: They are more common the higher you go up. Especially with the buff he got, the mains are grinding all in until something happens. Its pretty bad that i'm banning him over Jax.
What buffs? His E went down by 1 second 8 patches ago. Still with that 1 buff he barely has 50% winrate (Even high elo I checked).
: No not really. Trynd has several ways of beating malphite. These arent even the best counters to him.{{champion:84}} Is his hardest counter. For obvious reasons
Lmao trynd doesnt beat malph unless he plays bad. I would say trynd hardest counter is Nasus since nasus can just splitpush with him and beats him mid-late game
: > [{quoted}](name=Suh Shi,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2ynn38dA,comment-id=0013,timestamp=2019-09-05T01:00:38.931+0000) > > Which counterplay? Do you mean: > 1. Kiting? > 2. CC? > 3. Ranged harass? > 4. Ignite at end of ult and run away? > 5. Grouping against him or against his team so that they lose while he dies for free or accomplishes nothing top lane while you kill everyone else and end the game as 5? > Edit because i forgot some" > 6. Zhonyas or stop watch, can even get that for free from runes? Oh sorry, you dont build that? GA though? > 6.5 Ninja tabi? ?? ? ? > 7. Jax? > 8. Nasus? > 9. Quinn at all stages of the game? (could be a stretch but i believe it to be so) > 10. Morgana making it so he cant attack for the entire duration which he wouldn't be able to die with just her Q? > > This post is a meme right? Kiting? 4 second CD on E with CDR. CC? QSS, or cleanse. Also no champ has 5 seconds CC. Ranged Harass? E+W+ghostblade, and he is on your ass. Run away? E+W+ghostblade. Good luck. Grouping? Team play man. He got teammates too. If you need more, than one champ to beat him lategame, then it means, that you lose power against the rest of his team. Zhonya? 3 seconds over 5 seconds+time to deplete his health. Jax? 3 seconds against 5 seconds+time to deplete health. Or simply E away while you are in defense stance. He can still put you on draw in lategame no matter what you try. Ninja Tabi? Did you meant this as a joke? Lategame Trynd kinda laughs at it. Nasus? QSS or cleanse. By the time he can slow again he is dead. Quinn? With 40 CDR she can't run away once out from ult, and she can't attack with ult. Morgana? Qss, cleanse, dodge. Lategame trynd with QSS, or cleanse is unbeatable on 1v1. And if you need 2 player, then you face 3v4 for the rest of the teamfight. Not to mention, that if he is splitpushing then you either go 3v4, or hope that you can push faster, than he does. And he does pretty damn fast in pure damage.
4 second cd on E when his ult is 5 seconds Hmmm Seems like its pretty easy to kite to me. Ive never seen trynd go cleanse..... Qss gets rid of 1 cc so stacking cc does great lmao Trynd doesnt go ghostblade idk why people keep saying he does Zhonya does counter him aslong as you have a tower and arent trying to 1v1 him in middle of lane like an ape. Jax stops autos then stuns plus has escape so yea i would say a good counter Saying nasus would die if they use Qss or cleanse maybe you are an ape lmao Quinn has a blind and a shit ton of speed while also being ranged so yea she counters him. Cant dodge morgana ult. Trynd is made to win 1v1's so no duh he would win them. Have you actually tried to counter him or just thought fuck it he is broken. Or better yet play him and see how easy games are Lol
: Tryndameres ult leaves him with like 250 health, waiting 3 seconds on ignite leaves tmere with like 200 health left, and hten he waits grievous wounds off and heals like 500 or more. Poppy is a great counter, around as good as akali. Bard is... questionable since flash and e are on sucha low cd unlike bards ultimate. Veigar is not a good counter at all. Zoe dies in that 2 seconds more than half the time lack of mobility does that. Heimer, maybe, depends on runes and jungle pressure tbh. Anivia, its actually her passive that counters his ult, her wall is also FAR stronger than her q vs him since it shoves him back and her forward. She can get run down pretty hard tho if he flashes/cleanses her q. Ive played it several times but i was the mid laner so im not sure how hard i could rek him to prevent him from farming. She is really unsafe tho top lane.
Wait Have you never read his ult? Legit leaves him at 1 hp XD and forces him to heal right after so igniting right before ult ends will cause him to die. He didnt say the champs counter trynd he said they counter the ult.
: ***
You have to play like an ape for him to towerdive you lvl 6 without already being fed lmao. Not all top laners have cc but most do! What good top laners dont have cc? Whats wrong with farming under tower? Makes it easy to get a gank 1 kill generally doesnt snowball him either.
: So for anyone that doesn't understand why he lacks counterplay, I give you this: So his current build (runes and items) consists of: Lethal, Triumph, Bloodline, Last Stand, Nimbus, Transcendence, AS rune, ADAPT rune, Armor rune {{item:3508}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3078}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3026}} with honorable mention {{item:3124}}. He gets well over 400+ AD with the build without need of Infernal or low health. Tempo puts his AS at 2 a second basically. E with this build has a cooldown (Q then E max) of 4.8 seconds, reduced by 2 seconds when critting a champ. This means that when at full Fury (pressing R or farming a wave before engaging, not hard to do), he has 100% crit chance, which means he only needs 2 autos on enemy champions to get the spin back. Instead of a cooldown of 4-5, it has a cooldown in combat of legit, 1-2 seconds. Not even Jax with his leap has a cooldown of that. 600+ physical damage spin on a 1-2 second cooldown. Let that sink in.
No good trynd player goes GA lmao. Complains about trynd gap closer being low cd then compares to jax who builds spear and can have his e infinatly which is way worse than a gap closer (Which even his q is super low cd with spear)
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: Trynda is such a stupid and op champ, in lvl 1 he can destroy u with his 25% crit and lvl 6 he literally doesn't die. His ult is rl damn long


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