol (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Alorasence,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=12ipkEJc,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2014-12-31T04:50:54.290+0000) > > There is, of course, no chance of this gaining attention here.... > > > But maybe on Reddit. Not gonna lie, I'm starting to think the League subreddit has a big problem; Their moderators decided to delete boycott posts, using the witchhunt rule as a justification (Doing a boycott against a whole company isn't a witch hunt). They've also started to delete every single East Coast-related post making light of the situation, or being too "repost" to their tastes, for reference: https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/2qc0oz/its_time_for_east_coasters_to_speak_up/ http://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/2qvl9f/east_coast_servers_have_basically_become_the/ This behavior isn't acceptable. It isn't the subreddit moderation's job to decide what narrative gets to be on the frontpage or not; they aren't reposts from the same person, and they aren't witchhunts. They've also used "Riot being on holidays" as an excuse. There's something really fucky when the people moderating a community subreddit decide to be anti-consumer by dictating which opinions are acceptable by bending the rules. They haven't deleted mine yet, as they probably know it will result in a massive shitstorm.
Which is why reddit is as much a joke as my ping. What's it going to take for people to realize they don't care about open discussion and free speech, only their bottom line?
: THEY DO THIS EVERY YEAR!!!! It has literally been the same fucking promo for the last 3 years. It is NOT Riots mistake, its yours.
Not everyone has been playing since beta to know how riot operates their sales and promos. Please try to remember that everyone isn't you and you aren't everyone.
: To make sure I understand: You bought something and now want a refund because the item went on sale weeks later? Can you name any company that advertises it will be having a sale weeks in advance other than Black Friday sales?
I can name plenty of companies that give 30 day money back guarantees.
Nubeel (NA)
: He's very easy to deal with. Even when he's fed all you need to do is CC him in some way and he dies. His ult makes him invulnerable to damage but if you put a DOT on him like Ignite, Space Aids etc. it will kill him when his ult ends if he doesn't have his heal up or lifesteals off of something. His gap closer also has a pretty long CD especially early so if he uses it aggressively he has to blow his flash to escape. And all he can do is autoattack. A Thornmail, Randuins Omen, Ninja Tabi and Frozen Heart totally fuck him over. Just pick a Champion like Nasus, Maokai or Jax to name a few, build the items I mentioned and counter splitpush him. Or pick Fiora/Riven/Teemo and bully him in lane and outdamage/CC him later. Teemo in particular can shit on him in lane, kite him effectively and if you put shrooms down the lane they'll kill off minions so he can't splitpush. You also blind him for 2.5 seconds which is more than enough time for you to kill him. Trynd is in no way OP or hard to deal with.
I love that the response to legitimate complaints about his kit are always "lol just cc him" and "always play in draft so you can pick a hard counter." Because it's never that the champion is having a negative effect on the game, it's that everyone else is playing the game wrong.
: i dont know why its an issue that they can turret dive and YOU KNOW they can do it its so obvious what tryn's plan ever is tryndamere exploits your greed, of course you want to kill him, hes got 1 hp... but the odds are hes gonna wreck you run away from him but stay close enough to reengage after his ult ends its not every situation where you can rely on trying to out play the other guy sometimes you just have to suck it up, the guy does whwat he does and you're champion lacks a kit to counter play him so you are forced to be wary
"just run away, lol" because it's not like he has an ability that slows the movement of champions with their backs to him. or an ability that speeds him up.
Siro43 (NA)
: North Carolina, you play football and eat BBQ you just do, no one knows why, I don't needless to say i was disowned.
But i like football and BBQ and playing video games.


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