: Riot and their contradictive stance towards homophobia?
I would just like to fan the discussion~ If we're going off with what Kurnubego said, ######(Thank you for replying orderly x0) And that this case might be due to that **(invisible social contract upon entering games),** then unfortunate as it is, this might be a societal problem and not a company problem :/ However, I could argue that they should look into the future in order to deter cases like these from happening. --- Let me start off with what I'm basing this on/evidence. > Any subject or reference which beyond reasonable doubt points to RL identity, political views, sexual orientation, religion etc is not welcome in online gaming communities. Consider it as an ethic guide how to co-exist with people of very different backgrounds. We all have one thing which unites us (playing / competing / theorycrafting the same game), and the one which does not is better kept somewhere there it's actually relevant. - A Snippet of what was written by Kurnubego Let me take in what was said: So, the reason why this case was started off was due to the breaking of this "non-physical social contract" which is outlined above, and of course, as a fellow worker of riot who try to show to have the best interest in the player's heart, the said riot person _forcefully_ advised the player to change their name in order to minimize impact on the rest of the people (a.k.a people who might perceive this info as IRL Info). --- Starting of with ways this claim is on shaky ground. 1. There is no easily measurable way to determine if a piece of info crunched into one summoner name reveals identifiable, IRL info, (although there are obvious examples). 2. I have no idea what I was trying to say here. ~~Due to 1st point, it could be possible that this was a cause of 1st point.~~ 3. If Riot were well-kempt on heeding "social contracts," then the only way I foresee (though feel free to tell me otherwise) this being enforced is the need to breach privacy; and intervene in the player's private information to prove that (yes!) this person is revealing _possible_ IRL information. 4. If yes, this "social contract" is indeed being obeyed by Riot out of player's concern, then a need for clarification on the part of Riot would need to be addressed; that yes, they do follow this "social contract" and that any revealing identity needs to be gone. This would mean compensation for the OP or at least a realization for Riot that they missed on clarifications. 5. However, I can see how impractical it would be for Riot to follow up on "Social Contracts/Rules" if 4 were true, this would lead to 3 which requires the notification that players would be sacrificing their privacy and the need for Riot to constantly scan; IF, they are that dedicated. 6. Clarifying on the latter half of point 1 (the obvious examples), then I find it hard to see a point in enforcing this "social contract!" There could be many reasons why someone would opt to reveal something obvious; you said one example on your behalf: city codes: "rooting for their city/whatever." This just proves the point on how vague enforcement would be, because of the lack of transparency on how damaging/unwelcoming certain IRL Info are. ######~~(If this coming big-if isn't a strawman or whatever, then I don't know what even is a strawman argument anymore...)~~ A. However, if we were proven wrong that Riot does have the ability to carry out massive processes like "Scan for Info" (provided with the mass technology advances) and it is stated that players will sacrifice privacy for a contract made by the gaming community in order to ensure overall benefit. A1. Then the "problem" or "main cause" here isn't the never-drawn line for sexual explicitness or orientation. A2. Then the "problem" or "main cause" here isn't because this riot employee just acted on behalf of riot's wishes. A3. Then the "problem" or "main cause" here isn't because of a well-established principle in the gaming community. B. Instead, this is a societal problem/cause and effect. That cannot be changed by an individual's decision or a company's. Unfortunately, the only way to go about it if it is all true is... just go with it. Unfortunate as it sounds, yes, if IRL information just has no place in the gaming community, then let it go away and be gone. Just let the people who established these "invisible" rules to be able to coincide in the league community since IRL information is seen as taboo. --- * However, do you know how this event sounds narcisistic despite, I can feel it from your post, how constructive and unbiased you tried to be? * How hopeless would this outcome be for those who are, unfortunately, have to obey by some societal guideline made by the certain community? C. No one, no one should need or have to sacrifice something in order to enjoy a community; especially the gaming community. D. You make a good point that these formed communities have something in common (that would be gaming and etc) which is the reason for their survival. If that feeling of similarity is cut off and the size dwindles, then that community is pretty much dead... E. So it might seem like I'm trailing off, but let me prove that what I'm trying to say is: F. I think you're getting it wrong. I don't want to say that your argument is not solid, but just that your argument that these taboos/guidelines that have developed in the gaming community have grown old and is very shaky/subjective/dependant on the current opinion of outside society. G. Don't expect for your argument to last which is what I'm trying to say. As general as I can get, outside society (aka non-gaming out of league and games) is undergoing through a major change right now where... there is a huge sacrifice over group mentality and more importance in regards to individualism. H. I realized that this will affect the various, different gaming communities (and it has! though I am not current enough to know examples). Honestly, in my own opinion, it's not bad. I mean it's a change. The world is just growing (albeit, at a fast rate that can be worrying sometimes) and the accompanying communities need to grow/adapt as well. I. This means that your claim that "IRL info has no importance/place in the gaming community" will probably shift away due to, according to the general "general" news, my forecast that gaming communities are going to shift their place as a type of entertainment (games) like sports and moving to a type of expression (which this major change/global/societal event heavily favors). Even look at Esports, they get to customize, change, and possible even get their own chance at a skin. This is just another cause of individualism. It could be realized that Esports could have been more rigid with stuff like that and not added those other things. J. The gaming community won't die just because individualism is highly more valued now, because the "gaming" part of 'gaming community' is still a core part of every person in the gaming community. However, expect things to overlap more and more. Expect gaming communities to have sub-communities and more. Expect people who might not even have the same amount of interest as average players aka people who do cosplay or do more things besides play games. Aka Casual vs Hardcore players vs Average players (the gaps between them always change). K. That's why, it would be rash/foolish (take it with my grain of salt) if Riot were not to consider this when implementing rules (society, games, ways of expression like emotes or profile hud). It just became so that integration of "personal IRL info" or personal identity became a thing; so, I'd bet that you will be allowed to take on this name for the sake of self-expression. K1. Along with that, I have an idea that it would also come with updates to the TOS or clarifications/announcements made by Riot. K2. In my own opinion, they will side with the future in that... they will keep self-expression here while maintaining borders/lines over what is inappropriate (which will forever-be-needed-to-change). L. Oh and I would like to reiterate: N o, this is not just a response to Kurnubego. This is an overall response (after reading the previous discussion before me) and just a general fodder for thought. L1. This means, YES, the rules of the TOS will always have to/will always need to be changing. Who knows how open we will be to identity and expression later years from now? (Where will this individual-ism go?) L2. But, what we can certainly conclude that, YES, clarification is need on the side of Riot. And, it would be nice if Riot made the clarification as a whole company and not the individual (aka the sole riot employee). M. If they do not decide to update their TOS/Guidelines now, they would find it will lead to more of "this" confusion in the future, should the trend of individualism goes through as expected and my forecast accurate ((but not necessarily concise)). N. There's also a possibility that fragmentations will occur within the gaming community: ones that value the "group" more (Kurnubego could be an example; feel free to prove me wrong) and ones that value the individual more than the group. N1. Whatever happens, the gaming community will never die : ) [as an idea], and I'd like to end this post on a hopeful note! If you don't know, I am an individual, and I don't really have the scopes to survey every person (in the gaming community preferably) on their opinions on this, but I'd appreciate any board commentators anyways! This ended up being a long post *breathes* and I need a breather. Anyways, I need to take a rest, so any edits will come very late. I will try my best to keep watch on this topic by OP. Good night.
Mrmiki (EUW)
: Zileans rework. The true time master.
All around, this proposed game update to {{champion:26}} has some nice ideas about how he could be taken to support the time theme much better. My only concerns are how much stuff he's able to do and the incoherence of his kit (it still feels off like as if some of them don't belong with each other or in a support kit). Another thing is how niche and utility-styled Zilean is shaped here; if you haven't seen/heard it yet, full-utility champions have a hard time being viable, and this utility kit leaves him in a state of enigma of what to build. I understand that you're trying to bring him up from a boring/misdirected theme, but I feel as though he should at least have some coherence and scaling in there somewhere (besides level/xp). Though the idea of a niche champion like this new Zilean is interesting, although, it might not catch on with the rest of the players (besides mains probably). +1 ((I'm commenting here so I can save and talk more about this later))
: Very Original gameplay for a New Champ - Moon Tzu - The strategist
Post is lacking in clarification and detailed explanations... But! It's enough for me to understand your custom champion concept. I like how he sounds (theme, the direction of his kit, plus strategy). I congratulate you for taking the time to give an idea for a strategist. +1
: New support from Ionia Concept (an evil one)
First of all, I'd like to start off that I like your attempt at bringing back the dead champions, and secondly, we haven't had a voodoo-esque champion in league; so, that too. Anyways, one of the first problems that this kit undergoes (according to when I skimmed it) is the lack of counterplay in some of these and how wide the benefits/consequences are. * Point and Click abilities should be used _responsibly_ and _conservatively._ * Giving a heavy consequence on an ability doesn't justify strong power/capabilities. * This makes it really hard to not have a feast or famine/binary champion. * Throw in some scaling in there. I want to know how he's supposed to be built like and what his runes should be like. * Passive and its benefits might need some work. There should be some coherence in how innate ability works. * Again, there's a lot of interesting stuff here, but I feel as though this kit has too much of it. It ends up flooding the champion with base strengths that don't really scale or level up or anything. Generally, his power should be tied more to than _just_ his level and passive. I have more to talk about since I skimmed over, but I'll gladly talk about more once we discuss/address about these present talk-points first. ((I'm commenting here, so I can save this post for later)) ######btw kudos for the hand-drawn art and written lore. It really boosts his theme, also flavor text is nice...mmmmmmmmmmmm
Rakªn (NA)
: Champion Concept, Inanis, The Mind of the Void
The idea of a tactical champ with the ability to set up before fights sounds amazing, but what your champion design is suffering from is the lack of meaningful activity besides strategizing. You see, merely placing traps/contraptions in order to make a strategy doesn't qualify for a meaningful activity in-combat; for a majority of players (although, I'm only speaking this out of my own crafted experiences), this feels lackluster due to how he might be unable to activate his strategy/contraptions. If you'd like an example, the closest thing I can point to is Heimerdinger, {{champion:74}}. What I'd suggest is keeping only a few of the trap elements and removing the utility e: it feels wrong on a mage concept like Inanis, so I suggest you remove it unless you plan on making him a strategical support or a defensive battle mage with placed utility scoured around the map. After removing the excessive strengths, you can now fill in other strengths in different places for this champion, provided this totals to a weakness. I have some ideas, but I'll keep it short for now. Feel free to ask, and I'll gladly reply in a day or two. ((I'm commenting here so I can save this later))
: My Friends Fake League Fever-Dream (not in order)
Some of these is actually pretty good... are any of them standalone champion concepts on separate posts? I'd love to have a discussion on some of them. ((I'm commenting here, so I can save these later)).
: Not my creation, but I'd really like to share this on here
This is a good idea, but I feel as though this skin could benefit from some transparency (like fades) here and there.
: An Ode to GUNS! (Poem)
I can feel the Jinx vibes r a d i a t i n g from the poem. I suggest you get a warrant for emitting too much radiation xp. +1
: Dynamic Profile Background with most played SKIN concept
Tbh, profile screen could use some more work than just that (although, it would be cool if that was added).
: New Ornn Skin (Train Ornn)
Someone pls deliver op's idea :praying:
: More skins for Kindred
Any ideas for a skin? A skin when rito decides to touch her abilities would be some good timing.
: I agree with you, Ahri's ultimate in it's current state is actually pretty good. It's powerful when it is up, but if you can force her to use it defensively then you have a big advantage over her for a while. And her assassin playstyle is fun, going for risky plays with her ultimate is really satisfying when you pull them off successfully. I'd like to know your other thoughts about her as well, as you seem to have a well-developed perspective on the champion.
Innate 1. I believe the life-stealing/sustain this ability makes her unique from other assassins, so this reward should be kept. (Mitigates poke and encourages her to risk for kills) 2. Going off with what you said, the quest tied with the "reward" should be changed so it's more champion-centric and less on how many enemies she can affect with her abilities (reason: her current passive sidesteps away from an assassin theme and more of a battle mage/artilerry style). 3. One way this could be approached is a debuff/mark/effect. * Should it be applied on attack? No, it doesn't make sense on a mage champion. * Should it be applied after 3-hits/abilities in x amount of seconds? Maybe, it helps line her up towards a burst-style champ; but it might ruin the fun of drawing out her ultimate dashes along with ruining counterplay (it should also be considered that this overlaps with other things that exist already and is generally an overused cliche). * How about a debuff (that can only be applied to one champ like vayne w passive) applied on ability and then something special after x seconds pass?--- ((got caught short here, I'll be back in the afternoon with some more thoughts))
: Hello Z1ppster. I had an idea similar to this as well. The main problem I had was pretty much the same issue your design currently has as well; that problem being the ability to directly heal allies via basic attacks is an **EXTREMELY** powerful passive. Since this is not gated by cooldowns, with enough mana, mana regen. and attack speed, this can be devastating and pretty toxic. So here are some countermeasures to avoid this issue: 1. Put an internal cooldown so that the heal effect cannot occur on the same target more than once every few seconds. 2. Make the Mana cost significantly less/more expensive. [Balance this with heal values more] 3. Make the Attack Delay on this champion horrendous to prevent abuse with attack speed, unless you want it to synergize with it. [The Thresh Treatment] 4. Put an ammo charge system that holds a reserve of Nanobot bullets similar to Graves/Jhin auto attacks. 5. Make the heal into a shield instead. The reasons for these restrictions is to enable the opponent to have fair counterplay against this kind of quasi-infinite sustain lane while also increasing the risk for the player to utilize the passive. Also, I recommend you increase the E's cooldown a tad bit more, since it's a pretty strong shield and has relatively strong utility. Additionally, you may want to tone down how much utility is in your champion's kit. I'll list them out for you. * Passive: She can heal allies on basic attack * Q: Damaging Skill, Grant allies bonus percent health damage on target * W: Damaging Skill, Slow and Stun on Enemies * E: Grants a shield to an ally, which grants more shields to nearby allies and grants them bonus healing * R: Amplifies the above 3 abilities and grants allies bonus percent health damage Right now, your Innate Passive's strength is too strong to warrant all the extra utility. I recommend that you re-assess its net worth and work around it from there. Anyways, good luck out there, Summoner!
There's a good theme/idea in here, but just like you said, the passive is hell-of-a-strong passive. My first thoughts were suggesting a delay/disadvantage on her basic attacks like a channel or something; however, out of fear, this could start coming too close to a certain character from a certain game... Otherwise, that passive needs to be looked at and the general utility this champion gives in general.
: Interesting Concept: Terrain breaking item?
If Rito is up for the technological hurdle, yes please. This could work as an idea in a champion for it opens up strategic choices (aka more paths to take).
: Fruity Pebbles Taliyah
Are you or are you not the same user as the one who wrote [this.](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/W9tLfcTT-skin-concept-wood-chair-taliyah) I'm calling the PoLice!
: Why isn't this a thing
I can already taste the thirst of Taliyah mains for more Taliyah skins by the amount of skin ideas Taliyah gets, MMMMMMMMMM.
: Amumu & Annie Fanart
Adorable Dx! Makes me cry even more for Amumu ;-;
: Heartseeker Viktor Skin Concept (Art + Technical Stuff)
I love it. This skin concept makes him sound like that type of guy you wouldn't date, because their love literally BURNS... like a Viktor laz0r!
Doodlzzz (NA)
: Skin concept: Wood chair Taliyah
Bless OP for this holy skin concept. I must have it now in any shape or form or I feel like I might die without it. (ex. april fools skins) {{sticker:sg-janna}}
: Possible AP Item Concept
It seems like an interesting, possible item concept for the most part, (besides the stats maybe, but those are always changeable); but my only concern is how similar Reckoning (besides the scaling) might be to the ad-counterparts aka {{item:3053}} and how it's much better than Sterak's Cage in more ways than one. If the stats got more concise and less varied, it would be a much better and niche item because of how this item might indirectly cater to more champs than it's targeted to (aka those who need enough sustain to live through burst and live to trade back rather than for anyone who faces _any_ ad champ in lane). My proposal is reducing the base armor it gives and putting that to slightly buff the resurgence passive (which btw, is a neat passive). Then, it needs to be decided whether the mana needs to go (so there's room for adding power back to the item or nerf) or if there should be less AP. As of right now, it gives a lot: Damage, Resistance to Burst, plus mana & CD (which I lumped into one category due to how hand-in-hand they go together). What I can see is the AP stat being removed, and the AP scaling nerfed a bit in sacrifice; for more bonus MR or Armor scaling added in there somewhere. This'll help reinforce its identity (anti-AD Burst for Tanky AP Users), since it'll make it so the user doesn't have to be so dependant on building other AP items while making it feel better to build more tank with this item. ((Adding base AP stats on the item while it has AP scaling is dangerous)) With the AP stat being removed, the CD + Mana is justifiable as it helps the users who use this time without making the item appealing to other AP users (aka non-tanky users). This item would also benefit from Resurgence lasting for a brief time after entering combat (like maybe 1s or so). TL;DR/Recap: As of right now, this item is giving more stuff than it should, so proper steps should be taken so it has a solid direction. With comparisons in mind, (Sterak's Cage + Maw of Malmortius), the item's base stats need to be more concise/less broad; which can be solved with the item's passives being made less appealing to Non-ap tank/sustain users and removing the AP stat it gives. P.S: If any of what I said is incoherent or confusing, feel free to ask and I'll try my best to respond tmrw or later.
: Thoughts Regarding Ahri's Kit (since Riot might be reworking her in the near-ish future)
The reason why her R gives so much dash in one go is that it pushes her to use it for catching people and it's way more iconic; than, say, the ammo system it used to be like before her ultimate got changed to fit an assassin playstyle. With that said, it seems fine enough on its own unless she undergoes a drastic playstyle change, which she doesn't need as Ahri's direction seems to be targeted towards the assassin clique due to thematic sense and how Riot have been basing Ahri's patches on. If Riot or anyone is thinking of discussing her, the assassin/burst clique she holds should be accounted for. I have more thoughts on her, but that is what I will have to say for now.
Isalva (NA)
: Random Item Concepts (Boredom)
You got some neat-0, unique passives here; although, I'd be careful and say that some of these are too strong for passives. If they got toned down, I could see them being on another item. Also, some of these items could benefit from changing the passive into an active for more impact, but less up-time. I suppose that's one way some of these can be tuned (ex: {{item:3814}}) Otherwise, these are some interesting concepts.
iiSey (NA)
: League of Champions (Episode 1)
Amazing, so much league memes... I can't keep up. I must have M0rE!
: Adrasta, Demacia's Shame
Just stopping by to leave a small comment: I really like Q and E for their way to apply damage and how they have two parts to them that can be strong if they managed to be linked together. The skill here is getting the enemy to be attacked twice which //can// be difficult to pull off. Other people are explaining this better than I am. I'm sure you've read other people's response. I also agree with their opinions on W and somewhat on her ulti. Her w feels like a free ability (I mean some of it ok. It just needs to have a cost or at least disadvantage in order to have those free stats). Her ultimate's damage scaling on the number of additional champions around them seems unique. I like that part of it; however, I don't really like how it works. The blink and channel doesn't seem like a good reason to have an ultimate that deals tons of damage (tm). Also, does she really need true damage in her ult? Her passive seems to compensate enough to //not// have true damage. To summarize, if you find a way link her ult with her basic abilities where she can feel satisfied in unleashing her ultimate along with her enemies (hey, sometimes, being beautifully executed after being outplayed sounds great) via accomplishing an objective or something... something apart from bringing them down to a low HP so you can blink and execute them, you would have a satisfying executioner champion on your hands :). ######On the contrary, her character seems badass. Finally, another strong, independent woman who needs no man.
: Of course there would be flaws in what I mentioned, because I'm not a balancer, I don't know any good numbers to place on it, but I'm sure the scaling and base damage would be rather low on the ablilities like 75 D.o.t and 30% ap scaling and each tick increases damage taken by like 3%. lets say it ticks 5 times, 15% increased damage taken (now that I think about it that's sounds like a lot more) and for the Anti magic field ''Places an Anti-Magic Zone for 10 sec that reduces spell damage taken by party or raid members by 60%.'' (Direct quote from the actual spell in WoW) the difficult part of using this would be timing, and keeping your team in the zone long enough for it to be effective, obv it would be 10 seconds, WoW fights are much longer than League's. A theme could be a sort of Warlock, we don't really have one (exept MAYBE malz but that's sort of a stretch) and something else I thought of, is that Lets say his Q, W, E are all sort of useless spells on their own, but if you combo them together, it gains a new effect, making him take more skill and not being a spam every button on the tank/adc and win fights. (maybe take ryze for an example but a bit more extreme). Thin/Hard to land skillshots make for good counterplay because they aren't hard to miss, but you get a large benefit from landing them (nid Spear) so does different ranges and combos. so I think there is hope for this guy :) (probably wont ever happen but I like to be hopeful)
Hehe, I understand. We just need to hope that one day... lolp. That's a good example to use from WoW. I can see something like that happening in a champion.
: Miranda, the Essence Reaper
With some minor changes here and there, she seems like a good champion to play! x)
: [Skin Concept] Slumber Party Lulu
Sounds adorable... Make IT into a skin RITO!
: Alright everyone, go crazy. What are your ideas for this?
I like the drawing, but I think he's too vague of a character (or maybe too simple) that I can't think of one for him. Good luck to all of y'all.
Brascus (NA)
: Is he...is he, masturbating?
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Hmm, plausible. It all depends whether he's left or right-handed.
: Pool Party Sona Concept Art Feedback
I'd say you use the blue hair, because of how it stands out and it's pretty much an iconic part of her.
: Dino Kled
I'm not a Kled main, but I'd like to see this just come to life, hehe.
: New Support Champion
The thing is... debuffs and utility abilities are just more transparent than, say a Zyra support, eating about a quarter of the enemy's ADC health by successfully rooting them and planting nearby plants. A general reaction from their ally ADC would be, "Wow, that poke damage just hurt him/her real bad," because the difference is just so easy to notice and the change is quick. As oppose to say... A Mr/Armor reduction debuff cast on an enemy which is harder to notice, and usually when the enemy gets hit and dies (especially a tank), a proper reaction would be, "Oh, they just removed about a quarter of my resistances, so that one ADC shot just obliterated me." What I'm saying is: 1. A support who filled that niche would be nice but... 2. Creating and Executing a kit for a champion without causing problems would be hard like... 3. Factors such as counterplay for both the enemy should be there whilst making it not feel like a dump to play AS that champ. 4. Making the champion fun to play as and AGAINST. 5. Finding a theme for a sort of champion like this. 6. Some of the debuffs you listed are kinda infuriating to play against. 7. How would that champion scale? How do they get stronger as the game progress considering how their abilities would (I assume) mostly consist of debuffs or buffs aka enchantments. Balancing all of this out would be difficult, but if done well right, RITO would have a huge payoff and it would be one unique champion with a unique playstyle just like Bard. (He's not a perfect champion, but he seems to me the best example I could find for this type of niche. He's unique for sure especially that ultimate and those portals). Oh, but I don't want to discourage anyone who want to try a take on a support champion that fulfills OP's wish. Go ahead. I'd like to link you guys to this thread: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/FATjc04B-supporategist It's about making a support into a strategist instead, maybe a new champion could be created out of that? The comments point out well that it'd be hard to make a champion "fun" without adding some damage, which I can agree to some degree.
: [Champion Concept] Mazen, the World Eater
This champion concept feels unique and I like how his abilities flow really well, so, wow, I'd probably have fun playing him. He might have a little bit too much though, although, it seems like most of the tweaks needed have been carried out... The effort you put in this champion is evident and really well! x )
: [Item Concept] Hextech DMCA-04
I like the idea for this item, but it'll need some tweaking before Rito allows it to see the light of day.
Akenero (NA)
: [Champ Concept] XV-328, War's Mechanized Miracle
This isn't too bad. (again why was this at 0) I feel like he would be a good champion if he was given some kind of direction. Let me start off... His AMPS resource is a nice mechanic. We have yet to have someone fill the robot niche in League. If you give him a proper lane and class... he could be a good champion if you try to make a new kit for him ( along with some of the old stuff ).
Akenero (NA)
: Aedirex, The Planet Tyrant
I don't know why this was at 0, but it looks like a nice champion that manages to differentiate from current Aurelion Sol's kit. He just needs some kind of direction like maybe some more resistance in his abilities along with his passive. [ I just happened to get here from your links ]
: Asaya, the Lamplighter
I really like the meaningful zoning effects her lamps can give while having strong, temporary effects when her abilities are cast. Like someone said before, you'll need to branch out on how her abilities apply, because right now, every one of them is a cone ability, and also, she needs a lore and some explanation on who she thematically is. Hopefully, you can differentiate how her abilities apply. Otherwise, she's a good champion with a good kit I would enjoy playing. A zoning champion that has semi-permanent tools to use in a battle is a nice niche to do, for I'm also doing a take on it, and I think this champion fulfills it well.
Bultz (NA)
: Here's to 1 million Yasuo exp.
The comments here are merciless, but lolp. As expected. +1 Upvote anyways for the art.
: *STORYTIME* Me, RIOT Stonkypac and RIOT Jackregardos created a story
Hah, that's amazing. This is the shit, and the good kind :>! +1 Upvote from me.
: [Champion concept] AD support ninja
The idea and theme are there. I think with a couple tiny changes, she can shine as a good support in League some day. +1 Upvote.
: Colubrus, the King of Serpents (Champion Concept)
I'm not an expert in lore, but it reads very solid, so good job on that. Otherwise, I really like his kit, and in my opinion, you incorporated the current vision/theme of Cassiopeia way better in Colubrus. I really like his DOT poison and relative tankiness. An awesome tank mage. These elements work well, and along with the finishing touches: increased range on AA on Q (almost like a biting snake who strikes really far) and the thornmail-like active on his W. One thing I would say, though, he has a lot of strengths and way more additional stuff that doesn't need to exist but besides make him basically a stronger version of Cass. ~~I'd possibly tone down the strong AP scaling you got there on his Q or turn it into total damage instead of bonus magic damage considering how easily he can farm and heal up poke damage he received from a trade.~~ Scratch that, it doesn't apply on-hit effects. Still, yes, it's on a 10-second cooldown, but it's hardly a challenge for him to just go walk up to a minion wave and Q in order to get back a % of his missing health with the bonus range he has. It doesn't bode well with me when I notice everything else of his kit is strong, but it's all in delayed DOTs / attacks that require patience, and some requiring him to stay in range (ex. Ruination and E). Take it with a grain of salt, but I feel like this should have a lower CD and lower damage, so he can just proc his passive more which feels way more thematic and healthy, then a semi-ranged auto attack ability that deals 130 + (70% AP xO) + total AD upfront. But wait! ~~All things considered, the rest of his kit have a lot of downtimes and counterplay that "Ruination" seems lacking since in-game, it sounds like he'll rarely get to proc it and when it does: it accomplishes thing with minimal effect. ~~ It seems like I didn't notice the duration scales to 6 seconds, but same with the cooldown, why is this? Basically, a 60% slow aura, relatively, whenever he pleases (add that with the movement speed he gets from E). The relative cooldown of this is basically 0. My next statement, he shouldn't have innate tankiness. To clarify, his abilities should amplify resistance. Don't give him damage reduction which works separately with MR and Armor. (At least I believe so?) This way, he actually needs to build some resistance if he wants to be a solid dot/tank mage late game. He shouldn't be able to build JUST ability power and still (gradually) kill enemies with the innate damage reduction he has ( it's even more frustrating for the enemy when has a missing % of hp heal here ). There are some more things I want to say, but don't know how to clearly explain. Basically, the gist of it is... --- Enforce his weaknesses (Like long cooldowns and buffs only when it's off cooldown that needs to be considered by the player before they are used) Then remove some of his additional strengths... 1. Movement speed on his E (Thematically nice, but it's kind of strong along with Ruination. A walking battle-mage shouldn't feel faster than a squishy burst mage, or at least, shouldn't have mobility and CC at the same time. 2. That % missing of HP heal on Q. This is relatively too strong when his tank items start rolling in (rylai's, which I don't even think he needs considering that passive... and ROA's) since the heal would be scaling on a percentage amount instead of a flat amount. It should be a base amount, feels-good man during the squishy laning phase, but gets weaker if he builds really tanky. 3. Damage reduction and his strong AP scaling on Q, remove it. ~~It strongly favors full AP builds too much over tanky builds. It should be removed, so the pool of items he could theoretically make use of are larger~~ It favors both extreme full AP builds and really tanky builds: one renders him really strong while being strongly durable, and the other basically making him an immortal god //exaggeration.// It should be varied and have more situation items he can use. 4. Ruination is weird. Why does the duration last as long as the cooldown? Unless I'm missing something here and that the cooldown activates AFTER the duration ends. 5. Idk if that's all of them, but what I'm trying to say here is that his kit should be more focused on one thing which is fulfilling his battle-mage role and some of his abilities diverge/contradict that. He has a very decent wave clear with that passive. Nice, thematic things are what they say, nice, but there are too many nice things here. (almost like the dilemma Camille had, why does she had such a long shield on a short CD and has magic damage on auto attacks when she ults? W0t is this Camille champ anymore. I might be biased)... --- Yay, now we're done with the nerfs. On to the buffs, 1. If you're gonna nerf/clarify Ruination, then you should reduce Q's cooldown while weakening Q for more Ruination procs. 2. Strengthen his in-front-of-your-face mentality, but don't over do it like that strong slow on his Q. 3. Give him more tools to defend himself, but that's probably overdoing it with 2. But I mean, according to what the mob knows, shouldn't stronger risk = greater rewards? Heck, I don't know, maybe give him more unreliable damage/resistance. --- That's all I have. ~~I ~literally~ hit the keyboard with my thoughts while making this post.~~ I had a lot of things to say, and I hope you understand what I said. (Since English isn't my native language) I really like this champ :>! MHM, I look forward to your future concepts, bless you on your future champion concept endeavors.
Tuumr (NA)
: Isaiah the Anomaly (Champion Idea)
I really like how you took the idea of vision controlling and incorporated it into his kit. I like it so far, add some more other things to him! (Quotes, skins, etc...)
La Bello (NA)
: Uzume the Petal Dancer
I like how her abilities flow really well, almost like a dancer which you intended. +1, I have nothing else to say.
: [Champion Concept] Gabriel, Keeper of the Forgotten
This is a really unique champion. His kit will probably take some time getting used to the delays, but otherwise, everything seems to run smooth. Probably not a flawless champion, but +1 vote anyways.
: Adelaide - The Loose Dog
:T She very well might be a good solid champion to enter in CCOS, but I don't know if I fixed the issues of her not standing out as a champion... I mean, I got a really tentative new kit that might make her unique, but she's somewhat way different than she was now, so I'm not sure if I should keep the character and go on with this new tentative kit for CCOS or just make a brand new custom champion along with the new kit. For the most part, this tentative kit I have in my head is somewhat similar to Adelaide, but it's also kind of waaaaaay different than she is now. Because what I'd be doing, I'd be removing most of the un-needed stuff in this kit right now, change how her Prey is applied and how it works, immediately add a brand new ultimate, add an interaction between her kit and critical chance ( something like Jhin's critical strike interaction ), and possibly perhaps, give her an escape instead. If I do this, she might turn into more of an AD Assassin which isn't bad, because she already somewhat satisfies that already: good damage, leap that ticks twice as fast, tl;dr "prey mechanics," and squishy resistance. She just needs that mobility in exchange for the crowd control she can dish out and add the critical strike & prey interaction. and ... **Bam,** you got a unique take of a melee AD Assassin Jhin. I will be thinking about this reaaaaaal hard. Any thoughts on this will be appreciated! I might be asking too much, but yeah, deal with it. That will be it! I'll be signing off now and updating this post to match the new E and possible new ultimate soon. **Watch out** for the new version of Hannah - The Prison of War to appear some time soon! ###### :^) New kit will probably just come out with a new character...in a different post. Did I mention this new champion's interaction with critical strike, maybe... % health missing damage on every critical strike! Ha, watch out!
: **New Passive:** Taric has a very similiar passive (ability->two quick AA), but otherwise it seems fine **New Q:** Considering that the passive is there to aplly marks I don't see why you'd need to do it again. The effect is interesting however. **New E:** Like the CD reduction for being near, as this makes for a nice chase mechanic. Don't know what pull to the ground means in that context, but I feel like the difference between prey and no prey are to big (CD, CC, range) **New R:** Gameplaywise it feels like Warwicks W combined with Sions R It fits her as a champion, but feels like it is missing something Overall very thematic, but I still feel like she lacks a unique feature to set herself apart
###### Beforehand, I'd really like to thank you for sharing your opinion on her. It has allowed me to make her more and more unique than she was from the drawing board. My best of luck to you enduring and critiquing more unpolished concepts! About the marks, I was looking into giving her kit some more tools to apply the mark, and maybe, if it's too strong, cut down the duration by 1 second. This way, when she marks a prey, she has to get to it. But if she fails, she will have the 2nd backup tool to apply the mark again. If all of the prey's bonus effects are too strong, I might cut them down a notch or remove the ability to apply marks on Q and just tie it all to the passive, so it doesn't always happen ALL the time. Oh and to start, now that she has two abilities that apply prey, more time spamming E! But sadly, when there's no prey and her Q and passive are on CD, which I'd hypothesize would be rare late game, her E would feel horrible to use by itself. In order to fix this, I moved the pinned to the ground effect to the base ability, so it's at least a basic CC ability. The double range still exists as a bonus, I believe it got even longer? I added some number changes _shrugs,_ but now, she damages the enemy and bounces off 275 units away, great against melee and might work really well with walls? ( Idk the average unit size of the walls ). But I might, this is the only mobility she gets, and she's a squishy diver! Oh and this means the W and E combo should be harder to pull off, no more free easy % of health missing HP executions. --- To be clear with you, I've been literally trying to shake my brain for ideas on her ultimate, but I just can't think of one. The ultimate should feel... impactful and amazing whenever it's used, but I mean don't get me wrong, her ultimate can be tense sometimes too with all that... selecting enemy champion thing and them getting a verbal warning, almost like Kindred. Thankfully, I'll either come up with one on my own and maybe take some more time forming an ultimate. On the other hand, I'd appreciate some ideas on the ultimate. Any sort of opinion on what her ultimate should achieve? Do you like the part about the crawling, and increasing tense atmosphere that Kindred's target selection creates, and how Warwick's blood hunted passive scare enemies? I mean not literally in the game, not exactly the fear debuff lol, but how it makes them extra cautious for a set of time? Or... Do you like the idea of bouncing to and fro from enemy to enemy? It creates immediate tension but disappears really quickly once it passes. Ya'know, something similar to Master Yi's Q, but hopefully, without the invulnerability. Another example is Brand's Ultimate, the ability which bounces between enemy champions ( and enemy units ) and prioritizing those with the _Blaaaaaaze_ debuff. Thanks! I'd really like to hear your opinions again. Edit: There seems to be some grammatical errors in my response. My apologies, I hope you understand what I'm saying.
boo910 (NA)
: for a move to set her apart maybe a bounce of the enemy champ that bounces you back like quinn and a move that turns you into a bouncing torpedo
I haven't added it in the post yet, but you gave me an idea on her new E. It should be something like ... > Passive: This ability ticks down twice as fast whenever she's near prey. >Active: Adelaide dashes forward ( 275 range ) and pins enemies down to the ground with her for 1 second, including herself. > If this is cast towards prey, in addition, this ability gains twice the range, and she basic attacks the nearest enemy, prioritizing prey and bounces off ( 275 units away ). She will be pinned down to the ground for 1 second upon bouncing off. Her E is here to address the current issue of her ability having a huge gap when there's no prey or when there is prey. With this change, this ability should be able to stand by itself when there's no prey, and her ability should feel extra rewarding when jumping towards prey. ###### Woof, you got'em Adelaide. About that bouncing torpedo, sounds like a neat idea for her ult, but I'm concerned about how it might turn out just like a stronger version of Yi Q. But altogether, Yi shouldn't have that as a base ability anyways... I'll see what I can do, thanks!
: New Champion Ideas
I'd really like for you to check out and list [Adelaide, The Loose Dog ](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/qlRa83Pb-adelaide-the-loose-dog) as one of the lists. It'll really help me out. Thanks, Good luck compiling them concepts!
: ***
~o~, Oh yeah. This one is a doozy. I'll be looking forward to reviewing this.
: Great now I feel like playing Skyrim again... .. . Oh right the concept: **Passive:** I don't see the need for a seperate resource, when her abilities don't interact with it much (only E), you want a ressource when your enemy should always be able to track it (can he cast ability X, does he have empowered abilities etc.) Do it like with Jax's passive and make it a stackable buff, which brings me to: Isn't that just his under a different name? **Q:** Lock down as in Warwicks Q or how does this work? Refreshable bleed debuff isn't exactly new, but fits her theme. **W:** Missing %HP AOE with a weakened second activation Pretty basic clearing tool, which also helps in securing kills. **E:** targeted jump + Charm Although I like the idea, unlike Ahri a charm seems to make little sense in her kit. Why is there no prey interaction? **R:** Worse Rengar ult ? Only short invisibility and MS buff Her kit seems interesting and thematic, but she lacks a clear identity or power fantasy that would make me want to see her as a champion. Overall very well made though.
Hello there again! I just want to inform you I replaced 3 abilities with new ones. One of them would be her ultimate, so I wanted to ask you specifically if this ultimate will suffice or if I'll need to think up a better one. I also changed the issue about her E, so that it now has prey interaction and does something similar to her charm. It can't stand by itself alone, though. ( You'll see why. It's because she's gotten better tools to mark enemies as prey ).
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