: I See People Complain About Being Punished for "Defending" Themselves
I mean I just got a 14 day suspension and that ain't gonna fucking change a thing for me. I'm gotten to honor 3 just by usual means of how I play/interact with people but once in awhile I get that one person who gets underneath my skin and fully deserves any shit I say towards them. Do I deserve the punishment? Sure, I guess. But that's just how I do. Riot's game, Riot's rules. Doesn't mean those rules make any fucking sense.
: Shut up, Stop talking
Sometimes you want the other person to know that they're being a dick and you don't actually want to communicate or help them because of such. Sometimes you're just fed up with dealing with 1, if 2 not people who are "low-key" trolling by not making it obvious, and when they bait you, you fall for it. That's why. Have you never once told a person to "shut up" ever in your life? I don't know anybody who has.
xRopez (EUW)
: ***
Yeah it was pretty dumb. I could trade better but he would still 1v1 at 40% hp whereas I'd be at around 80%. No, it's pretty broken. I shouldn't have been 1/0/1 in lane or been able to kill Camille. However, Camille's kit worked better with conqueror than with Garen vs Nasus. Grasp wouldn't heal the damage dealt through conqueror. I have no problems admitting things are OP... Teemo's Q, Karma itself... When I completely dominate people with these easy skills I always comment out loud that it's OP. That's why dark harvest was tuned down... to prevent champions from one-shotting at 15 minutes in. OP. Yes I'm complaining because the power-difference was obvious.
: Q + E lvl 1
Ya so OP he added to two skills at level 1 fixed it though
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: If you call me out by my rank in a derogatory manner, you have earned your report.
Depends. Lots of people like to point the finger but don't like to admit fault. Meaning plenty of people are ready and willing to spell out mistakes that their teammates make because "my criticisms are valid". To that I would say, "... but you're X rank". If you're only as good as the team you've been put on and you try to elevate yourself above them, then I think bringing attention to your rank/mmr and pointing out that it's in the same bracket as the people you're playing with, is not flaming nor should it be reportable. "Make me feel small, ruin my night and my spirit" seems a little over the top. You sure you're the real-deal?
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: i just ban kai'sai from ranked for a week straight i tend to let people know as soon as pop into the lobby with a copy pasted message i dont really care if that person has been playing her for hours or played her on pbe an now suddenly shes that person main i refuse to believe it takes someone 2 days to completely master a champion ontop of the fact that theres ALWAYS first timers trying to play her in ranked games an im just not dealing with that if they wana play her that bad go play her in normals other wise prepared to be disapointed
Sad mentality. Just be prepared to be disappointed in return. Riot's stance on this should classify banning a teammate's champion intentionally as some sort of reportable offense, since we're all about the justice system here we might as well be consistent. The point of releasing a new champion isn't for dickhead elitists to remove their own teammate's right to play their declared champion given that they're actually trying to win. For you to decide "nah, fuck you. I dictate where you play that shit" is equivalent to throwing the game out the window since you've most likely pissed the other person off. You've decreased your chances at winning by simple means of irritating the other person enough to troll or semi-troll. Use your head.
Karfuss (EUW)
: Kai'sa isn't a ban worthy champion though. I've never seen her played well. She either goes average/even, or feeds hard. The only time I will ban her, is in ranked, IF a team mate has shown they want to play her. For two reasons: 1) I'm not having it on my team. 2) There is not a snowballs chance in hell you know how to play her optimally.
: ADCs complaining about supports getting kills...
Any time someone whines and moans about not getting a kill when another teammate gets it instead when it's clearly unintentional and/or the enemy has a decent chance at escaping... then take it from them again and again. Same goes for any person who makes up lies. i.e. when you're last hitting and **not** pushing the wave but some person freaks the hell out and spam pings while saying "gg afk". Or if a jungler steals your farm and actually pushes the wave, steal their farm. It's tit-for-tat.
: I have no idea why the comment is this toxic and almost racist (I said "almost" but I actually do mean "very much"). They're asking to have a CLIENT language option just for themselves to read and look at, it does not even affect you in any way, shape, or form. What's with this kneejerk shit comment sections filled with some sick alternative form of "go back to your country" and other insults to that end, merely at the prospect of someone asking for a client language option (which is rightfully requested because no game in 2018 beyond small indie titles should miss the language options)? Wtf?
> [{quoted}](name=SEKAI,realm=OCE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=orR2l6Pb,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-03-09T05:36:57.048+0000) > > I have no idea why the comment is this toxic and almost racist (I said "almost" but I actually do mean "very much"). > > They're asking to have a CLIENT language option just for themselves to read and look at, it does not even affect you in any way, shape, or form. What's with this kneejerk shit comment sections filled with some sick alternative form of "go back to your country" and other insults to that end, merely at the prospect of someone asking for a client language option (which is rightfully requested because no game in 2018 beyond small indie titles should miss the language options)? Wtf? Usual stuff. Tolerated by Riot.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tokyo Love Story,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=orR2l6Pb,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-03-09T03:29:02.043+0000) > > I am playing LOL since 2009, it is good game, i am enjoy it very much. Now it is 2018, i invite some Chinese friends play with me, but they all said since S8 the new runes system and there are over 100 champions, they probably can not remember all the skill and detail of the new runes. I know China has own LOL client, but how about just put an optional of change language preference? I noticed in the new LOL client there is a button u can click and change language but only English NA. Why are you attempting to play on the NA servers? I doubt anyone will enjoy watching a bunch of Chinese Kanji scroll past their team members messages they can actually read? FFS China stay in ur servers, you don't need to fucking own all the servers on every game...
> [{quoted}](name=Lost Paradox,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=orR2l6Pb,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-09T05:06:38.711+0000) > > Why are you attempting to play on the NA servers? I doubt anyone will enjoy watching a bunch of Chinese Kanji scroll past their team members messages they can actually read? FFS China stay in ur servers, you don't need to fucking own all the servers on every game... "I'm not racist but"... gotta love it when people's true colours shine. Did you know that North America contains people from all over the world? Meaning, there are citizens here who's native language is something other than English? Meaning, they **live ** here but aren't fluent in English yet. FFS America more like. We're the ones who poke troubles in other people's affairs. If you've got beef with people staying in their own territory, it should be with your own continent first, namely USA.
: Stop getting butthurt over banned new champs
I never ban teammate's champions unless by accident (not paying attention). If I purposely ban someone's champion, I am fully prepared for the consequences. Look at it this way. You ban something that someone wants. You say, "I don't give a shit". How does that help you? How does that motivate the other person to play "normally" when you've decided that your own motivations > theirs?
: I strongly disagree with you that China hasn't harbored racist views. There are several studies showing how the Chinese people are fairly racist towards other peoples, and tend to hold such people in less respect (although whether they are more racist than other cultures is definitely debatable). China in particular also practiced slavery through the 1930's to the 40s. I also strongly disagree with you on the view on the humanities side of things, considering the humanities movement and study is one that is almost entirely created out of western belief. On top of that, multiculturalism is 100% a western invention. I could go further into why I disagree with you fundamentally on this issue, but that would be delving too far into politics and I would rather not do that, unless you truly insist on doing so. Although at that point I would almost suggest swapping to pms as the mods tend to get touchy when it comes to politics (for somewhat good reason, given todays climate). The west is also not responsible for the highest numbers of human death and slavery. China and the mongols holds the title for causing the highest numbers of deaths, because of Mao and communist party and the mongols because they were extremely bloodthirsty and their lifestyle involved waging a ton of war. The most slavery is held by the middle east and Africa, where it is still practiced _to this day._ To say that western culture has not been doing anything great for humanity is honestly a really ignorant thing to say, and somewhat insulting.
I'm going to call you on your B.S. Provide those "several studies" as well of the credentials of those involved in the study. What does "almost entirely created" out of Western belief mean? Define "almost entirely" in a way that supports your statement i.e. any evidence? A 100% Western invention? Not 99.9%? 88.7%? 100%. Got it. I'll definitely take your word for it. More false, vague and inaccurate generalizations? U.S. alone has more deaths per capita, more pollution rates per capita than most other developed countries as does Australia. A country with 1+ billion people having "a higher number of deaths" but a lower ratio per capita... means that the rate/percentage is **lower**. China and "the mongols"? Who are "the mongols"? Because of Mao and "communist party"? You sound like you came straight off Breitbart. No doubt that the Mongolians were bloodthirsty for there time, as there is no doubt that groups such as Christians or Pilgrims were also savages. I think SEKAI is simply trying to tell you that Western culture isn't as great as it seems to think of itself (and even other cultures are fed positive, fantasy-like images of the West). We're great propaganda machines and manipulators. Great enough to have you believe that a humanities movement or the act of studying it, was all pretty much thought of by Westerners and that multiculturalism is a 100% Western "thing".
: I'm done playing League of Legends
I just stopped caring for the most part. I can't seem to emotionally detach myself from the game without not trying as hard. If I try hard, I get emotional. The game isn't broken nor is this anything new. We're on the internet; we have a mask. It amplifies all the bad aspects of humanity. It's a competitive setting, it's online, it's with random strangers & it requires teamwork. That's an inevitable recipe for frequent chaos. That being said, I'm still an asshole when someone rubs me the wrong way. You're right, there's no excuse, but it seems that all our patience has worn thin. There will never be a punishment system that is capable controlling us without losing a large part of their player-base. This is more of a human-problem.
Zachak47 (NA)
: "If some stranger telling you "kys" on some random internet game makes you actually consider harming yourself IRL, then you have serious mental issues that you need to get professional treatment for. A person suffering from mental illness who gets triggered easily probably shouldn't be playing a game with an unmonitored chat box, just like an recovering alcoholic probably shouldn't work at a bar." Agreed.
True. But (depending on context) goading someone into killing themselves while being fully aware that not all people are mentally stable also means you have some serious unresolved, mental issues that you need to get treatment for. It's akin to abusing some living thing for no particularly good reason. A person who gets triggered easily shouldn't be on the internet. A person who isn't triggered easily shouldn't be going around purposely trying to trigger others to evoke a reaction & prove a point. And then when someone suggests, "maybe you should stop because other people have feelings worth considering" the trolls see themselves as the actual victims of "attack of free speech".
: Kill yourself.
It depends on the context and how often a person says it, and how deliberate they are with their intent to cause emotional distress. I used to not give a fuck as to whatever I said, especially if the person before me was already dishing shit out at me first. But alas, two wrongs don't make a right. As in, someone being "mentally ill" or from a perspective, "overly-sensitive" doesn't mean that someone else has to say shit that they wouldn't otherwise IRL.
: I would have loved to see a change like this to draft pick. Dota's style of draft works so much better for a game where you have to build a team, especially since it makes it significantly easier to counter overpowered picks with more niche ones due to the 'faking comp' tactic.
It could be a separate ranked mode as well. The set-up would force people to play the captain's choices and would be restricted to voicing their opinions. In order to avoid scrambling for roles, LoL can keep the pre-assigned role selection except limit it to 1 choice. This way, people would knowingly accept that they might be forced to play a champion if and when the captain decides to not listen. However, I'd also like to see a viable break in the meta where there might be 2 mid or 2 top, but I'm pretty sure it won't happen.
Skorch (NA)
: The game is such a mess right now people dont even know the issue.
It's because this game's concept is a simplified moba. Instead of having creative, unique item building, compositions & skill point distribution, we have: Armor to counter AD Resistance to counter AP AD? - build AD AP? - build AP Meta-sheep lanes and socially-designated or assigned roles. There's less you can do to mitigate a poor lane match-up. You can't optimize to build around your counter often, you can't abuse AI in order to shift map pressure, you just have to sit there and take it in the ass. This problem is further emphasized by a lack of willingness to change one's playstyle to be more adaptable in general. I've never tried to cooperate more as a team than back when I was playing Captain's Mode on Dota 2. The picks/bans were alternated in a balanced manner and had separate pick/ban stages (I'm not sure why this isn't a promoted mode). Basically Lol's champ select mode is "pray for the best". Everybody gets to ban ASAP and by doing that, you hope you're not going against an OP champion, or one that will counter your lane. Whereas in a mode like CM, the captains have the option to 'fake' compositions or shut the other team down from fully actualizing their comp. Then upon pick/ban stages being completed, teammates have the option of... **diversifying their lanes.** Maybe we'll put two top. Maybe two mid. Maybe 3 bot. The way to play is less rigid, more adaptable & consequentially, more fun and balanced. It has less to do with being restricted by picks/counters and gives more leeway to skill-based matchups because of creativity & opportunity.
: "where do you draw the line" is a weak argument, as it can be applied to anything.
"Where do you draw the line" would then be a strong argument, as it can be validly applied to most things, policies, etc.
: Your first and last points haven't been true ever since they switched to the IFS. There hasn't been such a thing as "false reports" for a long time now and you won't get punished for non legit reports like you could back when they'd stack chat restricted games.
When did they switch to IFS? I'm not saying you'll get punished, I'm saying your account gets flagged because of the higher fluctuation of reports. This is a proven fact for that infamous nunu jungler as well as any other person who frequents off-meta champions that can still pull off a 50-80% WR with more than 30 games. Usually when a chat restriction occurs, 3 games are given to provide examples of your own 'toxicity'. In the past, I've only ever needed 1.
: An automated system banning on the spot, without context is the only way to have a ban system at al
It's poorly automated though. Any false reports stack the report count against you and flag your account. It's also not very consistent. Racially derogatory names/club-tags, borderline-offensive names are offenses that aren't considered to be high priority. To top it off, there was an admin/moderator on these forums who specifically said that they do take context into account, and that the # of reports you get doesn't matter. The only thing that matters, is the # of reports you get overtime, regardless of their legitimacy.
WrÆth (NA)
: Using chat to attempt to tilt the enemy team and be unsportsmanlike should be punishable
Nah, it's fun. I resort to it when the person on the enemy team is raging or insulting how bad I must be even though they're 0/5 because of our lane. I know they're already pissed off at losing to someone they consider trash, and they opened the door first.
: > [{quoted}](name=Barkley,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=6VUJzJpZ,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2018-02-02T21:11:15.847+0000) > > I 100% promise you I'm a tougher person than you'll ever be, but people that bring that particular brand of hate into the world and hold hateful views deserve to be punished to the maximum extent of whatever authority they're under. Period. > > Take your snowflake accusations and bring them to a place they're warranted, like these idiots arguing over whether "GGEZ" should be reportable/bannable. Go tell them about "how the world is." I'm well aware. I guarantee you I've seen more of this world than you have. > > That is, unless you're trying to say you support racism/homophobia/cultural insensitivity. I mean... is that what you're saying? Let me get this straight.... You are tougher than I will ever be?... but you're worked up about club tags on the internet? BTW, supporting something and being indifferent are not the same thing. Do I care if someone has a naughty club tag? Nope. Do I support beating up people soley based on race or sexual preference? Nope. Its not all or nothing snowflake!
I don't doubt it. You seem to think that by acting or being insensitive, it makes you tougher. I can't blame you though, this is North America after all. If someone disagrees with the inconsistency of a policy, they should be to a degree, "worked up" over it. Being edgy & non-caring isn't cool nor is it tough.
: "defending" yourself from other people flaming you makes no sense
Why should you care enough to make a post about strangers? Because you're human, and humans have emotions. I adore the fuck out of people who use the argument, "bro they're just words, words don't have meaning unless you give them meaning, blah blah blah blah blah". You mean, you're not going to get offended when you're putting your honest effort into helping someone else or your team, and then having that person or team bite you in the ass for something completely outrageous or unreasonable? When people are called names or insulted personally, it affects them? **Who knew?** Why should people care about any exchange of words for that matter? They're just words, so who gives a shit? Why do you pretend not to give a fuck, when you clearly give a fuck?
nGxJacob (NA)
: Rumor has it, people AFK when they dont like their teammates. Bet you get a lot of AFKs.
Yeah yeah, keep kissing ass and sucking up to RIot pretending as if you've changed your behavior. Maybe 1 in every 100,000 sure. I get AFKs whether or not I type, it's not a matter of influence or choice. I don't keep track of the percentage, maybe you could do it for me.
: This is great great idea, and the reason NORMALS exist. Keep the jg karthas and other useless things like that out of ranked please.
Can't wait to see you
: PSA: It's Doable
Lol 90% of people who get banned never change. I don't trust people who excessively type "gj" or kiss ass. They'll do a 180 on you when they think you're the reason why they're losing. Same goes for myself. I've been chat restricted a couple times, yet I have tons of honour/keys. I wouldn't even say that I'm a better or more moral person, I'm just smarter with my choice of words.
Kokua (NA)
: How many accounts do you think exist? How many people do you think work for Riot? If you do the math, it's pretty silly to expect them to be able to manually look over every name and filter out the bad ones from the rest. Sure they can flag specific combinations of letters, but sometimes those combinations may form legitimate non-offensive words or names. Then people find ways to work around the system to represent the same thing with a different appearance. Having players being a part of making their community better makes people feel like they have an impact on the community, and relieves a huge load off them that would be nearly impossible to manage alone. I've actually run into some bad names, reported them, and have seen them changed or removed.
Don't know. Don't know. I think you're exaggerating a little bit here. It's not like I'm expecting an immediate process. But 6 months down the line, or when the person is plat 3/played for several seasons, you'd think... hmm... he's had this name for awhile (and still does). I'm not saying flag combination keywords or anything like that. I'm saying that when the box is ticked for "offensive username/clubtag" it should flag the account specifically for a manual review instead of having it go through an automated process, or worse, not even counting as a flag. My last submission didn't go through despite the fact that one of my teammates was trash talking in champ select. The only thing that really seems to matter is how many reports an account gets regardless of the reasoning behind it. If an account doesn't get enough reports, it skids by. If an account gets reported frequently, everything is put under a microscope.
: I don't know specifics on how their system handles offensive name reports, but I do know that those sorts of tags/names are absolutely not tolerated and (at least if they get flagged and reviewed) will have to change; people that repeatedly use these sorts of names after a forced name change will just be banned. If you report an extremely offensive name and it isn't getting changed after a while, feel free to submit a [Support Ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new).
Well words are one thing, but results are another. What you're saying isn't aligning with my experience. So why would they not be flagged or reviewed? Shouldn't all reports that have the "inappropriate username or clubtag" flag the account for a manual review? I can submit a support ticket. We shouldn't be the ones responsible for manually submitting and bringing attention to it. Or do you think that's an unreasonable opinion?
Rioter Comments
: Playing "Off-Meta" punishable ? ( Bard Jungle )
You **most likely ** will not get punished for simply going off-meta, but it doesn't prevent you from getting reported. Therefore, if and when you do get reported when you're actually trash-talking, all those previous reports will have flagged your account and it will only take you 1 game to get zinged.
: How are there accounts like "Adolf H..." or "N... killa" allowed in this game?!
Because Riot doesn't seem to care enough about this particular issue. All this talk about toxicity & claims of "context matters" is a load of crock. What matters is the # of reports they get. System is usually automated. Inappropriate names should be flagged and dealt with personally, but yes, I do see people I've reported with offensive names/club tags playing again with the same name. The fact that there isn't a zero tolerance policy on racism does bother me, especially since I've been doled out chat restrictions for swearing. The least they can do is permanently ban their accounts and have them start over. But that would cut into their profits. Haven't spent a dollar since then.
Chermorg (NA)
: Did you ever consider that it's likely the automated system can take those kinds of factors into account?
It isn't. It's easily abused. Over half a year ago, I distinctly recall playing 1 game that day getting quite emotional but at most, responding back with "stfu keyboard warrior and **** you" after being the black sheep of not only my team, but a few people on the enemy team as well. Yes, I know the proper response is to mute and move on, but when your teammates already call you "retarded or autistic" when you're genuinely trying and not screwing around, is there no understanding or leeway at all? i.e. **context**? When not just 2 or 3 people are on your ass, but 6/10 people in the game? For no clear reason? Sorry, I'm not an upstanding League player I guess. I'm toxic. I reported them and was pretty confident in the fact that I wouldn't be chat restricted since my responses were very minimal given the situation. But context did not matter. "You should have muted" "You shouldn't engage with trolls". 1 game. I log on a few days later and I have a 10 game chat restriction. I have gotten zero notification as to their punishments, even though our Tristana told me to drink bleach, used autistic insults, our Brand kept asking to report me in all chat and kept calling me a retard, our Lee Sin kept saying "GG" after feeding first blood and said he didn't care if that account got banned because he's already made at least 9. Haven't bought RP since. I don't agree with that.
: Is it possible to report Club Titles?
You can report them, but 9/10 times they won't have enough flags to warrant any punishment despite the fact that it's arguably worse than getting into a heated argument with your teammates, which pisses me off.
: > [{quoted}](name=Ramen226,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=oUVIFXzP,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-12-06T23:54:53.231+0000) > > What The monthly card that riot talked about putting to inform users of their reports,punishment,etc
Damn dude who's your dealer? Sorry, let me correct myself: "Dude who dealer damn your"
Ulanopo (NA)
: >So out of this entire thread (which isn't very much) you took the time out of your day to moderate my post? I'm a volunteer. Your post got reported. I took the least invasive action, which was to remove the part where you called him stupid, which didn't change your point at all. >But you didn't say or mention anything about the people who named themselves "FK U CHI NA MAN" or "KLU KLUX CLAN"? What did you want me to say? I report those names when I see them. In fact, given that I frequent the boards and report names from here directly, I'll bet I have forced dozens more name changes than you have. That feels a ton more effective than sloganeering on the issue. That said, a truly offensive name here _does result in an immediate boards ban_, you just don't see it because we lock their posting privileges behind the scenes. >I don't tolerate disrespect. I'll respect those who show respect. "You should try to remain respectful of other posters" DOT DOT DOT. What else have I typed that has shown personal disrespect or rudeness? Are you joking? That isn't an ellipsis. It's a typo. Further, it's a logical fallacy to argue that not being rude elsewhere warrants a pass on violating a boards guideline.
Ah. So he actually reported my post. What a hypocritical troll. I'll use code language from now on to avoid reports. It's an abusable system that humans should be able to detect at the very least. The thing is, the people with these names/club tags I have reported have still played games recently and have skins they bought on that account. What I'm saying is (and what should be obvious but everybody is nitpicking my latter statement) is that, "shouldn't these accounts be banned on the spot?" Why is it tolerated? Nobody cares about a board ban. They care about the money they spend on the game.
Ulanopo (NA)
: Hey EfficientLazy, I have removed the personal insult from your post. You don't need it to make your argument and you should try to remain respectful of other posters..
What personal insult? The one where I called him a hypocrite? So out of this entire thread (which isn't very much) you took the time out of your day to moderate my post? But you didn't say or mention anything about the people who named themselves "FK U CHI NA MAN" or "KLU KLUX CLAN"? I don't tolerate disrespect. I'll respect those who show respect. "You should try to remain respectful of other posters" DOT DOT DOT. What else have I typed that has shown personal disrespect or rudeness? Are you joking?
: So banning someone for that name would not make sense, if they were toxic id understand but for the name alone would just be unjustified censorship. Yes i am being nitpicky because i spotted something incorrect and thought you might like to know of your mistake whether it was out of frustration or you meant it but didn' t process what you said.
Sure, I could've specified a little more clearly. I said "It's always stuff like", meaning the person's username tends to be whatever I listed above. Casual/overbearing racism is common on the internet. All the little basement dwellers finally have power and they can say whatever the hell they want. And then they have the audacity to get mad when somebody restricts them. I'd happily engage in a flame war back, but this is against Riot's rules and I've already been hit by ridiculous chat bans. Yet people can play 100+ games under obvious racist names & club tabs? Lol.
: people will cry about it. the fact that it doesnt exist makes it funny to 99% of the people who hear it and you have EVERY RIGHT to use it censorship is the worst thing that has ever existed in human history
dude, look at your post history. <<REMOVED BY MODERATION>> You've spent the past 6 hours crying about people crying. Doesn't the irony just eat away at you? Censorship is one thing. Deleting/banning an account because that person skirted around name guidelines is another. "You should allow me or others to have disrespectful/offensive names because censorship is bad" is not a good argument. The internet isn't a safe space for the likes of trolls, even though you and they want it to be.
: KKK is racist absolutely white power is not Because something CAN be phrased badly, doesnt mean you ban it to save the feelings of snowflakes
snowflakes lol brb changing my name to white privilege and seeing how many crying people i get
: > [{quoted}](name=EfficientLazy,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=mf6M094O,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-11-16T03:11:31.375+0000) > > We have censored the word satan yet racist names get to stay? > > It&amp;#039;s always stuff like WHITE P0WER or I LIKE TRUMP or %%%%%% too. Nice one Riot. explain how white power and i like trump are racist? Black power would be just fine wouldnt it
Never seen black power, but good assumption. When your username is white power and your club name is KKK it's uhh, racist. "in itself", it might not be, but the way it is phrased and used, is.
: "I LIKE TRUMP" is not a racist name..... {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
No its not, but the people who use those usernames are often part of the group. You get the point though, people are just being nitpicky.
: Only two of your examples are discriminatory, and only one is actually racist.
No racial mixing %%%% Fk u Chi na man those are also great ones
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: what can i do to reduce Tilt, Flame and Aggravation -
Flame sarcastically. Keep it minimal. Egg them on by using undetectable sarcasm, i.e. "Good job". It's more than enough to satisfy my "tit-for-tat" side when a true asshole tries to troll me. I ain't no saint, but neither are most of the virtue signalers here.
: Not Everyone Reacts the Same to Toxicity
Riot's game, Riot's rules. At the end of the day, this is the only agreement that I can accept. Other than that, my opinion on this matter differs. I am very sensitive, I've been called overly-sensitive by relatives all throughout my life. I know I wear my heart on my sleeve. The difference is that I resolve things differently. I don't bottle it in. I have always strongly believed that people should reap what they sow, or that they should be able to handle whatever it is they dish out. I don't go out of my way to seek conflict, but when conflict arises, I don't just sit idly by. I was one of those idiots who jumped in and became involved. It's a difference of dealing with a situation. IRL, my approach would not be seen as toxic or offensive. But alas, Riot's game, Riot's rules.
: Good points, although you're not walking very long when you're the jungler, as was this case. And he didn't participate in any kills. The score was 7 to 26, but does that make it ok to behave this way?
No, his scenario doesn't apply but I'm listing situations in which it would be feasible to type.
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