: Patch 6.24 notes
Item Set customization, soon, please! :)
xRafis (NA)
: I don't understand the fundamental reason from riot side to not implement it? Are they actually gaining more players by taking away essential features?? Taking it away just adds needless frusteration in gameplay, which would drive players away
Dopã (NA)
: the q boundary does show up sometimes but the boundaries of the tentacles that form after e don't show up
That sounds like a bug that you should use the bug report button to report, cuz according to the vids in the client, they should all have a zone indicator on them before the hit.
: Item Sets weren't a feature that made it to the Beta Client. As of right now, there isn't an immediate plan to build them into the new client, but it's being reconsidered for the future. I don't have any more details on this, but if you have any questions, let me know.
I hope it does get reconsidered. I'm not sure I see the logic in leaving this feature out when clarity and fluidity and customizablility are values readily held by Riot. The unending frustration of having to search for the item you want each time you play a champ just because someone at Riot doesn't recommend that item for this champ...Being able to set up item lists for each champ made it so you could have everything you needed for your personal way of playing a champ at your finger tips at a moment's notice without having to type it in search or manual narrow the filter to the item you want. It just doesn't make sense to suddenly remove this feature.
Dopã (NA)
: no the tentacle smash
Oh, hmm. A recent bug? Cuz I feel like that last time I played against her, it did have a border display. And the video in her ability tab shows a border.
Rioter Comments
Dopã (NA)
: illaoi q
The soul grab? it's a grab like blitz or thresh, they don't have a boundary display on their attacks, either.
: purchasing T1 and T2 runes isn't too bad now they all only cost 1 IP a piece.
That's good at least once you're level 20, though, the T1 and 2s are pretty much obsolete.
Jabers9 (EUW)
: Permabann or 24h?
"If you have any questions, contact our Player Support team at https://support.leagueoflegends.com/home Riot Games Player Support"
Yvaelle (NA)
: Uncertain - Graves' Parley on-hits count as melee. It procs Ravenous Hydra (melee only on-hit), applies 40% slow from Frozen Mallet (rather than 30% for ranged attacks), and doesn't apply Runaan's Hurricane (ranged only on-hit). Given the old Parley code, Trial by Fire should proc off Parley - so it's a perfectly legitimate question as to whether they have changed to code to prevent that synergy. If it works, Graves' poke is going to get seriously nasty: maybe even viable.
(Gangplank, not Graves) :P
: no im pretty sure it does count as melee since hydra works on it
If they haven't completely changed the coding, you're correct. Parrrley always counted as a melee basic attack and applied on-hit effects for anything that applied to a melee basic attack. They may or may not change the coding about this.
: Champion Update: Gangplank
Please test this extensively. I can't say I feel good about most of what I'm seeing. :\
: I'm on the site how can I update it now?
You need to use the device manager to find out which card you have, then go to the downloads sections and search that card and then compare the Driver you have against the latest Driver on the site.
: well it definitely is a GeForce so how can I update it?
nVidia's website.
: Its a Laptop so more like new laptop if it's not fixable in an another way
If it's not a macbook, then it is possible to change the video card without replacing the whole computer. If it's an old laptop with low RAM (>3GB), then a new laptop will be helping you in more ways than one.
darkdill (NA)
: Suggest skins that you know Riot won't make!
: Wierd Polygons?
Time for a new video card
: "just dodge the spears bro"
A few Reds have responded (in the past 2 weeks) to the invisible spears bug stating that they are working diligently to find a solution, but they first have to determine a repeat case. They have not been able to reliably replicate the bug, which means they don't know it's exact cause. Without knowing the exact cause, the best they can do is try to treat symptoms and we all know that is little more than a bandaid at best, and a new disease at worst. Riot isn't very forthcoming with information, but I believe they are *trying* to make and keep the game good, fun, and playable. Things just take time.
: I did, it broke even more. I wanted to join an Urf mode, click to queue up. finally got in. It was ranked. What in the actual fuck
well that's.....yeah. That's a thing. I got nothing for those shenanigans. Sorry.
: League client is NOT DETECTING GAMES found in match making queue
: Urf didn't Die he became a god
: Finisher Summoner Icons
There are 3 finisher Icons (the third being a spooky Urf icon which produces a ghost of Urf as its finisher animation), and the finisher animation only plays in URF mode and will not play once the mode is gone again. Then they'll just be icons again.
terkmc (NA)
: How it feels to play against fed Karthus
I love playing as an orbital death laser. I've only done it once, but it was the most satisfying thing: I'd just finished telling my team, in ARAM, that they need to stay near me when I die (as Karthus) and force the enemy to either fight in my Defile aura, or fallback. As I hit enter, my team pushed them back to their first tower, some of them were quite low. I seized the moment and dove their tower, throwing up Seraph's Embrace to ensure I got right in their ranks. My team engaged with me and between my defile and spells and my team's attacks all of their champs were hurting bad. As soon as the tower killed me, I started Requiem. I'd never heard it before, but if you kill enemies fast enough the announcer skips the different levels of killing spree, skips "An enemy has been slain." There was a bang from Requiem landing which was immediately followed by "PentaKill!" that was all that was said. It was beautiful and a direct result of teamwork. I am not claiming credit for all those kills. I simply secured them.
: How long did urf stay last year?
I would be surprised if it stayed that long. I expect it to stay a week. I'd be surprised, but it could stay two, i guess.
: Skins for Champ's
Skarner's getting a new skin. It's not really a matter of opinion, just a matter of what they're doing. I'm sorry Zac doesn't have any skins.
: Dealing hybrid damage in 2015 is more of a crutch than a plus
But full tank Shyvana with a Wit's End and Ravenous Hydra is a pretty tough competitor
: Skarner
Guardian of the Sands Skarner, coming soon to a game near you.
: I dont always hit hooks...
Did that with a Rammus Ult last night. It was a sad moment for me.
: @Riot, why do you put 450 IP champions on the free champion rotation?
Because some players only want to own champs they know they like and can't know if they like the champ until they play them a few times.
allanlpl (NA)
: some problems with the movement command
4 red arrows means Attack-move, or what I prefer to call 'attack-to-location' It means that the character will move to the location, but if anything comes within attack range on his way there, he will stop and attack it. You might be holding another button on the keyboard when clicking move which would cause this command to be entered as Attack-Move. Check the keybinding for Attack-Move and see if maybe you're using it by accident.
: > [{quoted}](name=Lumus Avatar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=YLhf2kiw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-03-27T17:51:49.935+0000) > > hey wait, Ardent Censer doesn't have an active! D'OH!
: @Riot, We need boots with an Active
hey wait, Ardent Censer doesn't have an active!
: Nanobot Zac / Scrap Heap Zac
: Thx for the correction.
You're correct that they don't glow all the time. In the films and games, the eyes will glow momentarily and then go out. This seems to happen when changing vision modes, and when generally intimidating their prey.
: I'm always going to play non meta champs
I'm pretty similar. I always tend toward the unpopular champs so I can make them my own and people tend to remember when an off-meta did well. {{champion:72}} 4lyfe
Talthoss (NA)
: Dragon Buff
The fifth dragon buff only lasts like 180 seconds (3 minutes) and then it wears off, going back to 4. Then if you kill it a 6th time, you get the fifth dragon buff for another 180 seconds before it returns to 4.
: Champion and skin sale: 03.27 - 03.30
Over a year. I looked back and it's been over 15 months since Amethyst Ashe was last on sale. I thought she would be up sooner than that... Oh well. A friend gifted her for my birthday in February xD
Llanite (NA)
: Omega Teemo lacking his "spirit".
Yes. War changes people. Teemo is hardened by his time as a killer and is disenchanted. His new VO and appearance reflect a yordle who has fought to survive and killed many people to stay alive and complete his missions. This skin is not for the faint of heart.
Mr Borg (NA)
: Weird Luden's Echo bug
Had she planted a Bushwack trap near your inhib? Luden's will proc off the trap at the location of the trap if she has it charged and unused.
Irasiel (NA)
: How to deal with the Tank Meta 2.0
They were just waiting to be told.
Krizalid (EUW)
: Pulsefire Lux
I love it. Very Samus Aran. Great Job.
: Make Rengar's ebola invisible like Nidalee's f***ing spear. (Please don't take that seriously.)
Then it really would be ebola, lol
: The actual Predators don't have glowing eyes though, while their gears are high tech and fancy, they don't make lights on them and all, at least not all the time. Not sure why it's now deviating from the source material but oh well.
The last few headhunter skins have been very far off from the original Predator concept. The glowing yellow eyes, though, actually is a staple of the Predator. This [image](http://vignette4.wikia.nocookie.net/avp/images/4/48/Predator-cloak-image-01_1203469753.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20140824113702) shows the glowing eyes of the mask through the cloaking field. And this [image](http://imageserver.moviepilot.com/predator-independent-predator-movie-ftw.webp?width=640&height=400) shows the glowing mask eyes as well. I agree that the latest HH skins don't really follow the old Predator template. But I also wanted to point out to you that the glowing eyes *are* part of the Predator style, and to the OP that this is why the eyes glow Yellow instead of Red.
SmknWdl (NA)
: What ever happened to Ao Shin?
Ao Shin is a "cancelled" project. It "may" be picked up again in the future, but there are currently no publicized plans to release this champion.
: > [{quoted}](name=3tyson,realm=NA,application-id=LFfTlAky,discussion-id=lgzqm6A8,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2015-03-23T14:50:43.736+0000) > > What r u talking about This...
: Why does trash talk exist?
For some, they lack self-confidence and have to put others down to make themselves feel good. For others, they just feed off the frustration of others, and the heated responses they get to their inflammatory comments are what they desire. In both cases, and these are not the only reasons - just two common ones, the people are just insensitive and angry and childish. The best practice is to just ignore such rude comments and not 'feed the trolls.' When a player says something inflammatory to me in-game, and I can tell from their comment that they intend to make more such comments, I just mute them and keep playing like nothing happened.
: Malzahar desperately needs a nerf
Malzahar has to choose between high damage minions or high damage spells since his Voidling damage scales off of AD while the rest of his kit is obviously AP scaling. He has extremely high damage because he is designed as an assassin of sorts. He's a mage but he's designed to pick one target and delete them immediately - then his kit is all on cooldown.
: internet explorer might be taken out how will this affect league?
Internet Explorer and all its obnoxious code will still be used and usable. Microsoft is just adding another browser to Windows 10 beside IE that will be the default browser. There are A LOT of programs that run functionality through IE. MS knows they can't just remove it. But they can provide a better alternative until IE is successfully PHASED out.
Texicant (NA)
: Nidalee spear
I'm sorry, I thought this was a thread about Nidalee's Pear.... I'm in the wrong place. Pears are tasty. Spears are not.
: What does Rammus say when he taunts?
{{champion:266}} Ok. {{champion:103}} Yeah. {{champion:84}} Alright. {{champion:12}} Ok. {{champion:32}} Yeah. {{champion:34}} Alright. {{champion:1}} Ok. {{champion:22}} Yeah. {{champion:268}} Alright.
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