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Eedat (NA)
: This new system REALLY isnt friendly to older players.....
What do you even need the BE for, why is anyone upset it's just BE it doesn't even really do anything for "older players." Like why does the conversion rate even matter if we already have more than enough? Why are people complaining about what is essentially more free stuff to get? As an older player you should remember when there was no free skins or other cosmetics other than some icons here and there. Riot really owes us nothing yet they still give us free stuff like hextech crafting and this new BE shop which in my opinion is great (love the icons and the ward skin ^-^). I don't get why you think Riot owes you compensation for the time you put into the game, like was playing the game and enjoying it not enough?
WL Ellen (NA)
: Organization LF Members to fill teams
IGN: Mãjestic Role: Mid Team Applying For: EVG Blue Season 7 Rank Solo/Flex: Plat 4/ Plat 5 Availability: Weekends all day usually and Weekdays I'm around at 5:30 pm EST
: Cloud Gaming Looking for Plat+ Mid Laners (serious team)
IGN: Mãjestic Age: 17 What you're applying for (Starter or Sub) Either depending on what times you would need me Role/s: Mid Rank: P4 Top Champions: Azir, Cassiopeia, Fizz, Orianna, Syndra, Taliyah Weakest Champions: Ahri, Talon, Yasuo, Zed Strengths: Teamfighting, Communicating Weaknesses: Tanks :c Experience in a team environment (You don't have to have had any!): Lots of experience with teams good and bad over many years. What I can bring to the team: I can be a shotcaller if that's something you need, whether it's someone to instruct teamfights or someone to make macro decisions. Extra Information:
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: What does this team do? Flex? or what?
> [{quoted}](name=HypnosInjured,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=XhkALbbZ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-06-30T00:52:40.230+0000) > > What does this team do? Flex? or what? we post dank memes
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: Friendly egirl LF carry :)
Add me =D ign is Wõlf~
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GG BBang (NA)
: LF top for competitive tourney team
IGN: xXxpussyfxcker69xXx Flex rank: Bronze 1 Champ Pool: Tryndamere Time maining role?: Since season 1 Brief summary of your self: Only bronze cuz of my teammates. I can carry trust.
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GG BBang (NA)
: [Lunar Wolves Esports] LF Top/JG
Position: Jungle IGN: Mãjestic Flex rank: P5 Champ Pool: Lee Sin, Hecarim, Kha'Zix, Elise, Most tanks, notably haven't played a lot of Ivern or Graves.... yet. Time maining jungle?: Mained jungle from s3-4 and now have been playing it again in s7 Brief summary of your self: I play pretty macro focused, also I greed foolishly sometimes but don't we all. Playing to get better at the game.
: Dedeicated Team Looking to fill out its roster! Need A Main mid, and subs for each role. Gold +
Ign: Mãjestic Solo Queue Rank: Gold 4 LUL Flex Queue Rank: Plat 5 Discord (Y/N): Y Time zone: EST Role(s): Mid Past tournament team experience (If applicable): Played on many teams although entered very few tournaments
: Patch 6.20 notes
"Fixed a number of bugs where various short-range dash abilities (ex. Riven’s E - Valor, Hextech Protobelt-01) and knock-back effects (ex. Janna’s R - Monsoon) that can’t move champions across normal terrain were able to move them over player-created terrain. This is technically a Jarvan buff." This was a bug?! I thought this was an intended mechanic on mostly Vayne and Riven. "Additionally fixed a few spots where Vayne’s Q - Tumble was able to move across ledges" I'm kinda sad to see this one go since really only very practiced Vayne players (unlike myself) could actually replicate it in real combat.
: AG Vengeance Looking For Support/Mid/Top Laner
IGN - Lightbombs Role - Mid Rank - Plat IV Age - 16 Champion Pool - {{champion:268}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:112}} {{champion:26}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:34}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:69}} Access to discord? - Yes Availability (weeks and weekends) - Weeks; 3/4 PM - 12 AM | Weekends; All day
: Dynasty Digital recruiting. (Gold+). Read entire post.
IGN Lightbombs Position(s) desired Mid/ADC List your availability and time zone. EST usually always around Age 16 Current rank Plat4 Top 4 best played champions. {{champion:268}}{{champion:112}}{{champion:7}}{{champion:34}} / {{champion:202}} {{champion:222}}{{champion:22}}{{champion:15}} (In no order)
Edenyk (NA)
: Gold/Plat 5's Team LFP (tryouts tonight)
IGN: Lightbombs Role: Mid Rank: Plat 4
Age: 16 Role desired: Mid Champ pool(for your role): {{champion:268}}{{champion:34}}{{champion:112}}{{champion:7}}{{champion:163}}{{champion:105}}{{champion:41}}{{champion:117}}{{champion:43}}{{champion:134}}{{champion:110}} Rank: P4 Why we should pick you: I really love to improve myself and whatever team I'm on whether it's by watching replays, playing more games, or whatever it is we need to do.
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Kenachii (NA)
: ViperGaming Recruitment | VPG | LF TOP JUNGLE AND MID
Rank: Plat 5 Role: Mid Champs: Azir, Anivia, Leblanc, Viktor, Orianna (many more if necessary) Strengths: Mechanics/Laning, Teamfighting, Objective based play Weaknesses: Not roaming on non-assassins, Can be scared to fight when behind
: Dimension7 is recruiting players! (Starters & Subs)
IGN: Lightbombs Age: 16 Role: Mid/ADC Rank: P5 Time Zone: EST ELO Goal: P3-D5 Strengths: Good laning/Mechanics, Good understanding of when to play what objective. Weaknesses: Sometimes too scared to just take risky fights when behind. What do you feel like you can bring to a team?: Pretty decent shotcalling and I like watching replays to give tips to the rest of the team and learn some myself.
: Serious Gold/Platinum team recruiting.
IGN: Lightbombs Age: 16 Role: Mid Rank: Plat V Champion Pool: Azir, Anivia, Viktor, Leblanc, Karma, Varus, Zilean......... Timezone: EST Strengths: Teamfighting, Strong Laning Weaknesses: Missing roam opportunities on non assassins Other Information: . . .
: Looking to become The Master of Yi's
If you're looking to learn more about Yi I would recommend watching Cowsep's stream he's a Master Yi main who plays on the Korean servers(he also has a youtube, however I don't know how much educational stuff he posts on it), other than that I would recommend the Master Yi mains subreddit. I can't tell you too much myself cause I'm not a Master Yi main... instead I main a stupid bird. Anyways hopefully they can help you. Good luck! :D
: God's Warriors Xanadu Looking For Top and Mid
IGN: Lightbombs Age: 16 Role: Mid Rank: Plat V 5s Experience?: Lots Are you willing to listen to staff(Coach, Analyst, Manager etc.)?: Yes Top 3-5 Champs?: Azir, Viktor, Anivia Strengths?: Strong Laning, Teamfighting Weaknesses?: Miss risky opportunities to get back into a game, Missing roam opportunities on non-assassins Do you have a Discord?: Yes Timezone?: EST
: Serious Team LF Plat+ Top and Mid
Ign: Lightbombs Role: Mid Rank: Plat V Top 5 champs for that role: Azir, Anivia, Viktor, Lulu, Leblanc Strengths: Strong Laning, Teamfighting Weaknesses: Miss risky opportunities to get back into a game, Missing roam opportunities on non-assassins Availability: Always Prior Ranked 5s experience: Pretty good experience I've been on maybe 7 or 8 different ranked 5s teams now Thoughts on criticism: Criticism is absolutely vital, the best way to improve is to accept that you make mistakes then realize how to fix them. Why I should choose you: I'm really motivated to improve myself whether it's by learning more champions or learning every matchup or watching my replays or just playing a bunch of games in a row.
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: Not sure which roles to play
Depends on what champs you play and how you play them however if you want to climb obviously mid is the best and adc+jungle are tied for second. If you really like support you can play it, but expect the climb to be hard unless you only play Blitzcrank. Solo q is all about how hard you can carry, your teammates really don't mean that much because you never know what could happen they might dc they might feed w/e so you just have to take it upon yourself to carry them. Also note if you're going to play mid and not pick a carry then you may as well have not picked mid in the first place (things like lulu mid or zilean mid is what I mean) I'm not saying YOU MUST PLAY MID just know that the carry roles are well.. easiest to "carry" on right? Jungle and adc are probably tied because they both kind of rely on teammates adc needs the support to be half decent, but can still solo carry late game. The junglers feed their teammates and have to rely on them to carry (for the most part, yes there are carry junglers.) After saying all this please please please don't play a role you don't like or don't have interest in don't play champions you don't like, my advice is generally what works for people who want to climb it's not for everyone. If anything pick you're favorite few champions and spam them get really good at them because it's much harder to play the game when you don't enjoy you're own champion. Good luck and just know that everyone's climb is different what gets me to diamond might only get you to gold k bai.
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Jafks (NA)
: Looking for members Ranked 5vs5
Plat mid/adc C: IGN Lightbombs
: > [{quoted}](name=Lightbombs,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=KEHA1BId,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2016-07-01T21:16:50.638+0000) > > Hey I'm a Gold 1 mid laner I know your post says plat+, but I think I can get plat if I really wanted to rn ign: Lightbombs Anyways I totally understand if you just skip over me. If you could get there you would be there
> [{quoted}](name=Aka Volibear,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=KEHA1BId,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2016-07-01T21:35:29.924+0000) > > If you could get there you would be there Talked the talk now I walked the walk got plat 5
Samouela (NA)
: Creating a team (Plat+)
Hey I'm a Gold 1 mid laner I know your post says plat+, but I think I can get plat if I really wanted to rn ign: Lightbombs Anyways I totally understand if you just skip over me.
: [LFM] Team Ascension White: *Top-Mid-Jungle* Silver-Gold [Discord]
Do you have Discord: Yes How many years have you played LoL: 3~ Age: 16 Role: Mid How often are you available to play: Always Do you play to get better and to win: Absolutely why else would you play Can you deal with constructive criticism: Yes, I wish people would give me more since it's hard to find things yourself sometimes(However if you're just wrong and insisting that I should be buying Runaan's first item on Annie I'll probably be a tad annoyed) Top 5 champs in your role: Azir, Annie, Lulu, Anivia, Viktor
: SaDG is recruiting people for our community
IGN: Lightbombs Age: 16 Do you have a mic: Yes, though kind of crappy right now. Will you be active in Discord?: Yes. Have you been in a community before?: Not any large ones. If so why did you leave?: Role preferred: Mid. What are you looking for in a community: People to have fun with, but at the same time people who really want to improve and be serious when the time is right. Do you stream?: No.
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: Looking for members to join Taliyah main club
Felo (NA)
: Donut Shop eSports Looking for mid and support (bronze-gold team)
Age: 16 IGN: Lightbombs Role: Mid Time Zone: EST Availability: Whenever Rank: G2 Things you are good at: High mechanical skill, decent shotcalling, working with jungler in mid game Things you need to improve on: Making decisions on early invades quickly, Pink wards in early game, what to do after a roam didn't do much. Champ Pool: Azir, Fizz, Lulu, Anivia, Kha'Zix, Orianna......... many more if necessary I'm getting into game rn so if you add me I'm down to play after the game for the rest of the day or w/e.
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: Skullshot Esports are looking for members
IGN: KryptekMajestic Role: Mid/AD Rank: Gold 2 Top Champs: Mid: Azir, Fizz, Lulu, Anivia Pros: Get along very well with others, Setting up plays with other players, Usually dominant in lane. Cons: Sometimes push too far without deep wards, Not extremely familiar with the newest items after taking a couple weeks break Availability throughout the week: Anytime after 12PM Time Zone: EST Looking forward to working with you.
: higher scaling? oneshotting carries with 1 single q isn't already enough for u?
> [{quoted}](name=Yamero Senpai,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4uGEzLvU,comment-id=000300010000000000010000,timestamp=2016-06-05T12:13:58.262+0000) > > higher scaling? oneshotting carries with 1 single q isn't already enough for u? That what he's supposed to do that's his whole job it's like complaining about dying to Leblanc's Q+any other ability it's her job she's supposed to kill you, when Rengar ults and one shots you with Q it's supposed to kill you that's the whole goal of his design. The problem is tank Fizz he is not supposed to live indefinitely and shred other tanks with W, honestly his W has been the problem in his kit for a long time being a very non interactive ability that is also super mindless to use while also having extreme hidden power Fizz needs a replacement ability for his W.
Thought solo q wasnt going to have duo's either? says you can invite a duo?? is rito just dumb?
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