: If you are dissatisfied with the state of the game, stop buying skins.
: While your at it Riot, can you fix jumps so when people get snared mid jump they actually stop and land where they got hit. Little annoying snagging a tristana mid jump only for her to just land at her tower.
: Honestly, seeing the Akali rework makes playing immobile champs seem unfair.
With all the Mobility being added in I'm wondering if we going to see stuff like micro-grounding effects as well as grounding effects being added into abilities to more immobile champions so that there are some means of counterplay at least those that don't already come packed with hard cc?
: So now there's going to be true stealth... Then what the fuck is true sight?
I kinda feel like sight and true sight are irrelevant at this point.
: Honestly I fear Diana mains. There is a combo called the Fast Moon Combo or some shit. You can ultimate before using your Q and then use your ultimate again for the reset, and it's fucking insane. Though in the end Akali is just the superior Diana IMHO.
RQ Combo high tempo involved and low turnout even if you're able to replicate it because it's very inconsistent considering mobility/cc (if you're in a team fight situation gl living even if you pull it off)
: {{champion:89}} vs {{champion:131}}
: just make a second defensive tree, like they talked about a couple of month ago. meddler was thinking about making separate defensive trees, with one focused on wardens and the other on vanguards. i think it would be a decent solution to give tanks and fighters more defensive options overall. the fact that there are 3 trees that amplify damage patterns, one utility tree, and only one defensive tree seems a bit problematic.
More defensive and utility trees would be great but you could also move power away from those respective trees and add in more utility or defense right? For example, allowing Nullifying Orb to absorb all damage not just magic damage. Seems kinda redundant to add more trees but heck I'm not on the balance team lmao.
: It's a design issue, not a power issue. She isn't strong now because she'd be cancer *if she was.*
True but a lot of champions beside her are more of an issue than she will ever be currently (defending my Diana because what the hell man.) Regardless I hope she gets a rework pushing her more towards being a real fighter/diver maybe with some power moved away from Q and R into your W and E especially if there's more interaction with moonlight debuff giving you opportunities to make more meaningful choices besides going aloha snackbar @ a squishy on the enemy team resulting in you having to use zhonya's or die immediately after.
: I still dream of the day Diana is made into a genuine AP fighter sort of champion instead of an awkward pseudo assassin that has no place being an assassin.
The thing is itemization is a serious issue if she had the ability to convert AD to AP (with a 1 to 1 ratio or w/e) playing her as a fighter would actually work unless they actually made useful items for AP fighters (actually APs in general) or otherwise changed her kit (like lower ap ratio on ult, moving attack speed buff on e to q, changing e to a more useful ability unless you're playing aftershock, allow you to proc moonlight on passive something like making Moonlight debuff more interactive like adding a micro stun on it to Moonfall while consuming the debuff on other enemies having you do some aoe initiation opposed to just popping some poor adc while ulting, or putting the attack speed back into her passive (too many changes that could be made)) but until then the only thing you can do is stack raw AP everything else is pointless especially at this time when anyone can pop you (and many people do pop you while being way better at it as well as maintaining an absurd amount of safety) If this is whining about that T1 shit are you even aware of what happened from the perspective of Suntail and how much more ahead he was as Diana compared to Lucian...he had something like 500+ AP add in Electrocute and W being up before he even flashing in for the kill....really doesn't take much to kill some chump like that especially these times.
: Wu Kong and Diana have the same problem
LMAO how is Diana even a problem when everyone else shits on you playing her? If you are over 400 AP maybe you have a chance to pop someone really fast perchance that they have no MR while you have Magic Pen but before that try one shotting someone and cry about her afterward if anything look at Zed, Talon, and other hosts of bullshit like machine gun Taliyah.
Taonanae (NA)
: I wanna try jung but I'm SUPP
mute everyone for sure
Naon (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Yetii Rider,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2x66b3kA,comment-id=00120000,timestamp=2018-07-12T15:27:24.898+0000) > > Sorry to say that Riot has attempted to address this twice now and each time it hasn't had any impact. Because AP players don't want diversity, they want power. They want a bunch of items that have 100-120 AP and different passives, which would just result in them stacking those items and not actually making a choice. > > When an item is good, it is built. And players build it over others. Riot attempted to make the Shiv/Hurricane/PD/Rapidfire thing for mages with the new Lost Chapter items but mage players didn't even TRY {{item:3030}} after its rework. > > Item diversity doesn't actually exist. Every other player in the game will build basically the exact same six items every game. There is no real choice if you want to climb, you will buy the best combination of items whether you are ahead or behind. See also ADCs who do not build any sort of defense if they are failing to get farm, they will still rush their scaling items even though they have no chance of actually completing them in time and they will feed constantly because of their build until then. > > Player behavior is not optimal, therefore there is no diversity. It's not a problem Riot can solve (nor is it even a problem, just build the same items every game and get enjoyment out of the gameplay rather than your stats, wtf) so why should they bother trying? Most want an item similar to hex for AP and a QSS that actually builds into something they can use. IDC if the AP on that item is 20-50 w/e as long as it's similar to what the ADs get with a similar CD to those items.
: That's what I am trying to mainly suggest yes. It would feel more sense thematically, in comparison with the rest of the runes. EDIT: I made a Blue version, to show as to what it would look like. https://image.ibb.co/j9JT7T/Thunderlords_Decree.png
: Does anyone miss Thunderlord's Degree?
i miss stormraider's surge...phase rush kinda sucks
: Used Car Salesman Tahm Kench anyone?
: I wish there was another AP Armor item, something with a purely anti Physical effect
if only this happened i'd be hella down shout out to something like an ap steraks or w/e

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