: Go above mastery. Achieve greatness. (Achievements concept)
I'm an achievement hunter, so I can get down with this.
: These artists need to slow their collective roll. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} These things get cranked out waaaaaaayyyy too soon after release. Sleep is a thing that you need, people. Still epic, though.
That would only take 4 hours max lmao. It's not a complicated piece.
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Shakyasu (NA)
: I eat onions like an apple
Who the fuck eats a raw onion like that.
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Goju (NA)
: Nearly a decade Later - can we fix this now?
I like dying to a Kled's "Zephyr" damage when a Janna is on the other team. That one comes up the most.
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: What do you mean he resigned?
> [{quoted}](name=RookPusher,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=zePJlZQk,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-10T18:43:06.834+0000) > > What do you mean he resigned? He made a post an hour ago.
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Shukr4n (EUW)
: omg grammar nazi. past tense means that u are already in the black list for them.
> [{quoted}](name=Shukr4n,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=YP9kQ7Vd,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-10T06:23:04.135+0000) > > omg grammar nazi. > > past tense means that u are already in the black list for them. What?
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Unker139 (NA)
: If they are are beating you in your base for 30 minutes and can't finish then you are still in it. Holding your base for 30 minutes would be a really good skill that you will NEVER learn with a forfeit.
Except they're doing it to get kills, not end the game.
: Then why can't they end...? Is this just enemy BM?
Uh yeah, it's called "KDA farming".
: I'd vote yes more often if players weren't so eager to give up after one death.
That's rage surrendering. That's a mental health issue, I'm talking about when they're killing us in our fountain and idiots have the idea to think that we could possibly win.
: Lol calm down. You do realize you waste more time in 20 minute timers right? And the reason people don't ff is cause there are comebacks that are possible once you go late enough.
No, because I can actually do something within those 20 minutes. In game, i'm literally forced to play to lose. That's fucking retarded. Also, late game doesn't exist in this meta. The average game length is 22 minutes. And to add another point, if the score is 32/7, the only time on God's great earth that a team is possibly going to throw that lead, is in low silver and bronze. Anything higher than that, they would literally have to get ddos'd, have a stroke, and have their power go out. People of higher caliber aren't that fucking retarded.
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Seen (NA)
: If you can't climb out of silver/bronze, it's not your fault.
I've made around 20 accounts in my entire life playing this game. Climbing out of silver is a "mental block" problem, nothing else. Seriously though, you can literally just sit top lane the entire game, pick Tryndamere/Kayle/Udyr/Nasus/Singed and split push and win the game since silver players don't know how to rotate properly.
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Pika Fox (NA)
: .... Why? Anyone that has to deal with him can zonyas or GA. Malz, ww etc all still do damage. The only person whp is completely screwed by QSS is urgot, and youre already low if hes using R2
GA has a 5 minute cooldown lmao, how is this even part of your argument? And for Zhonyas, all of the champions I play don't even fucking build that. That's a mage specific item.
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: So pretty much the balance of the game? Overall, if you had to make 1 change to how the gameplay is now, what would you do? For me, it would be to make the time to kill longer across the board in order to allow for more counter play and longer team fights.
I'd fire ghostcrawler and his balance team.
: Damage should be getting nerfed pretty good. Electrocute nerfs on their way plus this is likely: Making Duskblade and Stormrazor share a unique passive > Everyone and their mother has hard cc I actually feel I too often end up on a team with no hard CC, and then the enemy carry just steam rolls my team qq
Electrocute's damage is getting nerfed by 20.
: What is making it unfun for you?
Damage creep, power creep, mobility creep, champion updates that didn't need to happen, forced metas, champions being so nonviable that you get reported for even picking them, the communities toxicity, Ghost Crawler and his balance team, buffing things that didn't need to be buffed, random nerfs, balancing the game souly on competitive play, Riot refusing to listen to their community, Riot focusing on money rather than fixing the game first, adding unnecessary things like emotes just to piss players off even more, removing things that didn't need to be removed in the first place like Jungle Buffs or Zephyr, Buffing what is weak instead of nerfing what is strong, etc.
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: Does anyone like spellbinder?
I mainly see it on ARAM.
OceanWolf (EUW)
: Toxicity in Chat
Nah, they won't give us the option to remove it. They'll just keep telling us to "mute the player, report and move on", instead of giving us the option of removing it completely. Honestly, no one even uses the chat function in a constructive manner anymore, so I really don't see the fucking point of it. What can chat do that pings can't?
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: The State of Diana
I find her to be fun to play either way.
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: Fiddle Support Has No Counterplay
Trying to gank a fiddlesticks lane is more of the problem.
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: I feel like so many champions are being left out skin-wise.
No playrate, no skin. That's the Riot way.
: What levels were yall? Who were you playing? Did you hav any MR? Etc
Senpanda (NA)
: Clicking on the map to move the camera now has a delay when camera is locked
I noticed this too, it takes like a whole 1.5 seconds for it to render the command. This is especially bad when I like to click around on the minimap in ranked.
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Ramaero (NA)
: Akali Tattoo, why though.
As someone who does Tattoo's for a living, this post makes me sick. A huge percentage of people who do get tattoo's have those tattoo's to represent something that's meaningful in their life, not just because "they want them to be part of the cool kids". Of course, there are some who just want a tattoo because they think it's badass, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, and in Akali's case, it's to represent rebellion, not just something because "why not".
: Because a lot of mages have massive AoE abilities that apply it to all targets Because the other two items put you behind to purchase due to their itemization. Very rarely does anyone want to rush Lord Dominik's or Thornmail as first item. Rammus excluded.
Nah, I see plenty of tanks top lane who first item Tabi's into thornmail if they're playing against an Life stealing threat like Fiora.
Seen (NA)
: Explain to me like I'm bronze
I guess they usually take ignite? I don't know.
Lost R (NA)
: If you don't have the willpower to commit to a game, don't fucking play.
You say fuck a lot, I think you have a problem. Saying the word over and over again doesn't address your point in any better fashion.
: same. That word is highly offensive.. I'm a player with autism and to me its like calling me the N-Word.
My fault bro, and I hope you're doing well for yourself. My Uncle is brain damaged, me and him are very close, but sometimes I just have a problem with not thinking before I speak. I'm only human, I make mistakes.
: Downvote for the word Retard. Which is shameful, because you could be making a very valid point about smite otherwise.. Plenty of times I've forgotten to change spells, or changed them last minute but the client froze and didnt register it, or suddenly I'm the jungle due to swapping, and gone in without smite.. Now I'm level 2, the team is level 8, its 10 mins in and I've finally cleared my jungle.. and still no level 3.
There, fixed it. I agree, that was highly immature of me to that, and I was just in a fit of rage.
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Chermorg (NA)
: Why would Riot (or any company) publish financial data on their own website, where said image could be easily photoshopped to look official with false data? There's a reason companies release news to the press (i.e. magazines) but not on their own websites. You won't take anything you don't agree with, no matter how reputable it is. I'm done.
Chermorg (NA)
: ... That is a reputable news magazine for information on gaming companies. You said yourself you don't trust Riot's statistics. You apparently don't trust reputable news organizations. What will you trust?
Chermorg (NA)
: Fixed, also [here for reference](https://www.pcgamer.com/league-of-legends-has-made-almost-1-billion-in-microtransactions/).
: Crime is crime, and there is no levels of it. Someone who smoked a weed should be executed just like someone who killed 14 men.
: > [{quoted}](name=Chermorg,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=B2qQy38I,comment-id=0000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-07-17T03:00:12.571+0000) > > I didn't say it had to be proof of **you** getting banned for one word or phrase. I asked for proof someone has **ever** gotten banned for one word or phrase. You should be able to provide some to back up your claim. > > Further, given [Riot's profits of over 600 million dollars](https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&url=https://www.pcgamer.com/league-of-legends-has-made-almost-1-billion-in-microtransactions/&ved=0ahUKEwj68bvzkaXcAhUCXawKHZoSCw0QFghAMAM&usg=AOvVaw1WujqOhBuLj_1jo1HhLe_E) plus factoring in all of the overhead costs, other revenue sources, ESports they manage, etc. It is impossible for them not to be multibillion dollars. Didn't i just see you in a thread telling a player it's perfectly normal to get banned for saying the F homosexuality slur once even if he was asking about it rather than calling someone that same slur?
> Didn't i just see you in a thread telling a player it's perfectly normal to get banned for saying the F homosexuality slur once even if he was asking about it rather than calling someone that same slur? LOL
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