Ventira (NA)
: Cuz apparently the gp/10 for Tier 3 is roughly equal to the amount of gold generated from the old support items, in mid-game/later, when players usually completed the old t3's. (which makes sense, after a certain point in the game relic shield users were not getting execute gold anymore.) It's also worth remembering that supports do have a grand total of 1500 freed up gold too.
There is no way this is true. 3 G / 10 = 18 G per minute. One cannon minion with Targons is triple that value. Supports have been nerfed and nerfed hard. It feels like shit to play them now.
: neeko - can't see level or hp
Just happened to me as well, came here to report it. I was playing as malz and never knew when I could all in because she always showed full hp/mana level 1. Please remove the champ from the game til it gets fixed :D
Rioter Comments
Gall (NA)
: So what comps have you guys won with?
No matter what, during every carousel, always always always rush the spatula, regardless of comp.
: We have to give a nod to this patch
And they finally released a new champ that wasn't completely broken OP. Unfortunately they went in the extreme opposite direction. Guarentee she gets buffed to pro meta status!
Doublejho (EUW)
: but tanks can never fight bruisers toplane, after the first item the bruiser will usually start winning harder and harder vs them from that point onwards, trying to make ornn compete with bruisers for damage when he'll never have their mobility or flexibility is a bit silly, isn't it?
As a tank main, I strongly agree with this point. It looks to me like pure and simple power creep. Playing my main (Nautilus) is hell into a lot of top lane matchups due to high costs and low dps. But since Ornn is a new champ, fuck it let's give him the best of both worlds. Riot Balance at it's finest. Sell that skin baby.
Moody P (NA)
: Kind of feel like old Irelia was more reasonable than new
I ulted away from an irelia as Sion earlier. She was able to catch me and kill me. Seriously, wtf is this champion? Riot could save a fortune on reworks by just making shitty champions numerically overtuned. Balance in this game is such a joke.
Reav3 (NA)
: Overall I find Zoe to have been very successful. She is one of more popular mages and despite some people finding her theme/personality annoying, many people love her and connect wit her theme. I also value that she feels different and stands out in our cast. When you look at our entire roster she stands out and adds a lot to the roster imo. She can be frustrating to play against, but that only one aspect of many that goes into a champions success, and often times a Champions popularity contributes towards the communities perception of a Champion, which is something CertianlyT Champions can suffer from. When a Champion is popular you play against it a lot so it can make that Champion seem more frustrating then a Champion that might actually be more frustrating to play against but you rarely ever see it in games.
She's popular because she's OP. You could give fucking teemo the levels of power and safety that Zoe commanded (until you guys finally buried that abomination) and he would be just as popular. There's a reason for the meme "Welcome Rioters let's make a new champ. She should one shot from a screen away, free summonses, and CC, sounds good?" Nobody felt "connected". When you make something busted people exploit it. Plain and simple. You could've given Nautilus free health regeneration and stealth but instead we have pyke. The power creep in the game is just fucking absurd at this point. Literally any new champ/remake, it's safe to assume is and/or will be busted. This trend existed since season 5. Like, you guys release shit, overtune it, then pat yourself on the back and say "it's popular, go is!" As if people love it for any other reason than abusing something that is explicitly, by design, made to be overpowered. It's such a fucking joke at this point!
: > [{quoted}](name=Karn Bishop,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=7JMZRAA5,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2018-09-02T06:13:36.559+0000) > > He is also the system designer and such attitudes might explain why match making is so crap as of late. This logic makes zero sense. His opinion on how to fix inequality and sexism in the industry does not translate to how he does his job. It’s just like the same thing people were saying “wow balance is so bad this season because Riot is sexist” There is no correlation.
> [{quoted}](name=Spank the Fox,realm=OCE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=7JMZRAA5,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2018-09-02T08:09:33.409+0000) > > This logic makes zero sense. > > His opinion on how to fix inequality and sexism in the industry does not translate to how he does his job. > > It’s just like the same thing people were saying “wow balance is so bad this season because Riot is sexist” > > There is no correlation. If he has terrible ideas on fixing systems issues in society he probably also has terrible ideas on fixing systems issues in league. JS.
Dellendor (EUW)
: I dont like the Nautilus changes, the shield from him is a verry importent clear source of his kit and by lowering the max HP shield about 4% of his total hp also the duration was pretty nice for one clear, I dont want to waste 2 w for one jungle camp whitch would costs 120 mana.
Agreed. Naut' biggest gate is that he's such a mana hog and in terms of jungle, his biggest weaknesses are his early clear speed and how vulnerable he is to invades from the likes of champs like Lee, etc. he'll still retain his mid game powespike but his late game will be even worse with the scaling nerf to his W making him yet again one of the swuishies of all tanks (given he has no built in armor/mr steroid and no self heals of any kind).
: I touched on it on another post, but we're doing some short term work to siphon out some damage from runes. One of the directions we're currently testing with Electrocute is decreasing both the damage and the cd (get the proc more frequently, but with reduced payout). We're not going quite to TL levels, but that's a rough model we're shooting for. Just going to go ahead and drop the current list in here for you guys to discuss. This will also be on the PBE tomorrow. Electrocute Damage :: 50-220 (+50%bAD)(+30%AP) >>> 30-180 (+40%bAD)(+25%AP) Cooldown :: 50-25 >>> 25-20 Cheap Shot Damage :: 15-40 >>> 8-40 Sudden Impact Lethality Bonus :: 10 >>> 7 Magic Penetration Bonus :: 8 >>> 6 Celerity Bonus Movement Speed converted to Attack Damage :: 9.6% >>> 6% Bonus Movement Speed converted to Ability Power :: 16% >>> 10% Scorch Damage :: 20-60 >>> 10-30 Cooldown :: 20 >>> 10 Notably, there's some runes like Aery and Comet not included in this list which are cited pretty frequently, they likely also need more work in terms of gameplay that isn't just simply some number shifts (we're still talking about them though)
Great changes in favor of squishies, but I'd love to see some Conqueror nerfs. That rune makes tanks unplayable outside of support/jg.
: You remember when Kassadin was the anti mage because of his passive
At this point I've lost all faith in the devs in this game. One bandaid fix after another rather than just admitting something sucks and reverting it.
: The game is so trash right now I'm no longer addicted
Let's make the game so that one player can snowball! Let's nerf funneling strats! Just shows how out of touch the people who design the game are with the people who actually play it. Let's throw shit at the wall and hope something sticks!
Done25 (NA)
: I legitimately do not understand why the playerbase/Riot are entirely okay with Kai'sa right clicking for 1000 DPS, but the instant enchanters are somewhat half viable? GUTTED! Never mind that they're still being crowded out of bot lane by the likes of Brand, Vel'koz, and Veigar.
Nobody is ok with Kaisa, but it's the nature of the game design team. New champs/reworks have to be broken so they can stroke each other and say "see we did a good job, we made good champion!".
: Do you even realize why these champs got buffed in first place? Why they were kept in shit tier for so long until riot buffed them? Because supports got buffed with no compensation nerfs.
It's so fun and skillfully rewarding to walk at a marksmen and 100-0 them in one combo with one finished item. How dare Rito offer counter play!
Tesladin (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Krytoric,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=KytB7eez,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-12T12:59:14.267+0000) >Damage. Seriously this game damage wise has become an actual joke. This game has boiled down to whoever one shots first, wins the game This is probably so, seeing that pro scene sees an awful lot of tanks
> [{quoted}](name=Tesladin,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=KytB7eez,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-06-12T17:03:56.783+0000) > > This is probably so, seeing that pro scene sees an awful lot of tanks Which games are you watching? Hell last night Faker, the undisputed GOAT, played botlane darius in pro play. This meta is fucked.
Ralanr (NA)
: I feel Aatrox’s new ult is poor design
IDK why Riot keeps reworking champs just to make them completely fucking busted. It would be alot cheaper just to buff them to the moon.
: Well riot did the exact opposite of what they said they would do. " riot wanted to stop Snowballing and shorten games, by making the games flow better" Well riot you got it to flow better i guess, every game is like a Explosive Diarrhea. almost every single champ now Snow balls and all you've done for your 6 month review is well. make things snow ball even faster now like holy crap did you guys just give up and are trying to get your customers to leave? cause you're doing a pretty damn good job. maybe you guys have a new game in the works to take over league and are just no longer giving two shits about this game? cause right now the rune system you guys though would better the game, basically made it worse, every thing is now a out of control snow ball fiesta. games are no longer fun, its now just oh some one got first blood or oh some one got a tower at 5 min games over. Every choice you've made since end of season 2017 that you think is improving your game has serious just put another nail in its coffin. now take some damn Imodium and fix this Sloppy runny mess you've got. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
Everyone points at the runes but I don't see that as inherently the only big issue. The big issue is the sheer level of power creep in every new champ/rework. Thanks to conqueror and jungle changes that completely removed tanks from the game, the past counter to this level of one shot fiestas has been eliminated.
Euneek (NA)
: I am commenting for the first time. The current state of LoL feels exactly like the time of WOW when everyone started to leave the game (before ghostcrawler left Blizzard). The melee warriors and assasins are mirroring DKs in WOW, they do so much more dmg than traditional AP without considering mana and cdr. If Riot wants to listen to the voice of players, do surveys in game (with gift) instead of only reading posts, it's like there are less than 20% players posts on the boards.
At this point, I don't think firing the entire design team would be unreasonable. The skin people are good, keep them. But holy shit. This game is just so awful now. We thought ADC in 2K17 was bad, if only we knew. This game is just unplayable at this point.
Slogg (NA)
: This Game is in Such a Sorry State Right Now
Assassins and bruisers are so absurdly strong and the one thing that used to keep them in check, tanks, are literally unplayable. If BfA were out today, I'd never touch this game again. It is so fucking awful. I can't believe people get paid to put the game in this state. We don't want Call of Duty or Fortnight, what's so fucking hard to understand? The moment you guys started listening to Hashinshin for balance advice, the game went to hell, fast. How much RP can I refund before this game fucking dies?
: Can we please stop buffing zed and other assassins by proxy?
You'd think they know better but they obv demonstrate that they dont...
: No, but running AROUND the wall is so difficult or doing this magical thing they do in Platinum + called, ahem, **KITING**
You deal with it like you deal with taric/Kayle ult, you just disengage/reingage. It's a long cd, it's not rocket science.
: > [{quoted}](name=xTheKingofGaming,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=eRtmVXoA,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-23T17:15:47.110+0000) > >If your jgl/you want to farm like 5 minutes in the early and the enemy ganks a few time and gets an kill or two you lost the game in 9/10 cases because he gets so far ahead on you you wont be able to recover Then gank and keep up. I hate when junglers pick champs that literally cant do nothing until they hit level by time you hit level 6 we dont need you anymore for what we need you for.
This is how we end up in the circle of bullshit that lead us to these changes. Laners whined so loudly about early ganks that they nerfed early ganks so now only hyper early game champs are viable and all other junglers are useless. There's like 3 viable champs and everything else is throwing the game at champ select. They should've just left shit alone. The game is going downhill so hard so fast and everything they do to fix it is just making it worse. It's only a matter of time until it dies.
: Black or White Fallacy. You failed to consider other possibilities. There is an ideal possibility where junglers still gank, but only do they do it less and at a more fair rate. An ideal world where someone powerfarming and counter jungling you at the same time is punishing.
So I'll ask you this then: What would you consider a fair rate of ganking? 10 times pre 20? 5 times? Also if you try the power farm strat and your opponents have even one successful gank its "GG USELESS JG!" type of flame all day from your teammates.
: If you can not devote 30 to 40 minutes for a game, do not play at all.
I haven't seen a 40 minute game in a very long time.
: ??? That was the good change. The bad change was Scuttler.
So what should junglers do? Just farm passively for 20 minutes and maybe show up on the map here and there? Maybe the role shouldnt exist and top lane should have a support too? The whole point of junglers is they are that random variable that can pop up and ruin you if you over extend.
: I feel like it's on its way out. How fast it goes is contingent on several things, but it's undeniably on the way out. It's already outlasted many online games, and let's be honest, it hasn't done a lot to breathe new life into itself. The closest thing we've gotten to like a WoW expansion for this game was the remake of Summoner's Rift, which was years ago and really doesn't even come close. The thing that keeps popular MMOs running for a long time is semi-frequent expansion packs that add a whole heap of new content and get players interested again while drawing a new audience who either hadn't heard about the game before or were waiting for just that kind of content before they really got interested. League is just coasting by on esports, which themselves are _barely_ relevant enough to even warrant commentary, and the same tired formula with a new champion every six months or so. League has serious competition in HotS and Paladins, both of which release new heroes at a much faster rate than League, and are also good about implementing new content entirely (maps and game modes) because they're still pretty young in their lifespan. If League continues on its current course, it's only a matter of time before people start flocking to new ground, and this is putting aside the burnout the MOBA genre is suffering as a whole.
The reason the game is dying has nothing to do with champ release rate, it's champ balance. They gave us 10 bans but then balanced the game so 30 champs are must ban. SR is just not fun at all anymore. It's all about who get's the most busted champs.
: LOL? DID U SAY TANK? {{item:3153}} {{item:3036}} {{item:3033}} {{item:1416}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3071}} New{{item:3031}} > Conqueror {{champion:67}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:86}} {{champion:202}} {{champion:141}} (Darkin){{champion:240}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:8}} Bare in mind i haven't mentioned everyone thats good with conqueror, because they might very well fit in here. My point being tanks are just not the best pick right now. Riot is GIVING OUT true damage and % damage. Unless your a tank that can regenerate hp stupid fast ({{champion:36}} ) Or Darkin Kayn (which is also a tank killer), your gonna die the second you get close to the Ad carry or enemy bruiser because of, For example, Leona CC's you or maybe Brand (support)gets a Q off you while DOT'ing half your hp, Vayne chunks half your hp or Camille's 1k true damage Q, This is before any of the mages or jungles move. I know some of my facts are incorrect, Maybe your a tank that can engage and somehow stay alive ({{champion:12}} {{champion:27}} ). But these two are the only ones that come to mind Because of A) singed's 2k move speed with 4k hp and HP regen. B) Alistar's R, Which may become useless due to true damage not giving a shit about his dmg reduction. But my point is, Tanks are literally incapable of doing the engages unless they regenerates shit tons of hp, engage-disengage and repeat(which i don't think makes you a tank) Or in the rare case (such as leona) CC you so much you can't fight back. So you cannot use the excuse, 'you will get murdered'. This game is currently 'Who can murder the other one first?'
Tanks are useless in the current meta and it's only going to get worse because MOAR TRUE DAMAGE! Riot balance team is so fucking trash these days. Fire them all, make League great again.
: yeah but Riot would actually need to listen to their feedback in the first place
Listening to feedback was the problem. People bitch and bitch and bitch about the jungler ganking them early so they completely screwball fucked junglers.
: He's mostly picked because he's alot harder to feed on. So you can be useless and not feed but noone can flame you cuz you're 0/0/0.
Right, when flash is part of your kit it's hard to die. Just look at Zoe.
: "Pyke can't be a support!"
Let's make an argument about the state of the game 4 years ago because nothing has changed since then, right?
: WYM this scuttle change literally does the opposite of what riot wants, now kindred may be forced to gank lanes more rather than contest scuttle...her e takes way too long to ramp up on scuttle to not give a long enough warning and if she uses it on scuttle she can just be turned on by the enemy jungler who will easily duel her anyway... So yes, this change did affect interaction between kindred and lanes as she wont be going for scuttle very much...she already has good gank potential she is going to use it to the best of her ability and avoid risky scuttles Or are you talking about kindred quality of life buff, I said make up for (This) and said (this) makes kindred players want to gank lanes more -------------------------->(this = scuttle changes)<-----------------------------
I had no idea that Kindred get's beaten by other junglers early on. I've went up against them so many times with tank junglers and gotten destroyed because they have dashes/ranged slows/ranged damage. No offense, I have 0 mercy for Kindred players and am happy to see them stay as far from the meta as imaginable.
: Why does Taric still have adaptive AP and not AD?
Why would you play Taric top/jg? Everything he can do, other top/jg champs do better... besides of course HEALING AND SHIELDING A NEARBY TEAMMATE HENCE WHY HE'S EXCLUSIVELY PLAYED SUPPORT BY ALL SENSIBLE HUMAN BEINGS. Jesus christ why do you want him to be balanced around Top/JG, his kit in no way favors that playstyle even kinda. You're the type of person that tilts your team into giving up during champ select because you pick something fucking stupid.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: I mean, it just seems that people forgot how it was in the old days. No one even thinks to build defensively early as mid. While Yasuo and Zed aren't limited to the total of their burst, so building armor against them isn't that effective, I agree with you regarding them. For LB though, her strength is completely limited to the total of her burst. Pre-rework, literally *everyone* knew that against LB, you get a Negatron on your first back, no questions. Why did everyone forget that midlaners can build defensively too, if their opponent thrive on the early game? So yeah, Negatron no longer builds into a Banshee so you can only get mantle early. There's the new Nullifying Orb though, which is extra-strong against burst-oriented opponents. tl;dr Build defensively early, watch how magically LB becomes useless.
Because they nerfed the fuck out of building defense mid. They nerfed the fuck out of Abyssal Mask because "Ermah Gerhd Mid laners are building defense, that allows for less interaction" so they ruined literally the ONLY good defense item mid laners had as an option. The balance team in this game is so fucking garbage. They are trying so hard to break the Korean defensive playstyle and turn this game into fucking Fortnite. What they don't realize, being the balls of shit that they are, that all they're doing is alienating their core fan base while trying to appeal to people who don't give a fuck about the game. God damn, it's amazing how hard this game has fallen. Don't even get me started on the crew in charge of player bans.
Meddler (NA)
: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: May 16
Thought's on tanks being completely unplayable?
: I'm certainly noticing this, only a few tanks seem to be able to hold their own up there right now. It's like they've been slowly power creeped out of their main lane ever since runes got reworked. This honestly doesn't feel like a good thing, since it's GP/Camille/Irelia domination up there and it's not like those champs or champs like them are in anyway more fun to handle than tanks. That on top of how when Riot actually decides to look at selective tanks they are so hit and miss with their balance it's painful. In one patch they fumbled Poppy to an embarrassing degree while making the absolute mistake that is Mundo. (Now I don't actually hate Mundo and I'm sure players appreciate him being playable, but it seems pretty obvious that having that ballostats that strong is an issue) If this is their approach to balance top lane then maybe I should just be in the jg more lol.
Right! And the only playable true tank (I consider mundo more of a juggernaut given his kit lacks hard cc), is Sion ONLY because he can farm so safe. Riot's response: A tank is viable NERF NERF NERF!
Velasan (NA)
: Omg ^ this. Constantly. I mostly like to play tanks and there's no amount of tank stats you can build anymore that actually saves you from dying. It's very noticeable on champions like Rammus. Champions he normally counters can just take a bunch of anti tank stuff and win anyways plus get healed and shielded for huge amounts (or have a Taric in your game.. invulnerability for whole enemy team). The only things that actually help are bone plating because of the damage reduction to getting bursted and stoneplate active.
Picking a tank is literally inting. Tanks are fucking useless now. Thanks RITO! You guys are really good at balance /eyeroll.
: People just want free wins.
Taking balance advice from Hashinshin is the worst thing to happen to this game. He's charismatic and funny sometimes but now the game is literally unplayable. We don't want Call of Duty or Overwatch, we want a competitive action rpg/strategy game.
: Let's talk Poppy, let's talk Riot balance
Tanks are literally unplayable, its not a Poppy issue. They've dramatically shifted power into carries/bruisers that unless you get that lucky tank vs tank match up or a jg willing to camp you, tanks are not playable. You're literally inting by picking one.
: Why is Riot adding more true damage?
Theyre turning the game into call of duty. That's all I can think. Tanks are in such a shit spot as is so what do they do? Nerf poppy and justify it by giving her a shitty version of malphite's ult? The devs are so out of touch with this game it's just absurd at this point. Riot, give me a job. Pay me to not do fucking anything. It's not like the people you are paying improve shit. Fucking christ.
: Maybe you SHOULD go assassinate the support first. They usually have little damage, can keep teammates alive in extended fights, and even tanky supports don't have as much armor as a real tank. Assassins aim to kill the squishy, important enemies before a teamfight, and sometimes that person is the support.
Right?! This is like when you lane against Soraka and your teammate wants to focus the other... No, kill the battery everytime!
: > Nope, not trolling, you guys legit have this problem. Sorry, I honestly thought this was a troll post, because of some of the things that were said. > My point exactly, and when the most vocal part of the boards is screaming "STOP BANNING US!" it's a clear indication of a serious problem. You are on a small, purpose built forum, where people are supposed to talk about their penalties. People who are penalized, generally don't want to have a penalty. We perma-ban people when they reach a point that they are not going to change their behavior. These are the people that fail to understand their behavior is unacceptable after numerous penalties. > The last couple season though they instituted autobanning and now people get banned left and right, that's a real issue, it makes the game lackluster. I fail to understand how banning people makes a game lackluster. > Here's what's actually happening "all of the toxic people are finding partners and clans and then group reporting people that they troll all game and getting them autobanned since bots don't distinguish whats actual toxicity and what's just a group of dicks reporting because they're in a clan". 'Ganging up on' someone via reports doesn't do anything. 1 report is the same as 9. More reports does not increase the chance of a game being reviewed. All it takes is a single report. > I'm literally saying that toxicity is part of any competitive gaming, always has been, always will be. I am literally saying this is not true. A small group of people may have been unsportsmanlike, but the majority are fed up with this behavior. It will not be tolerated. If that's your idea of fun then we don't want you here. Go play another game. Good luck finding another game studio that doesn't feel the same way. > It's very simple, this game has a giant player base, unfortunately since even farting in someones general direction gets your account suspended and then banned these days... The vast majority of player never receive any type of penalty. Of those that do, they only receive one. Of those that got one, most never receive another .. and so it goes. If you are getting penalized, you are in a very very very small group. If you are getting penalized over and over .. you are the 'unsportsmanlike elite'. > there is literally 0 reason to invest a dime in any skins in this game. I agree. This game is free to play. You don't need to invest a dime. If you want to though, feel free. I have a few skins I love. > Now of course you can be none toxic and good for you if you are, however a majority of the people are people, people react to other people acting like dicks No. The majority do not. Not even a minority. A very very small minority. The perception problem is that there are 10 players in each game. So one unsportsmanlike player ruins the game for 9 other people. Add negativity bias to this and it compounds. > So riot has literally killed their own game with their own autoban system. Actually, unsportsmanlike people kill the game. By removing them from the game it becomes more enjoyable, which increases player retention.
So the bigger issue though is that what get's banned isn't what should get banned. You see it all the time, accounts that blatantly int, afk, pick extremely troll picks, etc. That in Riot policy is A-OK! But the one thing players can ACTUALLY HANDLE THEMSELVES (people talking shit), you drop the hammer. This is so backwards and shows how useless the system really is. The true levels of toxicity stem from the actions of players, not words, but the words get punished, not the actions. If someone drops a racial slur or says something I don't like I press 'tab' click a button, now they don't exist. Chat bans don't need to be a thing. If players have a problem, they can fix that themselves quickly and easily. The issues players can't handle themselves (inters/trolls, etc) you guys do NOTHING to stop. It's ok for a salty laner to follow you in the jungle and try to steal your camps because they got ganked. But if you say "hey troll, knock it you're being an @$$hole" Kabum! Captain Riot is here to punish you for taking a stand against someone ruining the game for 9 other people. I honestly don't understand what Riot pays you people to do because your methods are awful and they don't work.
: I think I prefer the old sej more. Yes the new W is better, but without the old ult she just isn't sejuani.
I'm on the fence. My fav sej gank used to be q/w then hold e. If they flash while your passive was on them, e into free kill city. The old W worked so much better for proccing liandries too (which I used to love building on her). I do admit though her clear is so much less awful now and she isn't a complete sitting duck for literally anyone to counter jg pre6 for free easy kills.
: Remember when ADCs had to build lifesteal to access sustain?
Remember when there were items that were useful in countering adcs {{item:3075}} {{item:3047}} but everyone took to the forums and whined and cried about how busted they are? I am so sick of these "wahh wahhh adcs are OP" threads. You all asked for this, you begged for this (adc in 2k17 lul). Now that you have it, now you realize why the game went in the direction it used to be in and why this game state sucks now. I miss when being a tank meant something, now late game we're just meat shields that take 2 seconds to kill instead of just one. Seriously, if you want the problem solved, quit complaining about the solutions.
: so they nerf Archangels staff because every mage bought it in one patch and then force every mage into buying it in the next {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Seriously! They can fire their entire balance team, buy a roulette wheel, and do an equally good job.
: It’s coming people
It's happening and it's not a good thing. The game is going to shit fast. Tanks will be non existant and the game will turn into isometric call of duty. Now the bronze chase will be worth it because kill matter more than macro. I can't believe the balance team actually gets paychecks. You could go to the local zoo and get better advice on how to balance a game.
1nsan1tyy (EUW)
: Any word or Nautilus buffs/rework? He currently sits at a 46% winrate both support and top, a mini re-work akin to Ekko in the jungle would suit him really well
I don't care about him being viable in the jungle, I just miss playing my main. Nowdays you have to invest so much in mana that you're too squishy to be playable.
: Kai’Sa available now!
Literally everyone: Put new weeks on a 2 week ban from ranked. Riot: We'll reward you for playing the new champ in ranked!
: If you selected bruisers, your trolling.
Top lane and Jg win rates are dominated by bruisers, where do you see that they aren't busted?
Rexxiee (NA)
: Sion just hit over 10% pick rate with 56% win rate
Is Sion busted or have all other tanks been nerfed into oblivion?
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