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MAGA 420 (NA)
: Gold supp/top looking for clash team
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: Need 2 Gold for Clash
: Im in Silver IV right now, Going Gold this week Grinding. Add me. Be Silver V or better
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: Bronze/Silver Tournament League Team LF Jungler and Support
Xpecial Edd Support
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} need more support mains
> [{quoted}](name=Magical Player,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=YRxsvsfJ,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-02-21T05:15:50.275+0000) > > {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} > need more support mains hey thanks man
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: Precision Esports - Silver - gold elo is looking for a top main, mid main and an adc Sub.
Ign: Xpecial Edd Rank: Silver 2 Role for tryout: Top Champions that you main for your role:{{champion:98}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:150}} Can you learn meta champs?: yes i follow LCS and streams Playstyle: passive when needed to in a match up Strengths: warding, teleports, farming Things you believe you need to improve on: working on late game control Timezone: PST (California)
: Looking for girl to join group of friends
: YAY I LOVE THIS GAME pice of shits
damn more like someone is just a little bitch
Homes43 (NA)
: League:One spot left
: BSGLeague season 1 Championship team Gamma eSports now Recruiting Silver/Gold talent!
Rank: Silver 2 Peak Rank/Season: gold 3 season 5, ranked 5's Plat 3 as support Role: Top TOP 3 Mains: Singed, Malphite, Trundle Any comfort Flex picks: Ryze, Rumbl, Kindred Can you Shot-Call: never tried to
Zeyd (NA)
: SingulariT Esports looking for dedicated players.
: Chromas, Yorick and Champ Mastery in Ask Riot
{{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} donzo biggie
Sørén (NA)
: Silver Lyfe Club Dynamic Queue Ranked Recruitment
In-game name: Xpecial Edd Age: 17 (18 June 29th) Rank: Silver 2 Main role: Top Secondary main role: Jungle/Support Rate your toxicity: 2/10 Rate your flaming: 2/10 Do you surrender often: no Do you know what the meta is: yes i read the patch notes
: Creating new team [semi-serious]
IGN: Xpecial Edd Rank: Silver 2 73 LP Role: Top Champions: Malphite, Trundle, Rumble, Brand, Singed Strength: farming, lane phase, split pushing, warding Weakness: late game/stalling Time Zone & Availability: PST (California)
: Nightmare Factory is looking for Silver top and mid players!
IGN: Xpecial Edd Preferred name: Edd Role: Top Top 5 champions: Malphite, Trundle, Rumble, Brand, Singed Discord: Yes Xpecial Edd Timezone: PST (California) Availability: always open just message A lot of our players enjoy anime do you?: yes group watching not so much now
FS Storm (NA)
: The Psycho Synthetics Recruiting Top and Mid laner
IGN: Xpecial Edd Time Zone: {Also Put Availability please.} PST 7PM-1AM Rank: Silver 2 Position: Top Champion Pool: Malphite, Singed, Rumble, Trundle Why are you interested in joining? Want to get better at league and want to play on a team with dedicated players Do you take constructive criticism well? yes How much team ranked experience do you have? played on a diamond ranked team early last season (plat to diamond) Weakness: late game Strenghts: farming, warding, teleports
Kenachii (NA)
: A Team Called Quest | ATCQ | Silver-Gold players | TOP-JG-SUPP
Rank: Silver 2 Role: Top Top3Champs: malph,trundle, rumble Timezone PST (California)
: The Unchained Legion looking to recruit Top and Jg / Silver - Bronze
IGN: Xpecial Edd Skype: Yes Hours available per week (estimated): 30-35 Position(s) Applying for: Jungle Top 5 Champions for role:{{champion:62}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:203}} {{champion:102}}
: Looking for a dedicated top laner to play with us in bsgl promo tournament
Role: Top Rank: silver 3 100lp Preferred voice comms: skype discord cv Champ pool: malp,singed,rumble,shen, ryze, sion Playstyle: tank bruiser, passive and able to adapt Timezone: PST California Strengths: farming, warding and roaming when needed Weaknesses: super late games
vSurge (NA)
: New Team! Looking for Top, Jungle, and Support (High Silver - Gold)
IGN - Xpeical Edd Age - 17 (18 June 29th) Rank - Silver 3 promos Role - Top Champs you play - {{champion:54}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:98}} Time Zone - PST California Comms(whatever you prefer) - skype,cv,discord Experience - ive played on a plat and diamond ranked team as support Why you want to join? - I've decided to take league a seriously over next couple of months and would like to improve with teamwork skills.
Karuka (NA)
: Looking for support and mid for ranked team.
Be Exact (NA)
: New team
add xpecial edd
: Latinas girls LF dynamic Rank
Imaqtpee (NA)
: Spirit eSports || Looking for roster!
Summoner Name: Xpecial Edd Role: Support Name: Edd Champs played Support: Janna/Alistar/Karma/Soraka (Can play others) Availability: almost always Email/skype: Age: 17 (18 in June 29) Peak Rank: Gold 3 season 5 (Silver 3 now) (played on a diamond 3 5s team but was removed half way through the season due to losing interest in the game last season) Able to change: yes
: Developing low elo team with long term goal of climbing to high elo
IGN: Xpecial Edd Age: 17 (18 June 29th) Role Preference: (include all 5 roles): Support, Jungle, Top, Mid, ADC What you are good at: Support/Jungle can Top What you need to improve on: ADC What is your play style: Supportive Champs in any role What are your pet peeves: not warding, lacking map awareness Will you watch your replays: yes Will you watch LCS games: yes
Imaqtpee (NA)
: Spirit eSports || Looking for roster!
Interested in the support role
: Kiso E-Sports
IGN: Xpecial Edd Role Preferred: Support Peak Elo/Current Elo: Gold 3/Silver 3 Avaliability: always Age: 17 Do you have skype/discord/slack/curse(any is ok): yes all Are you serious about a team commitment?: 110%
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Redeye (NA)
: ranked 5s silver to bronze looking for jungle and adc
: looking to make a team
add Xpecial Edd Can fill Jungle/Support/Top Support Main season 3-5 Gold 3 last season silver 3 now
: Looking to start a team, silver to high bronze
Ign: Xpecial Edd Rank: Highest G3 now S3 Age: 17 (18 June 29) Main Role: Jungle but can play any role, Support Main season 3-5 Top 5 Champs: {{champion:203}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:68}} Time Zone/Availability: PST/Available Mic: Yes
: looking for a top laner for silver team
Ign: Xpecial Edd Rank: Highest G3 now S3 Age: 17 (18 June 29) Top Lane Top 5: Malphite/Rumble/Trundle/Nautilus/Maokai Time Zone/Availability: PST/Available Mic: Yes
: NA Server Roadmap Update: NA Server Move on 8/25
so you mean no more 13 ping? ._. {{item:3070}}
: The thrilling conclusion to the URFitational
{{champion:86}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:157}} {{champion:84}} good team
: {{champion:222}} wants a new skin!
what about {{champion:43}}
: Team Builder for Ranked
this would ruin the idea of solo que on being decent in every role. To being high ranked in this game
: The Final Boss approaches
ultimate skin is prob arcade xerath{{champion:101}}
: real soccer(futball) would be a bunch of guys rolling on the floor holding their knee, ankle or leg and faking an injury
*foot ball or futbol plz{{item:2009}}
: more like jinx
: I think Commando Quinn would be better as the second skin for her, so we can finally have a full Commando Team: * {{champion:86}}: Top * {{champion:59}} or {{champion:5}}: Jungle * {{champion:99}}: Mid * {{champion:3}}: Support * {{champion:133}}: ADC
plz rito DEMACIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!{{champion:133}}
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