333lom (EUNE)
: Viktor comic - Becoming the Herald, new part!
This actually is really good. Is the story canonical? Would love to see you getting more traction for the working you are doing.
BigFBear (EUW)
: How old are you? I know streamers in their mid 30's in Grandmaster. I think this "old" thing isnt really a problem but people like to telling themselves.
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: You have 141 Champs played in Ranked. Stop that. Have a Champion pool of 1-15 Champions you can play exceptionally well.
> [{quoted}](name=Its Yuu and Mi,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=7GP4oIVE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-12-02T03:58:50.661+0000) > > You have 141 Champs played in Ranked. Stop that. > > Have a Champion pool of 1-15 Champions you can play exceptionally well. This. Also dedicate to one or two main role. Get a feel of your playstyle and pick a champ that suit it. Or just spam Vladimir. I know I did :P
: Any chance to get somes model of Wild Rift on PC ?
MF with regular sized guns is actually so good Graggy looks waaaaaaaaaay sexier now???!?! Vayne is ungodly thicc holy
: what melee champ uses klepto ?
> [{quoted}](name=MrFawknSunshine,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=8iQwccZg,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-13T18:59:19.526+0000) > > what melee champ uses klepto ? Karma and Kennen come to mind. Also I've seen lucian making use of it pretty well.
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Taunt =\= Intimidate Taunt = Joke (As long as it ' taunts' them) And as for jokes~ all are dry like sand on the sun. No matter what champion. They should hire a comedian for this kind of stuff instead of relying on paper team.
I see your point, but I really don't get the vibe that he is trying to taunt anyone. Too friendly of a voice and I honestly was surprised when I first heard it.
: new client login is AWFUL
It actually quite genius if you think about it. The log in screen is so blinding that you would choose to bypass it altogether (there is an option stayed logged in to avoid having to log in every time). Since theme songs for events or skins are presented in the log in screen, bypassing it means they won't need to make one every time for any occasion since you won't be seeing and hearing it anyway, thus saving a fortune.
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Hotarµ (NA)
: Pyke: Yes, he needs to be nerfed. A 560k mastery point main's perspective.
His gold generation from ultimate is very much unneeded. Most of my game with pykes, both with and against, always have pyke extremely fed and has a bounty, regardless of whether the ADC is doing fine or horrible. He takes kill, get twice the amount of kill gold, buy assassin items, while taking after shock. He gets fed fast, and he snowballs super hard. Honestly, for an assassin, his kit is extremely forgiving.
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: A champion that I should learn .
Start playing adcs or pick up champs like yasuo zed akali. Their kits are straight forward but high skill cap that you really have to practice and master. With ADCs you have to watch your steps so you don't overextend and get caught out. High risk high reward.
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Vıvıd (NA)
: No more login screens????????????????????
Joined League during GP rework and I instantly fell in love with the login music. Since then there have been hits and misses, but the ones that stood out were jhin, arcade, pyke, urf and many many more memorable login music that completely made the game so much more endearing. I don't know if I can have the same passion playing this game if all creativity is taken away for good. Login music is going away, wrong champions are getting skins and overloaded champions are being pumped out every time... this is dark time to be a league player.
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: Sylas can shove a stick up his ass
The dude jumps in with his E stun and start wailing on you until he gets bored of it like wtf do I even get to play the game sir. smdh
: I miss moments of weakness in LoL
It's all for the sake of making the game more exciting to watch. More spells being thrown around and active fights make the game more dynamic... for the better or worse.
: For Riot Gameplay team: Lux needs a rework her damage is 'too much' for a support(also ahri, lulu)
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: Practice with purpose
: Road to Pre-Season: Practice Tool in the Works
Riot is on FIRE {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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: Tier 2 runes now on permanent 1 IP sale
The problem still lies in Tier 3 runes and Rune Pages. Tier 2 runes are worthless after reaching level 30, while tier 3 runes are ridiculously expensive for new players to obtain. Additional rune pages cost 6300 IP, which is too costly considering there are runes that needed to be bought as well.
fluxanna (NA)
: What is going on in bronze?
Players that got placed in Bronze are mostly not too serious about their performance. Arrogant, carelessness, inexperience, hotheaded are few of the flaws they have that keep them there. They won't listen or even try to learn how to play the game. I'm far too familiar with that, because I was placed in Bronze in season. I climbed my way outta there literally by myself, spamming only Miss Fortune and trust only my support.
: "tank meta" *lists two bruisers*
> [{quoted}](name=Puddinglax,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wvWO15nq,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-04-12T02:39:28.160+0000) > > "tank meta" > > *lists two bruisers* Hmmm what about {{champion:54}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:59}}
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U R Vic (NA)
: I'm not defending them. You're as single-minded as I mentioned the others were. I'm also no ones butt buddy here. I like you did, came of my own accord, and I came here to make my opinion voiced and prove a point. A point which clearly passed over your head. Advertisement costs to get Advertised. LCS was not always around, and although it is now, it is also a very new market still. My main point was around the fact that people have felt "Entitled" for years. The company is not the victim, and also I understand that they are "A company." (An ignorant point to make. Just because my "company" is a "Company" does not mean that I always pull in what I need when I cater to my audience.) There are a massive amount of intervals that go into these things, and also, you need to scroll down more and read my second post before even trying to argue with me. You'll then discover how much exactly it takes to pay ONE employee. So no, there are no "Ah man, good work guys. 100k to each person a year. Even you there Mr. Janitor for the office." No the fact is you're actually IGNORING the greater picture and only seeing my "Mr. Game Dev." point when in reality I am speaking of the company as a WHOLE. This includes paying Accountants, Janitors, Advertisement, Marketing Agents/Consultants/Analysts. Game Devs/Analysts/Testers (Riot actually still has a dedicated testing team FYI smart one. They also must payout to LCS in order to run LCS. (A form of advertisement yet again, and the properties to host on. All of the technology, gear, and then on top of that. The massive amount of extra employees to go and maintain LCS. You're treating it like I'm running sword and shield to ult in and defend. No. I am talking to the people who waste their time whining and are literally ignorant of how a business is ran. I am teaching and you are one who obviously needs to be taught. You pay for the game. You've a right to an opinion and you've a right to complain. I did not say anything about your complaining. I was speaking to those in which complain without actually studying what exactly they're complaining about. You further proved my point. **" It doesn't - matter - that the game is free to play, it doesn't - matter - that the primary doesn't pull in revenue, because at the end of the day Rito employees are just that; employees."** _This is redundant as a statement. You're saying the Employee's are employees and are not seen as anything more, anything less. You say it doesn't matter that the primary (the business) pulls in revenue because employee's are employee's._ Reread your own statement and critically think about what you've just said. Now tell me if that makes since. So logically, I can run a company that makes zero revenue into the ground and cost everybody their job including mine because. Even if I owned it, I'm still an employee. I should trust the fact that I at some point incorporated my company as either a C-Corp or and S-Corp and that should protect my employee's pay in the event I don't pull in revenue. Do you know what Limited Liability means? It means there is a limit on how much the "Plain Ol' Company" is liable for before those running the show (including INVESTORS) have to pay out of pocket. **"This game makes - plenty - of money. It's free to play, but that does - not - mean the playerbase is a charity. They want money? Fucking work for it, like any game company that sells their shit for the standard $60."** This game makes money by paying close attention to their marketing strategy. Which by the way, has a lot to do with their market. The players. They work against the players to figure out what the player base (btw that is two words, not one.) needs are without sacrificing their own profits, and turning over a profit. Which by the way, is the whole point of a business. The more money they make, the more they can spend to expand and give more back to the players. Which also means that your opinions, are your opinions. But your complaint, needs to be reasonable in all its aspects. Including understanding the internal/external structure of the business in question before trying to argue against anybodies opinion or point. I work for my paycheck. I run my own business, it is a clothing and music business. I do not pay myself a "phat check" because in fact, since I own the damn company. I in fact get paid last. Think of it like a very long list of bills. Do you keep your money, spend it, and wonder why you can't pay even one of your bills. (employees, all expenses other than employees. I'm not going to list the thousands of inside expenses any business pays at that point in its life.) Or do you save it, and pay your bills. Then reap the benefits. (This example is in terms of a householder.) In business terms you got two end choices after that initial choice. Reap the benefit, or expand. Riot has a very progressive expansion history. You also act like it is free to upgrade their tech, their servers, the cost of the player base in which the servers can hold. The internet usage. The traffic server access fees. The percentages paid back to their investors, the percentages paid to share holders, the percentages paid out to legal claims agencies. The percentage paid to operate the business (Which by the way. For every state they have a facility in, they must in turn pay to operate in that state. This includes each Server System they have in order to connect players into the mainframe.) I can go on for days, but you simply do not have the intellectual capacity on this subject to keep fighting my opinion about this. I have been in business for awhile. I've done a lot of things, and I used to be like you. Until I grew up entirely when I was 20.
Dear Lord someone actually wrote an essay in Riot's comment section.
: State of the Season: Coming up on mid-season
Good, now I don't have to worry about recalling at level 7 and found my turret either dead or half healthed.
: Patch 6.7 notes
All the new splash arts are literally the ones the Chinese been using for ages.
Pruncal (NA)
: Silver worse than bronze?
Now I'm not too sure if this is the case. But I've met many Bronze players who were former of higher rank like gold or diamond, I myself included. Currentlyw orking my way up back to diamond with these guys.
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: Great story, as always, Lightdragoon. They always make my da- Wait. Hold up. Zed has a girlfriend??
: Champion and skin sale: 02.02 - 02.05
Yay {{champion:222}} skin finally goes on sale. My girl shall have her skin now.
: Champion Reveal: Jhin, the Virtuoso
So in the ability demonstration there is Sona, Vi, Garen, then Zed. Still not making any meaningful connection there
: 2015 ranked season is ending!
Missing out on the victorious skin again -_-

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