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: That moment when you come back after a break with an S rated game...
Yeah I own every champ already. Already sitting on 50k be and a inventory full of shards.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Lucky Moniker,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ErlwrFsR,comment-id=001d,timestamp=2018-03-29T15:34:53.597+0000) > > While I find your obsession with Yi to be odd to the point of unsettling, I can appreciate you stepping in to clear your name. People fail to realize the reality of the situation and just run off at the mouth (fingers?) the second they see a rule ‘broken’ without actually using perspective. This is actually his followers who are to blame, if he was to switch champions, he would one hundred percent lose viewers. probabbly not to a crippling amount but it would be enough for him to notice a few dollars missing in his pay check. Pink Wards was very vocal how he wished he could switch to a new champion at times, but how rude some of his followers were, whenever he'd attempt to in his early days.
Pink Ward is also kind of a twat, not as toxic a shaclone but almost. That said dude has mad mechanical skills
nelogis (EUW)
: no champion in this game needs a 300 second ult, if the spell is so problematic that you have to put it on a 300 sec cd then I think it is better to just rework it. Edit: Just need to add like a 400 mana cost and we are back at league beta when it comes to ults.
: Umm because it's still not efficient on him . You still need to stack to use it
Okay. So you get through one ‘clip’ on minions. You then turn and 2 shot the tank with your 1000 ad
: Atma's Impaler - The Case For Re-release
Titanic hydra is hitting that same niche in a more manageable way and these two items together would be dangerous. It would be difficult to balance
Azadethe (NA)
: Auto attack Jhins are far stronger than R spammers, especially atm with {{item:3124}} , which currently gives amplifying damage greater than it should, because it recursively integrates with his passive. If you use Ginsoo's near minions, just stack it to 5-6, and then Q grenade a team fight. Watch the other team fall. Q's actually a better killer than auto attacks or R, because it has insane bouncing bonus damage. Even if that gets fixed, Q will still do about 1300 damage to teams. Anywho..... in lane..... get a support who can hit pokes. use W after they damage them, when you are close enough to auto attack. It will root them which allows you to get up and use that 4th bullet to harass and win lane. He's pretty hard to lose lane if you do that, especially if you have a {{champion:89}} who can ensure they soak all the damage while you bully her CC and stack yours on top of it. Post lane, rely on Q and team peel more than R. Use R when they are running.
This. Rage blade is honestly broken on him right now and I don’t know how it made it through a patch like this. Rush IE and then Rageblade, then a Zeal item (usually RFC or pdancer) and after that you will be unstoppable
Poske (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=undesirable team,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2F8skJVX,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-04-12T14:43:12.120+0000) > > jhin is strong what the fuck do you mean lmao statistcly weakest adc but whatever floats your boat
The stats don’t care when he 2 shots you with just 1 AA and Q.
Nirvøy (NA)
: But you didn't tho? Did you actually go into the game and see for yourself how the events played out? How did you figure out the top laner never connected and that was why the troll went top? You're simply refusing to look past anything that you want to look at and only argue with things that you want to argue with not the whole picture.
How are we supposed to see those facts? And yes that is very literally what I am saying, we did NOT see what actually happened, so we can only make conjecture based on the given information. We also have zero reason to take your word as absolute truth, so we have tot ale what you say in the same perspective. The story as you describe it does sound very plausible, and isn’t unreasonable at all.
Nirvøy (NA)
: You're either delusional and refuse to think that your opinions can never be wrong/ incorrect or just another troll. Why would I even bother making a post if I wanted to lie about something where there is open proof about it which anyone can access if they wish to? > From all the information we have teemo going top was reactionary and the OP is simply emotional because they were forced into a 4v5 and doesn't know how or where to place blame, taking it out on the support instead of the person who left. Clearly you either lack info/ do not have sufficient info/ deny reality. Did you even watch the replay of the game or have proof that fiora never connected to the game? Don't think so. Im not emotional nor clueless about how the game works. I in fact was winning bot 2v1 and got 4 kills in lane if you actually had paid attention. I ff'ed cause rest of the team didn't want to continue playing and I decided to go with the majority vote.
Based on the factual evidence his theory has credence and the emotional response on your part only increases its validity. No one is calling you a liar, we are simply forming an outsiders opinion based on the facts as we can see them.
Maika (NA)
: For Those Who Got "Permabanned for 3rd Party Program"
Except when this isn’t the case. My ex was permabanned for this and same thing, she never touched anything near a bot/script etc and they refused to do anything about it for over 6 months then randomly changed their mind.
Zaghyr (NA)
: @Riot, Question about the new Yasuo and Riven lores
I am not convinced it was her, sure there are a lot of coincidental and circumstantial evidence, but not much else if you ask me. It doesn’t make sense that she would travel that far (based on the time it took Yasuo to travel to the battlefield) just to kill elder? Alternatively it could have been before the battle that caused Riven to go into exile.
Zaghyr (NA)
: Explain this....theory. I am intrigued.
Skaarl is a Wind Spirit, I think that’s about the extent of the theory but it makes as much sense as Kled do.
Slythion (NA)
: Not a shitpost if it has no substance. It could be considered bait, in which you would seem like you're covering for yourself, but it's not a shitpost
: I love when they state 'wrong' and then never say anything else. What a substantive comment. /s
Slythion (NA)
: Ah yes, a truly magnificent rebuttal. Thanks for that quality reply man, great work! Keep it up!
Tomoe Gozen (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lucky Moniker,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vJX9NXBQ,comment-id=000200010000,timestamp=2018-03-29T15:51:58.753+0000) > > Wrong If you're one of those people who doesn't want to "believe" in evidence that's supported by the math, there's really nothing to discuss with you. Your feelings don't matter in this argument, only facts do.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lucky Moniker,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=sjsYYAjE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-03-29T17:00:47.489+0000) > > What am I missing? Why would he ever want to build guinsoos? Its now a scaling item, and at max stacks can cause jhin to get up to 1.4K attack damage and causes high crit dmg
Interesting I’ll need to look into the math
Lawamat (EUW)
: Do you think that about every OTP?
Nope I just find Yi so 1 dimensional and boring, I just can’t see why anyone would want to put that many hours into such a boring character
: Riot is gonna ruin Jhin again
What am I missing? Why would he ever want to build guinsoos?
: A Mathematical Analysis between Press the Attack and Conqueror
Agreed this analysis is biased. You are only taking AAs into account, if you are using a single ability in there (that does damage) it skews the math completely.
: What if people played Elise differently?
Yeah I have tried Nashors on her many times, but if you build it on her then you aren’t tanky enough to stay in melee to keep attacking, so she dies real fast. If you are going ‘on hit’ build then it needs to be a bruiser build.
Tomoe Gozen (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Laphingman,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=vJX9NXBQ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-03-29T10:19:29.449+0000) > > because the rate at witch you get BE is trash in the first place That's factually incorrect. Riot had their entire post about math and graphs of BE VS IP gain and this system gives you more. The problem you have is that now you're no longer getting IP drips after each game but a big BE infusion after a level up. This gives you an illusion that you're not progressing towards buying champs faster because you have level up gaps in between. However, you have FotD that gives you flat 50 BE a day, which avoids those specific problems of being a few BE short of buying a champ and having to actually wait to level up again in order to purchase. Furthermore, getting the champ shards you actually want is good (from level up capsules). If you're spending a shard to purchase a champion, you get that champion at a BE discount of 40%. So if you get Vi (for example) who costs 6300 BE in the store, spending a shard from the loot menu to upgrade it to champion permanent costs you 3780 BE. Spending the same champion shard (if you own them already) on Mastery level 6 or 7 saves you respectively 2450 and 2850 BE. But level 7 requires two champion shards.
Cowsep (NA)
: Cowsep's Response AND a great chance to talk about KOREAN SERVER toxicity!!
While I find your obsession with Yi to be odd to the point of unsettling, I can appreciate you stepping in to clear your name. People fail to realize the reality of the situation and just run off at the mouth (fingers?) the second they see a rule ‘broken’ without actually using perspective.
: The other reasoning may be themtic/lore-wise (not that it'd help the case, lol), because she uses her blades telecinetically, so the range at which she attacks seems more natural. Gameplay explanation may be that they hit some other stat to justify it or something. Or they plan to make this way all Divers and give future Juggernauts different advantage. They are even slightly improving their target acces, while not making it diver-like, like Illaoi's spirit grab or Urgot's charge.
^ this. I’m sure it’s fluff but of all of things to whine about you pick AA range? I understand it completely dictates the lane dynamic, but it honestly fits in every way to have her AA distance longer
Kazekiba (NA)
: Or that Wukong is a classic element of Chinese and Japanese stories, dating back thousands of years.
Yeah I’m not claiming the character is unique to league, I’m just pointing out ‘mecha wu kong’ (Also Warframe has a humanoid sized mecha wu kong)
: Frostblade Irelia feels like Dragonslayer Pantheon all over again
Let’s be real. This is really about the butt. They gave the in game model more assets, why now the splash?
Spârky (NA)
: See this is the problem. There is no winner. You think it should be the other people who make the jokes to respect the other people but the other people could change as well. If you are getting offended by them maybe you need to change your thought and look at it from the person making the jokes perspective. Again we who make those jokes ARE NOT BELITTLING so if you think we are we aren't and that's your problem. If someone is belittling then they need to go the heck away because it's an issue in this world. We making jokes are showing that even the darkest stuff has light. It's a mentality thing. I volunteer at a depression camp where kids 12-18 come to help with their depression and the biggest thing we stress is positive thinking. It is a proven fact that people suffering from depression "recover" faster if they can make light of any situation including depression jokes. I'm not here to say one way is better than the other though because every case is different but all I'm saying is people say look at it from the person who is suffering point of view when in reality BOTH people should look at it from each others point of view as well. This way one side isn't getting the short end of the stick. To emphasize people who like dark humor like this normally do it to make light of a normally touchy subject. Plenty of times it is through memes and jokes people can relate and this is why I am so against this attack on "hate speech". People keep saying to those of us not offended that its us being selfish and not thinking about others but that thinking is a two way street. Why don't others think about us then as well? Because most of us do think of those the joke impacts when we say it. By saying that I find it offensive does not make it inoffensive to everyone which i know and is true. But by saying that you imply that those offended by it take priority than those not affected by it. You then later say to treat people with the same respect. Well I would tell those jokes to everyone sooo yes I am treating them with the same respect that I would anyone else. People who get offended just don't know that though because they think people single them out with those jokes when in reality most say that to their friends and others.
Do you really think they named their club this out of a ‘lighthearted’ joke? ‘Kys’ as a tag as a joke? It takes a tasteless and rude and inconsiderate person to make this their club. They are choosing to represent this ‘joke’ in a way that shows it To everyone whether they want to see or not. It’s fuckin rude. End of story.
Ayzev (EUNE)
: It's funny exactly because of the darkness behind it. If people actually thought that those "deepest secrets, fears and insecurities" were nothing serious, the joke would lose all substance. Just look at how many suicide-related memes there are, do you think those millions of people posting/sharing/upvoting them all have no sympathy for the suicidal? Do you think that all the comedians making suicide jokes and the crowds cheering them on think that the depressed should just tie the noose already?
With some of those you have a choice to not see/view/be a part of the situation involving these. Especially in this case, the only way to remove yourself from the situation is to quit the game. Not exactly something Riot wants any of their customers to do. Which can lead to punishment.
Spârky (NA)
: On this note I have been through a lot of bullying in my days of highschool and even into college and my thought whenever someone bullies me is if it is actually funny i laugh with them. Just because you make a joke about something doesn't mean you are saying it doesn't mean anything it shows that you can make light of any situation no matter how dark. This is what people nowadays need to understand about jokes. It's not brushing them off saying they don't mean anything it's saying hey i know how bad this is but i don't care I'm better than it so I can now laugh at it. This is just my personal experience and a bunch of other people i know share as well because It's much better than limiting "hate speech" because hate speech has become nowadays "if i dont like what you say I'll get you in trouble because I matter more than you" Just a thought I'm not trying to be mean or anything far from it. Just giving you what most people who take light of dark stuff like that. It's not disrespect It's a coping method trying to spread light and laughs to others. ( now in this specific case I will say I think it very well might be an inside joke with the group of friends not meant to be toward others but still should get reported nonetheless)
That logic doesn’t really hold up though. Just because you do not find it offenseive does not make it inoffensive to everyone. By saying that you can make it light and others are wrong for being offended is wrong. I am not trying to say defending these people is wrong or dumb or that these people agree with these insensitive names/words/etc. but by making this a light subject, you are belittling someone who can’t see past it. Real talk time: I suffered from depression in high school like most, and I had a tough time but I learned how to cope. I could make light of it and kept my head up and went through my daily life. This lead me to believe I understood depression. Later in life, after the angst had faded, I understood what I knew as ‘depression’ was just my condition. Not everyone with the same condition has the same symptoms. You can’t generalize it like this. People shouldn’t learn how to deal with people making jokes about a very real disease, people should learn how to treat people with the disease with the same respect as everyone else.
: Lancer Stratus Wukong Splash Art There is literally a Wu King mecha in this anime. Something tells me someone at riot has seen this.
Audhulma (NA)
: Cry more? At least you got something relatively decent for your champion, there are lots of other champions who still need skins and aren't getting a thing, or get those shitty worlds skins.
> [{quoted}](name=Audhulma,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=9PR5rvw9,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-03-20T15:31:19.518+0000) > > Cry more? At least you got something relatively decent for your champion, there are lots of other champions who still need skins and aren't getting a thing, or get those shitty worlds skins. Because of course we should just love everything our rito overlords feed is and never give feedback? Sure it could have been worded better but I’d be pissed if my main got a skin at shitty as this after years of no skins. This skin line as a whole is kinda out of place and just bad so far.
: Extremely toxic club names and tags
People are fucking stupid. As arcade games tought is (my generation) growing up, the second you give someone a chance they will write the literal dumbest and most offensive thing they can. I just don’t get why the Club naming system lets this stuff through where the summoner name system would catch it (I have also seen some dumb names make it through too)
SS Pappino (EUNE)
: Everyone with the right mindset knows that these things are serious, this shouldn't even have to be said. Tags are not the problem, but you know this too. If someone has suicidal thoughts, there are bigger issues at hand than some club name. It's a you-problem, not an everybody-else-problem.
Just quit while you’re ahead kid, you’re just making yourself into more of an ass. By default, when you make light of something by making it a joke, you are equating someone’s deepest secret and their biggest fears and insecurities into a joke for everyone to laugh at it as if their struggle doesn’t mean anything. That is exactly why this is ‘hate speech’ and should not be ‘laughed off’ We can’t laugh it off. That’s why we are in this boat.
: Watching irelia trailer be like...
Almost exactly what I did at those moments too.
: Dear Riot, please wait with the Kai'Sa buffs
She could use a little help, the changes to Rageblade should affect in her in some way, so that build will be changing. When I have built her AD focused her spells did seem a little on the weaker side. I think the touches are not a big deal overall
: Holy shit this gives me an idea What if Swain is the Principal of the school that the Star Guardians go to and he's their leader, this would fit him so much design wise as well.
This might blur the line between academy and star guardian skin lines, but that’s not to say the NEED to be exclusive..... Inb4 every star guardian gets an academy skin
xScarfy (EUW)
: Spongebob r u serious? Its definitly a Pokémon reference.
Pokemon? I don’t think so it has to be Yu-Gi-Oh!
: > [{quoted}](name=Lucky Moniker,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=iJ64Mj7H,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-03-14T18:57:38.759+0000) > > Sarcasm? > I’m confused. > You describe a big with rammus that isn’t actually a bug, then show a video of eve that isn’t a bug? You can see the debuff for the charm fall off right before he gets hit. It’s not even hard to spot. > > To the original ‘bug’ if someone becomes untargetabke during the cast animation (which the skill in question has) then it gets interrupted and put on CD. This is the case for most (if not all) similar spells How is it not a bug ??? can you name a single targeted ability that acts like this ? Also the eve bug was fixed, how can you say it wasn't a bug if even riot said it was a bug and fixed it in patch 8.1 Also pinging the ability after the bug occurs causes the message to say the ability is available for use despite it being on cool down. I really hope you were the one being "sarcastic" ?
In the video you posted no ability hit Jihn while the charm ability was ‘primed’ on him. He dodged the initial Q cast then she didn’t hit him till after it faded. To your other point, anyone with a point click ability that has clicked the button before they go untargetable will be interrupted. Usually there is a larger window so you can see this happen but the window for Rammus’ taunt is very short so it’s hard to pull off.
Meep Man (NA)
: If Yordles Mimic the Society They Grow Up Around...
Himself. Isn’t the lore that he was captured and left in solitary confinement for years?
: Rakan is a fun champ to play
Sadly all they had to do was nerf the coin and he went from borderline OP to niche
: If you could date any Champion, which Champion would you date?
: [Gameplay]- This very frustrating Rammus bug has been left ignored since patch 7.10.
Sarcasm? I’m confused. You describe a big with rammus that isn’t actually a bug, then show a video of eve that isn’t a bug? You can see the debuff for the charm fall off right before he gets hit. It’s not even hard to spot. To the original ‘bug’ if someone becomes untargetabke during the cast animation (which the skill in question has) then it gets interrupted and put on CD. This is the case for most (if not all) similar spells
OmaikO (NA)
: What is this?
You should be able to verify this with your financial/banking institution that issued the card that paid for these transactions. Or possibly use that as a form of verification in itself. I have been playing since season 1 but I could remember enough of those questions if I had to.
: I'd have given you a chat restriction if I was hand reviewing this case (which is what the system gave you). The enemy top laner said 'open top' and gave you kills, which is not ok. The enemy team said to report top for giving up. Even if they got their attitude together and continued to play, of course a statement like that is going to tilt the team. Then you go on a tirade of chat (64 lines in game) .. and 42 lines in post-game where you stick around to call them morons and wish bans upon them. Arguing with teammates/enemies is not the purpose of chat. I would have muted you after a few comments. It would have been impossible to coordinate with the team over your chatter.
So if I chat too much in game with someone on the other team about random (non toxic) chat I will get a restriction??! The conversation he had was in defense of another player but your defense is he typed too much? So then will any game in which I type 42 lines going to result in a chat ban even if we are just discussing the weather? (Sure calling people idiots in post game isn’t polite, but is it chat ban worthy?)
Kaìju (NA)
: The issue is voice actors don't always live in the area. You might have to fly them in, and do that for every language.
There’s this amazing thing known as the internet where two people do not need to be in the same location in order to speak or interact. And you can send audio files to be edited to another country even
Off topic: how in the hell did your name get past the filter? You gonna come in here talking about other people’s conduct with a childish name like that? Lol
: Amazing Loot Changes? Why isn't anyone talking about this?
Wait. So those two ultimate shards I have are worthless now? Real talk, I was never going to get enough OE to unlock them, but now they’re worthless aside from their pitiful disenchant rate?
Rude Name (OCE)
: Seriously not liking Riot’s responses to everything.
Now they keep announcing skins we have been ~~crying ~~ asking for.... I think they may have found the real answer here... ‘just give them whiny masses what they want’
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