: Early 9.10 Patch Discussion
>Master Yi >adding clearer counterplay opportunities against him Reminder there has been a long standing bug that prevents singed from rooting Yi while his ult is active.
: That number is likely close to final tuning, and some of the reasoning is that tanks benefit the most out of having an enforced defensive option. Armor/MR increases their EHP more so than other champs as they build more hp items throughout the game. That being said, we're going to discuss whether we should do a small pass on tank items and bump up their stats a bit, nothing for sure though
But why is it still such a pathetic amount when it's scaling? You'll get the same gold value at lvl 18 that the other stats give right off the bat at lvl 1. Why would any champ ever value that stat shard over the others in that category? Do you understand how much of a drop in the bucket 15 HP feels like?
: Preseason Dev Update Number 3!
Why does the HP stat shard give hardly half a ruby crystal worth of HP - at lvl 18 - ? Do you have any intention of upping that number?
: Regarding Ornn W, I'm hoping that I can provide a bit of some of the reasoning for why we opted to remove it. This wasn't something that was removed trivially as a "oh this guy needs a nerf we should take this away!", and was something that designers on Live Gameplay, Champion, and even off team talked about a ton before making the change. **What we liked about Unstoppable on W:** 1. It provided a satisfying high moment for Ornn when he outsmarted his opponent/s by blocking their cc. 2. It was a unique skill test on a tanks kit that players could master. **What we didn't like:** 1. CC Immunity on a low cd ability meant that windows of engagement were low for his opponents (this may be less of an issue now that the base cd has been increased). 2. You didn't get much in the way of feedback when playing against Ornn when your cc was blocked. At times it could even just feel like a bug, "Why didn't my stun work?" or you just had to accept that a guy walking at you breathing fire was immune to cc (kind of a weird thematic). 3. You were indiscriminately punished for trying to do something to Ornn when he was using his W in most cases. When he used his W, the only realistic counterplay was to not interact with him until the ability/shield/brittle proc had fallen off. You couldn't stop the channel, you couldn't easily sidestep him, he had a shield to soak any of your damage, etc. 4. Unstoppable added another mechanic to an already loaded spell when factoring in the passive. You got damage from the w, damage from the brittle proc, zoning power from brittle even if you didn't proc it, a knockback if you attacked them while brittle, a shield, cc immunity...might be forgetting something. When stacked on top of eachother, it somewhat trivialized the importance of lane phase for Ornn - meaning he was typically able to make it through unscathed, and even if he fell off post lane phase, it meant his opponent had little opportunity to gain or press a lead against him in very the most critical part of the game for them. What it boils down to is that the conversation wasn't about whether the mechanic made Ornn too strong from a performance standpoint, but rather that it led to undesirable gameplay that couldn't really be tuned around or learned. Disclaimer: I'm sure I forgot a plethora of points for both what we liked and what we didn't, but I want to stress that this wasn't a decision that was made lightly. Having a cool mechanic taken away always feels bad, and we try to avoid it as much as possible, but there are some rare times when we believe that it's the right thing to do. There may be a point in time when we can revisit his kit and add some mastery somewhere (or even make his items cooler now that players have more experience with that particular system), but for now he's likely in a reasonable spot for at least some time. What would you guys find cool as a replacement assuming that you couldn't get unstoppable back on his W?
> What would you guys find cool as a replacement assuming that you couldn't get unstoppable back on his W? It felt like the unstoppable and the "forward march" mechanic kind of went hand-in-hand, and without the unstoppable, maybe allow Ornn to move freely during bellows breath. Maybe give him a small self-slow if you need to.
: most ridiculous chat restriction i have ever seen in my life.
How would the system detect something like eating someone as Tahm and flash-spitting them into the enemy team? Genuinely curious here.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: January 12
Late to the party here but whatev Picking and choosing what adaptive stats champs will gain by default isn't a wise move because there's never going to be an objectively optimal choice. Players are always going to run niche playstlyes and builds, and forcing adaptive defaults just serves to reinforce the meta. My suggestion; when a rune path that would give an AD/AP bonus is picked, give players an option to select their preferred choice of AD or AP. If you think this is a good idea, while you're at it you should consider doing the same for the other stats (HP and AS) so all players can benefit from their preferred stat, rather than a 50/50 split of them. Thanks for listening.
: Patch 7.14 notes
The Singed changes are going in the right direction but that base damage nerf to his poison is going to hurt hard mid and late game. The Q ratio buffs are nice but aren't going to have any real impact because the only AP item considered "core" on speedy gas man is {{item:3116}}
: We're not ready to go into details on this yet, but we'll share more details on this as soon as we feel confident in the plan. There's a lot of variables at play and just refunding the IP and RP isn't going to cut it.
Refunding IP/RP spent would be the most neutral way to go about it because it would allow players to spend it on whatever they please. However, I'm sure there are many veteran players that already have every champ owned and wouldn't have anything to spend the IP on(save for champ shards that would just be converted into blue essence and the occasional icon that goes on sale) and it would mostly go to waste. Refunded RP would only account for rune pages bought but would be much more usable because, y'know, skins and stuff. You could gift a mystery skin or a certain amount or RP for every x amount of IP/RP spent on runes and pages. That seems like the fairest way to compensating players just right off the top of my head. Whatever Riot chooses to do, I appreciate you guys looking out for us making sure all the hellish time we spent grinding for runes isn't going to waste. Thanks.
: Dynamic Background skin change option
I think it would be neat if it showed whatever skin you use most on that particular champion. If you could just change the skin at your whim if wouldn't mean as much.
: Resolve Mastery Tree Final Keystones Flicker on Hover Over
FUCKIN SOLVED BOIS At least for me. Got to thinking and played around with it a bit, resized the client by just a few pixels and bam, problem solved. No more flickering. I feel kind of stupid having been plagued by this problem since S2 and just now figuring out how to fix it but oh well. Riot bug fix team hire me pls.
: Resolve Mastery Tree Final Keystones Flicker on Hover Over
Same here. This was happening to me even before the S6 mastery changes, when I'd hover over the last mastery in the utility tree (the one that gave you +25 ms OOC i think) but now it will flicker on any keystone in the resolve tree, as well as making it a pain to put a point into any of them. rito pls
: "We-ve temporarily disabled Darius due to an in-game bug"
Darius main here, am unfamiliar with this bleed bug. What's going on?

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