: It really doesn't take that long to fix your mmr if you belong at that higher elo. I had the experience of having literally 7 afks/dc's in a row (just before /remake was released), as well as a couple unfortunate legitimate losses which bumped me down from plat 5 to gold 1 for a bit (implying for a period of time I had a gold 5 mmr). It took me about a week to get back to plat 5, as a solo one trick support. (And I'm currently sitting in plat 3 with an mmr above plat 3.) The first climb is always the hardest, but you do learn/get better in the process, even if you may not be conscious of it, and then subsequent climbs through the same elo feel much easier.
ye my lp gain is slowely increasing now its 18win 20 loss
: You got demoted from D5 to plat 1? That implies your mmr is/was plat 5, so you had to have gone on one heck of a loss streak. Still, if you're a diamond level player (even if it's 'only' diamond 5 level), you'll be able to pretty effectively stomp over plats and go on a win streak to pull your mmr back to a more suitable level before too long. It might be a bit bumpy in terms of keeping your LP up to avoid further demotions, but if you made the climb once, you'll be able to do it again. (Alternatively you're a boosted animal and you don't actually belong in diamond. Whichever.)
its gonna be hard to climb again lol, cuz im a one trick and the first time it was hard enough with normal lp gain now with this lp gain i might as well just quit the game
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: thats what happens when youre on a loss streak,league is giving you a way stronger team than the opponent team to break your lose streak but when you win you gain less lp becuase chances were on your side.
lol league giving me stronger teams when they are actually x10 worse than the teams i played with in my losing games before fucking up my mmr
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FBI Officer (EUNE)
: Weaknesses of a skilled Azir
: I just imagine Yasuo getting all up in Janna's face, staring at her intently, and screaming "FACE THE WIN!"
ur imagination is small im disappointed
: Well, It Looks Like RaptorKarr Is Offically Gone
: dude zed got hit fairly hard, you may not notice it if you don't play him very much, but early game his q is extremely week, and his shadow cooldown at lvl 1, with no cdr, is 24 seconds... hes not even ban worthy in my opinion anymore.
yep people who played him before and after the q nerf know how hard he got hit.
: Patch Chat 6.12 - Keystones and Catalyst and Marksman Items, Oh My!
not patch related but do you have anything in mind for yasuo? {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:157}}
: So, Zed has over an 85% ban rate in Plat+, and least over 60+% at all other levels. That should make it really obvious that people really *do not like playing against him.* When is he going to get some actual proper changes to bring him to a state where people can actually bear to play against him? Adding an indicator around his shadows does nothing to make him less oppressive. The patch notes say that "Zed's inherent frustration is intended". How can a champion that is intentionally frustrating to play against be justified as anything but bad game design? Sure, dying can feel frustrating, but it should always feel fair - like you died because you made a mistake or the other player played better than you. No one feels outplayed by Zed. He does not feel fair to play against. (There are a few other champions with the same problem.) His laning phase is completely oppressive. He can easily push most mana users out of lane. He has strong waveclear and incredibly tower-killing ability - on a champion who is supposed to be designed to kill enemy squishies. He has practically no costs - meaning he can stay in lane forever. He is AD, making him much freer to take defensive runes, since AD does not conflict with MR, unlike AP. He can rush Hexdrinker which makes him almost impossible to kill (while mages have no equivalently strong item to build against him.) His assassination is top-notch and has very little counterplay. He gets in range, and then either the Zed player hits all his skills, or he doesn't. There's little space for his opponent to make skillful plays to avoid or reduce his damage, except if they have instant/skillshot hard CC or a shield. He is relatively safe, both in lane (shadow escape) and even more so in all-ins. His tiny 1-second window does almost nothing to make him vulnerable for someone with an untargetability-gapcloser and near-instant escape. He can apply all of his damage in 1 second and then run away with almost no opportunity of counterattack. In short: he is really strong at laning. He is really strong at taking towers. He is decent at roaming. He is very good at assassination. He can escape easily. The item system also favours him heavily, especially against mana users. People hate having to deal with that. Even in games where you win, you have to suffer being miserable for the entire laning phase until he finally starts to fall off a bit in teamfights (if he hasn't managed to get fed too much by then, and your team brought enough tanks.) Explain to me why a champion like this is considered to be a healthy addition to the game?
His laning phase is completely oppressive. He can easily push most mana users out of lane.He has practically no costs - meaning he can stay in lane forever. i think your lagging and still stuck in the patch before his q nerf
: 1) How has Nidalee been fairing with her recent, **awful**, nerfs? 2) Can you guys actually hit Zed with the nerf bat instead of giving him love taps? It's not cool he gets Riot's favor while other champs are being ignored or nerfed to the ground for no reason. 3) AP items- the past 2 updates (immobile mage and marksmen) completely destroyed our itemization. Can some AP be put back? We barely have any damage.
: Why do you hate tanks?
hate tanks? nice meme tanks literally own the game
Asinine (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Aurela,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Y37ZrRI7,comment-id=00010002,timestamp=2016-06-05T21:37:13.830+0000) > > Is there hot chicks in dota with huge tits? http://cdn.dota2.com/apps/dota2/images/heroes/lina_vert.jpg?v=3472194 https://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/dota2.gamepedia.com/1/11/Windranger.png?version=12e2d57221b67d7b9403a49d89814a66 http://cdn.dota2.com/apps/dota2/images/heroes/queenofpain_vert.jpg?v=3472194 <--- even got your morgana looking type of women
: 1000 Wins! Thank you to Riot Caleb for joining me for this momentous occasion!
: > [{quoted}](name=Lotus Blade,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=Lh56E4qY,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2016-05-30T03:53:26.601+0000) > > lets say it would componsate for that broken windwall where half of the shit flys through (especially tf gold card high chance of going through) and the auto attack bug after ult. Or how about we fix bugs instead of adding unnecessary power to a champion who's already not that well designed.
bugs have been around for a while and alot of people addressed them but rito didnt give a fuck, plus i wouldnt say unnecessary power its not like some more dmg on the e is gonna be a game changer
: It's not supposed to do anything other than be mobility lategame. You already scale like a monster.
lets say it would componsate for that broken windwall where half of the shit flys through (especially tf gold card high chance of going through) and the auto attack bug after ult.
Rioter Comments
DJ Sona (EUW)
: Zed has 91.28% ban rate in Korea
zed ban rate only spiked in NA cause people were like OH NO QSS NERF BAN ZED ... hes banned every single game
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePq6NqyLVaE
: Yasuo was VERY poorly designed overall. He snowballs REALLY hard if he has a good early game, but he ALSO scales really well so he can come back very well if he has a poor one. He's never useless due to the powerful utility of his Windwall and the extra CC of his ult. He has a metric ton of free stats in his kit (free health from shield, free crit from passive, free armor pen on ult), making him play as if he has a lot more gold invested in his build than he does. He's manaless, so he doesn't need to manage a resource, and almost all of his cooldowns are non-existent so he doesn't need to worry about blowing one at a poor time and leaving himself vulnerable. Yes, GOOD yasuos are very rare. But lousy Yasuo players can still do VERY well just by playing him lousy. He is a simple champ to use and he doesn't punish the person playing him for being stupid. At low Elo, Yasuo is hard to deal with because his opponent don't know how to handle him or to pick champions that can punish him. In high Elo, Yas is hard to deal with because actual good Yas players are god-damned terrifying and can outplay even their most brutal counters. Add in that a lot of Yas players are massive cocky jerkoffs, and you get a problem. Almost every Yas player firmly believes three things. 1. That he is the most important player on his team. 2. That his teammates are required to pick champions that can set up Yasuo with knock ups. 3. That he is the most difficult champion in the game and thus, the best player in the game for picking Yasuo. This leads to massive arrogance and self-entitlement from a lot of Yas players. They expect to be given kills. They expect other players to pick champions to set them up instead of the champions that those players wanted to play. They assume that everyone else is a worse player than them, because of their champion's high skill cap. They always believe they're the carry... even if they're massively behind. And the way Yasuo is designed encourages almost ALL of this toxic, selfish thinking.
am i the only yasuo player that prefers not to have people with knock ups on my team? cuz like im always better off getting my own knock ups cuz sometime ur team can knock up, excpect u to follow up and u just end up putting urself in a bad position and dying
: Am I the only one who can't stand Yasuo players?
trust me im a yasuo player and i hate yasuo players, i rarely play against him cause im always playing him, but that one time i get matched against him i just notice how annoying he is then i play him and i forget xD
: Yasuo's Windwall Should NOT Stop Taliyah's Ult
yasuo's wall is buggy asf or yasuo in general is buggy asf , auto attacks have been going through my windwall,iv had morgana q's go through, zed q's but its like a 3 out of 10 chance that happens but it happens but tf gold card is not blocked by windwall that shit goes through 99% of the time, and alot of projectiles usually go through, braum's ult and velkoz's knock up get blocked by yas windwall so taliyah ult getting blocked is nothing. yasuo has alot of bugs rito pls fix
RiotBok (NA)
: If your ping and FPS are remaining consistent through these freezes, I'd say you're likely experiencing packet loss. Just to double check I'd recommend uploading your logs to our [Log Reader](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/209765743) which should be able to analyze your network logs and give some more insight as to what the problem is and some potential fixes. Let me know if it helps!
yes i am experiencing packet loss iv uploaded the most recent logs and they show packet loss, is there anyway i can fix this?
  Rioter Comments
: There was an issue affecting certain countries in EUW yesterday, but given that your issue has been going on for weeks, it seems unrelated to this. Since it can be difficult to track down and identify the specific root cause why you are getting these constant disconnects, make sure to use our [Connection Analyzer Tool](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/209765743)! This will take a look at your past few patches and give you a health report on your connection, as well as some steps on how to improve it. I hope this helps! Give me a heads up if you are still experiencing any issues!
this is happening to me as well but im on NA
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MK7 R (NA)
: Not true i was silver last season and hit plat this season on my 1st plat promo. Id get afks maybe twice out of 10 games but as long as u get your win rate over 50% its ez
read my last comment below
: I hate how they cuff your balls at division 1. Silver 1 was the same way for me.. They get you all psyched up then wen u get close they squeeze ur nut sack.
so true dude its like they just dont want you to go, like right now 3 times i win 2 games then keep losing till 0lp then win 2 then lose again to 0lp its just stupid well anyways rip plat dreams this season
: it just bothers me that i got all the way into series and then they give me garbage and afkers till 0 LP lol
enemy team always has to be better than mine every game its so sad
: League of Legends Ranked is turning into a game of chance.
league ranked in a nutshell: win some games climb a division then enjoy bad teams and get demoted 2 divisions
: Dood i legit said that same thing a few hours ago. I'm like, i feel like i have silver teamates again, these mistakes are soooo dumb.
also feels like rito just wants to hold you back so hard, like literally
: Same... r.i.p the dream
im getting matched with people worse than the people i used to get matched with in silver ,. so sad
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: Gut yasuo
Gut annie gut everyone also
Niaphim (EUW)
: So, in season 6 ranked queue solo players will be matched with&against 2-5-man premades
Jofeyy (NA)
: I'm guessing it will be SKT {{champion:421}} {{champion:13}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:12}} not sure about top lane though, maybe {{champion:150}} or {{champion:68}}
marin already said rumble and fiora have great skins he said he wants skin for renekton and bengi said he wanted one for elise
NayNays (EUW)
: Penta killing needs more love :o
they need a more exciting voice announcer for the pentakill the current one is good but they can find a better one, that would give u the chills when u get a penta
: Can we give Yasuo the Riven treatment and gut his HP regen by a ton?
What the actual fuck lmafo do you realize that riven has a shield that scales of ad and an Aoe stun and a knock up that she can get easily while YASUO has to q something twice and no other cc he's already one of the most squishy champions and you wanna gut him to make people one shot him at lvl 9? Lol yea and if he doesn't have anything to dash to what would he do? His windwall is fixed it's not gonna move around him and make him invincible and the passive that blocks half the damage riven shield would block can be triggered by an auto attack like you need to put ur mouse on him and right click. Bottom line is yasuo shitting on you? 1 ban him or 2 get a team full of cc and enjoy ur free win.
Lugg (NA)
: Congrats to SKT, Season 5 World Champions
honestly even though i think sktt1 will 100% win this championship , its also not impossible for them to lose but who knows we'll see.
Cubism (NA)
: Riot confirmed if a team wins worlds twice, they would not recieve new skins
i guess they know skt will win LOL
: I hope KOO wins the finals...
: When you're fed and you stumble upon that enemy that was DC'd for first 15 minutes. . . .
personally i hate this when i try to not come across enemies that have been dc i just dont enjoy the game when i get free kills from them
: The new boarder design look like a complete downgrade
Rioter Comments
: the fact that someone bringing up a legitimate issue is getting downvoted a bunch in fucking idiotic. ageism is a very real problem in todays society, and yet it has somehow managed to become socially acceptable, and no one even thinks its a thing. i've heard way to many time things along the lines of "ageism isn't even a word"
Meddler (NA)
: I understand that and figure that will be the case for a number of people. Main thing I wanted to offer here was some context on how this is something we've looked at, thought about and decided not to do, rather than something we haven't considered or having made time for.
this cant be a thing , not because the effect of how it looks with other things or something but it will be like an indirect nerf to yasuo, and he's pretty balanced atm so he doesnt need any changes unless u guys wanna get the e back to stack to 100% instead of 50 that would be better :D
Good Be3r (EUW)
: Yasuo - Small tweak that makes a difference
this may help people playing against yas and can put him in a disadvantages so no, and u can click a minion and they will have a "this unit is immune to sweeping blade for some seconds" buff if that helps.
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