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: > [{quoted}](name=Ornndyr2k19,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=wnh1Ek0v,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-05-28T11:00:06.437+0000) > > im seeing a lot of counter play to the ult and skill expression on the morde side > > i think you are just complaining for the sake of it Name a few, other than killing Morde.
It can also be cleansed with the summoner spell and QSS.
: Why do you Main/Play Mordekasier
I also share a birthday with our metal overlord. But I love his theme overall. A giant hulking tower of destruction that all you can do run away or die. And, of course, metal.
: This thread actually gave me a decent chuckle. I can totally imagine there being a commercial like those random drug ones where there's a family sitting in a field or running down a beach into the sunset as a calm voice lists all the side effects to their new drug called top-be-strong. Real talk though. We had a meeting on Monday to talk about what we can do in the short term for the state of top lane, while the team that worked on runes finds a more long term solution to the fighter problem/preseason wraps up. We typically find during pre-season that teams are more than likely to opt into sub-optimal full damage comps as opposed to having a tank somewhere, which makes folks like Ornn/Mao look all the more powerful when they're actually picked (they also are just too strong which is why we're nerfing them). Usually this behavior switches as we move into the start of the new year, though this year may be different with the introduction of runes. We're seeing some things like Vayne top crop up, and honestly I think that's pretty cool seeing her flex there more frequently (though still far less than other top laners), but we need to make sure you still have some recourse against her as opposed to just having to concede your lane. Regarding top lane, we're going to be doing another end of year patch on December 14th after 7.24 goes live on December 6th. A lot of focus is being put on top lane, both champions that are weak, champions that are suppressing others more than we'd like, as well as some itemization tuning. It's stuff that we're going to be willing to undo in the future should we find that the longer term systems solve flips the table and turns thing into a 100% fighter dominated meta, but that'll be a later discussion and may not even be necessary. TL;DR - we hear the plight, we're looking to do some temporary measures to help resolve some of the pain, and we're looking into the long term fixes for the role/classes as well.
Is the Master of Metal going to get some love then? Or at least some bug fixes? ...Please?
Baka Red (EUNE)
: Forcing everyone to play with full champion roster would have it's bad side too; From players point of view; there would be more dodging. From Riot point of view; there would be less income. More Dodging is something most of us don't wish any more of than we have already. Riot doesn't want the second. Bad champions are rerolled. Bad teams are dodged. Both of those are major factor in the 'non-random'-ARAM. Removing both would increase that R in ARAM experience. However, how many of us truly wish for the first? The second is impossible to achieve anyways. Also, removing the first would again increase dodging, which would reduce the R again and increase queue times. I am sorry to tell you, but there is no solution to achieve the "truly random" ARAM experience; dodging and the resulting non-randomness will exist for as long as we have ARAM.
Actually, if Riot can track your rr's between matches, (if someone dodges and you used a rr you get it back) then they can track which champion you had too. If they made randomization an account based thing like rr's, then you would get the same champion no matter how many times you dodged, or someone else dodged. Thus, forcing you to play the match, or afking/inting if you're that type of person. Eventually, the afker's and inter's will be reported enough times that they won't be a problem anymore and we will have a group of people who genuinely enjoy the randomness.
: I doubt it even works
It doesn't. I've been extensively testing it for the past few days.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 22
Ooh, this is the first time I've seen you mention something about your coding. How exactly does Mordekaiser's shield/passive work? In some regards, it works like a normal shield, while other times it doesn't. Have you ever considered changing his passive and resource? Something like replacing his unique resource with mana that is lost before health, and generated via doing damage? Would the coding look something like Blitzcrank's passive? Or perhaps the {{item:3040}} active?
Novalas (NA)
: Patch Chat with the Playtest Team - 7.23
I would love to use Iron Skin, Revitalize, and Mirror Shell in my tankier Mordekaiser rune page, but they don't work on him. Any plans to fix this soon?
Krissey (NA)
: I want an AP Carry, that's just like an ADC (fast attack speed, etc) but their autos scale with AP.
Dunkt (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=M0RDEKA1SER,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=bfZAENE3,comment-id=00230026,timestamp=2017-11-21T15:55:33.187+0000) > > I have a post 30 account and was able to log in no problem. I waited until the patch fully downloaded and installed before I logged in. > > I know you can log in before the patch finishes installing and look at patch notes, store, etc. However, you won't be able to open the lobby and start a game. > > I didn't do that. > > These people who can't log into their main accounts, but can log into their smurfs probably logged into their main accounts before the patch installed all the way. After they realized they couldn't log in, the patch had finished installing, and they could log into their smurf accounts. > > Maybe? No, I waited the whole time on my main and still couldn't log in.
Dang, I had hoped I was onto something.
: Hi Guys, thanks for being patient with us. We have engineers looking at the problem right now. I do have a question for those having this issue: How many of you were in game and were kicked out? I'm trying to get a feel for how many folks are not able to get back in, or if this was your first time logging in. Let me know. Thanks for any info you can give.
I have a post 30 account and was able to log in no problem. I waited until the patch fully downloaded and installed before I logged in. I know you can log in before the patch finishes installing and look at patch notes, store, etc. However, you won't be able to open the lobby and start a game. I didn't do that. These people who can't log into their main accounts, but can log into their smurfs probably logged into their main accounts before the patch installed all the way. After they realized they couldn't log in, the patch had finished installing, and they could log into their smurf accounts. Maybe?
: Can't log in after patch.
Have you tried disabling Mordekaiser/New Champ X? Seems to be the go-to thing with each new champ release.
: My initial thoughts on preseason so far
Is the resolve tree actually working as intended for Mordekaiser? I checked out the runes you were using, particularly, Iron Skin and Revitalize. They aren't working for me. I just finished making a post about it, and didn't know how to private message you. Here is link. https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/ZjUoLOkc-yay-more-mordekaiser-bugs
Rioter Comments
: my guess is that its more of a darius/draven situation. the chick is probably a marksman, and the dude a support.
Tfw you were spot on. Just checked them out on Surrender@20.net
: Yep. People give 'simple' champs like garen a lot of shit for being straightforward, but even a champ without much nuance to their abilites (and garen does actually have some, like doing more damage on spin if he only hits one target, q being a slow cleanse, w active timing, ult timing, villain mechanic, passive management) can still use their abilities in a different order than the bread and butter standard combo, and using them in a different order can lead to different tradeoffs. The tradeoff for garen using e and then q instead of q and then e is that the target isn't silenced during the spin and it's a bit harder to get into range of champions who are trying to kite you if you don't use the q as a gap closer - but darius isn't a kiting champion so getting close to him isn't hard, and additionally if you stick on top of him during his q (not hard because garen moves through minions during spin while darius gets minion blocked) he doesn't heal, do as much damage, or get a bleed stack. Then you can just walk away and if he tries his pull, w slow shit on you then garens q silences and cleanses all slows so you can run away at full speed. Meanwhile if you time your w for when darius uses his little spinny auto animation for his own w you'll mitigate a lot of the auto damage and then can heal up with your passive anyway, meanwhile darius has no sustain outside of edge q's so you actually come out ahead of any 'even' trade if you are making use of your passive.
Ralanr (NA)
: By D&D terms, you have a 7 in charisma. That's a -2 in all charisma based actions.
Why can't I give this more upvotes? No offense to you Lincoln, but this comment was just pure gold.
: Redemption + Locket still too strong. No one cares.
The only reason I believe you: You won those games as Sona.
Krynul (NA)
: What is the nature of the auto attack reset bug?
{{champion:82}} So, does that make 172 bugs now? I've lost count.
: http://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/NA1/2455282532/228665159?tab=overview
So, Stars Shaper pretty much already covered the issue. 1) You didn't build damage. 2) You had a Miss Fortune support 3) Mordekaiser built armor and health. No one on your team built any kind of armor shred. 4) Morde is a juggernaut. He has high base damages. The same thing would have happened if you faced an equally skilled Illoai or Darius. 5) Morde thrives is situations where you are forced to duel him. Camille and Jarvan are some of the best allies he can hope to have on the enemy team. 6) If you tried to face tank him, which I expect you did, then you probably got hit by his full combo, including all 3 Q proc's. Yes, his full combo hurts, but he has no cc or mobility in his kit. You are supposed to poke/kite. As Lee Sin you really should never have died to him. 7) Mordekaiser has well over 99 bugs, but this ain't one.
: What is the best morde skin :I
I'm particularly fond of Dragon Knight Mordekaiser. If I could ever get a pentakill team together, I would sport that one instead.
: Something is up with Mordekaiser
This isn't a bug report... This is a QQ thread. A bug report would include something like, "every time Mordekaiser auto'd me, he dashed 3 treemo's distance." And, it doesn't appear to have been a ranked game because it didn't show up in your match history. Copy and paste the link from the match so that people can actually determine what the problem was.
: New Game Mode: 100% AR 5v5
Why stop there? Give everyone a randomly assigned summoner's name, club tag, and ability order as well. And for the love of God... Unlock all the champion pool for everyone so that it's actually random. Easy enough fix for the items would be to assign items a % chance of being bought/built for each champion, and then, randomly build something you can afford when you back/die. For example, if you are playing Jinx, she does technically have an AP ratio on her traps, so any AP items would have a 0.5% of being bought, while any AD items would have an ~90% of being bought. As for boots, once you buy a set, the % chance to buy the others drops to 0%.
: First off, I think it’s part of the job of a game developer to be aware and listen to player feedback in whatever form it takes. Just because someone is angry doesn’t mean they don’t have some good points, or that how they feel is invalid. I don’t think you have to be too concerned about hurting our feelings. BUT, the thing about angry shitposts is that it’s lot more difficult to break down which parts are good feedback, and which parts are just emotional reactions. And that means that what may have been a valid argument gets lost in the assumptions, knee-jerk reactions, or waterfall of emotional responses. It’s a lot harder to justify taking an argument seriously when it doesn’t feel like the other party is doing so. I don’t think that’s a super great thing for us to do - as I said, just because someone writes an angry post doesn’t negate their point, but the truth is that digging through vitriol to find the nugget of good feedback can be challenging or emotionally draining. The main argument you want to make may get lost in the noise. So, my advice, if you feel strongly about about champion balance, an item, a piece of music, or whatever, and you want to have a discussion about it, think about the core point you want to make, take a breath, break it down, and write it out in an organized, objective way. Try playing devil’s advocate to your own argument, think about the other perspective, test your assumptions. For developers, the most useful discussions come when someone talks through their thought process. I work on videos here, and we have some guidelines we use when we’re looking for feedback on our projects. It’s not a perfect comparison, but I’ll share it here, if you’re interested. 1. Identify the “Why” - So you don’t like the editing of this scene - great, but _why_ do you feel that way? 2. Don’t be prescriptive. - Identify the causes of problems, rather than demanding specific remedies. - Pitching ideas/solutions is awesome, as well as providing examples as to why you feel the way you do. 3. Be specific. - Detail is very helpful. - “This Sucks” is not very helpful. This doesn’t mean that every post that does these things will get a Riot response, but I can promise you that if I’m reading through the boards and see a thoughtful discussion, I will send it to a Rioter working on that thing. In my experience, those kinds of posts are much more likely to make their way around the office and get seen.
You see, I wish we had more of this right here. The simple fact that you stopped by and acknowledged the post, and contributed to the discussion. Obviously this can't be done with every post, but I personally feel like it isn't done enough. I feel like it would go a long way if we, the players, knew that you guys were at least listening. You said occasionally that if you see something worthy of passing on to somebody in the office who takes care of that problem, then you do so. Have you ever just stopped, before you forwarded the post, and mentioned to the poster, "hey, I really thought your post was laid out well, and I wanted to let you know I sent it to X,Y,Z." Imagine how encouraging that would be if that poster realized, "hey, maybe this problem will get solved, or I know I can at least expect some feedback." Rather than what I feel we struggle with on a daily basis. "Why doesn't riot ever listen to the players?" Or, "why does it feel like Riot doesn't even play their own game." I own a local business in my city, and my staff and I always have a line of communication open. It's rare something happens without me knowing about it. If I didn't encourage my staff to communicate with me openly and honestly about anything, I can tell you for a fact, I would have gone out of business very quickly. I also encourage my clients to maintain lines of communication after their appointments, I personally email every client each and every time we do a job for them asking for feedback. I also follow up with a phone call the next day to make sure they got the email. You know what has come out of that extra effort on my part? 5 star reviews. 90% of my business is referrals and word of mouth from someone passing along my business card telling their friends and family, "hey, you ought to call this guy, he will take great care of you." If Riot wants to reduce toxicity and backlash from the community, you really ought to open more lines, and consistent lines, of communication with us. Communication is a two-way street. If you tell us, "here's why we made this decision and that's the way it's going to be." We are going to raise a stink. On the flip side of the coin, if you ask us before hand, "hey, we are considering doing this, what do you guys think?" And have an actual discussion with us, I feel like it would be better for everyone. Just my 2 cents.
: so basically you generate shield faster but thats about it seems hardly worth it then considering the other stats of + shield/heal items like hp regen or manaregen both of which mordekaiser doesn't have
It's really a gimmick thing. Or, it's the most likely way you can play support morde. Redemption is a nice way to help guarantee that R execute. That's about it. That boost to healing is noticeable. Usually, a reactivate on my W heals about 50%-75% of my health if I hit 2 champs or monsters with it. With those items, I almost always get full HP back.
: How come Redemption and Mikaels not increase Mordekaisers Shield passive?
Morde main here: I have tested this exact thing numerous times. It increases your healing from W and R. It increases your shield generation rate from all abilities. Not the max cap shield. Hope that helps. P.S. The heal provided by 2nd cast W does apply bonuses from windspeakers blessing. Obviously, it affects allies only.
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: I'll give riot props for finding an ingenious way to overcome that when they did the Juggernaut itemization by making sheen items work very well with the whole base damage stat. Most other Mana items are still too inificient
I guess I was mostly concerned with Iceborn Gauntlet. 500 mama going to waste makes it hard to justify picking it up, regardless of how good that sheen proc is.
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: 800 range on R was already great, how fun it'd be to nuke fools from half across the map.
O.o or... What if.... The poor damned souls who are now bound to the dark lord's will... Had a global range on their autos.....
: Wouldn't it be awesome if your main had a global ult?
{{champion:82}} Hue....hue....huehue...huehuehue....HUEHUEHUEHUEHUE!!!
Woook3r (NA)
: can anyone find a video of mordekaiser ziggs bot lane?
It would take an amazing amount of teamwork and communication, but I can see it working if you have a heavy AD comp in the other 3 lanes. Lee jg, talon mid, and Darius top for instance. Ziggs has the satchel charge which could keep them in one spot long enough for Morde to close the gap, and even get a 3rd Q if timed properly. His minefield would also slow the Emmy enough for the same purpose. The poke from Ziggs Q would also make it harder for the enemy bot lane to farm, while allowing Morde a little more breathing room to do so himself. Relic shield and Knights Vow aren't terrible items on Morde and would vastly improve their sustain. Then, yeah, I can see the siege potential after 6. That's terrifying.
: The Legend Of Dragoon Picture won the idea for me best game ever.
That moment you read their username.
: i just lock in adc darius and go adc darius when i want to play him but you're unlucky because adc morde doesn't work with every supports
... How scary would a Morde/Darius kill lane look?
resumed (NA)
: >I mean I can't give blowjobs to all of these whiny people.... i main support i can give you some tips speaking of tips focus mainly on that
: Yasuo mains' logic according to their feedbacks in his nerfs/counter-arguments
I'm glad you made the Mordekaiser bulletpoint "numero uno."
: Why was I just forced to play a 4v5 Riot?
Be helpful if you posted a link to said match. It must have been a normal game because your last ranked game shown is from December.
: What about this is inappropriate or offensive?
There was also the "I hope you die" over there that could have been taken out of context. This is by far probably the least toxic chat log I've seen on the boards and would actually submit a ticket to Riot. Then, learn to mute. And remove all non-essential keys from your keyboard.
Peristant (EUW)
Can't tell if trolling... Or.... Nahhhhh... Gotta be trolling. Tell you what kid, post that chat log on Facebook, Twitter, or put a link to it on your résumé. Then watch as the real world declares you a waste of time, space, money, air, etc. Hopefully one day you will grow up and realize that YOU are the one in the wrong. But, in case you don't, it will be entirely your fault. You have been warned the error of your ways, and only a fool denies the instruction of others.
Shadòw (EUW)
: no, i really have no idea why you got banned. you definitely should write a support ticket so riot can lift this totally undeserved ban.
: What does Morde like to watch with his undead GF
I mean, if your into NBDSM, that's none of my business. More power to you. Word of advice; Just don't record it and post it anywhere.
Jbels (NA)
: Is Yorick what Mordekaiser should have been?
Morde has a different identity imho. Yorick being the shepherd of lost souls, guiding them to find rest. Mordekaiser subverts them to his will. Mordekaiser's presence, power, and mastery of metal is what (or did) cement his identity. Where as Yorick may have a kit that fits the stereotypical "necromancer," his approach and overall goals do not match that at all in his lore. He is there to help, not command. If Mordekaiser had a kit that fit his lore, then his enemies would kneel at his feet from fear and loss of hope. Not to mention his presence and sheer force of will would be enough to force them down anyway. Once there he would crush you under his boot or Nightfall. Your mortal body is no use to him, he would rather do away with the meaningless shell and command your now damned soul for eternity.
Rioter Comments
Ralanr (NA)
: As a melee champion, how do you fight Karma?
Dance around in and out of minion waves. Bait her Q as often as possible, run her out of mana. Once she has <10% bait the last bit of it then all in her.
: @Malicious Metal, Tides of Blood, Tidal Tyrant....
Have a Lulu Support as Vlad. That Lulu ult on Vlad is quite fun.
: Reworks, Gameplay Patterns & Identity, and Mordekaiser.
I like it. +1 Although the dragon is cool, I would happily drop it in favor of slightly higher base stats. It's a waste of power budget on any map except SR. Overall, it would be healthier to keep him consistent, and the dragon is just too variable.
GigglesO (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=M0RDEKA1SER,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=a6KuxKnU,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-12-24T21:29:05.935+0000) > > I&#x27;m a fan of all the ideas presented here. Well put. Hopefully MM sees this and pulls his fan base over for more upvotes. I wish it could garner more attention from the community in general, the whole buff nerf issue is a matter of mmr. It's hard to buff something for high MMR without making it broken for low MMR and vise versa. Discussions like this could spur ideas for riot to explore for a better all around game.
They need to just balance everything around professional play. It would further encourage lower mmr players to practice more and get better. Trying to balance for lower mmr isn't going to help anyone.
GigglesO (NA)
: In depth Morde Vs. Mobility
I'm a fan of all the ideas presented here. Well put. Hopefully MM sees this and pulls his fan base over for more upvotes.
Rioter Comments
: @Riot Reav3 & Ghostcrawler Time to Work on Failed Reworks/Relaunch - Karma/Morde/Shen
There are things about pre- and post- rework Morde that I liked. The old Mordekaiser would really struggle with the current items because they removed a lot of spell vamp, which was about the only way he could sustain through all of his health costs. His new W makes up for that. He's way too fucking slow, that's obvious, and I would be okay with that if he had the damage to make up for it. Or if he wouldn't get deleted in 1.5 seconds. But as it stands, he does really good damage, and survives really well, IF he can stay in the fight, but without a decent move speed, he can't seem to do much of anything anymore. I won't give up playing him, just because I love his theme and playstyle, but damnit, it's getting unbearable to load into a match just knowing the handicap I'm taking to play a Champion I love.
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