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Soracchi (NA)
: Annie's Daisy is Ivern's Daisy!!
This was the first thing I thought about when the name Daisy came up in the cinematic/ lore, but unless there is a clear proof, it is all but theories for now.
Destaice (NA)
: RIP gaming PCs 2k18
I noticed the bit coin chat, and thought i'd throw my 5 cents... If you haven't already bought bit coins, it's too late to buy now as it should start falling soon. Not to mention if you compare the graphs from few years ago when the big crash happened, you might find some similarities now with bit coins, it goes up then down slightly then up again then down slightly... at some point bit coin will crash hard and with it so many people will lose their life savings. If you do get bit coins, I suggest you don't invest everything you have. Don't put all your eggs in one basket... Especially not that kind of baskets lol.
passıon (NA)
: The first 3 digits of your phone number is your KDA. Are you feeding?
passıon (NA)
: The first 3 digits of your phone number is your KDA. Are you feeding?
: Zed is picked by the enemy team. I ask for my team to focus on peeling him.
I get your frustration, but maybe they can't peel him of you either? Get some item that can help you survive...
: Flaming vs telling someone what they did wrong?
I usually say, I'm honestly not flaming, but you need to know that we will lose if you keep making this X play... Of course it always depends on the situation, and the way you approach the person, usually I try to be as friendly as possible when making a comment that I know might upset the other player. If he keeps doing the same thing, at this point I know he's either trolling or just completely tilted and I stop bothering to give him advice because it will tilt him even more.
xtonyjoy (EUNE)
: placement matches ):
On a positive note, you made it to bronze 5 without having to lose the 6 other games. Believe it or not, that is an accomplishment. You have no clue how many try hard to make it to bronze 5 and fail because their team keeps winning. You sir are a legend.
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: Pride over winning? Poll
Idk what pride means when you will meet people for 40 min and probably never meet them again. If someone is constantly harassing and insulting I usually ignore or mute him and report at the end of the game. Winning worth more than pride in this game, real life is a different story I suppose.
: Did my first placement games
Well i did my 10 and ended up in platinum 5 :p I ended plat 4 or 3 last season :p Won 7/10... I am pretty satisfied not gonna lie :p
: If was dishonorable honor level last season, would i still be honor level 0 season 8?
I never understood why is it hard to get to honor 5? I made it in 1 month last season. Just play the game, you don't even have to be a nice person, just don't flame others. You are bound to get some Honor every now and then if you aren't being a complete jackass.
: A snake without boots? How do you blind a blind guys that uses senses?
lol I think Blind of teemo and W of graves, and q of quinn should not work on Lee Sin that actually makes so much sense. He should only take damage if the ability has damage but no blind.
TheReals (NA)
: Is it good to sart your placements right away when new season starts?
It could go either way. You might get carried by some high ranked player, or could get wrecked by one. It;s really 50/50 chance. I'm gonna be playing my games straight away and start climbing my way back into platinum or more.
Niyumi (NA)
: "We hate it when a champ just up and 100-0s you with no counterplay"
Honestly zoe is all about that 1 shot, you just need to learn to play champs that counter her, or ban her or stack resist. Thing that could be done I guess is increasing mana cost or higher CD on her , but if they lower her damage, the champion becomes useless, because after all she has only the q and e to deal some damage. Even if they do higher CD on her she might become useless in team fights...
Psyrik (NA)
: Can we get Summoner Icons for Every Champion?
Well I kinda want emote for every champion but I think you will get icons and emotes for every champ eventually, they are just gonna be adding a few every while so they can make the most $ of every one they release. If they put them all same time many will buy 1 and forget about the rest, while if they add a few every while they can sell slightly more as people get bored of their old icons and emotes and are willing to get something new to show off with. I want the morgana emote T_T
: How do you guys and gals deal with Ranked Anxiety?
Drugs and alcohols. Kidding, If I start losing a lot in solo queue ranked, I switch to flex, if i'm doing terrible in both, I go watch some youtube or watch a movie or go out try to relax and come back later with positive attitude. There is really not much else you can do when you're on a losing strike, sometimes you win your lane, but the team keeps losing, you just need to take a break and come back when you're in a good mood.
: Yup I'm Bronze and need help
> [{quoted}](name=TheRealJazy,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=JdENQ8dQ,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-01-15T05:10:24.556+0000) > > Ok, everyone, this is going to be a pretty long or short post depending on how tired I get. So I am stuck in bronze 5 and I have come to accept how mind-numbingly bad I am. Nope, nuh uh uh, don't tell me to not think that; you know its true and are probably laughing at how bad I am somewhere deep inside yourself but I just want help. > > Ok I'm a "Riven main" apparently; I have 200k points on her for some background I still can't do fast combo (partly because mouse is garbage) but like I can do some of her most basic animation cancels. IE; double casting with E and to A VERY SMALL DEGREE I can do a deformed shycombo. I wouldn't say I am an abomination at Riven but I am approximately the distance between the sun and pluto away from achieving anything close to something the average gold player would consider good. But the thing is, I love riven; her kit is fun, her complexity is also fun but people just tell me to stop playing her. > > They tell me that Riven is too hard for me and I should just give up on her until my basic game knowledge takes me to like gold. Most of my good friends (they think they are god tier for being silver 3-5) tell me that I am garbage and that I should give up and play annie. You see the most difficult thing life so far for me has been maintaining 90's in school but it was trumped by me having to laugh and pretend to consider my friends advice of playing annie. > > So I did what any person what do; I researched what I should do. I researched things I should be doing and how I should attempt to look at games. In normal games I tried to learn how to obtain vision, tried to farm 75ish cs every 12 minutes so I could improve. I played some flex on other accounts (which are also god damn b5) and got really good at it. But as soon as I hit ranked games I see my KDA go to something as decent as 7/4/5 234 to something like 5/12/5 135. I know this is my fault to blame but I don't understand anymore; am I just naturally bad this game and should just quit? I really love league, I really love it; and as I am starting to prosper in real world like getting good grades and make new friends I had a switch in my mind. I become open minded and I really feel like I can get to challenger (no joke intended) and I want the league communities up most opinion on me. Should I quit? Should I just idk play annie until I git good? Should I play countless hours and ruin gpa average that took so hard to maintain? Do I stick to being a casual and playing normals? How do I bronze 5 player who sits down and plays league and smiles somehow now and ignore rude comments for once get out of Bronze 5.... > > > I am open to literary anything but boosting lol. I am ready for the trolls :D :D :D :D. > > More info: > > If you have any advice on champions I should play leave them. Also tell me if I should play low mechanic champions until I get apparent game knowledge and than play complex champions or just one trick my beloved Riven until I am boxbox. I suggest your play support for a while get up to silver or gold playing support, learn how to ward and create map control. This season support is rather fun and you could make tons of damage. I know brand is pretty op as support now. I tried veigar and leona a lot lately too they are great on damage. Personally I play mid/ support, when I was silver and was stuck there I learned to 1 trick morgana which I could play her mid or support depending on where I get lanned. And Morg got me to platinum now, and finally I can play any mage mid or support champion now. I really think you should play support for a while.
Fast Enough (EUNE)
: Mage mid lane 2018
As a midlaner, Morgana is the safest champion for me, but zoe, taliyah and malzahar are all great picks too. Malzahar is the easiest champion to play and farm after lv 6. I occasionally play lux it's also a very fun champion to play and easy to master. You could also pick veigar or syndra if you want a powerful ultimate that wrecks half of your enemy hp in 1 shot. EDIT: I've seen many play xerath lately too, he's one of the most annoying champions to lane against.
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Dasdi96 (NA)
: If you would be killed by a league champion, who would you choose to kill you?
Proxy345 (NA)
: So where do you see yourself in 80 years?
: Last Straw 4 Me/Quitting Game until problems are addressed
I don't think mages are useless, I just think they compliment the team. I've had some games where I carried as mage, but most of time I don't carry, but I do end up making either most damage on team or second most damage. I do think we need update of mage items, but I do not think they are useless, after all, I play mid mages most of the time. You need to know which mages to pick though, for instant, Malzahar, Zoe, morgana, xerath, taliyah and veigar, orianna are pretty strong, while mages like Viktor may have fallen behind after runes update.
: Apparently this is a thing
Oh no T_T Please don't give {{champion:62}} players more ideas T_T
: Zoe changes
I just killed some ADC on her using E and Q alone, I feel she's still OP, but hey to each his opinion, personally I don't care wither they buff her or nerf her since I know a few champs that counter her, but logically speaking, zoe is getting banned almost every game. A nerf was needed so people stop hating on her.
AssauIto (NA)
: Who would you duo with? (poll inside!)
Picked the gold player. I remember being in gold when a platinum guy started inviting me to join with him, and with time I now am in platinum and I have no problem duo with gold players if they are fun. At the time I used to be a 1 trick M0rgana mid/support, I kinda still am, but now I can play any mage mid, and any support champ. But the idea is, being 1 trick pony is not that bad as long as you have back up if your champ gets picked or banned. I Did not pick the bronze player because he clearly doesn't seem to advance if he's in bronze for all this time. I did not pick the toxic player, because the game is about having fun, not only about getting carried. Being constantly toxic ruins the fun of the game. I'd rather lose the game and not having to get stressed about it, than winning and being annoyed throughout the game.
: To teammates who voted "No" to the surrender vote
Some people refuse to surrender no matter what and that is just stupid, having said that, some games can be won at late game if your team can scale more than the other team there is always a path for come back. In ranked unless I'm certain that we lost I tempt to vote no, but normal drafts I honestly don't care much, if 3 on the team want to surrender I won't stand in their way even if I'm having so much fun, it's just lame to keep others stuck and not enjoying a game because of your eggo and denial.
: League of Legends's Silent Pay to Win
But you don't have to buy any champion, you can just lvl up and collect Blue essence then change them for any champion that you want. First few lvls it's actually pretty easy. Even at high lvls it's not hard at all.
: League of Legends's Silent Pay to Win
It's far from pay to win. I got all my champions with in-game currency and only used RP for skins or chests. I now have all champions in game, it took nearly 2 years not gonna lie, but I don't play 80% of these champs. I only play mid mages and support, and I think if you master 1 champ you can play against nearly anyone. I mastered morgana mid/ support at first and it got me to platinum, now I can play all mages/mid and support champs just because I wanted to learn more than 1 champ, but to win you need 1 champion, and maybe 2 or 3 back ups if you get filled or your champ got picked or banned... League has many downsides, pay for win is not one of them.
Skorch (NA)
: Youtube's glorious official statement.
Clearly what the guy did is wrong at every aspect, having said that, you have to understand he's 22 years old, he took down the video and issued an apology, maybe wasn't the most sensitive apology ever, but he did enough in my opinion. The community needs to focus on more important issues than a mistake made by a young youtuber. I don't understand sometimes people. Why do you want to end the career of this youtuber because he made a mistake that he already said sorry about. Do you get the satisfaction once he's career is over? Clearly he learned from his mistake, I doubt he will ever do anything similar ever again, so leave him be, and look at the shit our president is doing every single day for crying out-loud. PS: I never watch logan pauls channel, and I am not a fan of him in general, but he didn't do anything that deserves destroying his life over.
: Who is the most BS champion of all time? (Poll) LEVEL 1
{{champion:55}} Nowdays ornn and zoe are the most bs, but I based my vote on all time BS champ, and I have to say it has to be Katarina. This champ, no matter how hard she loses in lane, all she has to do is 1 combo to get back in game by killing everyone. So many times I destroyed katarina in lane, and left her with 0 7 0 kda, and some how she kills everyone late game. Now that is BS.
KuraSei (NA)
: Is the Kayle rework on the way?
Morgana hasn't had her rework yet, and yes both kayle and morgana are on the upcoming list but I don't think they will be anytime soon. I believe there's 2 or 3 champions set to be reworked before them. PS: I hope they only rework morgana's visual appearance and keep her abilities untouched.
: > [{quoted}](name=M0rgana,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=6i5yA52Y,comment-id=00000001,timestamp=2018-01-01T21:16:19.521+0000) > > All my hardwork to make it to platinum. and now I am the same as bronze... facepalm... (plat 3-4 pretty much the same as platinum 5) > > Low elo (bronze-gold) is a mixture of bads, noobs, trolls, int'ers, afk's/dc's, and ragequitters. The only difference is the ratio that mixture per game. Plat 5 is a mix of golds climbing and plats falling. Tell me I'm wrong.
> [{quoted}](name=Oxyrotten,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=6i5yA52Y,comment-id=000000010000,timestamp=2018-01-01T22:16:20.548+0000) > > Low elo (bronze-gold) is a mixture of bads, noobs, trolls, int'ers, afk's/dc's, and ragequitters. The only difference is the ratio that mixture per game. > Plat 5 is a mix of golds climbing and plats falling. > Tell me I'm wrong. I happen to play sometimes normal draft game with my bronze friend, and I assure you, the difference is gigantic. I can't say 100% all players in plat/ bronze are good or bad, but I can say without a shadow of doubt, that the vast majority of people who made it to platinum have a better understanding of map awareness, warding, roaming, how to engage and when to disengage and run away. Bronze players some aren't bad, but, there is no way they are on same level as a platinum player that had to win a certain percentage of game to make that achievement, unless he's boosted, and that is a very obvious exception.
: I hate to break it to you but bronze - plat 5 is pretty much the same skill level. I'd even go so far to say that silver and especially gold are worse than bronze.
> [{quoted}](name=Oxyrotten,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=6i5yA52Y,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-12-31T22:59:00.936+0000) > > I hate to break it to you but bronze - plat 5 is pretty much the same skill level. > > I'd even go so far to say that silver and especially gold are worse than bronze. All my hardwork to make it to platinum. and now I am the same as bronze... facepalm... (plat 3-4 pretty much the same as platinum 5) As for the main subject, I agree that bronze should fight bronze or low silvers... same thing goes with other ranks. People should be fighting others that are at the same rank as them. Having said that, this is preseason, and everything gets messy in preseason. Even when the next season begins things will get messy first couple of months, so unless you can handle the messiness, I suggest you play some normal draft and try to master as many champions as you can before going back to ranked.
Vilius12 (EUW)
: Someone Else Has Logged Into My account from another PC
Oh sorry I didn't check forums till now, I'm glad someone already posted the link to support. Good luck and happy new year.
Vilius12 (EUW)
: Someone Else Has Logged Into My account from another PC
You can try to contact support i guess, but you need to have proof that it's your account. You are in a very bad situation though because any scammer could say the same stuff that you just said. Either way good luck if you are really the rightful owner of the account.
I never had problem getting any kind of punishments, i don't get why it's so hard to not get penalized, just play without being an ass and no one will report you :s Don't flame, don't insult, don't tell people how bad they suck because they keep dying, just be nice and chat to make people happier rather than upset. Having said that, I suggest if you are unable to not flame or fight others, even if they flame you first, just play on some other account for few weeks until you are safe.
: Am I playing Taliyah wrong???
Hmm usually I use Taliyah's ulti to roam and bully side lanes by blocking their escape route... I suggest you try to coordinate your roam with the jungler so 4 of you gank 2 or 3 of them, it's almost a certain win or at least you'll force several flashes... What I do usually is push mid lane hard then I ulti to the sides while making sure the jungler is on the right side of my ulti and once the gank is over I use taliyah passive to get back in lane after taking some heal plants... this way I don't lose many minions and I help my side lanes. During team fights late game, try to hit ulti to separate the other team and force 5 v 3 fights, or catch people off guard... Taliyah is a great champion if you can utilize her well. PS: IDK if you figured that you need to click the ulti 2 rapid times in order to skate on that ulti... that's the mobility you get from her ulti.
: Receiving punishment after reporting
Doesn't happen with me :/ How in hell you managed to get several accounts banned? You should learn by now that maybe you are toxic and you need to work on your behavior in game. Not saying that to flame you, but, if you are getting banned on several accounts while I never got banned in 3 years, I feel something is wrong with your behavior. and you need to work on yourself to stop getting banned.
Destaice (NA)
: Oh.... I'm totally introvert, shouldn't even be close -_- but oh well, every test seems to show something different than the other. Some things do match though. But it is far from being accurate.
: League is so toxic, its not even fun to play anymore.
first flame report them, it's what i do. Don't flame back, don't fight back, and don't try to insult back or you might get reported, just report them and pray that more people reporting them for same reasons, and they will get punished for being toxic. Many hate this report system, I personally never had problem with it. It seems fair when you aren't a mean player, however I seem to enjoy all these threads complaining about why they got banned, when they keep insulting and flaming other players for having a bad game.
: Banning system is a complete joke...
here's an advice, when someone troll or flame, don't respond and at the end of the game report them. It's the safest way to not get reported and make sure trolls get punished. PS: Going against the meta is not troll, so if someone picks unusual picks, that's not a reason to report them. Losing is also not a reason to report. Don't report people for being noobs that's just stupid and you are punishing people for trying to have fun. Other than that feel free to report flamers, bullies, and all kind of real trolls.
: What's the most embarrassing ability to die to?
: Perm banned for this?
I don't think this deserve a perm ban, but definitely a chat ban, and if you did it again a temp ban, and finally a perm ban. Now the real question is wither these 2 chats are the only things you've done, and wither you were punished before and didn't learn a thing. Advice for the future, play your game, do your best, and don't look about how the others are doing. You can be a smart shot-caller by asking the team to group nicely, or simply ping you are engaging and if you see others following go for it, if not follow the ones that seem to be doing better than you. And in the end, we all win and lose games, don't lose your cool, and start flaming. If someone flame you, mute them, then report them at the end of the game. Instead of you getting reported and banned, they take your place.
: ? ? ?
Some had the highest farm, others the best support, others most kills,... Overall everyone contributed to the team, and with the early surrender the S chance was higher.
: Have people forgotten what its like to get a friend request?
I always receive friend requests, and I usually accept them unless they flamed me during the game :o Feel free to add me, I'll accept as well if you need a friend list full. We can even play some normal draft every now and then when I'm not playing ranked. IGN: M0rgana {{champion:25}}
: It is almost 2018 and ADs are still getting hit by every Morg Q in lane
O M G HOW? {{champion:25}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:25}} PS: It happens honestly, if I spend enough time focusing I can hit all my Q unless the ADC is too skilled. But usually I focus more on poking until I find it's time to engage then I worry about the Q.
: ? ? ?
Not sure why you bother hide your name in the picture when it's the same as your forum name. :x Having said that, good job.
Weedbro (NA)
: Do you believe in Santa Claus?
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