: What is with most of your new reworks/champions having utility ults over damage ults? I like the change but I was wondering why the change occurred.
I suspect there's just more new ground to work with exploring high-impact utility abilities. Earlier champion designs tend to be heavy on either stat boost or huge damage ults. Also, I reckon that we're seeing more of a clarification between champions that do burst/fast damage and those that do constant damage. With the later, they tend to be naturally lower on strategic ability use already, so giving them greater "burst utility" gives them some additional thought around playing around windows of time while also letting their constant damage feel more impactful without need to worry about some huge burst ability eating into their potential budget there. At least that's how I would rationalize it.
Sharjo (EUW)
: Champion Update: Ryze the Rune Mage
So...next new champion or rework is going to just completely flatten all terrain on the map with their ultimate, right? It seems we've exhausted just about every other option over this last long string of works for them to find a new way to bypass it.
: Is Being A Support Main Bad?
It partially depends on your own goals. Short answer I would give you is: Yes. You are limiting yourself by only playing one role. One of the fastest ways to boost your ability to apply knowledge in the game is to have a good understanding of the fundamental skills required to play and needs required to succeed in all roles in the game. (And you actually really, really want to learn how to jungle to fully appreciate objective-based gameplay in league. It's the most important role any other main needs to understand.) However... To what extent this is useful to you to keep sharp on really depends on how much time and effort you want to put into the game. It's hard to keep up on the knowledge advantage for all roles if you only put in 2 or 3 games a week, for example. Support is also currently the easiest role you can get away with only playing right now because you will almost never be forced to play a different role if you don't want to. Personally, I've been playing nothing but support this season as kind of a personal challenge (not for the last month+ cause of computer issues I'm hoping to fix soon), but I do think from just the simple metric of "how enjoyable is the game" it prevents things from getting overly tedious if you branch out into different territory now and again. There are a lot of fun champions to play in every role and you miss out on the different experiences available if you're stuck in a rut of your own making. Really, I tend to think you should just boil down your decision making to this basic flowchart in regards to the game: Q: Is the thing fun to do? --> Yes --> Do the thing -->No --> Try a different thing If you just don't want to branch out because you're scared or uncomfortable with your performance elsewhere, it's okay to take your time, but don't let be the thing that limits your experiences.
yukumari (NA)
: Would reintroducing some form of Mana Burn be plausible?
Historically, there are a number of issues with mana burn - As you guess at, it tends to have less effect on most mages with high mana pools than champions such as pure tanks who have high impact abilities who tend to get just enough mana to periodically execute a number of rotations. It works the opposite of what one might expect intuitively and thematically. -Linked to the previous point by the high burden of knowledge cost to benefit, mana burn takes resource management out of the player's sphere and puts it in their opponents. It disturbs the familiarity of conservation patterns. Suddenly, you don't have the mana you needed to complete a rotation and the usefulness of any given champion becomes difficult to pin down in an environment where their reliability can fluctuate. -Very low appreciation of the effect vs how oppressive it is. If mana burns more slowly and weakly it doesn't stop people from outright murdering you in a couple of trades, for example, but encourages the slow choke of attrition to force your opponent to a point where they can no longer stay in lane. -Fundamentally it removes interactions in an unhealthy manner. There's the age-old comparison with CC, which removes your ability to respond for windows of time in a much more readable manner. It doesn't mesh well with League's system in particular because of how resource gating is drastically different between champions.
: Wasn't there an overlap in idenities between Old Lore Leona and Braum?
Backstory defines a lot of a character's motivation and personality. I'm not sure why you're so quick to dismiss it. It's probably more important in appreciating a League character than in other universes, really, due to the fact that we get very little continuous story from them. Guessing how a character would likely approach a certain scenario or interact with other characters in the future, as well as what struggles their immediate environment would force them into, probably holds the largest mindshare of the community. Braum is a character who can act according to his ideals within a community that supports them. Leona was more of a rebel against the virtues espoused by her tribe. There's a world of difference between how that weighs on their personalities and priorities. Braum can wander around as his jovial self helping whoever he sees and then move along with his life with scarcely a thought. Every decision Leona made could be seen as more of a struggle against harsh realities and a test of whether she wielded enough power to enforce her ideals against them.
: Trundle sup = Good, Sion sup = Troll, ???
Not saying I have any personal issues if you want to go Sion support, but there are some pretty clear reasons why Trundle as a support can be viewed as far superior in his current state. You may as well engrave these words into your mind when you approach any discussion about what are perceived as more viable champions in a specific role: Reliability and Safety Trundle in the support role has these in boatloads -Decent base stats -Decent early game trading in lane -Regeneration which is not reliant on his own attacking/farm -Ease and safety of using his E pillar to split teams and disengage. -Ultimate is not very reliant on his own stat growth to be useful. Sion, on the other hand -Must remain close in the fray to apply utility -Poorer base stats -Less reliable damage trading -Less reliable CC
Hay5eed (NA)
: Riot you really need to start working on truly defining what a "Support" is.
We've already established this pretty clearly, I think. Support is a position, not a class of champions. Most champions who do well in the support role are what Riot has loosely been calling enchanters, control mages, or tanks. Riot has no intention of making the role exclusively describe champions which are more utility based. This has never really been their vision of the game, with the role arising from refinement of player knowledge about better gold distribution strategies rather than by initial design. There is nothing new about the struggle between balancing damage against utility in the duo lane. I would personally argue having champions in the role that bring more emphasis to this element is fairly necessary to introduce variety in the system and help prevent stagnation between tank-like supports and sustain/buff supports.
: I dunno. Nasus' draw towards knowledge, understanding, and the preservation thereof could have, had Renekton continued to lose his sanity after Nashramae, yielded a coerced choice on his behalf, in that Nasus would have understood (with a shattered heart) that; - Renekton was less fit intellectually to preserve any of Shurima's knowledge and practices - Renekton was perhaps the only being qualified to constrain Xerath - Renekton's bloodlust may have resulted in unnecessary carnage post Shurmia's fall I want to stress that Nasus doesn't like this conclusion internally, which keeps his loving and benevolent nature intact. Regarding Renekton's heroism, it was clear that this was on the decline given the incident at Nashramae. Whether he improves or declines in mental health after this incident is up to the author, and they obviously chose improvement, given his self-sacrifice during the Xerath incident. To me, the re-written version wouldn't take away from either character, but rather, add more emotional depth to the situation. A heart-wrenching choice on Nasus' behalf, and Renekton's struggle to understand or accept it. The reunion of these two would thus have some interesting potential imo.
I guess I flat out don't agree that the story is more interesting that way. To me it diminishes perceptions of Renekton's character strengths and paints a more nebulous picture of the brotherly bond which Nasus and Renekton shared, which I feel also diminishes Nasus' conflict in the future. The outcome of their encounter seems more obvious. Why should he be conflicted about putting down the savage beast for the greater good a second time? I won't belabor that much more in deference to differing taste, though. I think I understand the desire to have Renekton's character feel more like a protagonist within his own framing of the story, at least. The Nashramae incident is interesting to consider. I think the writer was merely foreshadowing Renekton's susceptibility towards giving in to his savagery in battle rather than necessarily indicating a general degradation of mental health at that point, but it could be interesting to think of how the disagreements between the brothers might have continued without Xerath's part in interrupting the ongoing wars of Shurima.
: Anyone else think that Renekton's new lore is a bit weak?
What you lose by making that decision Nasus' rather than Renekton's is the emphasis on the innate heroism and self-sacrifice in Renekton's character. Admittedly, the future conflict favors the emotional pull of Nasus' decisions over the (mostly) mindless beast that Renekton has become, but I think the symbol of Renekton as a tragic hero is much stronger. You'd think one man could not sacrifice more than he did the first time he attempted to give up his life for his brother, but then he sacrifices even his sanity, purpose, and love for that which he gave everything to protect. Furthermore, I view the dualism of the brothers a little differently. Aside from the intelligence vs strength aspect, Nasus is a lofty idealist who finds it difficult to sacrifice anything, while Renekton was a bit of a grittier, more hedonistic creature who nonetheless put everything on the line to serve and protect. However, the brothers were really more similar than different when in came down to their most important values and neither were the kind that necessarily favored cold logic over passion, I'd say.
: @Meddler Why is Bloodrazor the only jungle enchant that is good against one subset of champions?
% Maximum health has always been more of the ubiquitous damage stat choice than strictly a tank-busting stat. It tends to be most effective against health stacking tanks and squishies with little resistance. I'll show my math so I can be corrected by more knowledgeable folk. Assuming 3% maximum health on-hit and the rough damage multiplier of 100/(100+Armor) Take a champion with 2000 HP and 100 Armor. .03 x 2000=60 damage from the max health passive Armor multiplier( 100/100+100) = .5 Damage taken = 30, Champion dies from on-hit damage alone in roughly 66 hits Take a champion with 3000 HP and 200 Armor .03 x 3000 = 90 damage from max health passive Armor multiplier (100/100+200) =.33 Damage taken = 30, Champion dies from on-hit damage alone in roughly 100 hits. This is a huge simplification cause there's a lot more maths in the game and item considerations, and I haven't even mentioned armor penetration, but the point is that in general with % max health damage you still kill squishies much faster than tanks with resistances.
: Good tips for a Braum player?
Braum is a fairly simple champion. Learning to use E effectively is going to be the most important point of mastery. This mostly comes down to honing two skills: 1. Facing the correct direction 2. Understanding your enemy's attack patterns and when you can interrupt with the highest impact. Basic build is just your standard tank items. You pretty much always want Boots of Swiftness as well, to make sure you can maximize in combat mobility with your shield. I think Braum's play patterns come fairly naturally, but most of the time what you're going to do is some combination of jumping to a target with W and using Q and E. Braum pairs pretty well with divers for this reason because they maximize the usefulness of his entire kit and extend his threat range.
Igotlazy (NA)
: ..with 1 stone. Sorry I needed to.
Shave and a haircut
Veraska (NA)
: Emperor Xerath
I think it's more like it's shaping up to be the Battle of the Five Armies in here. The barren deserts of Shurima are suddenly getting a little bit crowded and all kinds of attention is heading its way. Xerath seeks a new empire Azir wants to reclaim the old one Noxus has an eye on the suddenly powerful secrets and seems to be toying around with the region Taliyah and her ilk are thinking "No Gods, No Masters!" The void creatures operate nearby to sow their own brand of chaos And we've yet to even see where Sivir, Skarner, Amumu and Rammus fall into the picture. Skarner especially doesn't seem like he'd be interested in suffering the indignity of submitting to either Emperor claiming the sands. Sivir is a big wild card. Maybe some uneasy truces will be formed in the free for all, but I think Taliyah will be looking to crush, at the very least, two birds.
: I agree, but I also think Azir should have had better communication with Xerath. And maybe even vice versa. Azir never knew the extent that Xerath kept him safe. And Azir did become an arrogant emperor which made it difficult to trust him. Azir should have reassured his friend every now and then.
Definitely, if we are to look at Xerath's side of the story there's a good argument for Azir taking a fair amount of the blame in the way things turned out. Especially the line where they talk about Azir telling him that a slave ought to know their place makes it look like Azir never really could bring himself to treat Xerath as an equal, despite his ideals. The kind of trust Azir exercises in Xerath is that he will always believe in and follow his noble intentions. He never thinks to depend on Xerath as an ally in his secret plans, and indeed seems painfully unaware of how much he owes to Xerath.
Marbelara (EUNE)
: His story is not over yet though. I'm curious to see how he will ultimately end up.
"Xerath sought the heart of the desert to regain his strength and understand how the world had changed in the millennia since his imprisonment. His stolen power grew with every passing moment, and he beheld a world ripe for conquest, a world brimming with mortals ready to worship at the feet of a new and terrible god." Call it a wild shot in the dark, but I'm going to bank on a generous attempt at breaking into the remorseless overlord occupation for a while.
: Xerath: A Thought on his 'Evil' Deeds
I mean, I would still say Xerath is about as evil as you can get by the end of his story. It's the classic tale of the righteousness and bravery which led him on his path twisted by hate and lust for power. In the end he ceases to care about anyone else and seeks to become more or less the embodiment of the thing he hated. It wasn't just the royalty of Shurima that was ended by his hand that day. It's just that Xerath's role in the history of Shurima is as much the victim as anyone else.
: That essentially makes it a claims dispute which Taliyah would actually have no part of. See, the way you're putting it is that it's a question of who owns the land, and thereby who can do what with it. Azir has the prior claim, and seeing that he's basically a god, you'd think his will holds weight in this matter. Taliyah, as illogically angry as she is to me, still has no right to challenge him on this. I'm pretty sure it's between the leaders of the current Shuriman, Azir, Sivir, and maybe the Tribunal. Because, to me, it's like if in American (removing the context of all the genocide and etc) an ancient Indian chief rose from the dead with the power to summon golems from nature and stated he wanted a) his land back and b) to gather his people or what's left of them back under his banner. While I'm more than sure there would be panic, chaos, and people grabbing their guns the right thing to do would be to work that shit out through discussion because what the fuck man, he just rose from the dead, there might be so preordained destiny shit going on.
See, I think my gut reaction when I live in a world where vengeful spirits and the like are more a commonplace matter of history than myth and you tell me I have to give up my home and livelihood to divine will is, "To hell with your god. I'm not praying to you. I'm getting an exorcist to put your dead ass back in the ground where it belongs." There's nothing illogical about being upset about the threat of your entire culture and people being usurped by a specter from the past. The only right I need to dispute his claim is the fact that I'm living here. Some compromise should probably be met, but I'm going to argue that I think it's far more fair for that to come from the centuries dead ruler of the realm who is upsetting the way of life that has been established in his absence. He's the foreigner now, and if he wants us to help him regain his glory he better understand that this is a favor to one whose right to control the land has long expired. And it's this ideological disagreement between us that I think exhibits pretty accurately why conflict is going to be unavoidable between the likes of Taliyah and Azir.
: Yeah, you have a point. But, again... that's not what's being done. He isn't going out to these nomadic Shurimans and conscripting them back under his rule. Or at the very least we don't know that, the merchants don't know that, and Taliyah for sure doesn't know that. That's what makes it all suspect. From what we know, he raised his former empire from the sands and then split his time planning and trying to pitch to his errant great granddaughter the joys of being actual royalty.
Well, the bottom line is we don't know much yet what is going on in Shurima with Azir's revival because the lore hasn't progressed far enough for us to see, but what hints we have been given so far don't suggest that Azir plans to take the councilman's role in the future of the nation. Also consider these quotes from Taliyah, which seem a little more predictive of her problem with Azir: Against Azir -There is no empire without the people -You forget your people Against Xerath -Yours is the ill wind that begat his wrath Azir may in fact care very little for the modern day population and be content with making his own empire made of sand, but he seems to intend to be a major political power again, and that in itself doesn't bode well for the current population. In this scenario the most kind path Azir is likely to take would be to simply push out or marginalize those that he has no desire to claim from his domain, disrupting their way of life and the local balance of power, stirring up his ancient conflict near home.
: So... What exactly is Taliyah's beef with Azir again?
There might be a little more to this than simply not knowing history. Consider the last line from Azir's long background. "I will reclaim my lands and take back what was mine!" It seems like modern day Shurima would be some kind of loose association of villages, tribes, nomads, etc. Azir may not be acquiescent to the thought that a good number of these people may not want to come back into the fold of his empire, full-fledged citizen or no. Imagine trying to convince the modern day territories that previously formed the Roman empire that they ought to be reclaimed, for example. The people that live in those places kind of have their own ideas about how they want to be these days. Azir may have been foreword thinking for his time, but it seems he may become a conqueror from the old age.
: Riot you screwed my favorite Malz skin
I don't play Malzahar, but I did immediately wonder how people with skins would feel about his spell shield once I saw how visually obtrusive it was and how much uptime the passive has. I don't think it's asking too much to look into removing the color swap on his model for skins where it doesn't match (really I don't even like the detail muting effect on the base model, but maybe that's just me). The shield effect on its own seems obvious enough to me that it shouldn't make a difference in gameplay.
: What do you think of the new Zyra rework? (6.9)
I felt sorry for the enemy Thresh and Jhin lane when I took her support last night, is all I know so far. The new passive and Q massively buffs her zone control. It might be just slightly harder to hit a single enemy with her Q at max range with the change to her hitbox, but that doesn't seem to matter much at the moment since speed spitters do so much reliable damage on their own. Feels like zone control, reliability of damage, and waveclear is basically better at all points in the game now.
Revali (NA)
: Is sorcershoes kinda weak compared to every other boot types?
Most mages don't really want {{item:3047}} Situational sustained AD damage reduction {{item:3111}} Tenacity which doesn't matter if you're dead in one successful rotation anyways. So you're left with {{item:3009}} if you aren't starving for as much burst as you can and need in combat mobility to reliably use your spells. {{item:3158}} if you want faster uptime on your utility {{item:3020}} If you need to hit that damage spike, plain and simple. Squishies don't care about the defensive boot items in general because they don't help all that much unless you are building tanky throughout the game. (Well, nobody really cares about them anymore. It's all swifties.)
Thumpin (NA)
: Let's play a game: who's the most poorly designed champion?
Volibear literally did just come from a community post that said "We need an armored bear" that gained unfathomable amounts of popularity. Maybe not the most...inspired champion, but as much as I disliked his addition to the game, he's probably not the worst designed. Thematically, many of the early champions were similarly one-note on introduction as well. Evil Clown, Paladin, Vampire (yeah I know he isn't *actually*, vlad fans, but c'mon don't kid yourselves), Tiny Spellcaster (x2), etc. Urgot and Yorick of course deserve honorable mentions as champions that are no longer allowed to exist in a competitive state due to their kits. And Evelynn, while not having a strictly bad kit, completely failed to end up as an assassin as intended. This is all old news though. As a small personal grief, Nidalee jungle bothers me. Not really anything to do with her being in the jungle role, which has maybe been the best place for her to exist without being unmitigated amounts of frustration to face in lane. However, the amount of her performance which is locked behind arcane PvE mastery feels like a regression back to dark ages LoL jungling. ---- I'm going to say Ekko comes high on the list for me in terms of mechanics. Pretty much a combination of the most frustrating to deal with mechanics in one champion with the added bonus of being a forest fire of balance concerns. {{champion:7}} 's escape, {{champion:36}} level regeneration , and everything that feels kind of bullshit to deal with but you could get over if that was the only deal with a champion's kit. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little assassin. But Riot accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concotion...The ability to build tanky! Thus, {{champion:245}} was born! Using his ultra-bullshit powers, Ekko has dedicated his life to fighting fun, and the forces of balance!
: Air dragon should have one more buff along with the movement speed
I'm wary of what additional factors could be introduced with significant enough power to be felt but not multiply the buff out of control, personally. Players have a history of undervaluing movement speed despite the huge impact a seemingly small buff can have on your chances of victory. ({{champion:40}} Here's looking at you.) One of the nice things about the random dragon cycle though, assuming that there is some relatively equal balance struck in how much weight one dragon or the other pulls, it doesn't matter as much if one of the dragons is instinctively less attractive for players to take on its own. If something like, let's arbitrarily say, half of the dragons feel important enough for teams to take once in game, that's still enough to encourage players to gamble on more objective focused strategies before getting into game. The random order of the dragons also helps because it makes players less complacent about their schedule throughout the course of the game. And they certainly don't want the enemy team doubling up on a buff even if the original one feels kind of weak by itself. Naturally, I don't suppose it's a good thing if 2 or 3 of the dragons do end up feeling unsatisfying to take most of the time, but if 1 out of the bunch is a little weaker feeling at times except to a smaller niche of players, I think that can be a good thing to shake up the in-game decision making to help prevent always taking the dragon being the best decision by default.
: The mastery 5 thing wasn't mentioned in 6.9 notes, so I"m assuming that was a bug.
I'm not even talking about that, though. I'm also assuming that's a bug, because it would be a pretty low decision to outright remove an achievement like that which a player had thought they had permanently earned previously. The fact that a player earns what is the top level of mastery possible by devoting a ton of time to a champion and then has to spend rewards to unlock a title further than that, regardless of how much extra play time they have put into that champion, seems to cheapen the achievement to me. It's like having to buy your own gold medal.
Wand0lf (EUW)
: I absolutely adore Fiddlesticks new passive.
Feels nice. I also like the fact that I no longer have to feel ashamed about accidentally walking out of the brush when I quickcast my ult just outside of its targeting range. Of course, I'm sure I'll still find a way to ult absolutely nothing about 1/4 of the time, but now I can hone in on my reasons to feel ashamed while playing Fiddles.
arc95 (NA)
: mastery 6&7...pay to unlock?
Frankly, the thought of using hextech crafting to raise mastery level of a champion felt odd to me from the very start. I understand they need a release valve to deal with people who have all the IP they could ever want, but it's a pretty unfulfilling thing to me to simply take away their top-tier mastery indicator and lock that behind a random reward barrier. Adding mastery tokens to the mix feels a bit like additionally spitting in the eyes of those people who truly have put in ridiculous amounts of time on some champions, not an avenue to reward them.
m2a1254 (NA)
: What is the best way to master a champion?
I think it depends a little bit on what kind of player you are. I have an easier time playing ranked when I have a couple of reliable fall back champions, but cycle through a secondary pool of champions who I will play for an extended period and then replace with a new champion to learn. It often seems to me that players who only devote their time to learning one champion become inflexible in the way they play, having a poorer understanding of how to adapt their gameplay to different matchups and a more shallow understanding of champion strengths and weaknesses in general. They experience greater frustrations if the meta shifts don't cater to their style. It's a tradeoff between developing mechanical finesse and broader strategic skills. I have both limited time to play this game on a weekly basis and innately lower amounts of mechanical dexterity and reaction time than others, so I feel I have greater gains with my main champions simply by keeping ahead of the knowledge curve and being prepared to handle more diverse situations.
patmax17 (EUW)
: Why Super Galaxy and not Neon Strike?
As long as neon strike is eventually continued with a five man multicolored perfectly coordinating team recall pose, I'm willing to overlook what could have been here.
: @Riot Whats the purpose of those Sona changes?
Looks like it's forcing Sona to stick closer to intended targets for a bigger bang. Strictly speaking, it's a nerf to her early laning phase and a buff past level 7. The overall team fighting effect seems more ambiguous to me. She loses safety of positioning for greater scaling, though the massive buff to E may make that tradeoff largely irrelevant. Honestly, I wonder if this would push Sona more into the middle lane if it goes through as things currently stand.
: Ah, you misunderstand. Its not tying the augments to a specific item, but to any one of a wide set of items. Q augment options: Aether Wisp, Lichbane, Luden's Echo, Tier 1 or 2 boots W augment options: Lichbane, Rod of Ages, Archangels Staff, Morellonomicon, Athenes Unholy Grail, etc. E augment options: Blasting Wand, Needlessly Large Rod, Rod of Ages, Archangels, Liandrys Torment, Void Staff, Deathcap, Luden's Echo, Rylais, Abyssal, Zhonyas Make sense now? If this added flexibility were in his kit, Viktor wouldn't need his numbers tuned so high. He would have a better pattern of gameplay than the current "one of us will instantly disintegrate" thing he does on both PBE and live. As for the passive, I see two people already who disagree. Not counting myself, of course.
Hm, alright. Thanks for clearing that up. I'm not sure if that really is all that different from the current hextech core in terms of staggering evolution choices more by eventual gold gain, but would have to calculate more deeply to see gameplay effects. I do believe the core idea is in need of some more iteration, personally. Regarding the passive additon, whether the passive sounds cool to you, I still submit that it doesn't mean it works thematically with him or provides a good function for his kit. "Boring" or "useless" passives tend to be where players look to in order to add more excitement to a kit, but I caution you to consider that a straight up addition of power to his kit there means Viktor doesn't get that somewhere else. In a kit where you've already said you think the W and Ult are rather bad in their base form. It is of course your right to weigh the opinions of others, but I think "sounds cool" is all you really have there as of yet.
: Riot, Take Notice: Viktor's Problem Is A CORE Problem
I'm confused by your intentions here. How does tying each of his augments to a specific item not then just force Viktor to buy a total of 3-4 core items with even less choice than he has currently if he wants to get the most out of his kit? We've also tried the version of Viktor that has his augments stat tied. As you say, his Q and W feel rather lackluster without the augments, but they are still functional, so when given the option players just decided to shove everything they could into damage and ignore the utility/sustain tradeoffs for the most part. I don't think adding an after-death passive is going to do what you want it to. The best way to play any champion is typically not to die, so unless the afterdeath effect is strong enough to eat into the champion's power budget it feels like little more than a gimmick to actually alter your choices around it. You're pretty much proposing to recreate Sion's passive on a ranged champion. Most Sion players will tell you that this is typically something they don't feel good about relying on. I don't see any thematic gains to be had there on a technological evolution champion.
: {{champion:33}} ok
He could potentially be like that. However, his lore as it stands is just: became a sentient armadillo, wandered around a bunch and then he made a cool suit of armor. (Not canon, but he also fought on Noxus' side way back during the Noxian-Ionian war event. What a jerk.)
Νichirin (EUNE)
: I need a new champion like Braum
We pretty much just have {{champion:201}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:154}} and{{champion:16}} for the all-around good guy bracket, unless I'm missing someone. (Maybe you could argue for {{champion:103}} ?) There's some potential candidates to be fleshed out of more vague older lore remakes, I suppose, but I think we could stand a few more. I've always been a fan of the golden-age hero type who never lost that sense of purpose in a complicated world.
: Anyone else just starting to dislike videogames?
For me, the older I get the less time I can consistently dedicate to games and the more critical I am of the quality of games I am playing. I have work and other hobbies that occupy my time now, so if I end up taking something like a week break from a game it needs to be able to pull me back in immediately or I forget about it. There's a difference in brain chemistry as well as you get older. Younger minds are compelled to do repetition. The grind is effortless for them, where older brains tend to require more immediate, tangible rewards. Creativity also tends to go down with age, if you aren't actively stimulating it, which makes more simple games less palatable for adults because they only get what they are given. (Not saying you yourself are uncreative, but there's a combination of things that make older brains more impatient.) There are also just a lot of instant gratification things adults can purchase instead of getting invested. It's been noted by research that adults are also way worse at reading than kids, for example. I think it's good to take breaks from League or anything else every once and a while, at any rate. It's healthier to do things because we enjoy them and not because we feel compelled to interact with them. I like weaving my game time between league and a lot of those 10-20$ dollar "indie" games that are created to be enjoyed within a short period of time and have a lot of replay value, rather than bigger games that tend to pad their game time. When I don't feel like gaming I write or cook or practice some other skill I'm mediocre at. If you don't balance your leisure time with other kinds of activities, I find I personally just end up defaulting to binge-watching shows and things which give you that kind of instant gratification that makes you apathetic towards doing anything else.
: My friend wants me to start ranked, but I have a problem...
You're going to hear lots of conflicting opinions on this. I don't think it's a bad idea for you to start ranked right now, but it really depends on what you want to get out of it. Most importantly, don't be afraid to start off sucking if you are going to get into ranked right now. You will probably be dismayed if your enjoyment of ranked comes from rising quickly and showing off your skill. If you are looking for a competitive learning environment, however, ranked can help you improve much faster by allowing you to focus on small goals. Preface done, to more directly answer your question: First just decide which role looks more fun for you to learn and don't think to hard about it. The early skill barriers are not all that vast in difference between mid or top. The vast majority of ranked players really are one-trick ponies and slaves to the flavor of the month champions. If you are comfortable with Garen, Nasus and Quinn, that's just fine for starting top, for example. You don't need to feel ashamed about using a few easy champions to get you by until you improve. Having a few reliable picks will let you hone the rest of your skills and let you pick up new champions all the easier later on. Always keep experimenting, for learning and to prevent stagnancy in the future. I personally like to spam several games in normals if I want to add another champion to my current stable and then just throw it into ranked if it jives with me.
: Quick random lore question, what is the ideology difference between noxus and the winters claw.
I'd say Noxus is actually a fair bit more free-spirited than the Winter's Claw. To draw a comparison, the nation of Noxus kind of thrives on their own version of the American Dream, but without all the pretense of moral limits. Any given beggar from the streets can slaughter their way up to the heights of Noxian society. Noxus is not overly particular about conventional definitions of power. Whether you use brute strength, political prowess, wealth, or intelligence as your implement of power, you're entitled to whatever you can make of it. Your reasons for exercising power are irrelevant as long as they don't interfere with the strength of the nation as a whole. Take the Noxus-Zaun alliance. The culture of Noxus opens its arms wide to madmen such as Singed who don't hold much in the ways of a shared history or forms of tradition. He probably cares little for Noxian authority except that they let him continue to create new and more horrible atrocities, and Noxus leadership as a whole is happy to let him have his jollies while he works for them. Granted, there's probably a lot of inner-bickering about what the best kind of power is and matters such as how one displays their honor as a Noxian among the diverse population, but at the end of the day if you have a problem with the way something or someone else in Noxian society is, you exercise your own power to make things the way you want. Sejuani and her ilk, on the other hand, represent cold, hard tradition and strength. It's hard to say who is more cruel to the weak. Your Noxian bully in power might derive some sick pleasure out of tormenting those beneath them, or they might very well value them as a useful resource towards their own ends. It's likely something of a roll of the dice what kind of lot in life you get as an unexceptional person in Noxus. Not so with the Winter's Claw. You're weak, you die. No pity is afforded. You are a sacrifice to the strength of the tribe. Likewise, there is probably little bargaining to be had with the Winter's Claw as an outsider. On the other hand, I feel the sense of solidarity and appreciation between those strong ones who can survive in Sejuani's tribe is bound to be much stronger. The mere thought of committing some underhanded trick to usurp the balance of power between them would probably send any given member of the tribe into a rage. Noxians might laugh off such an attempt with their rival over lunch the next day, after having their respective poison-testers carted off to the infirmary/morgue.
: Pretty big plothole in 'The Bird and Branch'
Pretty sure League lore has always operated with some D&D-esque Common language assumption.
: > An unmistakable sign of nobility. Which is absolutely wrong for the character being portrayed. This isn't the Troll King its supposed to depict. I'm disappointed with Riot's art and story team for letting this go through. Don't get me wrong: its great art, but it is NOT the traditional Trundle. He wasn't Jarl Ball'in of Whiterun, he was more like some sad victim of a daedra's curse.
Well, I was more making a joke at the curse of bad posture which afflicts all barbaric kings, but I don't think the pose and expression are bad as a compromise between the original lore and the unavoidable fact that he has this hulk-like in-game model now. Don't get me wrong, I think the splash is severely lacking in the plague department. Needs more blistering skin and vibrancy to the raw, exposed muscle to really capture that. However, the most important part of Trundle's original lore to me was how he accepted the disease as his source of power to the damnation of his tribe. You can't really pull off the same sense of scrappiness with the current model anymore, but I still get the sense of a solitary, yet confidant nature from this one. Cast another ray of sunlight so that it's not just showing off his taut abs but also the lower diagonal of his face with the savage grimace and the diseased gash of his face and I think the splash would be more the business with little else needing to change.
: Tradtional Trundle Change?
I would like a little more prominence given to the wasting-away flesh on it, personally. Do like the skin splash otherwise though. I'm happy that the artists are giving us a little better than their previous overindulgence in "dynamic" to an occasionally goofy degree action shots in the more recent run, at least.
: Taliyah may be a 'little sparrow' now...
On a tangent, it would be the best to have a Roc champion that followed the classic mythology of a giant bird carrying people away... only because I want to see a special animation of a giant bird carrying Valor, carrying Quinn.
Zerkr (NA)
: Damn that traditional trundle manspread
http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/elderscrolls/images/a/ae/Jarl_Balgruuf_the_Greater.png/revision/latest?cb=20121021003036 An unmistakable sign of nobility.
: What to do as a support if the enemy bot lane is pushing hard towards your tower??
Pretty much just sustain and help your ADC freeze the wave just out of tower range so that you aren't getting too much early damage on your tower and they can still safely last hit. I might not necessarily go straight for Face of the Mountain depending on the situation, but the second tier can be a good help. If the enemy has a strong diving jungler make sure you can keep vision up on the river and your own jungle side during the later laning phase. A deep pink on your jungle side can help for peace of mind if you worry about mid or jungle coming to put the nail in the coffin. If a Janna is keeping up on her vision and any good you probably won't be able to kill either enemy without a fast, fed jungler or something like a 4 man ambush(neither particularly reliable prospects). However, if the jungler ganks you can use that opportunity to push the wave and back so you can keep up with the pressure and possibly turn the situation around. If you can, help your ADC fast push waves towards the tower when the enemy is backing off so they aren't stuck in an awkward situation where they stick around too long trying to clean up.
Poske (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lovely Pants,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4kfB05TA,comment-id=000f0000,timestamp=2016-04-25T13:37:12.574+0000) > > Masteries can be balanced, but that doesn't mean they are healthy. When you have blanket numbers being thrown into the system it doesn't give extra power to those who need it. It has to be absorbed into the balance somewhere in the long run. > > What happens when Brand is strong with Deathfire Touch or Soraka and Janna are more hellish to face in lane with the addition of Windspeaker's Blessing? That extra power comes out of their individual kits in the long run. They don't get to choose other masteries because they are tied to the synergy with their specific keystones. > > It becomes a crutch for a champion's kit, not a boon. Same argument can be said about items? Are we done now? Your thread is borderline pointless
When one thing does something you automatically want another thing that doubles down on that? One system existing isn't a defense for the other becoming more like it. Furthermore, items and masteries as they stand interact with champions in different ways. Items are additional power locked behind gold purchases. The choices you make in a build as a result are more dynamic as they can change according to the pace of the game and the unique relative power of players on either side of the game. This makes item build choice more meaningful. It also means that a better portion of the early game can be defined more by basic champion kit strengths and weaknesses. While items do create some scenarios of generally accessible power and utility, they have more targeted effects on the range of a class' baseline power and potential. Our current masteries don't stick very well to class so much as create random synergies with individual champions across classes. There's always a struggle between what baseline power is afforded to champions through their kits and what is afforded through generally accessible mechanics. I would argue that items carry enough weight in the latter and work in a sensible enough fashion that masteries should be tailored more towards strategic benefits and some small poorly-scaling benefits than more overt forms of power.
Poske (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=pugsly,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4kfB05TA,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-04-24T02:54:51.676+0000) > > A lot of people might disagree, but it's true. Masteries add a whole new element to the game thats hard to balance without completely ruining champs or making certain champs broken. Completly disagree Name me 1 masterie which makes certain champion broken atm? You cant Strongest abuse case imo is deathfiretouch brand and warlord yasuo having that said those champions are even potentionaly to weak Masteries are healthy addition to the game I would really like supports being buffed by masteries giving them more ways to interact since that is the biggest no to support role Masteries for supports could easly be made OP yet healthy since supports do deserve it
Masteries can be balanced, but that doesn't mean they are healthy. When you have blanket numbers being thrown into the system it doesn't give extra power to those who need it. It has to be absorbed into the balance somewhere in the long run. What happens when Brand is strong with Deathfire Touch or Soraka and Janna are more hellish to face in lane with the addition of Windspeaker's Blessing? That extra power comes out of their individual kits in the long run. They don't get to choose other masteries because they are tied to the synergy with their specific keystones. It becomes a crutch for a champion's kit, not a boon.
pugsly (NA)
: In all honestly, the only way to ever balance this game would be to remove masteries
I still think the lower tier options are generally much better designed because they aren't intended to give your champion as large of a boost and are more about lane management and objectives. I mean, biscuit still needs some attention and there probably aren't enough options there yet, but I think they can be tailored better to assist individual play patterns. I think masteries and runes should exist, but ideally their most important functions should be: -Allowing more early game flexibility in how a champion can tailor their experience to live in a certain lane (Can I adjust my setup to survive in the duo/solo/jungle? Can I predict my opponent's strengths and adjust accordingly?) -Support an individual player's micro strategy. (Do I like to go aggressive, focus on roaming, play a little more safe, etc.) Right now I feel the final tier of masteries simply offer impact with little substance. They are a hedonistic answer to the player's desire to customize, allowing the player to indulge in the intellectual satisfaction of making a big decision without there being any real choice. I largely stand by my original opinions from the preseaon. The final tier of keystone masteries are never in a good place without leeching some of the more mastery independent individual strengths from the worst abusers. There are only a handful of champions that actually get more than a superficial choice out of these keystones. They are number boosters, not gameplay changers. Without keystone masteries, I do actually think the new system can become better than the old more min/max-y set in terms of it being able to more simply decide whether a mastery serves your purpose. However, keystones draw so much on specific champion power that they collapse most of the strategic choice and individuality that might be allowed to flourish at the lower levels of the system.
nep2une (NA)
: Would you say it's worth buying Fifth Age Taric skin?
I typically don't ever notice skins in the heat of the game, but every Taric skin looks fabulously distinctive after the rework (well, I don't own Bloodstone, no comment there) and I honestly don't see myself tiring of them. If you don't love Taric then...eh? They don't do anything special besides accentuate his dance. But if you're that kind of monster, I don't know why I'm even talking to you.
: How can draven and sivir possibly be considered ranged ADCs?
Bro, here's my question. How many hundreds of arrows does Ashe carry into a league match without ever running out? People thought Tryndamere was the strong man in the relationship, but I bet Ashe could suplex the hell out of him with that crazy upper body strength.
D3m37r1 (NA)
: To the people that think the qss change will make fiora, trundle and zed op
Well, it's probably true that low league games are absolutely insignificantly affected by this change against those champions in particular, but it could be concerning to see the impact in games where players are more capable of taking advantage of QSS. Another thought might be that the item itself has not really been prohibitive in terms of its statline to set you back for more general use, so even if players were not specifically buying the item to counter these champions it felt good as a general itemization choice when they were in the game. Overall though, it's a pretty safe bet to say the conversation is and should mainly continue to be around the deal with Zed.
Woook3r (NA)
: Stop putting words in my mouth jackass. Rito making game more mobile than ever. Rito not put price on mobility. 15/20 most banned champs r mobile. 16/20 champs least banned are immobile. Yet they want to tone down mobility by removing 3 enchants that dont actually significantly impact mobility of anyone but adc's who NEED IT TO KITE AND SURVIVE. I need distortion enchant if I HAVE TO GUARANTEE I HAVE FLASH UP AT EVERY TEAMFIGHT. THE LOGIC OF "we dont want everyone to buy alacrity, so lets remove furor too" IS FLAWED. Do you see how they touched yi because of dev. build, then got rid of dev. in the NEXT PATCH. Then they left yi? Why the fuck even touch him if you going to remove the ACTUAL PROBLEM in the next patch. Do you remember when cinderhulk was an overpowered item and so they nerfed SEJUANI???? Then they left her like that even after they nerfed cinderhulk, which was the real cancer. This THREAD is about the weird design "decisions" Riot makes. They dont make any fucking sense. They BUFFED ZED. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
I assumed if someone starts a topic about a specific subject, say the removal of the enchantment of alacrity, they were actually concerned with the specific line of reasoning going into that change. In which case, I would once again reiterate that the intention of the removal of boot enchantments came along with the judgement that they simply added general movement everywhere. And while this has all been very plainly stated, you might, instead of rabblerousing, choose to directly confront this reasoning. Perhaps with a declarative statement somewhere along the lines of (to paraphrase) "Removing these 3 enchantments don't actually significantly impact mobility of anyone but adcs who need it to kite and survive." And, truth be told, then you would probably be downvoted because you dared to suggest that ADCs need anything in a crowd that thinks they are too important in the game, but perhaps you could incite some meaningful discussion about the role of adcs and what direction should be taken with particular champions in the class that underperform and those that overperform, etc, etc. Now, this is all just my own hypothetical fancy about how an impassioned but intelligent young player might want to invest their energy in light of changes which they believed impacted them. If your intention was just to incoherently rage about every questionable decision Riot has made all at once and not actually encourage a discussion, fair enough. I don't want to put words in anyone's mouth. Thank you for clarifying your position.
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