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: Crit Item Explorations
I think Stormrazor is fine since it has found a really nice niche with Jhin, Gangplank and Draven. Especially jhin since it goes perfectly with his movement speed passive. It's also good on assassins like Khazix and Wukong as well as champs like Graves. I wouldn't change it. People just need to know who it's good to build on and who it isn't, most Marksmen don't need to build it. And if you're going to revert the IE changes then don't change Stormrazor, I actually really like the item.
: Can we not get Blue essence after a game , like we did with IP???
I think the obvious answer is this new system benefits riot from a financial standpoint. It's now extremely difficult to unlock champs with BE. Even if you get a champion shard to unlock it permanently, it is still a ton of BE. So now, not only do you have to shell out money to buy skins, you also have to shell out money to buy champs. Before it was exciting to play a ton of games, and win or lose, you were earning IP that could eventually go towards a champ that you really wanted after you tried them during free champ rotation. Now it's ridiculous, unless you unlocked most of the champs before the update it's very difficult to save up enough BE to get anyone. I don't like how this has become much more P2P than it was before. I don't mind spending money on skins for a champ I really like and am good with. But I won't spend money on a champ I want to play as that I used to earn myself playing games, and frankly it has turned me off from buying skins at all.


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