: > [{quoted}](name=Lux Tizer,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=0dAx8s6U,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-05-21T06:24:25.487+0000) > > Being able to look up players you recently played with in a faster way then the match history. Click the "Add Friend" button on the Social bar and it shows your recently played list. It goes back pretty far, too, last I checked.
Ah, completely forgot that feature. I'll change the post in a second! That was definitely the smallest gripe of everything listed anyway. Appreciate the lack of insults used friend {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: After 200+ support ranked games, thinking of quitting the role...
The plain reality is being a support main wihtout a duo is basivally shooting yourself in the foot. Something I've noticed a lot of is just not being at all in sync with my laning member. Neither one of us are bad players, we just have completely different timing rhythms and you can't really make up for that.
: Why is aram being negative?
Idk about you guys, but it really seems that every game mode's been a lot more toxic in the last year. I can't even go a winning match without someone freaking out and spamming the surrender vote.
: White Knight Mode - Player Replacement Feature
Maybe give that player either full IP or a small IP boost in compensation for joining a match part way through and dealing with the torturous hell that would be some random person's likely unfortunate runes and masteries? Example: Shit I'm sure glad this Nami runs 30% attack speed and no armor Context for idea: http://imgur.com/a/KjdQv
: I love you riot.
Man, sure wish I could feel the same way about my champ's rework. {{champion:98}} Legit feels unfinished.
SirΤeemο (EUNE)
: it's like when riot nerfed katarina's E by reducing its damage by 0.25 lol
How funny would it be if this TANKED his winrate? Like Sub-45%?
Ralanr (NA)
: Because falling off isn't really a reason to just think the champion is 100% useless. Even Pantheon can kill a squishy late game despite falling off, he just usually dies after. Lee is annoying and his utility allows him to stay useful late game, but compare his damage to late game champions and it's lower in comparison. You just don't really need high damage to kill squishies.
Imo, a 1000 range displacement ability never scales down. There's certainly many more factors to consider than just that, but that's one I usually think about.
: IDK when Caitlyn and Jinx are rushing BOTRK in games for lane and mid game it doesn't seem very balanced, it's the classic problem of tank busting items also being good vs squishies
There's definitely some merit to that opinion, but one thing to consider is how static the ADC role as a whole has always been. Pretty much every AD in the game before this item went BF > Zeal > Boots > 1/3 finished Zeal items. (Not counting PD, since it's so rare that's ever anyone's first pick.) The biggest advantage you're noticing this item provide is some dogfighting potential again, which is something I think the role desperately needed. I wish I could put in to words how good it feels not having to basically Alt-Tab the second you see a midlaner or jungler 2500 range from you.
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: Can we just revert BOTRK
I think it's way more of a Lucian problem than it is an ADC problem. He's such a balance volatile champion that 1 single item change can easily spike him back to a 43% play rate.
Ralanr (NA)
: Haha. Looks like there is another adc that forgets about the last whisper items.
ADC's like her make the rest of us look bad lol. If I had saw that enemy comp I personally would have gone BotrK > Runaan > Black Cleaver > PD. I'm sure the BC would get some negative press on these boards, but QTPie gave me some sage level advice a few months ago: "You can't deal damage if you're dead"
: Most overpowered champions of all time
: yes because daisy used to be utter shit with it's terrible AI
It seems pretty much every champ with controllable AI has gone through some form of this lol.
: Everyone thought he would be useless. Nobody thought he was OP lol and youre an idiot if you claim that.
So idiotic that the prediction was right Just lose a match bud? You seem mad.
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: I wish they didn't touch the Q then, because that is just a straight nerf to every play style.
He already has massive gold, massive damage, and massive pushing problems. Might as well make that worse right ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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: Riot's idea of a Perfect Tank
I'm just here since your name's a FFT reference Hey
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Dolasaur (NA)
: I spent 7 years playing Final Fantasy XI as a white mage. Probably 50% of that time was spent circle jerk whispering to other healers about how superior we were to the pleb damage dealers. Good times.
I was a Galka. Square-Enix owes me an apology
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: finally, I won't be punished for playing AP Yi support mid with clarity and smite now i can play my REAL main in peace, soloQ here i come!! :)
Nice! I've been practicing a Shopkeeper Braum playstyle where I wait in fountain and buy boots, glad Riot's finally giving power to the players :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dominick Destine,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=2RzLVv9R,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2017-03-25T20:39:33.812+0000) > In the old days... we would never have had problems with the troll singed or the troll nunu players *mid or I feed!*
MagÊ (EUW)
: Lissandra new passive HOLY SHIT
So literally a lichbane built in to her kit, they're REALLY thinking outside the box now. Tough to call that change "Not boring."
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: I'm 100% okay with new champions being disabled in ranked for a short time
: [OPINION POLL]How many minutes shorter are games now than in S5?
Results are accurate. Tbh I usually try convincing my team to surrender around 14+, you already know the outcome by that point 80% of the time.
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: Shen I have been maining since 2015 since I started in 2014, as well. You usually would not lose to him because you play safe and don't feed him. Nowadays towers fall too fast for you to turtle like that, but you can still manage. But you can't dream of beating a competent Darius without jungler help.
THAT'S WHY YOU'RE THE OTHER PERSON ALWAYS MAKING SHEN POSTS WITH ME MAH DUDE If I'm against him in lane I usually sacrifice TP and swap it for ignite. I guess it's a dirty fight but it definitely turns it haha.
kile147 (NA)
: Look, it's a long running joke so if you're going to post about it you should really add something to it, not just post a picture of his in-game model.
Oh no, am I gonna get flagged for Copyright? YouTubeGate all over again :/
: Unpopular opinion: I hate shen
Don't worry, Shen players hate Shen too. Thanks to the LCS Riot turned him in to nothing more than a walking ult bot. As a player with about 1500 games on the champ no one's more up set about the rework(nerf), the nerf, the nerf, the nerf, and the nerf as I am.
: If you get shit on by a Shen as DARIUS, you need to wonder how hard you got carried to Diamond by teammates. Nobody can be that bad.
I've personally only lost to a Darius 2 or 3 times out of a fairly large number in lane as Shen, then again I've been maining him since 2014.
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: Everyone take the one-trick pony seriously. http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-history/EUW1/205219803 Look how hard your post is getting rekt.
: They hid MMR same reason they hid latency. People would make fun of others with trash mmr or shitty computers/internet. MMR works as a matchmaker when you let it. Group queuing screws it all up.
Enloct (NA)
: If you'd care to look at my second-to-last game, you will find a Gold 3 in it. I went straight from there into a game with 7 Masters in it. You don't even need to know what my rank is to see the problem with that. YOLO.
I just looked at that, that's actually fucking ludicrous. Gotta love getting those good win streaks in gold just to get matches you won't win. :^) Good on ya riot LOL
: MMR is a creepy invention, and bullshit. I'm Silver and have a winning streak, one is Platinum and has a bad day, well, ha! Let's put them together! Surely on the same level! Why bother making all the leagues and divisions I wonder? Just put us all in one big chart from the highest to the lowest and randomly arrange the matches smh. This system makes NO SENSE I swear.
It just doesn't feel right to have a system that purposefully keeps most players around 50% winrate so that "No one gets demoralized." It demoralized me more than anything else questioning if I actually earn any of my wins based on a potential previous loss streak.
: Because we still use the ELO system. Ranks are just aesthetics. You are fighting people equal to your skill every game.
Then why have the current system at all? Just abandon it for the Overwatch rank rating
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: Overwatch has personalized stats for pretty much every hero in the game.. Turret kills, People revived, Healing done...etc.. League is just pathetic at this. Not to mention the scores sometimes don't mean everything so they lose even more value.
B-BUT THE D-DAMAGE CHART http://imgur.com/a/CE2gM
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: You know there's an actual issue when Melledoneus, of all people, flips his shit.
I was actually just thinking the same thing myself lol, he's normally one of the more calm and collected frequent posters. _Ya done messed up, Ay-Ay-Trox_
: @Riot, I don't even know what the hell you're trying to do with Shen anymore.
Honestly just nerf his fucking ult already so I can have my favorite champion back, I miss him being playable. He's the reason I came back to this game after quitting so many times, and they fucked him up so hard. My biggest question is just Riot: Why? Why do you constantly pump out broken champs with gamebreaking kits when you leave some champions in disrepair for YEARS at a time? If someone's actually as garbage as Aatrox or Kalista for that long, do they technically even count as part of the roster anymore? I'd say there's a bit of a fallacy to this game having 140 characters if only 40 of them are playable at a time, and the rest of them are pretty much dumpster F- tier. If a champion is broken, DON'T just remove all their power and sit on them for years until you find out how to fix the dumb-as-shit problem that YOU created. Also, don't give Shen a stupid floating stick to drag through people. Honestly just re-rework him again. They said they'd keep him somewhat close to his original theme, and they absolutely didn't. Just rip the bandaid all the way off at this point.
: Need help with Evelynn/jungling
Here's a couple pieces of honesty I'll give you as an ex-Eve main: ------------------------------------------------------ 1: For the most part right now? Unless you end up with a bot lane double kill at 4 minutes then yep, you're pretty much entirely useless. 2: If my Evelynn builds full AP and we lose the game, I report her every single time. UNLESS YOU'RE HOPELESSLY AHEAD, NEVER FUCKING DO FULL AP. Riot themselves have said "She's in an awkward spot as a Melee AP Glass Cannon Assassin that can only properly scale in to late game with tank items." Which is 100% true. You're going to get blown up in every single lategame teamfight you go in to outside of some random picks you might get, and still trade your life for. 3: Her clear is god awful, and that's just something you have to accept playing her and work around it. 4: RETHINK WHAT RUNES AND MASTERIES YOU TAKE. You know that your E gives you 4 fervor stacks upon use since it counts as 2 autos, and your Q scales with AD damage right? It may not have the same bursting potential as thunderlords, but who cares about that when Silver teams aren't usually good enough to keep you alive past the burst on an AP build anyway? Instead of 12/18/0, you could be going 18/0/12. -Free, strong DPS with Fervor that scales INCREDIBLY WELL in to tank items with the 130% AS for 3 seconds your E gives you -Free tankiness from the resolve tree that scales your ult shield, and can reduce a lot of the jungle damage you take -Any free tankiness = less team reliance on your end --------------------------------------------- All that being said, is Evelynn by any means a good jungler right now? No, not really. Does she have some seriously abusable traits that can make her insanely oppressive with the early game going well? Absolutely. She also has the advantage of being one of the most versatile champions in the game, so keep in mind you can always mix and match different builds and find out what's going to work each match, and what will work for you specifically. For Evelynn, there's _technically no bad item to buy, and I've always found that really cool about her._ But srsly, build full AP in one of my matches and I'm almost 100% likely to flame you. <3 Past that point, have fun and don't be scared to think outside the box. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Kriske (NA)
: Anyone else ever felt lost playing champions?
{{champion:98}} {{champion:98}} {{champion:98}}
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