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Pyrrhos (NA)
: I think the emotes were seen as a greater reward compared to BE for those who are just joining for TFT since BE doesn't nothing for TFT while Emotes can be used in game. Honestly Emotes are the best cosmetic thing possible for people strictly playing TFT, barring Little Legends themselves.
I would like to use my LOL skins in teamfight to make some really cool team comps! Like having the whole project set would go a long way for us players and be very lucrative for Riot. Who doesn't win here?
Anihaku (NA)
: Co-Op v AI Cats vs. Dogs Mission
Y ì (NA)
: Why.
Poor bronz never gets a break. The games so different at that level.
FireDrizzle (EUNE)
: In lobby "dont worry i main yas i will carry"
: leona stuns diana, your team kills her. ggez EDIT: To everybody telling me its a 1v1, find exactly where it says that. i just looked and saw no mention of he numbers on either side, meaning its up to how you interpret it
Grasp + Titanic and a spirit visage over.
: I'm a {{champion:89}} main so I just picked favorites xD
Tank meta homie. {{champion:89}}
: Leona because tank meta
I'm with you. Tanks op.


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