Driv0n (NA)
: I just moved from the Houston area :( guess that doesn't count.
> [{quoted}](name=Driv0n,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=lxohERQ9,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2017-06-11T05:09:29.941+0000) > > I just moved from the Houston area :( guess that doesn't count. We're a bit south of houston currently so depends on where you live ^_^
: mr fk yo chick word level 2 30 outside houston
> [{quoted}](name=Mr fk yo chick,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=lxohERQ9,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2017-06-02T12:59:59.958+0000) > > mr fk yo chick > word level 2 > > 30 outside houston Sent Requests to both! {{summoner:6}}
Mâiden (NA)
: Adult Players In Houston, TX
Just gonna bump this I know its been a couple of months but we are still looking <3
: Add me if you guys are still interested :3
> [{quoted}](name=8BitMisfit,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=lxohERQ9,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2017-04-21T17:02:52.201+0000) > > Add me if you guys are still interested :3 https://discord.gg/xbVbNy8 thats our discord I'll probably be off league taking a break to play other games for a week or two :)
Pika310 (NA)
: Except you're not right and quoting bronze players on reddit just discredits yourself. Sona doesn't even have enough damage to be a support, let alone an assassin. News flash: any of the 135+ champs in this game can 100 - 0 an ADC with +0 Armor/MR if they build all artificially scaling items. That doesn't mean Braum, Sion and Ivern are assassins, except for inside of YOUR mind.
Actually! If you were intelligent enough to test her assassin build out on the fancy new tester map you'd see that with thunderlords and her passive proc you can achieve a combo of 11k damage in .33 seconds! Sounds like an assassin to me bb! <3 Also I quoted riot the post just happened to be shared on reddit... please calm down... your dumb virgin is showing <3 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Knoyle (NA)
: {{champion:143}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:63}} obnoxious you say? (yeah they aren't real supports but goddamnit they still get thrown Bot more than once every 500 games which is too much for my taste.)
When malzahar becomes pick or ban for supports and rito still hasn't looked into it, you know they don't care about bot. But when janna was mid lane all hell broke lose and now her Q cost 20% of her mana and literally is the same mana cost as her lvl 1 ult. Rito logic.
: I'll say again, it should be: {{item:3153}} - Melee Only {{item:3142}} - Melee Only {{item:3071}} - Melee Only {{item:3022}} - Melee Only {{item:3053}} - Melee Only {{item:3814}} - Melee Only {{item:3156}} - Melee Only
BUT! how would all those champs without swords build these? {{champion:238}}{{champion:84}}{{champion:5}}{{champion:91}}{{champion:2}}{{champion:59}} That's like saying olaf can only build black clever... and talon can only get cloak .... also steraks guage is a magical glove? it doesnt do damage it just helps you do more damage and block damage! :D
: lets talk aboyt the shitty remake system
Because the person who came back late for any reason at all didn't have to 4/5 for at least the first 25% of the game that you are most likely going to surrender considering your laning partner is probably level 5/6 already while you're level 1 and has probably roamed to other lanes and still taken mmm about 50%-100% of your tower. So ya your opinion doesnt matter at that point because you weren't the one actually in the game the entire time. It sucks that d.cing makes that happen but it keeps 4 people from losing 10-35 lp every game because of someone else's lack of connectivity issues. Hope that helped.
: can account for all of the laners not has to. top lanes usually swing 80% in one direction or the other and its far from 1v1 as top laners have to be further in the lane to farm in addtion to top lane turrents being the furthest apart for any lane
actually thats bullshit. Bot lane is the same distance and can get more easily ganked behind tower then top or mid. I didn't make this post for people to bitch and whine about their roles not getting enough credit. You want to whine make your OWN post and point out your views. I simply am tired of toxic people giving me shit for playing support. And every person on this post has bitched about it by doing exactly what I am aiming out to stop. So again. Please make your own post if you want to complain about top lane.
Laura ß (NA)
: What if as a support player you: 1.Land a single skillshot 2.Steal CS or make me miss CS 3.Dont apply pressure and/or zone the enemy 4.Heal in time before I die 5.Force unwinnable fights 6.Afk at tower or at base for short periods 7.Be passive aggresive and dont take responsability for a bad play (blame the carries) 8.Want to take credit in a victory but no responsability on a loss (ive seen that alot) Since you are a support you cant carry a loosing game, but when ahead you want full credit for your ''help'' Don't act as you are victims.
you're literally bitching about bad support players and throwing around accusations. Btw Actually... I can carry bad teams and have. I have spoon fed my adc too the point of 2 shotting most of the players on the enemy side. Don't act like you're this all mighty god of a player and know how I play and what im trying to do. Get off my post and stop whining at me. :)
: Sona's whole kit is a team fight tool. Only issue is that it's a bunch of watered down team fight tools rather than anything that's potent and appreciable, hence why you don't recognize them as such.
you can dodge brands e? if you dodge his other abilities his e wont spread to you if you're out of range haha But ya Dont worry too much people are just complaining about her because she's a support if it was a post about yi, rengar, ww, kha or any other burst champion they would be singing a different tune :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mâiden,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=RnN9Vpaw,comment-id=00000003,timestamp=2017-03-09T21:35:57.737+0000) > > sonas secondary role is assassin. https://youtu.be/_n5E7feJHw0
Downvote me because I'm right? ok :) Also you didn't quote me sooo you can't quote that ;) Educate yourself before you say something else dumb. https://www.reddit.com/r/sonamains/comments/506s0k/assassin_roster_update_sona/ That is a direct assassin rework statement for sona... an assassin <3
: jungle far easier but id say adc is the easiest
well jungle has to account for all laners and have most of the same jobs as the support most junglers are just self absorbed though and only focus on what they need/want. But in my opinion top is the easiest since the only objective that is cared about till after laning phase is dragons so they're literally just a 1 v 1 aram lane with occasional help haha
Hawckey (NA)
: because it's disgustingly boring lmao, even Brand supp gets stale
Actually its point of view just because we don't get the kills doesn't mean it's boring. I do as much damage as most adc's and I zone and control much harder then just about every adc I have met ... of course there are exceptions to this statement but over all that's my experience :)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mâiden,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=HlEkbjIX,comment-id=000f0000,timestamp=2017-03-09T05:56:54.203+0000) > > And you&#x27;re doing exactly what I am talking about making an assumption without basing facts. There are hundreds of different situations that I did not mention I mention the basic fundamentals that are expected from all supports. If you came here to critique I didn&#x27;t ask for one. Do not make assumptions based on opinion. > > And actually supports are required to CS as well and no a carry role doesnt HAVE TO CS if they get the EXP and gold they need else where ;) > > Do not twist something because you don&#x27;t like how I worded it. You&#x27;re attacking my character not my cause and its grotesque to do so in a place that is supposed to be healthy. :) Okay continue exaggerating to make your point... I don't see the integrity in that but okay.
you're literally doing what you're claiming I am doing but continue being the reason that nothing gets changed in america... that'll really show me :D!
: I didn't even say anything remotely offensive until my second post but if you want to be butthurt for no reason be my guest lol. The original reason I posted was to have a civil argument or discussion but it's impossible with your victim complex delusion and close-minded attitude. I can't actually tell if you're just trolling or not but if you are you're doing an excellent job.
And continue if it really makes you feel better :)
: how do i jg
Play attack speed life steal {{champion:11}} until diamond then play your normal role again.
: Caitlyn is strong but varus is op
I think the only thing caitlyn has thats better then varus is the non skill shot ulty ... thats pretty much it haha
Aimléss (NA)
: I get nerfing lethality Varus, but this nerfed crit as well...
His Q is what mainly needed a nerf gun to it. He still can take 25% of a supports hp by landing one Q it's still pretty broke imo.
: Here's the thing. Riot wants to be contradictory. Support itemization is defined by their sustain. So in theory, they're the only class that doesn't have to recall. To fix that, sightstone doesn't recharge. Forcing them to recall more than everyone else late game. (>_>)
Like how they want everyone to be balanced and promote healthy game play yet ryze is always broken after he gets "nerfed/reworked". Or how healthy game play goes out the window because bard isn't played so we have to buff him to move faster and do more damage.
SwaT 10 (NA)
: all of these nerfs yet she can delete 60% of my hp after buying lich bane?...
But so can any other assassin? sonas secondary role is assassin.
: "adc is dead now that varus and jhin got nerfed" ....
I beg to differ it's just become aram bot lane every game until varus/jhin are 3 levels above everyone else
Eriki (NA)
: Galio is scary...
Should see the support myriel in paragon where they actually took that idea from. Her ult is shen ult and galio's new ult and it's got no range limit on it :P
: So much yes. Items I miss (in concept if not in iteration) are: Shard of True Ice (AP Randuin's with a longer duration slow), Malady (cheap offense attack speed item for magic damage dealers), Avarice Blade (Greedy critical hit chance item for late game scaling), Emblem of Valor (Tank item that heals allies), Ionic Spark (Attack Speed Health item), and Philosopher's Stone (HP5 MP5 Component item with Utility).
forgot mana pots {{champion:13}}{{champion:16}}{{champion:69}}{{champion:81}} lol
: not sure what about my post indicates that I'm being condescending but keep being ignorant. Discussing your view is exactly what I did but I guess someone so close-minded couldn't understand that. Have fun in silver lmao.
Talk more garbage you key board warrior. It's pretty sad you look on the boards to talk crap for what reason exactly? Parents arent giving you enough attention? Why not do what all the other whiney kids do and go to 4chan! Anyways! Enjoy being sad because some of us are actually climbing ;)
: Actually did something like that with my friends once. We went into game only playing supports with a heal. Destroyed the other team that had a standard comp. Super fun :)
I love it so much! When tank meta was a thing we grabbed every tank support and we all grabbed second item zz rot and just wiped out entire teams all while just having fun! I think we all got reported for plauing non meta but no harm came from it since we didnt force a meta on our own team because we all wanted to do it haha
: Couple things real quick. Yes, you do have to keep vision of your lane. In fact, your support would probably appreciate it. However, as a support, I often am required to keep vision on dragon, in the enemy tri-bush, and the river all at the same time, not to mention just using them to cover my behind whenever I'm roaming. Yes, you are responsible for managing your creep waves. Guess what! we have to worry about that too! Especially if our ADC is not quite grasping that concept. We have to make sure that our ADC (a COMPLETELY SEPARATE person) is even in a safe enough situation to farm his own creeps. Supports are also expected to harass, so the enemy ADC fails at the aforementioned endeavor. You do have to keep track of your opponent's very crucial TP summoner spell. In reality, the whole team should be aware of that. Not only do we also have to worry about ganks (just like you, except we're a juicier target because there are two kills to be had) we are facing an enemy support, who most likely has an array of CC. We have to know the cooldowns of not just 4 abilities + 2 summoner spells + items, but 8 abilities + 4 summoner spells + 2X items. Otherwise, we can very easily make a bad engage. This brings me to the one line that irked me the most: "a second player who has my back for the first 20 minutes of the game." Has my back? Unless we are duo-ing, we are forced to try and communicate with a player who probably isn't even in the same state as us! The whole lane long, we are not leaning on them, but RELYING on them to play well. We hope that they have the same level of aggressiveness, skill, experience, and drive as us. Every game you have to foster a good connection with this person if you want any chance of doing well. Having a teammate is a gamble. So yes, if you are duo-ing with a friend you can speak to vocally, and have played with before, then yes, support can be an easier role than a solo lane. But if you are a true support player and play solo queue, you are rolling the dice every champ select. No matter what the dice show, you are forced to make it work to the best of your ability, while simultaneously doing all those other support things. But rock on in top lane! Your TP ganks are appreciated.
exactly i cant tell you how many times I have an adc refuse to heal me because he needed it for ghosting? or how many times my adc was like no that last caster minion is way more important then this gank that i just got 10 gold for instead of two kills and 4 assists for my team but hey yanno! Sometimes you just get a bad adc sometimes theres a bad support i always follow my #1 rule though and that is to support the player who is most valuable for the team your adc keeps running off and dieing for nothing? but the mid laner is 10/1 go support your mid laner .... there is no use in making it a 3/5 just because plauers feel you have to be with your adc there really isnt. Happy gaming!
: most teams generally have ONE hard CC champ like {{champion:99}} or {{champion:25}},hit by them and its over,as your tunned. that's generally when I use my ult but the 33 second CD lets me just use it for safety
lateley its been vi/hec/graves junglers and pretty much everyone has cc like naut/morg/lux/jhin/nami/braum/leona/etc even healer supports like soraka and janna have a lot of control power
: top we have to pick a tank because no one else wants to play it teleport bot when wards never behind the enemy dont feed with no jungle ganks and 80% of the top champion roster gimped and dont get kills because its better for a carry to get it. and then i used to play secondary support so i get all that shit too. im trying to jungle now and lose lots of games because lanes cant bait their enemies in when they want ganks so i end up underleveled or never ganking. but autofill so i support anyway admittedly even though i main top adc is my best role but its so shit boring i dont even want to play it
like i have said repeatedly I didnt go through every situational expectation because id be here forever and supports and jungles are both forced to play tank or ap especially when you have a top quinn/yasuo/riven/olad/gnar and a mid laner who wants to play varus/graves/zed/yasuo ... so like i said... i didnt go through every situational subject and if you notice i didnt mention junglers in this post because I have played EVERY role and I do know how much every role has to deal with and junglers and supports have the most work to do with the least amount of recognition for it, in my personal opinion and experience.
: I feel this stems from people misunderstanding that not killing = useless and dying = useless they forget that each position offers a unique benefit to the team otherwise there would not be a meta built with it present. If supports genuinely did nothing at all and we're carried then why were they a thing? realistically if they are so bad high levels of play would drop the position and acquire another position of some sort. However this is not the case. However, neither would I say support is the single most important role (however much I love the position) the support is nothing without a carry or team and vice versa.
Ya like Ive said to others every position has a key role I just stated the basic expectations to prove a point i would be here for days if i went through every situational expactation for each role hahaha
: > Getting tired of hearing "supports just get carried" & "supports don't do anything but get carried". hardly anyone on boards actually says this. Nice "support is underappreciated" circlejerk though. > Top, Mid, ADC Roles all game 1. Position correctly 2. Don't feed 3. Get kills 4. Ping MIA This part of the post actually kind of irks me because of the way you list these off and how hypocritical this is. Basically it's as if I went: > Support role all game 1. Position correctly 2. Don't feed 3. Make sure your ADC doesn't feed 4. Ping MIA See how stupid that sounds? Also, unlike support, people in solo lanes have to deal with csing and actual champion mechanics outside of shielding/healing your adc and poking the enemy. > every player in the game should have at least 2-5 comfort picks for a minimum of 2 other roles... Tell this to all the people who one trick flex picks in top/mid, top/jg or top/mid. This is obviously not true lmao. > if the support role was so easy wouldn't everyone play it and be challenger? This should be a really obvious one- it's because most people find it boring. Tons of people have played {{champion:40}} / {{champion:16}} and reached D5 for free without having to deal with learning any kind of micro play whatsoever. Additionally, Challenger actually takes a lot of skill to achieve regardless of your role, which is why only <0.2% of players are in it. It's one thing to say that support isn't just a "get carried" role, but it's another to say that every other role isn't hard and that support is the hardest role. Get off your passive-aggressive high horse please lmao.
Im not reading your wall of text. It's pointless and as I have stated before if I wanted a critique I would have talked to a couch for one. If you aren't here to discuss my views freely then kindly shove it and return to your troll cave. This board is place for open minded and healthy opinons but go on with your "my opinion is gospel" high horse... it's cute that you think any one cares what you say about a video game. :) And if you think you're so great then you should know what riot wants and what their goals are for the game which literally all you've done is say stupid, dumb, makes no sense, and spewed some bullshit out as if you were grading a paper... It's quite sad you think so highly of your own opinion though. But as with the rest of the trolls take you poro snax and return to your basement of trollness! I'm sure you'll be much happier in your "safe place". HAVE A NICE DAY! :D!
: You're just doing what they do to supports. They belittle your role, and you don't like it... yet here you are belittling all of their roles. You think everyone else is only responsible for 4 things? What about CSing? Controlling lanes through pushing creep waves and deciding when to roam, when to follow your roaming lane opponent or push tower instead? You are lowering yourself to the level of idiots who say supports just get carried. People will agree with your argument, without you losing your integrity to make it. Stay honest, stay real.
And you're doing exactly what I am talking about making an assumption without basing facts. There are hundreds of different situations that I did not mention I mention the basic fundamentals that are expected from all supports. If you came here to critique I didn't ask for one. Do not make assumptions based on opinion. And actually supports are required to CS as well and no a carry role doesnt HAVE TO CS if they get the EXP and gold they need else where ;) Do not twist something because you don't like how I worded it. You're attacking my character not my cause and its grotesque to do so in a place that is supposed to be healthy. :)
: *Jhin walks in* "Worth his weight in diamonds darling, now, OUT OF THE SPOTLIGHT, I AM THE STAR!"
Thats why you keep good players around haha!
: support role is far from easy you have to keep that man child of a marksman alive and not dying trying to cover for his mistake.
That adc that runs under enemy turret, gets stunned, dies with heal and flash ... blames support for not making them immortal hahaha
: Dear Support players Thank you for your selflessness and I appreciate your work and effort as an adc main myself I feel like I don't say that enough but here it is Also that thing about supports not getting kills {{champion:143}} says otherwise anyway this is my formal thank you to all support players out there
haha you can play zyra and do a lot of damage without taking the kill :P But thank you for the thank you! :D
: {{champion:26}} {{item:3107}} {{item:2302}} {{item:3158}} {{item:3026}} {{item:3060}} Try me. either kill him twice or me three times. and the bannered baron minion
omg nooo when i play zilean i get the team that sees my ult and flashes out and runs away like {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAsAaaEpmEQ
I love that one I have a full playlist of just support songs haha! Edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXMlmZnCF3s watch that one! It's my favorite!
Mâiden (NA)
: Adult Players In Houston, TX
: Well in that same match I was accused of feeding because I died 3 times (1 during an invade with Thresh, Jinx and Aatrox chain cc, 2 saving my ADC arse).
I know the feeling it's so awful and can easily tilt you! When it comes to things like that I have learned to only support a carry. If your adc is bad after laning phase stay with a carry who ever is getting the most done .... because despite common belief the support supports the team not the adc! :)
Fucck (NA)
: Support involves a lot of different aspects and the list provided accurately represents supports, I would agree supporting isn't the easiest thing to do, I mean your adc relies on you so much yet the adc just doesn't understand that. Not to mention supports providing wards help SO MUCH with objectives and these supports keep people alive as well as set up kills. So in all honesty it's not easy supporting and supports do have quite a big impact on games, so if anything i'd say appreciate the supports and don't take them for granted.
Exactly! But Every role does matter and does play a key role! I just pointed out the generalized expectations for arguments sake! Always keep players around that appreciate all roles! It leads to better team work and better learning!
: > Seems like the kind of person you are! baseless generalizations aren't an argument, but given that the majority of support mains I've met are hysterical like this it's not surprising xd i don't support because of autofill, lmao. it's what i fill in secondary nearly every game
Let me know when you hit challenger then! Since supposidly it's so easy to get carried as support! Enjoy your day! :)
kwall86 (NA)
: Fuck shitty adc whiners. just play have fun. and know ur the backbone of your team.
It's not even the adc's that grief me since most of my adc's add me and to this day ask me to play with them even if it's just normals because I made the lane so easy for them! It's mostly mid laners as of late that are all getting the stereotypical "I can 1 v 5 you should all afk and watch me" mentality.
elduris (NA)
: Honestly if it's so easy, why don't you just play support every game and get that sweet freelo?
Exactly! I recently found a video of 5 diamond-master support mains playing all support champs facing a team of 5 silver carry roles, and wouldn't you know it the supports won playing nothing but meta support champions! Which just better proves that being a support doesn't mean you're carried haha!
: Getting ganked 3 times from the back of their lane, surviving the first 2, getting aniihilated at the third, Noc comes near to lane, uses ult and doesn't jump anywhere. I tell him to save ult for when me and adc are alive, reply: "Don't blame me for your mistakes". This assholic mantra is what I'm getting since a while now and it's so freaking tilting...
My favourite is the "you're trolling you didn't shield me" b.s when they literally just got 3 shields from you and just kept sitting in the minion wave haha it's great!
Kaioko (NA)
: To me there's a large difference between a competent support and one that just got stuck in the role. This goes beyond just building the right items or picking the right champion. If you're picking Janna and all you're doing is throwing your shield on me on occasion while hiding behind me and not using your tornado to intercept an enemy mid dash or using Soraka and you just throw a heal every now and then but you never silence or hit your starcall which actually deals decent damage and slows; you're not supporting -- you're getting carried. Supports used to be some of the best players in my opinion before auto filled was implemented. Now for every 1 competent support there are 3 horrible; and so yes I would have to argue that 75% of the games played the support is getting carried because he simply doesn't know how to do his job.
I agree plus most players when they start now are forced into a support role because their friends don't want to play it so then they wind up in gold/plat still not understanding the mass amount of things that a support is required to do ... I mean look at albus nox and tell me that his alistar during lcs did not CARRY their entire team! That's the support I'm talking about! The one that positons redemption to go off just as the team runs through it so they can now turn back and get that juicy penta that has been chasing them down! Or that beautfully placed janna ult that heals the team pushes away the enemy team and pulls a carry right under mid lane tower to smashed by your team! It's game changing!
: I play support, a lot, actually. It's not difficult. It is by FAR the easiest role to play. Supports have an unjustified victim complex in this game.
Auto attack something else and then bitch at the support because you got caught out or didn't get that shield in time because you are standing in a minion wave and have burnt through it twice and it's still on cooldown. Seems like the kind of person you are! But like I've said to other players. My post is about good play making supports not the auto-filled player who sits back and presses w or e once in a while to keep the adc alive :)
Krigjer (NA)
: I love when my mid/adc friends play support every once in a while and tell me 'supporting is so easy lololol' . But then beg me to come play because they need a support. Faster queue times yo.
I think the only thing that is easier for a support is not having to last hit cs but when your adc is dead and you have to protect the lane or help push you still farm and a good support player can last hit farm with any support like I can even clear an entire minion wave with slow janna missiles so the excuse that supports "cant farm" is trash. Also like I've stated in my post there are plenty of supports who just sit there and get carried and I do not deny that but my post was about a good support not the support role :)
: I'd rather have a bad(Think a 3/10 rating for the elo) ADC and a decent(7/10) support then the other way around, even a good ADC(Assuming they aren't way better then their elo) has to be enabled by someone, and a good support can just focus on helping another carry late game if the ADC turns out to be dead weight. Personally I don't play support since I hate forcing somebody to rely on me and having to rely on somebody else in lane like that, and I like Jungle/Top too much to give up one.
Exactly most adc's can just be spoon fed kills by proper positioning and vision control! They just have to auto and may q or e every now and again haha
GigglesO (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Mâiden,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=HlEkbjIX,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-03-08T04:59:35.105+0000) > > Supports Job laning: > 1. Keep vision in tri bush and river > 2. Keep vision in lane > 3. Deny enemy vision in lane > 4. Poke enemy team > 5. Keep adc alive > 6. die for you adc to survive > 7. peel for your adc > 8. don&amp;#039;t get kills > 9. don&amp;#039;t feed > 10. Keep vision on dragon > 11. Ping MIA > 12. position correctly/don&amp;#039;t get caught out Mine don't do any of that.. Mine don't ward, don't poke, take kills, don't peel, they do feed, and they don't ping mia while getting caught out.
Like I stated some people just don't play the role right but that doesn't mean that all support players are brain dead and bad. I have several players who will only adc if I am the support! Just gotta find a good laning partner!
Moetaro (EUW)
: I mained adc for a while, I had to main back to support because there was not a single worthy support in the whole universe (this, plus the queue times) and my games were a living hell for me. Playing support is so easy that most adcs life is a living hell because their supports are useless, that's how easy it is.
Maybe you shouldn't be talking about euw on an NA board and last time I checked my support kda and the amount of plays I make are generally much higher then most adcs :) Please stay off my post if you're gonna bitch.
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