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: This whole article feels like Riot is saying "we screwed up and we know it, but we won't fix anything".
I would upvote this a million times if I could {{item:3070}}
: Champion Update and the Flawed Fencer
I will never, ever comprehend why Fiora was changed. I'm dying for her return. Before this update, I saw her as a classy and powerful, who definitely knew the difference between right and wrong. I don't know what she is anymore. Just some haughty uptight rich woman. Please bring her back, both her play style and her appearance. Fiora used to be such a lovely champion. She wasn't overpowered, either. An underfed Fiora was an underfed Fiora, and a fed Fiora was a fed Fiora. Much like many champions, her success depended on your judgement of timing. What is she now? Her alt hardly comes to use, and her W makes absolutely no sense. Its slow, and for the most part, useless. I cant stand her anymore. I was looking to get a refund for having bought her, but I have always hoped that Riot would bring back what she once was. I know they wont, but I really do wish they would. I'm still extremely upset about her changes. She was a wonderful champion, dulled down to be entirely unlikable. Your changes to her artwork weren't a compromise, it was like topping a filled-up trash bag with a cherry. Its still undesirable. I still remember my first time playing her. As childish as it seems, I was devastated with her update, desperate to get her old design back, and this devastation went on for days. I had just become comfortable with her gameplay, I had become confident, and I began to main Fiora. Then I saw it. An update. An update for a champion I loved so dearly. It is one of your biggest errors since I have begun playing League. I will never forgive what had happened to her.
: Champion Update: Fiora
Nuu PLEASE don't change Fiora! QuQ She's perfectly fine just the way she is. There are many other broken champions, Fiora is not one of them. Her face in the splash looks greasy and mean, rather than collected and powerful in her old splash art. Can we not do this?

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