: Can riot just delete pyke? What happened to high risk high reward? More like, high reward, barely any risks.
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floo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Bonten,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2yGzh5Ph,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-08-19T13:37:46.723+0000) > > Really cause when aram bans went live there was an overwhelming amount of negative feedback from it From who. Literally who.
from the 3 kids who use the forum who play aram once a month
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: Bring back Dominion
: Petition to keep Twisted Treeline a permanent mode
they need to bring back dominion and go back to the first TT map
: I love League, I played it for 10 years. But you make me want to quit.
this game is SHIT now, season 5 back it used to be fun and about having fun, but now its just like disney's shit. It's made to milk money from you and no one cares if you're happy just that you're there.
: Slower and longer paced games
if you want the opposite of LoL and a game that rewards skill over button mashing chimpouts and broken ass items and characters then play dota its way better but youll have to deal with racist peruvians
: And I don’t like the spam in LoL, but in Dota2 that clunky feel makes it actually feel really bad to play, even though I like everything else about the game. I don’t like having to calculate some extremely slow turn rates just so I can last hit.
you get used to the feeling after a bit just have to give it time
: Riot there's a reason we keep talking shit to you on boards instead of just leaving your game.
: Remove the true damage from Ahri's Q and increase the cooldown to it.
yes this is true and needed these three tards down here just think that riot can do no wrong and that everything is perfect as is
: I really wanted to get into dota, but I couldn’t get over the clunky feeling, especially with turn speed. Otherwise I like a lot of dota’s champions and gameplay mechanics.
yes theres turnrates unlike in LOL where there is no turnrate, and it's got a "clunky feeling" because it's more about taking your time and planning things out rather than picking someone then spamming all buttons
: Can we nerf Riven and Vayne yet?
i hope EA buys riot then closes them out as a game studio like what they did with so many others
: Yuumi is obscenely unfun to play against
they should make it so she takes at the very least 20% of the damage the champ she's attached to takes
Leetri (EUW)
: And how do you suggest they match games then? Drawing straws? Using divisions would kill ranked since there's a gigantic range of skills in each division, especially at the lower ranks.
divisions should matter as should actual ranks so yes we should use divisions, also after a bit the players would be filtered into their correct ranks without dumb matchmaking
: Is it me, or does a single bad week for ranked just completely fuck your MMR for the season?
manolis201 (EUNE)
: What the? Remove MMR? Are you nuts?xD
I just want a better and fair system
: @Riot; Allied minions are team-killers but we have a potential solution
yes just make it so when we move into a wave of minions they just slide out of the way
: You want to know what makes League feel so bad now?
If you want strategic play and long games that reward skill, itemization, and great thinking over abusing poorly balanced characters and items go play dota, aswell the dota skin system is way better than LoLs
Kai Guy (NA)
: "In general, victory in a ladder battle against a player of the same rank awards 80 points and a loss costs 80 points. With each rank the winner has over the loser 5 point is subtracted from the points he gains and the loser loses up to 40 points in total. The same goes with loser of a higher rank, compared to the winner, where loser can lose up to 120 points and winner gain the same amount" So to be clear. When your asking for MMR to be taken away. The equivalent would be to make Minion masters players gain 0 points after a match. This is why I said your asking for the removal of ranked. MMR is the points you get for a win, Tiers and lp are built from that. With no MMR you have no Tiers and no Lp. This is an Elo derivative system my friend. RN= Ro+K(W-WE). Also its not made to be competitive but to get folks hooked playing. I can walk you thru it. They are not looking for a Zero sum system, not inherently bad. MMR is not zero sum because it has to account for experience diffrences. One difference is they set their bottom of the ladder lower and compensate "by In Stone and Wood leagues, the loser doesn't lose any point in ladder battle. Ok.so any one can climb to at least bronze with time and anything higher then a 0% win rate. winning 1 in 1000 games is enough to make it to bronze eventually. in league.... you'd be at the rock bottom of Iron doing this. "In all the leagues except for Master I and Grandmaster, winners get double the points if their two previous ladder battles have also resulted in victory. This increases the maximal possible gain from a single battle to 240 points. Ok this is what they do instead of K. How they move accounts out of a range faster. Fair enough, its clear they are not running a Zero sum system so its not breaking anything. Its not stealing from the opponent so no harm no foul just moves good players up a bit faster. This is what K does for league on new accounts. Only K is 2 directional. Bad sinks just as good climbs. If your at the right range you just rubber band a bit as K lowers. In all leagues except Grandmaster, **points lost when you are defeated in a match are reduced by 15%**. So losing against a player with the exact same rank as you would only cost you **68 points. ** Ok.. this is literally just there to make folks climb until they are outclassed but special attention is taken to prevent top end of the ladder from losing competitive integrity. Inherently even if you just win 50% of games your able to climb because your wins provide more then your losses will. So this entire systems designed to move players up the ladder. its slanted to help you get a higher rank if you just invest more time... This creates inflation issues for a 5 v 5 game man. It would not remotely work for league. You don't want folks with 50% to climb as if they had a 65% win rate. You also need to remember theres a reason no one uses a hard port of an Elo system because you have to track uncertainty. This is not a good system for league as it treats all players as the same level of uncertainty. something that wont work very well in a moba. It effectively sees 50% in league as 65% win rates as far as how many points you stand to gain, given that MM wants to make 50% fair games as much as possible. (The minion masters equivalent of trying to always put you vs same tier and division when ever it can.) No. this is not a good system. Again. What your asking for here Is equivalent to asking for Players to gain 0 points for winning a match in minion masters. And minion masters is not inherently worried about being highly competitive for its casual tiers on the ladder because they give away free points and the entire system is made to help players climb. Same question. If not Elo or MMR how exactly do you want Riot to account for skill? you literally just gave me a weaker and less competitive elo system. One that's not made for team games. It wont work well once the inflation starts generating massive gaps in player skill.
MMR is not connected to LP RANKS or anything other than the matchmaker hence the name matchmaker rating, idk wtf you're talking about in that essay but removing mmr would not be the same as giving people in minion masters 0points for a win. If you remove mmr and leave everything else then it would be easier to climb yes but then after a bit the average players would sit in silver and low gold, the truly bad players would be in bronze and iron, and the exceptional players would still climb past gold and go into their respective ranks without the faulty matchmaking of MMR
Saezio (EUNE)
: I didn't mean while getting adjusted to the game. I mean like, If I am diamond in LoL, and then I stop lol and play dota for the same amount of time, would I not be diamond? Are mechanics harder or just game knowledge and decision making? Cause I have a friend that is really high elo in DoTA 2, (i don't remember what it's called but he is top 5% or something) and the game and fights seemed awfully long to me. The games are different and lol is becoming less and less decision making and more and more like a huge zerg. But I always feel like dota doesn't need such good reflexes/prediction/mechanics as league does. (granted that is simply by watching, I never played the game myself, well except once or twice in 2005 but that was dota1 and I had no idea what I was doing)
you will still be diamond in lol, everything in dota is different and is harder not just because it's different but because of how much you are able to do in dota, dota is slower requires you to pick your fights and know what you're doing, lol is just reflexes and spam shit and hope you picked the better everything. The average dota player is a chimp but interms of gameplay knowledge and decision making he is a bit better than the average lol player
mack9112 (NA)
: Not at all I don’t see diamonds in my gold matches
that's cus diamonds are 2% of the LoL population, when I (im plat1) queue up for norms I see bronze silver and gold borders.
Saezio (EUNE)
: Division is silver 3 for example Tier is gold for example. [proof you need to delete your comment](http://prntscr.com/o51kxj) And also, gold 2 and gold 4 are pretty much the same skill level I don't see a reason someone would cry about that.
well someone could be a terrible silver that is barely holding their gold4 status and the gold 2 could be a player whos climbing hard to get into plat also i didnt see how he used tiers because im tired in the middle of the day
Saezio (EUNE)
: significantly harder than lol? And how did you measure that? APM? How do you define which is harder? Are the champions harder to play? You need to have faster fingers? How? Would someone in top 5% of lol players be lower percentile in DoTA automatically?
its harder because theres more you have to take care of, half of all items have actives and such so you'd have to keep track of all of that along with your hero's stuff, jungling is harder until you get the ball rolling and as such is rarely done atleast in standard games, the map is bigger and the jungle is a true jungle with destroyable trees and secret paths, etc. Someone in the top 5% of LoL would be lower in dota for sure, and until they get used to dota they'd be just above average in dota. LoL to dota is what megablokz is to legos, Megablokz is super basic and has much less depth and allows for less creativity and stuff, and Legos while being the same thing has more freedom allowed in it, rewards skillfull building and use of blocks, and is more rewarding if you can do something good with it. It's not ultra hard but an average lol player hopping into dota for the first few months is going to be dumpstered even if the lol player was a gold level player
Kai Guy (NA)
: Well.. Befor I do a wall of text lecture on MMR. Lets hear you out. > If ranks were ranks then you would be filtered and ranked by your skill level and whether or not you are of that rank. Ok so then How do you rate players to the correct rank? > With mmr you are matched with mix match people who are worse than you against people higher ranking or maybe your rank if you're lucky, without mmr you fight people at your rank with people on your team who are your rank. again.. how do you sort players to the correct rank? I happen to feel that it does not magically happen just because you gave some one gold that they are inherently gold. Its not unfair for me to ask that something has to prove they deserve this rank yes? How do you think we should do that? My response is you use a team Elo or MMR system. Do you have a better way or do you just want to pretend that magically it works because of the position of the sun stars and moon? Tiers are made of MMR. The lose all meaning with out it. You sound upset about LP system because Tiers move slower then MMR. I need you to understand that they are not the same, Riots Tier system reacts to MMR not the other way around. Tiers are just a distraction most the time because A tier is only accurate when an account is placed correctly. It feels like you have it backwards and seem to think tiers are accurate first thus MMR is incorrect. Explain please, how does a Tier become a correct representation of skill? Whats used to put some one into the right Tier?
The first point I corrected my text because I was tired and typed things dumbly And MMR decides who is on your team and whether or not you fight people of your skill level, By fighting people of a higher skill level with people below your skill level it is instantly 1v9 and you are most likely not going to win. If you fight people at your rank with no MMR or anything then you will climb as you are supposed to, or get shut down because people on the opposing team who are at the rank you have just entered are too good for you to beat. In minion masters (yes ik what you just read) ranks are just ranks with Experience bars for each rank and tier and there is no MMR just ranks in Minion Masters. You will climb past the Iron (wood) Bronze (stone) and silver (bronze) ranks easily if you know what you're doing because those players who are stuck in that rank are there because they're either extremely casual or they're supremely bad. You can continue to climb but the more the climb the more experience is required to move up tiers and to rank up, and ontop of that slowing of your climb the players will get better and better. When I played and climbed up to platinum it felt like I worked for it because I was fighting people at my rank and it felt like I was fighting equally skilled opponents and beating them because I was able to play my cards right or get the jump on them in some way, and when I barely got into platinum after a few hard games against skilled players I could barely do anything because the platinum players were just too good in Minion Masters. A tier and a rank will be a correct representation of skill because people will be filtered out of higher ranks as the good players who are at that rank will be better than the people below them and stop them from climbing unless they get better, and those good players will be stopped by great players unless the good players improve more. Without MMR dictating this stuff you will fight at that level you are in and it will be as if you are truly being tested by riot since you will be besting people of that tier, and until you get to a high enough rank and fight some team that is better than yours you will climb until you are where you're supposed to be. To be clear also I don't want elo or mmr, just ranks
: yeah that's what i want to when i lose a game. it's only fair if i win
how old are you?
: ***
No, I just want a functioning and fair ranked system.
mack9112 (NA)
: You play normals dude. Play ranked if you want matchmaking that uses your rank. I never understand these posts.
ranked is just as broken as norms
: both are terrible matchmaking gives you bots while the enemy team gets people with functioning brains and vise versa balance is just whoever 1 shots the other first wins, who cares about actual strategy just go full ham riot is just making the game very stale
it's a wonder that no one remembers season 5 and how riot said themselves in numerous videos that they were moving towards making the game move quicker and take less time. Riot is just trying it's hardest to remove long skillfull plays and make each fight a short chimpout of who can push buttons the quickest
: The higher your rank, the less likely your team will be dying 1v1 right? Bullshit, everyone in this game thinks hes uber pro and will try to get kills 1v1 and when fails, blames team (jungler mostly). Whenever im forced a role, mid or top, i either pick Mundo or Ahri, and theres no fucking way i will be dying in my lane, but neither i will win it, but by not dying im giving others a chance to carry the game. So question is, how bad or r%%%%%ed you must be to keep dying 1v1 in your lane?
ranked in hightier is an absolute joke
Saezio (EUNE)
: 2 whole tiers rank difference? Are you sure? So like, plat 1 with silver 1 in the same game?
he said tiers not divisions, he clearly means a gold 4 on his team against a gold 2 on the other team
Exin0 (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=option paralysis,realm=EUNE,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=9FAsyUnU,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-20T18:53:28.944+0000) > > I still like the game, when I'm not home I check yt videos for league and I get a big desire to play, but when I get home, it's really hard to press play... knowing someone will probably go 0/10 and have a 2 whole tiers rank difference... I'm just tired of that shit. This is the first year I haven't played ranked and I still can't bring myself to do it since I know most games will be 1v9. Whole lot of champs are braindead easy but broken as fuck, you cant ban them all, and if you dont play broken riot approved champs, the game is a pure coin flip. Whats the point anymore ? Even after tons of posts explaining and defending MM system iam still convinced there are non its just time stamp based first come first serve algorithm. Or MMR doesent work at all and i silver noob have for god know why reason high plat MMR because thats pool of my oponents in 90% of my games.
MMR is broken and makes our ranks null and void, it's like a shittier ELO system
: Back in the day each game were a 1 hour plan. 10-20 minute qeue, champion banning, picking, loading time, and 40-50 minute game. Today most games are over within 30 minute. In my experience around half of the ranked games are super unbalanced. Meaning, that one team DESTROYS the other team in 25 minute, or less. The thing is, that these matches could be better by simply switching 2 guy from the 2 team. Not even more player required.
It's because since season 5 riot have been looking to make games quicker and less time consuming, that's why everything is so bursty and quick now because riot doesn't want a long skillfull game they just want people to pump out matches and become addicted
Jaygo41 (NA)
: It's seemingly never been like this. I have no clue what's going on. I queue jungle, bot and mid feed before i can even get my other buff. I queue mid, bot just dies. I queue bot, top and mid lose. It's never been this memorably bad.
new burst metas and powerful runes are to blame
: The discrepancy in skill between players in the same match is ridiculous. Sometimes its to the favor of my team and sometimes its the opposing team. Either way its not enjoyable when there is such gulf of skills. I just had a series of matches where I played support and it felt that my ADCs were 5 year old toddlers mushing buttons, then, just before that, i had another long streak where my ADCs were consistently amazing and the enemy team had the ADC toddlers. Either way its not fun. I want to play with people who, _for better or worse_, are around my skill level. Is that really too much to ask?
It's because of MMR, this number decides matches based off of luck and whether or not you've won a few times. A ranking system like minion masters (yes I know what I just said) is perfect because there's no MMR or secret anything, it's just your rank and rank experience to rank up.
Lovelle (NA)
: Penetration Items
dont forget magic pen boots
: Matchmaking or balance is so bad...
Just play dota or albion online or even mechwarrior online Dota rewards skill and itemization over picks and meta strats but is significantly harder than LoL Albion online is a kind of grind fest but is a nice calming and fun game that is like runescape but playable and mechwarrior online is realistic gundam fights the game
Kai Guy (NA)
: Your title. > remove mmr Because MMR is the core of how riot builds a competitive Que? Its removal is to remove how the game sorts by skill. With no sorting by skill you just have a leaderboard of who ever plays the game the most or a system that's easier to exploit then MMR and is inherently not as accurate for raiting skill. Or did you want them to remove LP system and swap back to a standard MMR/Team Elo and just misworded your post title?
MMR doesn't decide ranked queues based off of skill, it decides based off of luck and whether or not you've won a few times. If ranks were ranks then you would be filtered and ranked by your skill level and true rank. With mmr you are matched with mix matched people who are worse than you against people higher ranking or maybe your rank if you're lucky, without mmr you fight people at your rank with people on your team who are your rank. Without MMR skill would actually matter because if you can climb ranks in games with people of that rank that you are in then it will prove that you are actually better than that rank, and not that you just got lucky because an invisible number decided that you get teammates of or higher than your rank against people your rank or lower.
Kai Guy (NA)
: So you want Riot to delete Ranked ques?
how did you get that from remove MMR
: yeah they should also make it so everyone is challenger climbing ranks is so stupid. i just want to open a loot box that gives me LP.
posting on a new account so no one sees that you're iron or bronze, cool
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: "If you're going to try to comment about skill for high ranking players don't be an iron4 toxic player capeesh?" I didnt say this, you did.
were you are were you not talking about me being carried because im a support main. Read it all as one piece I never talked about him I was talking about how games are and how being a support main doesn't mean you do nothing while being carried. Get off of your high horse, take a step back, and read with logic.
: Skill for what high ranking player? You called him boosted now hes a high ranking player lol make up your mind. And sorry you took that as flame when it wasnt intended as flame. I was only saying you have 2 carries on your team and you're not playing either position and yet calling others trash who are better than you. So shrugs have a good day buddy
I never called him a high ranking player? reading comprehension:0
: > Revert it Revert it to what, the old Honor System where people would seldom Honor others, and accumulating those rare few Honors offered no benefit besides the vain hope of seeing a ribbon on your loading screen card? > give us an experience bar of sorts so we can see how long its going to take us. They've explicitly stated that they don't want players to see precisely how long it'll take before the next Honor Level/Checkpoint because they don't want players trying to turn Honor into a goal-post grind. They want players to show good sportsmanship and positive behavior passively, not feign sportsmanship until you reach the next milestone. > make it so recieving a chat restriction once or whatever wont immediately put us from whatever level we are at down to level1. There's a case to be made on both sides of this. On the one hand, yeah, it can definitely bite being dropped from Honor Level 3-4~ to Honor Level 1 for your first Chat Restriction, but on the other hand, it takes quite a number of matches with unsportsmanlike behavior to get a Chat Restriction, unless you're hardcore flaming, so it makes sense that getting punished would exact a heavy toll on your Honor Level. > That is rediculous and with how long it takes us to level up honor you need to be(sic) so harsh on punishing honor or make it easier to level up... If it's taking too long to level up in Honor, you might want to consider looking at your behavior. Valid reports will slow down Honor progress, so if you're still misbehaving, showing low-key poor sportsmanship, etc., you won't gain much, if any Honor progress. And, at the end of the day, if you don't want to tank however many levels of Honor with a penalty - don't misbehave and warrant the penalty in the first place.
I get honored by two randoms every other game and honored by 1 random atleast most every game and it took me 4 months to get to honor level 1. Also back in the olden honor times people wouldn't honor much because it didn't matter, and it shouldn't matter. If a person is competitive enough to climb high into the upper rankings of league then you bet your ass they're going to cuss in chat, you bet your ass they're going to take this seriously, and you better believe they're going to quit this game if they don't get their reward that they worked for just because they weren't lovey dovey with random people they don't even know. If honor won't be revert then fine but don't let it affect whether or not we get ranked rewards and make honor rewards a separate thing from ranked rewards, Maybe you get a fat chunk of like 10k BE at the end of a season if you're honor level 4-5 or something. P.S. honor is a grind whether or not we're shown our progress in a bar. It's a grind to get better free stuff, it's a grind to make sure we get our ranked rewards. But since people can't see how far along they are they can't be as good or as nice as you want them to be because they are basically walking around in a maze with a very very slight idea as to where they're going and whether or not it's the right way to go.
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Fìzž (NA)
: Tryn is stupid easy to kite, his ult helps him get around getting bursted instantly because nothing else in his kit helps him dodge any sort of burst.
he has a slow and a fat dash, he's barely kiteable and that's only cus he has old melee range. He does jhin damage with his crits and not being able to die for 5 seconds straight while being able to reduce your ad, slow you, dash to you, and heal he has the ideal kit to hard carry.
Ludicol0 (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Light Burner,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=GuAdjnLO,comment-id=0021000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-19T17:56:24.930+0000) > > How many other ways is there to say it. You called him a bronzie and boosted to diamond while you're a support player who sits there and literally supports their carry to get carried to their elo. Im saying if you're gonna call the guy trash at the very least be better than him. are you stupid? being a support doesnt mean "hurrdurr do nothing and be carryyyy" to be a support means you HAVE TO SUPPORT like a pillar holding up the building that is your team. Without a good support even the best adc will be forced to afk farm under tower while trying not to int. If you're going to try to comment about skill for high ranking players don't be an iron4 toxic player capeesh?
LoL is a teambased game and think of it like this, there are 5-4pillars holding up a building depending on how you look at it. Every pillar has to do it's part to hold up the building and the biggest pillar the support pillar has to SUPPORT the building the most by taking most of the weight off of the other pillars so they can hold up the building better and last longer. Without a good support or a support at all the other players would have to immediately try muchmuch harder to try to win since they wont have anyone ccing healing or shielding to help them win fights.
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