: You make it sound like you can't mute them and focus on the game. Just because someone initiate toxicity doesn't mean you get to sustain it. Riot doesn't debate, compare, or dispute. Context does not matter. Riot simply follow the policy's procedure. If you're toxic, regardless of the reason, you'll get flagged. Get enough flags then you'll get punished. Also, don't worry Riot Games League of Legends won't be going anywhere but thriving.
> [{quoted}](name=Zombie Gerbil,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=EU0mzMYI,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-05-12T01:52:29.246+0000) > > You make it sound like you can't mute them and focus on the game. > Just because someone initiate toxicity doesn't mean you get to sustain it. > > Riot doesn't debate, compare, or dispute. Context does not matter. Riot simply follow the policy's procedure. If you're toxic, regardless of the reason, you'll get flagged. Get enough flags then you'll get punished. > > Also, don't worry Riot Games League of Legends won't be going anywhere but thriving. On of my friends is the angriest Canadian you will ever meet. Plays every game full mute outside of pings. His flaming used to get him banned constantly, now he doesn't get banned ever. Take notes, know your limits as a player and realize you just shouldn't be talking to strangers on the internet. It's why I left Facebook.
: Meet battlemages (AKA control mages), the champions left to rot if Riot doesn't want them in LCS
Some of this is what people don't get. Every time Zed or a champ with duskblade is brought up the first thing people do is scream "LOL JUST RUSH ZONYAS". Rush that on anivia, or karthus, or Swain or the majority of any non burst champ and that champ loses lane and will be behind for the majority of the game due to the need to build mana pools. You end up rushing catalyst or tear out of pure necessity because it has to stack and are key items. Diana, Leblanc and burst champs that survive that matchup can just buy tome, but still need to then rush items to match the lethality and passives of a 2300 g item. Point being, the most aggressive mid lane champs can get ridiculous power spikes from cheap items and mages need more item variety. Riot doesn't seem to know what to do because of too many burst mages in the game that giving new snowball items will always end up making those burst mages more powerful.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sir Saltarin,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Eh2dAuEN,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-04-10T02:01:47.127+0000) > > Oh ppl like to see the most picked midlaner in the game that also ha 53% winrate nerfed > > So dumb amirite He has that high because most mid laners don't purchase {{item:3191}} 1st item.
> [{quoted}](name=Dasdi96,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Eh2dAuEN,comment-id=000200000001,timestamp=2019-04-10T03:05:04.912+0000) > > He has that high because most mid laners don't purchase {{item:3191}} 1st item. Some idiot always says this. Unlike energy champs, the majority of mages need to focus on getting Mana Regen/pools built in the early game. To first invest in this item means you still basically have to sit back until duskblade is purchased and then negates armguard completely leaving you with literally no stats as a mage. Zed, waits for energy and CDs, mage, waits for much slower Mana Regen, hopes of hitting Zed with skill shots, misses, out of Mana, forced to leave lane, loses CS. It's a snowball of failure to start that item first. You'd be better off getting a catalyst and tear then building it so you can at the very least stay in the lane. Try armguard anivia vs a Zed. Enjoy the loss.
: Riot Games hires its first Chief Diversity Officer
This isn't even about champs or gender according to what was posted. It's literally about there being work circles in the teams that work at riot that don't include everyone even if they are on the same team. You see this all the time, most blatantly in retail teams. The reaction to the title overstates what the OP is posting.
Copic (NA)
: "League isn't dying".
TL;Dr Op has discovered people are watching league a lot less than they used to and/or the game has become more accessible with less variables to research to play champs.
: > [{quoted}](name=letsfeedtogether,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jEg0vtXc,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-02-23T22:34:21.644+0000) > > the problem is, its not the nerf he needed. what he need is his shield removed from the game. just like the -5ms was Ok.. are you willing to have his damage massively buffed then?
> [{quoted}](name=ZephyrDrake,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=jEg0vtXc,comment-id=00000000000000000001,timestamp=2019-02-24T00:17:41.800+0000) > > Ok.. are you willing to have his damage massively buffed then? The problem is the abusive amount of mobility and lack of counterplay to windwall. Choose skill shot champs that need, skill...to play? Oh well, windwall counters everything they do. 1 ability can counter entire team comps for the entire game with no way around it except to focus a champ that thrives on coming in late to the party and synergizes with one of the most common (also uninterruptible) forms of CC in the game. Add in the fact it's a 0 cost and only cool down, not ultimate, oriented ability that can instantly break a siege if played right every 20 seconds. It's abusive and bottlenecks the creativity of team comps unless he eats a ban every game in low to mid tier solo queue. His whole kit is nutty. Inherent armor pen also means he can buy cheap, high proc weapons early and out scale until he needs more expensive items later.
: I think it is baiscally official that the Akali rework is an unfixable failure.
CertanlyT is the George Lucas of champ design. With help there's and empire strikes back worthy design, left free, you get Jar Jar and the prequels.
: Like {{item:3191}}? That item alone already gives up to 45 armor (and up to 35 AP). That nearly completely negates all the Lethality items when the wielder is at level 18. Considering how little Edge of Night is picked, then in most games it *is* all the lethality items the enemy is buying.
But you forget that that item has to be stacked to be effective. It's never an item you can build first as all mages midlane usually need some form of mana stability. Zed will peak at best at the point where you would buy this. If you're ahead you can stay ahead and maybe even skip the item til slot 4 but if you're behind you can spend the money but you'll struggle still for a while. Not to mention energy vs mana usage. Weapons with lethality are stupid cheap and duskblade is insane for the amount of damage it gives you on the right champ. 1100+ stacking makes it a great item but it doesn't stop a 2030 duskblade that can 1 shot you. Lost chapter or tear are almost manadory starting items which offer little protection outside of pressure the lane a ton so you can get ganked more, with dorans ring vs a longsword pot build or a D blade putting those champs already ahead in their builds. That's 1300 for a mage to have stability with Mana and then 1100 to "fully negate pen" but by then that spike has been hit and you still have to stack. In short, armguard is a weak answer and puts you behind even more if another champ is ahead, letting them just stack more and more cheap item lethality like youmoos. Not to mention there's no versatility in build path and zonyas is like 3k to complete and has a bunch of pieces to it to crowd your inventory if you want to change builds if you get ahead.
: But also build 1 CLOTH ARMOUR crazzy right a full item gets almost completely countered by a 300 cost item. Duskblade extra damage on the auto plus the 160-200% damage on the criteria made it crazzy
Except its lethality is 18 and cloth armor is only 15 armor so it negates exactly +3 armor. It literally does nothing, nice try. So it ignores it, does bonus damage, removes vision and negates over 300g worth of defensive items and is usually used on burst assassins. Yea, its like the counterplay for predator hecarim when he is full speed. Ya know, 0
aeroteck (NA)
: Give wukong his q back please
Let's be real, {{item:3147}} is the real culprit. I still don't know how this item made it through beta testing. {{item:3095}} isn't that crazy, negating everyone's armor when you're already ahead is. It's an abusive item.
DMate19 (NA)
: But you are still silver, and have not improved in 8 years. If you don't have the game knowledge to climb out f silver in 8 years, your opinion on the topic is severely weakened
Because he is silver it more than likely affects him more. In silver elo jungle is to blame for basically everything. In higher elo the teams will fight early to get their jungle the scuttle. In lower rank like silver, if you can't 1v1 the other jungle level 2 then don't expect to get help from your team and give up a huge early game lead. Oh and then get blamed for it. Like if you are Lee sin level 2 vs any udyr you literally have to give it to him. Your team is not gonna group over scuttle and if they do (depending on how riot does it) they risk experience sap as well. It's a dumb idea.
: Skill shot tip: Don't pay attention to the champion's head, like humans naturally do. Pay attention to their feet. The game is functionally 2-D, and their feet is where they're touching the map (and thus where they are). This has been skill shots 101, from a Morg main. {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
With the exception morgs q is not a 2 part spell, in fact almost no skill shots in the game are 2 part spells. Your character is a pivot point and once it's cast youre done with it. Don't get me wrong at plenty of angles this spell is fine perspective wise (ie I used it yesterday to stun a malz out of an ult as I jumped on him and knew he'd immediately start casting, this was a like 70°). They may have combos with other spells in the kit or items but the closest thing to this ability would be oriannas ball and even then she only does attack move as a single ability and you can move oriana as a ranged champ. As irel, you are moving and casting and casting and changing where you are to where you started the cast with no visible way other than feet to know where you'll end it as well as moving towards the enemy or away while casting. You can easily lose your line from other players spells (ie viegar stun has crystal-like animations that look like your blades etc) and even ori's ball tells you distance constraints. Not asking for aim assist just increased perspective, from an Anivia main (I throw a lot of qs too).
Rioter Comments
: So they nerf mages because they can clear waves easily without the need of mana items? Hmmm... {{champion:245}} {{champion:238}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:105}} Also, I suppose auto attacking doesn't cost any mana but is a good way to clear wave easily, especially when you get {{item:3087}}
They didn't see play because they aren't good in pro level meta team fights. But most of the people that play league don't play competitive but riot likes to balance it as if we do.
: Waht the F* is going on in Irelia's trailer?
I've literally been reliving the unbridled joys of playing Irelia for the last like month top. I swear to God if Riot messes this up... Also don't touch that bubble butt frostblade skin.
Rioter Comments
: Champion Update: Shen
Classic rito, quotes self in own article cuz "we is buffing I swear"
: Champion Update and the Flawed Fencer
I spent the better first half of last season showing my buddy how to use her correctly in order for him to finally get out of bronze. Thanks riot for crushing dreams and fixing what needn't be fixed.
: Congratulations Balance Team: Azir, Veigar, and Kassadin are all below 40%
The viegar change first hand has made it not so viegar is just weaker, but other champs such as Kat are stronger. Instead of being able to delete kat in lane and skillfully land a difficult stun, I now televise where I am going to place a stun. Since arguably his biggest counter is bruisers or melee Ap champs that can avoid his stun reducing his Q range and making it almost a melee range ability in itself has just broken this champ. Because of this problem you also cannot take advantage of Q passive as you will mostly be getting assists as a carry in mid. This champ is now only situationally playable and is no longer enjoyable to play. That stun was his lifesaver against champs that can jump him, now he has to go into basically melee to do anything.
: League of Legends Cinematic: A New Dawn
Finally someone put actual combat in a league vid. After the Jinx vid where all she did was mow down robots I thought all was lost.


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