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: Most Important role?
: There's only one other item that gives you flat MPEN the way Sorc boots do afaik. Sorc boots are core on most mages. You're overvaluing the 10% CDR from Ionian relative to the flat Mpen from Sorc boots.
Maybe I am, but you must remember Ionian doesnt just give 10% CDR, it gives 10% summoner CDR as well, and they are cheaper than Sorc shoes by 300 gold.
: They're just too expensive in comparison to other boots. Luicidty/Swiftness need to be more expensive or Sorc's/Greaves need to be cheaper.
yea, imo it would be a bit better to raise the price of the arguably(i dont think so myself but i could see the reasoning) too cheap Swiftness/Lucidity than lowing the Sorc/Greaves, as it would fix the "early swiftness rush jg or support into a gank you cant outrun" as with it costing an extra maybe 200-250 it would give laners time to get their upgrade as well before the 400+ MS gank hits you just as you can afford brown bags.
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: My conclusion on why Lee Sin is so hated (+other champs)
While I agree with your perspective I differ on how to fix it. My issue with it is that yes most champs have really bad match-ups. But that doesnt really work as a balance tool at lower elos for a lot of reasons. 1.You have to know its a bad match up, can I trust the bronze V mid to know taking a immobile squishy scaling AP into LB is a bad idea? 2.Will they do it anyway, knowing its a bad match, bcuz at low elos, "I wanna play this champ" is all that matters, I havent even seen ppl mention match-ups or team comps at silver 4, but I do see people running "xin and tryn bot lane" or some other crap that is so far outta meta for a reason. 3.The idea of bad matchs only works in draft, so doesnt help balance the champion for blind pick, which ppl still play for some unknown reason. Overall I think Lee is hated becuz he has no trade-offs. If he builds tanky his damage is still alright, not great but okay, where as if I build tank with most jungles...they are just tanks. And no matter what he is mobile as hell and even while he falls off late game, Q-Q-R can still start and win a teamfight....Its not that he is even good at anything...simply that he isnt bad at anything
: The game is unplayable for support secondaries.
So question, there are five roles a game and 1 of them is support, so doesnt that mean for every guy getting "Screwed" playing support there are 4 not stuck in that role? so by default the rate of which players OVERALL can be stuck in support is no bigger than 20% ever?
: Allow all summoner spells at all levels. Allow all masteries at all levels. How is it fair that summoner 1 gets to use flash when summoner 2 can't? How is it fair for summoner 3 to be able to use a keystone mastery but summoner 4 can't? Outside factors should be available to all. On a side note, I don't like that runes aren't available to all at all times, but understand why they aren't. Masteries and spells on the otherhand, are completely free, therefore you're just giving some players an unfair advantage simply because they've played the game longer, which is alright in an adventure rpg setting, but simply unfair in a pvp only setting.
Its very important that they keep the pre 30 grind as miserable as possible...if it was easy to win vs 30s pre level 30 or if it was as fun to play...people wouldnt buy exp boosts.
: I dream of a day when I will be able to ban according on what counters what I want to pick
I hope that day never wish for the day you can ban what counters your TEAM COMP the most, not just banning you bad lane match ups.
: You can win with a score of 0/0/0
: Riot why didnt you just stick with the obvious midlane FQC fix of not being able to farm and proc it
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: It's not that EU>NA It's just that Fnatic and Origin>Everyone except Korea
I wouldnt even say that, there is just such a divide between regional and international play. I mean saying Korea is the best isnt full on true when what you mean in SKT is the best, same with basically every player that matters in EU being on Fnatic or OG. Its not a region that is head over heels better as much as the top 2 maaaaybe 3 team from each region are in 1 league, then everybody else at the bottom Real best is like NA--No real chance a team from here wins anything, good players exist but overall even CLG or TSM cant hold up vs the tier 1 stuff EU-Fnatic...and Fnatic 2.0 aka OG LMS-Flash Wolves and AHQ showed they can win games at worlds, I doubt they could take a Bo5 off anyone but NA but still strong LPL--Actually I think China just underperformed at Worlds by a mile. Going in I wasnt like "OMG LPL will win"(everyone had SKT as favs) but I wouldnt had been shocked if LGD, EDG or hell even IG held up the cup. LCK--Hey guys SKT is the best team in the World right now...Koo and KT are pretty good to but it doesnt matter, as SKT will beat them everytime Every other team(until next season when every roster is 100% different lol) really didnt matter this year and serves only to let the these guys shine...and in fact NA really just could not have existed this year and would have done little to change anything other than the IEM waaaay back why top tank meta was in and Dyrus mattered
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Quod12 (EUW)
: staying in lane with no sustain champ
Also the new refillable pots could really help against pokey champions...against super safe poke it may not be the best idea to play Riven.
: AD Zhonyas
Bcuz there is an AD cleanse as a balancing point. AP champs dont have something like QSS
: I kinda see what your saying. Let me first off say you should really learn at least one champion in the other roles as well. Because it's almost unavoidable that your going to be in multiple games where you want get top or support. Secondly, don't always go for the same type of champ. I'm in a similar situation. I'm a mid main. Diana and LB are my mains. But with the new season approaching I really need to learn an ap long range/control mage(other than azir since he apparently will be reworked). I am a decent Jaycee, but with all the ad changes there are going to be a lot of ad tops, so I gotta find an ap that has what I need. Anyways, as I was saying, your two top laners are non tanks, and sometimes your team is super squishy so did you ever think of maiming or at least using a tank to better fit your team comp? Mundo is a super safer laner that had great harass if played right and a decent shot with cleavers and has sick sustain. If your all about the harass then Gnar is an awesome pick, he's tanky, mobile, ranged, and his ults are game changing. Maokai gets overlooked now days but he is still amazing with his cc, sustain, and damage/tankyness mix. As for support, again your super squishy in this area, you need to beef it up. My personal opinion is Leona all day every day. Insane tankyness, ridiculous CC and in lower elos she's basically broken. None of them can ever figure out how to get away since her hook travels through minions. And her peel for the carries is otherworldly. I still encourage you to check some jungle champs and mid laners out. Though ryze and vlad can both go mid so I wouldn't worry as much about mid lane. Just remember, if your team is squishy and your top lane, there's times where if you don't pick a tank you could lose the game in champion select, enemy might have a good dive team and you got no front line or peel.
Thanks I a lot for the advice, it seems both posters have Leona and Gnar in mind. I do occasionally jungle and mid, its just that im more okay with have like 2 champs I can play in those roles than I am in my main roles. With mid I can go Ryze or Vlad(in fact most ppl consider vlad a mid pick) or even go my Annie or Brand, but I also do Veigar mid. With jungle its a little more limited but I have {{champion:2}} and {{champion:20}} for that. IT just seems I cant/dont like Olaf top
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: I just need to get this out- no purpose
we need more posts like this..good games do exist
: Am i a bad person?
Seriously, your considering cheating and paying someone, because you need what? slightly different art while loading a game?
: Platinum vs. Silver
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: Your Top three mastery Champions have just come to your house and are now living with you.
{{champion:25}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:63}} ....meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom I keep hitting on a fallen angel as a sorta kinda vampire makes awful puns and the local fire department lets us know they cant be coming every 2 hours
SugarMuma (EUNE)
: Roles of adc, jungle and etc.
my friend your questions are a bit large for a bunch of forum posts...I would suggest a healthy trip to your local google search engine and youtube viewing station.
: Every time I see someone say "I main x champ" I facepalm and think this noob thinks they're faker. You don't main a champ. You play the game, there's over 120 of them. You have one you prefer. I like adc, I play them all and even some non-convensionals I make work. If your playing draft, you need to counter pick effectively. Using vlad over and over against champs up top is just asking for pain. That being said, you may need to build different. Guides and preferred items are great, but they are rules of thumb. Grabbing a spirit visage and going tanky might work better against those match ups. The nice part is you can range them and should use that to your advantage to win trades and freeze lane. Vlads a good mage, but he's got a nice kit for other things too.
I agree, I should say "I enjoy playing vlad more than most champs." I do have about 3 other top laners I'm fairly comfortable with(J4, Rumble, Ryze and working on my Gnar play). I am not talking about atm, I am pretty fine laning into all those atm. My post was more about fear for EC making it so that such a vast majority of top laners are ones I cant pick him into that it pushes him out of top entirely. I agree with the item thing as well, tho against most those guys spirit visage rush isnt that good since any champ building EC is AD so i would probably rush hourglass instead for the armor. There are champs that when I see picked in draft i will pick vlad into as he is a somewhat counter pick(I actually think he is really good into Darius/Fiora, or at least I have had success with it) and other champs that are almost 100% no I wont pick him(Riven is the biggest no no) but sadly, in roughly 50% of games you will select ur champ before you see what u are going against.
: Lucian is Vayne's younger mother from the Bandle Isles, and is Karthus and Kalista's love child, but since those two are Noxians who secretly made love in Ionia with the assistance of nurse Akali, they are now on the run and looking for Vayne and Lucian to prove their innocence. Lucian then followed his taboo lover Thresh once he heard the news of his mother Kalista going into a alcohol induced rage and dying due to Soraka's flash engage, ult, Zhonya combo with her partner in crime and ancient grandmother Braum. Lucian now hunts down all Demacians and is looking for Soraka to save Threshes soul from her banana staff while Lucian's cousin Vayne is liberating Zaun and Noxus from the Yordle Lulu who has been possessed by Syndra so you can see why even though their goals are similar, they are not considered allies.
: Serious Discussion: Is League of Legends based off of skill or luck?
I think its a bit about consistency. Like you will lose when you get an afk 90+% of the time, even more with an intentional feeder. You will lose more often than not with a bad team that cant work together. So the biggest thing you have to do is not be capable of good games where you do well...but always have them. For example say you lose every game with an afk or a feeder and you are unlucky enough that a third of your games are that. You really need to make sure you just nail the other 2/3s. Climbing is about winning more than you lose, not winning all the time. So imo its better to have a good game all the time than hyper carry have amazing games some or even most of the time.
: So can RIOT explain if we HAVE to play support and what that entails?
I main support as well and actually truly love hyper aggressive kill lane supports...atm my favorite are Annie and Brand support and when I play them I want to get fed. That being said, I still buy SS early, it may not be my very first purchase, but it will be in the early game and every time I back before it, i'm buying a ward or two. I always upgrade my sweeper at level 9(or 10 at the latest if I dont have a chance to back during 9th) and when I get fed, ideally my score in lane is 0/0/X as the kills going to my adc is still WAAAY more useful to the group Plus the only time its ok to farm as an support is 1.Relic shield procs with tankier supports and 2.No laner/jg in lane, im holding turret for a sec(usually this occurs if my adc and I dont get to back at the same time). You can play aggressive, get a kill lane, be Billy Badass, and still do your damn job.
: (Jungler focus) - Early game trolling
Imo, the issue here isnt that your gromp got stolen as much as it was PURPOSELY stolen and then an afk by the troll...this is just another side effect of VERY soft penalties for being a trolling prick. IMO the perma ban or at least long term bans should be come much more often, and chat bans shouldnt even be a thing. If someone is toxic they dont get to play. I understand and agree with your frustration, but think it is more an effect of trolling not being punished than anything
Lugg (NA)
: Why guys are stuck in Low ELO
I had a ranked game tonight where the enemy team had kindred adc, this is a bit off meta but by itself not an issue. Until at 20 mins we had pushed them to base and got a ff. The kindred had like 18 deaths, had build mobi boots, berserkers greaves and swiftness boots and would just run up to ppl and dance until dead. When we sieged a tower he would ulti on us to make us invunerable while we pushed. This is in ranked, this is 4 people that just got absolutely screwed. Reporting is a long term fix but takes many reports to truly work, imo intentional trolling to this level should be insta perma ban. And if you simply think someone is crap and suck and wont listen, but isnt trolling...there should be a "dont match me with or against this player again option" I get it would increase your Q times if lots of ppl had it...but i would rather wait 5 minutes instead of 90 secs for a game then waste 20 mins on bullshit
Drickz (EUW)
: Report Rehab - integrated behavior improvement database
This is a wonderful idea, obviously its quite a bit of programming and I would understand them having to wait a bit since there is a lot of preseason stuff going on atm. None the less if I could hit the upvote 10 times on this I would...fully support this.
: I think you'll find that if they're rushing an executioners early game, you'll stomp them anyway since they bought an item that does pretty much nothing but apply grievous wounds. You're not battling adcs in top lane, you're battling bruisers and tanks.
U sure tho? we have no idea how many quinns and graves and vayne etc etc will filter into other lanes with marksmen buffs and item reworks
: Wait are you losing to Garen and Darius? Vlad is a great counter to Garen and a skill match-up with slight advantage against Darius (until he gets hexdrinker D:). I've never seen Vlad vs Fiora so im not sure how that match-up goes, probably not great for Vlad once she hits 6. Seems to me Vlad should perform quite well against all the top lane carries. Anyways i think they should increase Executioner Callings cost to 1100 or reduce the Grievous Wounds to only effect champions below 50% hp.
not at the moment, im worried when EC comes out soon that vlad will have very few match-ups that work in lane
: wait you take {{item:3146}} and not {{item:3152}} ?? o.O I rush Will then Spirit Visage.
{{item:3145}} builds into {{item:3152}} as well
Yrzen (NA)
: I main Vlad. (Well that may be an overstatement, I kind of fell into him when Sona got gutted, and now Miss Fortune of all things is possibly overtaking Vlad as what I'd call my main) If it helps to say, here's what I do against most of them: I almost always start with an amplifying tome and a potion, simply because more AP means more healing. I also bring Spellvamp runes. They're expensive, sure, but having half a hextech gunblade should do wonders at all points in the game. Play really aggressive against Darius and Fiora in the first level or two, (poke whenever you can) but shift into being more passive once they get all their skills. Your goal then becomes to avoid confrontation against all four of them. Beware Darius' pull. Keep track of Fiora's vital markings; If you see the marking thing pointing towards Fiora, keep your distance until it goes away. If the marking points towards your tower, you should be fine. Of course, position to avoid her dashing in to hit your vitals if it ever points somewhere in between. On your first recall, rush Ionian's. This is less important for Fiora and more important for the rest. If you're fighting a Darius or if Ionian's isn't enough, don't be afraid to rush Alacrity as well. Movement speed, assuming they don't also rush boots, will give you an enormous edge against these four, especially Darius and Garen. Darius can be extremely oppressive if he has an advantage. His pull can become inescapable. Movement speed lets you bait them out much easier and makes disengaging against him (and preventing engages) possible. Against Garen, he simply can't get to you, and if he runs at you, you can still get away before he closes the distance. Against Fiora, it's a bit trickier, but as long as you don't let her at your vitals, you should be able to outpoke her and deny her all-ins. Against Riven, you can walk away from her when she tries dashing onto you and punish her for it with pokes. If you do this all well enough, you should be able to deny farm to all of them except Fiora when you have a vital mark pointing her way and Darius because Darius. When that happens, always be careful of ganks. Once you get spellvamp, (sometimes even if you haven't finished WoTA) I also highly recommend building a Rylai's. It gives you a lot of cc and makes you excellent at kiting. If you're far ahead, it makes it very hard to get away from you.
See that shit was a helpful read...thank you very much
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Totalis (NA)
: cant believe im about say this: I'm gonna stop banning darius
I agree with this statement, I a main Vlad top and actually enjoy laning into Darius USUALLY. If i play a bit defensive and dont go all in I can just poke a bit and blood pool for disengage when he goes aggro. He is really strong in a 1v1 fight, but just bcuz your laning into him doesnt mean you HAVE to 1v1 him.
: If azir turrets are guarding the nexus, why can they be ignored and just attack the nexus directly?
I guess is intentional, simple bcuz say you have pushed to nexus and he makes one on an outer turret, the time to run back, kill it and get back to nexus is quite a bit, making him a little TOO GOOD at single defending nexus with more of a gimick trick then defense.
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K54 (NA)
: The one thing that pisses me off more than anything!
I find that muuuuch less annoying than the "hey when we were even in gold/lvls he killed me in a 1v1 in lane, now that he is ahead in levels and gold I should try to engage and 1v1 5 or 6 more times this laning phase to see how it goes."
: What is the best variety of ADCs to learn?
I would say get vayne as a hyper-carry/"i need to cut down tanks this game" and then maybe Graves for when you need to be a total lane bully and shut down that hyper carry and finaly either Siver maybe for when you team just need the utility of reliable engage and wave clear.
: > [{quoted}](name=Leventy,realm=NA,application-id=WEuoGbmp,discussion-id=UlBNawLA,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-10-26T02:29:12.139+0000) > > Well let me ask you about where wards should be, most of the time i place them where the other teams jgler may come from or in the middle of major intersections throughout the jgl depending where the pressure is. I do pick up a pink when I can and put it normally closer to my team so with hope they can keep the lane ahead of my ward placement. example would be the tribush top if we are red. The main reason I do that is because in Bronze no one wards, so if I can keep it alive for as long as possible so I can keep 4 wards on the map most of the time. It just sucks to be the only one warding. My game high was 55 wards, now that is as a support. Even as a jgler I still lead in wards on my team or in the game most of the time. > > > I really hate solo queue, I'll never get out of bronze. But I will keep trying. Honestly in very low elo I wouldn't bother with warding this much since people won't know what to do with the knowledge - as a jungler, drop the Sightstone and carry (unless you're Lee).
Idk if I agree, I mean yes that will help you win more in Wood/Bronze elo...its a practice like you play thing...practicing vision control now will make you better at it when you arent in trash elo and it matters
: Well let me ask you about where wards should be, most of the time i place them where the other teams jgler may come from or in the middle of major intersections throughout the jgl depending where the pressure is. I do pick up a pink when I can and put it normally closer to my team so with hope they can keep the lane ahead of my ward placement. example would be the tribush top if we are red. The main reason I do that is because in Bronze no one wards, so if I can keep it alive for as long as possible so I can keep 4 wards on the map most of the time. It just sucks to be the only one warding. My game high was 55 wards, now that is as a support. Even as a jgler I still lead in wards on my team or in the game most of the time. I really hate solo queue, I'll never get out of bronze. But I will keep trying.
Reply if your a jungler in low elo that actually wards you are 100% welcome to Q with me anytime. I main support and it makes me soooo mad to look at the mini map after dropping my 3 green and a pink and see a summon total of 4 ally wards on the map
: Can you ward too much?
The 92% is a bit skewered by the fact the main the two roles most responsible for vision control and 2.low elo dumbies(which is the biggest group of players) usually dont ward period. If you watch like challenger or pro games you will see a a majority of junglers grab sightstone pretty early damn near every game, and when they dont its almost always a thought out decision and trade off they are aware they must make. The better question would be "Am I warding effectively and intelligently placing my wards so they that they are impactful?".
Ladrac (EUNE)
: Off Meta supports?
I love me some {{champion:63}} support. He can be a bit toxic tho as is has a really bad habit of taking most the kills, not that thats an issue to winning as a fed brand can really be a boon in teamfights, but that dont be surprised when you adc flames you 4/0/0 score in lane. My advice is that UNLESS YOU GET AHEAD by a decent margin, i mean a really good early game, not just a kill or two, dont try to build into AP to much and focus more on CDR, MS, mana and basic support utility stuff. The exception is that L's Torment is suuuuper good on him when combined with his passive as that item alone with it means you will always do solid damage. Oh and always get {{item:3303}}. The tick damage of your passive will give you all 3 triggers of it whenever you land anything, hell he may actually be a champ that can get decent results with full {{item:3092}} even.
: That's not the issue. More people focus on actually taking Champion kills and lining their own KDA rather then Help push lane. If I wasn't clear, allow me to elaborate. If more people wish to play and feel more useful, wouldn't it be better if they can actually say they had a hand in a Five vs Five. Or Team Fight? What urks me is that not a lot of people hold any sense of Respect for other players now a days, Instead rather just stroke their Pride as they land countless Pentakills. What I'm pointing at, is it should be more for the Glory of the team, not some douche bag that's played Gold and wishes to troll Beginner bots.
So your saying more that your upset that players focus more on getting kills and being a showboat then really helping the team with the game? Thats pretty valid and is yes, veeeery common at lower elo...on the bright side, once you get to a bit higher ranking it happens less and less
: If you could change LoL in 1 way...
I have a few big things i would like to see soon in League 1.In-game voice chat...there are seriously a lot of strats/comps/champs and plays that just dont work without the ability to instantly and easily(taking 5 secs of doing nothing to type is not instantly or easily) share info with your team. Yes a lot of ppl use 3PP sources like Skype, but you need that set up before game and must be Qing with 4 friends for it to work, and i dont even think you can Q with more than duo in ranked anyway. 2.Remove 20 minute timer on surrender. It takes 4 votes to surrender so its not like one guys can say gg game over 5 mins in, having that guy start a vote and get shot down doesnt hurt anything...If the team doesnt wanna play, whats the point of making them? 3.Better tutorial and learning system/better bots-For one how can you practice with bots when they cant even jungle? Not to mention overall the learning curve is reaaaally steep. Im ok with it taking forever and lots of hard work to go from meh kinda shitty to really good. But it shouldnt take a such a long time to even figure out how the hell the game works 4.Pre called roles for ranked- The pros dont learn more than one position, teams dont randomly swap around roles in ranked team. I get needing to 2 or so, but come on, different styles appeal to different people and we shouldnt be forced into things we find unrewarding, even when winning simply bcuz we entered the room last or were bottom of pick order. Thats the big ones I'll whine about for now =)
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